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HSBC Business Mobile

Supplied By HSBC Bank plc    On July 15, 2015    Comments(107)

FREE HSBC Business Mobile version1.5.10.0 Download

The new and improved HSBC Business Mobile app lets you manage your business accounts easily and securely from your mobile phone.
Along with an improved look and feel, you can:

• log on securely without the need for the additional security device
• view balances for all your accounts
• view your recent transactions
• view transactions scheduled for the next working day
• make payments to existing beneficiaries
• make transfers between your accounts

To log on without a security device, you must first set up an Access Code by logging in to Business Internet Banking. If you have not yet set up an Access Code, you can still log on to the app using the details and security device you use to log on to the desktop site.

To find out more about the app, including a detailed list of frequently asked questions, visit

To use this app, you must be an HSBC Business Internet Banking customer. If you are not yet registered, please visit

HSBC Bank plc part of our Finance and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update July 15, 2015. Google play rating is 49.7487. Current verison is Actual size 9.1 MB.

What's new

    • Log on without your security device
    • New look and feel
    • Make payments to existing beneficiaries only
    • ATM/Branch locator
Download hsbc-business-banking.apk 9.1 MB


Not easy to use No real instructions, couldn't even get past my user name part - do I even have one? Can't help but think how far behind HSBC in the race of phone banking apps compared to other banks like Barclays

Really Basic The whole point of a mobile banking app is so that you don't need to carry your security code generator with you. You've totally got this one wrong

Its ok It basically does the job. It doesn't look like they have spent much money on the appearance of it and it isn't the best for navigation. It does the job ok but I think other banks like natwest personal banking app has had way more time and money spent on it. Don't let this put you off though as it definitely does the job it needs to and thats all that matters I suppose.

Many improvements needed... While I find this app useful for a number of features, I do find it a pain having to locate my key fob every time I want to log in. I agree with other comments in that you should be able to login using a pass code then be able to view balance and transfer between linked accounts. Then any non-linked transfers would have to require a password. Or do as Santander does with theirs, and send an SMS authorisation code to the phone.

Olawale - Galaxy Note It is an excellent application and its actually meet my expectation. If someone misplaces his phone it will be extremely difficult for whoever in possession to have access to the owner's account.This application was developed having this in mind. creating a pin as suggested by some reviewers wont help matters.This application and the HSBC fast Balance are highly recommended .

Decent App This app allows you to the basics well as a first release on Android its a good effort. There are some UI tweaks which are required such as having the logoff button under Bank and then under a separate menu called menu rather than on the Home Page. This should have picked up earlier and and added confusion as other comments below have stated. It would be useful to have a software PIN option rather than having to carry around a physical keyfob. Looking forward to further releases.

What's the point? Could've logged on via a browser! It doesn't make logging in any easier. Very basic, not a nice view either. Just poor.

Just what I needed. I have been waiting for HSBC to release an app for Android as they only had iPhone app orginally. It's simple but does what I need and easy to navigate, but as with other comments not sure I will remember to carry code device!

Won't login any more Worked twice and now stopped. No-one at bank seems to understand the app n can't email unless you can login.....

No Exit button & Security Tag required As everyone else has said it lacks an Exit button meaning you have to hit back/home to get out. However, as you need your security tag key-fob to login each time it makes it pretty useless, may as well login on my PC. Other banking apps use a one time registration code sent by SMS.

Wow Terrible but quicker than using browser. Suggestions: please spend a little and use proper Android developers utilising its features. Webview is ok for a single detailed screen but using it for the entire process is just cheap and lazy. I mean not even an exit button! How can the personal banking app be a million times better than business? We pay our fees so how about a little service HSBC? Thanks. Your loyal paying customer :)

Very rudimentary Dear HSBC, You have just launched a rather good app for personal banking that doesn't require a key fob - please do the same for business banking. In its current form it's not really useable. The general layout needs a serious revamp for starters. To improve accessibility you could have two levels: a pin code to access the app for viewing transactions, balances and to move money to linked HSBC accounts; to move money elsewhere etc then the key fob is needed.

Works - but not well Works, but logon is not smooth (other banks have achieved this so much better). Closing the app is also difficult, have to jump to home and let a task killer end it.

