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HyperFocal Pro

Supplied By Zendroid    On Aug. 4, 2016    Comments(126)

FREE HyperFocal Pro version1.2.2 Download

Hyperfocal is your DSLR's perfect companion for on-field photography calculations for hyperfocal distance, depth of field, field of view and more. The must-have tool for the pro photographer to ensure perfect focus & zone of sharpness and keep out the guesswork from focusing to framing.

With a well-designed, easy to use UI, you can easily configure your shooting parameters and view all the relevant focus information at one place. HyperFocal provides quick setup for calculating hyper-focal distance with depth of focus. It includes an advanced graphical representation of the shooting scene, for a quick & intuitive view of the information.

With the latest update, now you can obtain Angle of View and Field of View values for accurate composition and preparing your photography gear for specific scenarios.

The app can also generates hyper-focal distance table for different f-numbers and lens focal lengths for your camera setup. The app includes a highly configurable hyper-focal distance table generator module to produce customized tables for your camera/lens combinations. You can export hyper-focal distance tables to multiple file formats including html & excel and save/share these for later use.

There is also has a convenient 'profiles' feature, which let you save/re-load shooting parameters. Profiles let you quickly switch between different camera/lens/shooting parameters combinations to save time while switching between your camera gear. You can also save various 'table profiles' to save hyper-focal distance tables for different set-ups.

A comprehensive, regularly updated DSLR database is included to provide support for every DSLRs released till date. The app provides highly accurate results using exact image sensor dimensions for different cameras (most online versions use generic, truncated values of 'circle of confusion'). HyperFocal is designed to ensure availability of advanced configuration options for pro users and serious photographers.

- Sleek, responsive, intuitive user interface.
- Customizable hyperfocal distance table generator.
- Advanced graphical scenario viewer.
- Depth of field / Angle of view / Field of view display.
- Profiles for management of multiple set-ups.
- Easily share, export to multiple file formats.
- Manual circle of confusion / calculate by sensor size.
- Comprehensive DSLR database, regularly updated.
- Complete documentation for technical concepts.
- 100% free, without nagging banners.

Zendroid part of our Photography and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 91.8759. Current verison is 1.2.2. Actual size 651.0 KB.

What's new

    - Updated camera database.
    - Field of view, Angle of view calculations.
    - Save to sd-card enabled.
    - Updated lens zoom settings.
    - Updated share dialog.
    - Updated help document.
    - Fractional f-stop support.
    - Updated DSLR database with accurate sensor size.
    - Advanced circle of confusion calculator.
    - HFD Table profiles to save HFD table set-up.
    - Search camera db.
    - Enhanced UI.
    - Percentage display for DOF behind/in-front of subject.
    - Updated help
Download hyperfocal-pro.apk 651.0 KB


Great tool! Really gives much-needed data for any and all photography situations! Great interface which covers multiple cameras and lenses. From portraits to landscapes great tool to have at hand!

Simple and Easy to Read No glitches or problems. Open, get your gear set and off it goes. Oh AND you can save your results/details as a profile. What more would you want?

Such a help. Has proven to be accurate and helpful. Full field of focus is easy now.

Must have for any Photographer! Beautifully designed, easy and quick to use. Takes all the guess work out of zone focusing.

Great UI Very nice user interface. After selecting your camera it saves n gives table for different f & HFD combo. It has my newly released D750 added already !!!!!

Fantastic Used many others that don't come close to the UI and feature set provided. Welcome that it is free although it is certainly worth paying for. Very nice visual balance on my Nexus 7 2013.

Great App One of the best Apps I have. Easy to use, with good clear output. Does all it says and very useful

Superb Looks great and performs perfectly, I'd be happy to pay for this.

Finally a simple but efficient DoF tool Simple and clean interface. Easy to adjust the input numbers. I highly recommend it.

Simple, effective! I tried 4 other calculators before finding this one. This was the only DoF calculator with my Sony model (A-57). Easy to use, and got the job done... And free!

Looks great Very much looking forward to trying this out. Wheres aperture 1.8?

Awesome Very easy to use, works great, lots of cameras available, beautiful neat design.