Needs work When you try to exit the app you have to kill it manually it's a bug that's been there for at least two years if not longer and it's a real pain!!! That's why it's taken me this long to rate this app at all!!!

Rubbish Looks like it's been written by a teenager for their school project. You can't even exit the app. Very poor for a huge £multi-billion global bank. Can't you afford decent software devs?

Does the basics, just. I really hope the newer versions improve on this and it's written natively. This web app has such an ugly and terrible UI, and I hate having to use the Secure Key fob to login on my own phone. Completely defeats the point of mobility. It should ask the first time and have a 6-8 digit pin thereafter. Other banks have managed to accomplish this with some even allowing the mobile phone to become the fob itself. Please make managing the account easier if you are going to limit what it can do.

Please tell your colleagues at First Direct how you tablet-enabled this app Possibly you are the same HSBC development team? HSBC's First Direct seem unable to make their banking application compatible with the same tablets you have. Perhaps you could give them some pointers?.. your app downloads fine to my Lenovo S6000, however F Direct app (Banking on the go) does not even show as compatible with the device, so cannot be downloaded! Therefore it would be much appreciated if you could assist your colleagues with a few pointer, as you are obviously better app developers than they are! with thanks

Does the job but not professional in any way You can log in with your current credentials and displays the balances and next day transactions but thats about it. However the app looks really unprofessional and cheaply designed with poor user interface, you would think that with HSBC being one of the biggest banks in the world that they would provide Android users with a top class app

Needs an update... Needs an update, the app and its layout is very long winded and messy. The account layout and. Company card balances and layout is slightly confusing... It seems this app hasn't been updated since its first release in 2012! - Come on HSBC bring the banking App into the modern world and streamline its layout and functionality.... Other banks are way ahead of you.....very outdated.

App won't work... Downloaded the app onto my shiny new Nexus. Worked a couple of times but now just asks which region I'm from and won't go any further. Deleted and reinstalled the app but still won't work. Come on HSBC get your app sorted !! Looks like it's back to the iPhone.....

Pretty good Would like the app to lock if I navigate away from it and then back - maybe with a pin or even to kill the current session completely. Would be great if I could use Google authenticator for the two step verification as well, but perhaps out of the range of this application? Also get some designers in on the app creation process, not a major point but good UI would make people happy and do wonders for the app rating :-)

Not an app Just a very badly and hastily put together html wrapper. No functionality at all. Still need the silly massive code generator with you. Very disappointing

Seriously flawed In my case this app is pretty useless as you're unable to paste into the password box, and as a user of secure password generators I'm not going to manually type in my complex password, nor will I resort to an insecure memorable one. HSBC have a long history of making poor Internet banking interfaces, I was hoping this one would be better than their incredibly user unfriendly website, but alas it's not. Please employ some usability and UX experts and drag your banking into the modern age!

Not really an app This "app" is really a stripped down browser to access a mobile version of the online banking website. You still need the annoying security device and whether you use this app or the actual website on ur browser it makes little difference. Feels very budget and disappointing especially since other banks (I also use barclays and have seen natwest and Lloyds apps on my friends phones ) have true dedicated apps for their clients. Would expect "the world's local bank" to do better.

Horrible What an ugly and pointless app. If all it does is load a web site inside an app, why bother at all? And who thought it was a good idea to do mobile banking where you need the annoying widget to get in? Nobody carries those things around with them. There also seems to be no way to authorise payments. App is visually very unappealing and yet again we see iOS user interface styling applied inappropriately to am Android app. Did the HSBC developers even read the Android app design guidelines? This app is awful.

Fairly terrible From the outset the app does not perform well. It looks bad as if it has not been redesigned since Android Gingerbread. While hoping the functionality would redeem it, it doesn't. It provides the most basic of functions and nothing more, in a very poor UI and UX. Don't even bother mention tablet and phone versions. If that's what you want, by all means download the app.

Awful This is one of the worst apps I think I've ever used. It's almost unusable for actually doing backing. For example, if you switch apps to, for example, an email with the sort code etc of some invoice, it forgets ask the information you've entered (security is no excuse because it stays logged in). This makes it essentially unusable without also carrying a pen and paper. The rest of the app is clunky and slow and seems to be a thin, unpleasant layer over a mainframe interface from the 70s.

So promising, yet.... I logged in, suspiciously browser oriented. This may not be a bad thing, but the online banking website is equally basic. It seems to have problems with concurrent web use (my desktop browser), the app crashed and burned with a browser based Abort,Retry,Fail scenario I haven't seen for a long time. Shame its not a proper app, a shame the mini web app does not do more than the mediocre 'full' web interface does. I give 2 as it at least provides some info. A drill down on payments would be nice.

Terrible This app is awful. All it takes to break it is pressing the android back button on the main screen once logged in and you're shown an error webpage. This app is just a very poor web app packaged up in an installable app form. If you made a proper native app it might actually work and be useful. Rubbish.

Pointless I downloaded this app in the hope that I'd be able to access my bank account on the go without having to carry that stupid key fob around. All other banks see to have managed this but I had obviously forgotten I am with HSBC rather than a proper bank, so you still need the keyfob to login which makes it completely useless as a mobile app. Uninstalled immediately, waste of phone memory.

Mark Clemence Not as good as the personal banking App and why more complicated authentication? Why not set-up a digital secure certificate here as well and lock the App to known authenticated devices?

Not much history App isn't bad, but is quite restrictive and doesn't let you see very many transactions on the account. Other banks let you scroll back years on the app.

No frills This App does the job but I'd guess that the same folks that built their online banking portal also had a go at a mobile App! Little thought or effort has gone into its appearance or usability, this is a "no frills" tool. Basic but functional

Worst usability ever Open the app and wait 10 seconds to load. Click the big login button (what else would I want to do?) Wait another 10 seconds. Type in my username which it can't remember, wait 10 seconds. Type in my password, wait 10 seconds. Click 'my accounts'. Wait so long the screen goes to sleep. Unlock the screen and start again because it can't remember I've just logged in. Much more frustrating than user their normal webpage in chrome for android, which is also terrible

UTTER CRAP. Complete waste to time even trying to work it! Does not work, starts up enter username........................wait...................................and wait.......................................and wait....................................and wait.............................and wait.........................................and wait.....................................and wait..........................and wait................................................and wait........................and wait..........................................and wait.........................................and wait.............................. All it does is just sit there with the loading ring going round and round and sweet F.A. happening. this is worse that not having an app at all. At least if you had not bothered making it I would not waste my time trying to get it to work!

At least it seems to work Poor interface. A child could have done better! Developers -Try writing a native app and look at the android design guidelines.

Needs fixing for Nenux Great job guys, opens up an empty 'select region' dialog with no way past it.

Just as hopeless as it was 2 years ago It works like a web browser in an app, and it is awful to use. It is actually a better experience to use the website in desktop mode in a web browser on a smartphone than it is to use this app. Needs a thorough UX review - it's just terrible.

hello Its very disappointing to see this kind of Mobile application from a top global bank. It does not even match the other local bank mobile app.

Excellent The only trouble I had was on the second security page. It was hard to get to the second box to enter the numbers code. Otherwise it was perfect.

Many improvements needed... While I find this app useful for a number of features, I do find it a pain having to locate my key fob every time I want to log in. I agree with other comments in that you should be able to login using a pass code then be able to view balance and transfer between linked accounts. Then any non-linked transfers would have to require a password. Or do as Santander does with theirs, and send an SMS authorisation code to the phone. I'm actually looking to move accounts because of the poor mobile/desktop sites.

Great new UPDATED app !!! Bit tricky figuring out how to login for the first time....but once you figure that out......this app is far better than the previous version. Message to HSBC.....keep development going and keep up the good work.

Dissapointing Name of app once installed is just 'Business' so does not appear in my list of apps next to the app for my personal account. Needs to show transactions going further back than 'recent', whatever that is.

Really hard work to login Guys why are there two separate apps for personal and business? Madness. Barclay's mobile app is much easier to use, it only needs a five digit pin to login (unlike yours, username, password AND random parts of a security code) and links business and personal accounts. You can set up a new payee on it as well. Go have a look then come back and rewrite yours! EDIT And it logs you out of the browser if you login on the mobile app. Why???????? I might just move my business account to Barclay's at this rate.