Quick and easy This app has a great user interface. Easy to use and very readable. All you need to do is select your camera and lens from a list and you're ready to go. This app seems more up to date than the others I tried. It's the only one that recognises my camera. It also calculates the DOF to more decimal places than other apps I tried, which is crucial for macro photography.

Love it Great App with technical info, ease of use and sweet graphics.

Not bad Like it, but a bit bland. Some diferent background colours would make this app more appealing.

Great simple DOF and Hyperfocal App! Does what it claims and more. Like that you can easily find camera model and lens and have it do crop conversions, then save profiles - I have landscape, portrait, and astrophotography saved. Nicely resizes for tablet and phone. Overall a great app.

Great supplement to your system. after experimenting with this app and my SL1, the results are very close to spot on with the provided data. All the f/stops supported by the camera are also listed. If yours isn't showing, just click the aperture box and select 1/2 or 1/3 scale and scroll through their respective numbers.

HyperFocal Pro An essential app for the serious photographer. Just brilliant.

Brilliant performance It would get 5 stars if the help option was more than just what's in the technical manual that's included in the app

No nonsense Does exactly what it intends to do and does it well. Nice layout and 'skin' in latest version. Tables could do with frozen header row and column but I'm nitpicking now.

Love it This app is amazing. The app has a very high quality feel to it

Luv this app Easy, clear & useful. It uses sensor profile for your specific camera with lens. The visual helps me figure out DOF and makes it clear what's in focus and what's not.

Can't select beyond 500mm Shame. No update or respond from author. Uninstalling

Great tool Easy & intuitive to use. Clear & clean GUI.

Good So so good app, loved it.

simple but beautiful, userfriendly ui, including the latest camera model such as olympus epl7

Great app. One of the best dof app available.

Great application Very useful and informative

Great app. Have just downloaded it and put in a couple of parameters that I already know to be correct and it was spot on. This is going to be an immensely useful app! Cheers.

Hyperfocal Distance Calc Works really great.

This is a GREAT app! You can calculate the DoF as well the HFD. You can choose your own camera, f stops, focal length and distance. I highly recommend it.

Great Really like it, best DOF app.

Great Concise, easy to use and objective. Great UI.

Awesome I can't believe I am just discovering this.

So Easy! This is really good. So much information delivered in diagrammatic form so that you can see exactly what you need to know at a glance. The best of these I have come across.

Great for kit lens with no focus unit marking

Units are confused If you change the units from meters to feet the field of view units should change as well. The calculation may be accurate but the units are not.

Great app! All i need from DOF calculator.

just great! thanks for this app)

Nice! Very good application! Thanks!

Excellent app! Simple to use, and precise! Downloaded and installed without any issues. There are no annoying ads so far. Kudos to the developer!!

User-definable camera, lens data helpful. Being able to calculate DOF with specific camera and lens is very helpful. Visual diagram is a nice touch too. All in all a very useful app.

Straight forward Simple to use. Can setup save and recall profiles for different cameras. Understandable graphics.

Simple but useful It covers a bunch of camera models. Working ads. All in all...very good.

Works really well, no apparent issues

Easy to use, and fast. Awesome!

Amazing Little Tool!! I'm so glad I bumped into this little tool thru a Facebook group! Helps me double check my sanity all the time when things are out of focus

Great, fast, easy Perfect tool for quick calculations in the field while setting up a shot. Exactly what I was looking for and better than expected.

Nice tool for the enthusiast Nice and handy tool for all photo enthusiasts. Simple to use, practical and also educational. Good for double check and also for a little planning and thinking ahead.

Excellent free app Thanks to the developer for making such a useful free tool available to photographers. Takes all the guesswork out of DOF calculations and makes the non-existent DOF scales on my lenses inconsequential.

brilliant! visually well designed and works great, actually helped me find the best aperture with one of my lenses too. well done to the devs!

Wonderful Quick, intuitive and extremely useful

Can you distinguish commas and periods in the numbers? 1.000m means 1m or thousand meter? If it means thousand, suppose to be 1,000 not 1.000. It is a little confusing. Overall nice app.

Fantastic bit of software. This tool is intelligent designed and coded making it so simple/useful for the purpose as a quick on-the-go reference. *Minor issue*: The focal length table needs to limit scrolling of both its top (f/len) and leftmost (f/ reference) columns.

Quick and easy Easy to select values. Graph is a great visual to understand the resulting numbers.

Exceptional tool This app does one thing and does it exceptionally well. Clean interface, easy to use and is a great tool to rely on. Highly recommended.

Could be better Focal length range for Hfd table too limited, only 20-135mm. Also max. focal length in lens choice too short at 200mm.

The best hfd app I found on the play store It's a must have for every photographer, specially landscape photographers

User friendly interface This app certainly deserves attention and try by people interested in photography. It has a very nice UI design. It illustrates your approx dof after specifying all camera settings and subject to camera distance. Big Thank You to developers!

Ansel Adam would say: Really?! Thanks for this amazing app! I use to carry a d.o.f. tabulation book and still do some serious guessing game...Now this generation turn this complicated calculation at the tip of finger touch! Thanks a millions!

Super photo tool! Quick and easy setup for DOF information. Love being able to save all your lens profiles for quick access. The app works great on both Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 tablet and Galaxy S5 phone.

Keeps Getting Better! Thank you very much for this excellent tool. I've been using it for about two years and have to say, it's only gotten better!! Top marks.

Excellent for serious photographers Huge library of cameras, nice graphical display of hyperfocal distance, field of view and angle of view. Also includes table of FOV values.

The best I've found I would love to give this app 5 stars but it needs to update cameras since it doesn't include Nikon D7200 which has been around for awhile and some of us have lenses greater than 500mm Please update this

Great app Invaluable app for any type of photogs, let's you understand the importance of selecting the appropriate aperture for any type of photo. A must for your photo apps toolbox.

Excellent app Will be even better if the header row and column for the hfd table are pinned.

It's an extremely awesome app which can present a directly visual chart to end users.

Great app I just bought a new Cannon T6s and it isn't listed yet. Please update.

Best photo calculator that I I've found. It does: depth of field, field of view and angle of view. Hyperfocal distance can be easily inserted as subject distance. List of cameras or custom. And has table view. Just great.

Awesome tool Simple to use, beautifully laid out. Nice!

When the scene is dàrk, illumination c9uld use some fixing Nice when y0u are in a tight jam

Accurate & easy to use I tried several of these apps and this was the cleanest and easiest to use. Its camera database also makes it very accurate.

Great app but results differ to those of similar apps. I worked out why, the C of C (circle of confusion) figure is not what Canon state. My way around the problem was to set the C o C figure in the custom mode

Quick easy and simple Gone are the days of charts and formulas. This is much easier. Nice user interface. Would like distance setting requiring fewer keystrokes, but that's being very picky. Nice job!

Excellent Tool Maybe an irrelevant tool for many photographers but it can come in handy. When you want a paticular scene in focus this tool can aid in telling you where exactly to focus with the camera settings you chosen. The interface is spot on... not loaded with irrelevant graphics and easy to move about. An excellent tool that one never knows when it will come on handy.

Handy When I shoot 4x5 (still do ) I alwsys carried a DOF chart for each lens. This does the same and I customize for my lens of choice. It works.

Brilliant!!! What a pleasant surprise. Not only cam you select your camera. It gives you the ability to input the start and endpoint focal points of your lens as well as choosing it from a drop down list. F stop and table. If you know what figures to input which is a given at this level. This app is a great backup for any pro or budding shutter bug.

Great tool to learn with By changing different values you get a much greater understanding of what's happening than trying to squint through a view finder. Better results and clearer than setting everything to f22 all the time.

Lack of camera support They state if your camera is missing from the list to email them and it will be updated within a week to include it. Well they won't. A few emails over a few months and not even a response. App is handy and does what is is supposed to, however the support is terrible.

Thank you so much for a very effective, nice and useful application! Special attention was paid to details, animation and style - i'm very pleased! Would be pretty nice option to choose prime focus distances in DoF sheet like in HFD and not to scroll every millimeter...