Very frustrating Totally pointless. I cannot understand how this has a rating as high at 2.7. I use several banking apps this by far the worst of the lot. Surely HSBC could have done something like the simple Barclays Mobile App. Guess it's back to that bloody gizmo thing.....

Does not work, plain and simple. I've gone to the trouble of resetting my security details on the web, but the mobile app won't work. It's forever "buffering" after entering the username. I'm sure it's bad, terrible, obsolete coding and unwillingness to test it in the real world on real devices. Absolutely useless piece of garbage. Bah... Uninstalling. Oh, don't bother yourself, go on the full fat website with your browser.

Does not allow log in on z2 tab This app used to work great on my experia z2 tablet, since the update I can't log on, reports error try again repeatedly

This is terrible Very basic app I would've expected if we were still on Android 2.x. This doesn't have any of the same features as what I thought it would have such as the ability to look at all transactions, replacement of the stupid physical key etc. It needs so much work that the dev lead should just pack up and leave to let someone more savvy take their place. A total joke from a bank this big.

Borderline pointless Poor UX and UI. Unable to see statements beyond the last 30 days... Very limited functionality in general. App name in the App drawer is 'Business' rather than 'HSBC Business' which is a mystery. You are one of the biggest banks in the world and you cannot do better? This is why I'm moving my business account.

Doesnt work Log in once you can see your balance. Then 1 minute later onwards i am no longer a recognised user. Cant login whatsoever. Reinstalled and has exact same problem.

same comments as I made for the personal bank app. Slow, jerky scrolling due to very low frame rate! Also, why am I typing this review twice? Why two apps for personal and business?

Nice Picture App just freezes on picture, cannot log in. I suppose HSBC is only a small company with meagre resourcrs, entirely understandable ?

At last it got updated If took far too long, but it works fine. All I ever need to do on the go is in my phone.

Can only see 8 recent transactions! Really, only let's me see last 8 transactions? What use is that to anyone in business? This app has all the functionality of a dead frog.

Unsecure Rubbish Well the new update is better than the existing but still it's a terrible terrible app. You can't use it fully without entering the security code, then the functions available are very limited, since you have to go through the same hassle as logging in on the web you might as well use a browser. App isn't secure either, if you don't kill the app yourself then you can see all your account information in the Android app switcher and open it all again without having to login.

Beside checking your balances not a lot eles Can check balances and payment, but can't browse more than most recent transaction. Very basic functionality and still requires authentication token, frankly not worth it, just use Pc version at.least u can see all and log in with token for full acess

Big Update Disappoints (this is 2015) Where to start... Such a limited amount of functionality could be overlooked if the UX was at least decent. Yet the UI uses web views and non-standard Android patterns/design (jittery page transitions. HSBC is business still clearly struggling to see the value of mobile experience. Glad my personal accounts are not with this bank.

Basic Some improvements over original APP however cannot believe a banking APP lacks transaction records (not statements actual searchable transaction history). PayPal, CAN and ASB are excellent examples)!

Not working on HTC One Tried installing 3 times, but when hitting 'Login' only a blank screen appears.

Awful Really poor excuse for an app. I would go with Natwest the app is far better. We will be moving our account away from HSBC because of this

Could do so much more! Great news that you dont have to log on with silly security device. Bad news, you are nery limited as to what you can do with this app. You cannot look at statements or use any other functions of the system. Limited to viewing recent transaction znd payments. Still way behind other banks. Could have done so much better...shame! Hsbc need to get up to speed with their tech. When Toys R Us have better tech it says it al.

Rubbish app. no functionality. Don't bother downloading - you'll only delete it after two minutes!!

So poor This app is a joke. Come on HSBC, you can do better. Other banks have really useful apps and easy to use. At least there is a way now of logging in without that silly device, but the app still needs A LOT of improvement.

The worst banking app I have ever seen. Have you guys actually ever used the app? I only see the last 2 transactions (i.e. recent) nothing before that. I can't do anything useful with the app. In fact your website version is no better. I would suggest you try any of the other banking apps. All of them would show you a better way.

Can't Log On Doesn't get past the initial log in page - endlessly buffering. Not impressed. Spoke to Internet banking team - best they could offer was reinstall. This app is worse than useless and I am going to uninstall it.

Raphael Abseloutly waste of time. the old app wasn't good this new one is even worse, first direct app wich is part of hsbc is 10 times better ,in the old app you have colours for entry and debit, here all same colour so very confusing and transaction history useless

Should be able to view statements or at least transactions for 30 days to make it suitable for business. Pretty useless for on the go banking. I will be looking for an alternative as all my banking is done online.

Can't log in I can't get past the login screen as it just buffers continuously. I used the old app a lot so can this flaw be fixed soon?

Rubbish now It has always been a basic app offering very basic features, which was fine for me. Now the app doesn't even work and hasn't done for a few weeks. Clearly Hsbc doesn't care / listen to customers or read these reviews otherwise it would of been fixed by now. As with others posting on here once my free period is up I will leave. No excuses from such a large company to put out such rubbish software. If they care this little about the software makes you think how much they care about security and how safe we r

Won't work Hardly used this app as it was far to dumbed down but now I can't even log in.

Please Fix This! Its Not working The app worked before. The update is rubbish! Why do I have to use full website for new payees? You've rendered this useless for me. And the layout stinks. What's more the app doesn't download onto your phone so if you want to use it you need to go into google play and search for it again. This app should not have been signed off.

Been give a face lift by still very slow to log in. Switched to Lloyds and love their app. It remembers most of the login and simply asks for a few characters from a password. Fantastic! Not worried about security because I also have an unlock code on my mobile. Bye hsbc

This app is so annoying! I have to log in few times before it accepts my password (I am typing it correctly). If I want to go to menu it is even worse it keeps coming back to where I was before. You cannot view any transaction history except for recent. But there is nothing else you can use on mobile so we have to stick to it.

Slightly better now but poor transactions history So now you can log in without the security device and make payments to previously setup accounts. So far so good. The transactions section is woeful though. You can view recent or pending transactions only. Why can't I see transactions for the last few months like every other mobile banking app? First review (1 star) - Still requires inputting all my details and using the security device every time I log in then gives limited functions. Not really banking on the go.

At last! Finally the update to make this usable :-) Does all I want it to now!

Its ok Too much security. Natwest app is alot better and quicker.

Pathetic Unlike some of the other users here, I've not had any problems logging on, however once in, the amount of information available to you is truly pathetic. There is effectively no transaction history whatsoever with only "current" information displayed. Once my free banking period elapses I'm off....

Latest version seems like a huge improvement. Very happy about the ability to log in without the security device. What would be better would be if the app could be used to generate access codes for the web site (in the same way as the First Direct app does).

So much effort for so little joy Just like everything seems to be with hsbc these days the app is antiquated (poorly laid out and feels like symbian app), buggy (viewing more than a couple of pages yields a white screen that can't be recovered from without restarting the app), overcomplicated (options that don't seem to do anything or take you to the same place) and yields little information (can't filter transactions by date or month, doesn't appear to show pending transactions etc, etc). Doesn't compare to my other banking apps

Next to useless! This app gets worse by the day, bad enough you have to enter your log in details up to five times before it let's you in, now it freezes before you can even get that far and have to re install to get it working again.

A great improvement but needs some tweaks At last! A much better layout with improved login and general functionality. However, the account balance doesn't indicate if it's positive or negative. Just what currency... A minus sign or the use of "CR" and "DR" would be very helpful.

Shockingly poor UI The menu is almost impossible to access now. Tap the menu icon and the menu briefly scrolls open to then close again before you can even read it. The menu itself, when you have the fortune to be able to access it, is poorly laid out. Not obvious where you are or how to get where you want to be. Can't just exit the app by repeatedly tapping back. Old school banks undervaluing good software development. Software is your business nowadays guys. You can't fight it. Get with the plan before someone else makes you irrelevant.

Buggy and outdated You can't logout or do anything other than check your balance on a Galaxy S7 thanks to not being able to get to menu as instantly disappears. It hasn't changed in years and a company this size should hang their heads in shame.

Does anyone test updates? The latest update resulted in frozen screens, navigation not working, inability to look at finances across accounts. What's going on over there? It's a basic app without the basics

Does what I need it to do OK, it is a bit basic but as a business owner it does the most important tasks, i.e. it lets me check my balance and pay clients.