Tried others but this suits best. Others are either too basic or over complex or difficult to read. This hits a happy middle ground.

Looks nice but... I really like the look and function of this app with depth of field, however, when I compared the hyperfocal distance against other apps/programs, the readings were not consistent.

Worthwhile download I've found this app incredibly useful for checking DoF. It's a shame that it doesn't cover greater lens lengths. It's easy to use and I had no difficulty getting to grips with it, and for free, it can't be bad.

Just What I Was Looking For Excellent and handy App for the keen enthusiast.... No more out of focus shots due to DOF errors!

Excellent app, I give more stars if I could Great and accurate software for novice to pro photographers, graphics are extra. I am even using this app as memory exerciser with out camera. Heads up to the developers.

Finally! Back in the day, the hyper focus was calculated on the camera, but not these days. This is the best solution I've found to date. Easily customizable for your camera can focal length.

Excellent It tells me everything I need to know about any focal length and camera. I will keep it, this is what I was looking for. Thanks to the developer for creating this excellent free app.

Perfect Really simple and beautifully presented. Best app I've seen in a long time (if you're into this kind of thing!)

Best DoF Calculator by far!! Easy to use, and it tells me exactly what I need to know. I just need HFD by focal length.....and this app gives me an excellent table that does just that. Superb.

Fantastic app The diagram at the bottom of the screen is awesome. It makes it really easy to see exactly how much is going to be in focus at your current f-stop, focal length, and camera. A must have app for any landscape photography!

Please add aperture selection in Tab mode Nice app, much better that similar apps on the market. Please add the option of selecting apertures in Table mode. Most of us won't really need apertures like 1 or 64, they just clutter the precious display space.

Cool app with minor annoyances Easy to understand. No BS and doesn't overcomplicate the reading of the DOF information. The name of the app could confuse one to think that it only works for photographers that swears to using hyperfocal, which isn't the case it can be used by all photographers interested in using DOF in their photography. What sometimes annoys me is that the focal lengths are listed in increments of as low as 1 mm! That's good and fine for focal lengths below 100 mm. Above that increments of 10 mm should be sufficient.

Wow! Nice presentation Exactly what I wanted in such an app. No BS, just great info one needs. Time will tell and if it's still feels like this in a month I will give 5 stars.

Very useful resource What every tog needs, all there in an instant. Huge choice of cameras and focal lengths.

Just perfect I was used to use a handwritten Table, but with this app it is more comfortable, of course. Thanks for this app.

Great for Street! "Satisfying" is an underrated choice of word to describe this helpful app. Great for zone-focusing and street photography!

Hyperfocalpro Brilliant app, really helps understand dof. Saves hours with camera.

Changed my life and photography! The math and understanding dof has changed my shooting. Im in love with this app

Waste time and data I hate this app

Need to set for feet Need to set for feet as distance Measurement. App keeps switching to meters. I will Uninstall as soon as I find a replacement app that can be set for feet.

I keep it handy I am working on my street photography and this app is a big help since I am trying different camera and lens combinations.

The best Do exactly what you need and data are presented very well

Wonderful app Always comes in handy when shooting medium format

Focus set up aid Brilliant

Hyperfocal Pro Depth of field calculator

Beaitiful Perfect for demonstrating depth of field. Have a school academy for elementary students and this is a simple tool. Thanks.

Simple, easy to use, just what I needed Love the table download feature too. Clean interface, easy to use.

Wonderful ..great service Covered almost pro&semi SLR camera's.. Thanks team.

Accurate ! Its close enough to real case on the field. Recommended app

Mike Very easy to use.

Fantastic Fantasticly good when used with manual lens in street photography.

Very handy for taking photo It is very good reference.

Extremely useful Does everything it is supposed to and it does it perfectly.

Perfect fit in the pocket. DOP in pocket. Simply great aap

The best DoF app so far

Awesome App :) keep up the good work

Just what I was looking for. Simple, clean, useful.

Great Very helpful photography tool.

Very very useful in the study of DOF

Fast to use and easy to customize!

Excellent Works well. Great interface.

Great App Easy to understand

Jim Perfect for its function

Found it very useful.

Very useful app

it is amazing tool