New App needs further improvement I want to see statements, or all transactions, not just recent transactions

Useless since update Freezes on login screen now totally worthless surely the primary school coders could have tested it on something other than a fisher price phone

Very limited recent account history This is supposed to be an app to be used for business but you can only see the last few days of transactions. Useless! We need to be able to see at least the last 4-5 week's worth.

Awful Clunky, often doesn't load, really poor functionality, for one of the world's leading banks it's a seriously bad app

What a crock Never been the best but it did at least function, now however it just freezes randomly. Delivering updates via itself is not good, and as for naming it Business as opposed to HSBC Business, well that is just amateur. Sort it out HSBC, it is important enough to people like me who actually work mobile that I will take my business elsewhere.

Convoluted nonsense that doesn't even work. Honestly, a small handful of tech grads could design HSBC's online banking system better than they have. Hopeless....

Just as hopeless as it was 3 years ago It works like a web browser in an app, and it is awful to use. It is actually a better experience to use the website in desktop mode in a web browser on a smartphone than it is to use this app. Needs a thorough UX review - it's just terrible, not unlike hsbc internet banking. Now the app has ads too (who came up with that idea?). FFS.

Almost useless! It can take 3 or 4 attempts to login the majority of the time. You can't access the side menu as it disappears before you can make a selection. Only good point is being able to have a quick look at recent transactions but that said, this is the worst banking app I have ever used. Please HSBC, there is no excuse for this!

Abysmal A global bank of HSBC's standing should be thoroughly ashamed of this terrible "app". Why not integrate business and personal mobile banking via your present personal banking app? Whilst that one is not the best app in the world by any stretch of the imagination, it is light years ahead of this one! If you want some tips, have a look at Barclays' mobile banking app!

Jumbled my personal details around Because my account username was saved automatically in the previous app. Their changes now mean I can't access my account as I've forgotten my niche username for the previous app

The app as of 7th September is still poor. Why do i need to create a NEW 'access code' through the website so I can log in and STILL have to provide my full password every time? App looks poor and is slow too. HSBC: please stop making users jump through your hoops. Get some users in, find out what they want and then jump through THEIR hoops.

Terrible! Such a bad app where do I begin. Lack of features, extremely laggy and unresponsive UI. Exactly what an app shouldn't be. Come on for a global financial institution pay some bloody money and make a good app, can't even says it's only the business banking app, the normal one is just as bad. Will soon be switching business account to another bank.

Poor Poor app. Outdated design. Doesn't have a lot of functionality. Can't see transactions older than a few days. Learn from Barclays HSBC

Nougat broke it The app is now hidden on my phone although Google Play, My Apps says it is installed. Pretty basic but it gets some simple things done. Must try harder.

Wow - no spending money on this are they Bad menu (have to press back to get to front menu). Limited functions (bill payment). Does not give good account history (recent seems to show 1 to 2 events).

Not a great user experience but does the job. Once you setup your access code on the website, you can log in without the device and make payments. Transaction history definitely could improve.

So so. I don't have an issue with using the secure key fob, I like the extra security but the app in itself is still pretty basic. Only thing I use it for is transferring funds to existing beneficiaries when I'm not near a pc. Definitely could do better

Poor app, especially for business users. Slow and clunky, menu doesn't stay open long enough to even see what the options are (it keeps snapping back).. Still need security device to login, despite the description saying otherwise. With all the profits you make, hire a proper developer and build a usable app.

Worst banking app ever! This app is very basic and a nightmare to use. It shows very limited information and it's awful to log into. The Lloyds app is much better.

Doesn't work outside the UK As bad as this app was, it's now unusable. It used to work when I was abroad yet hsbc seem to think it's okay to not allow connections outside the UK.

Could be so much better It is really mystifying why this app is not just like the personal banking app. My main complaint is the viewing of transactions ... why only see the most recent.

Market Loser in App Design I am afraid it is just horrible. You can use it to check your balance on the hop if you can be bothered but that is about all it is a good for. Does HSBC have a Digital Marketing Department? Maybe the picture of the cranes at the start means under construction!