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Hipster Wallpapers

Supplied By eBook Apps    On Sept. 27, 2016    Comments(143)

FREE Hipster Wallpapers version1.0 Download

You live in skinny jeans and ironic tees. Your headphones pump only indie tunes. You're a regular at that hole-in-the-wall coffee shop down the street. You live the lifestyle, now it's time for your wallpaper to jump on the bandwagon too!

Let your inner hipster shine with these one-of-a-kind wallpapers. If you like animals (think deer, wolves and tigers), simple shapes, and cool photo mashups, these wallpapers were made for you. Sometimes ironic and sometimes humorous, but always cool and unique – like you.

Other hipsters might be jealous of your new wallpapers, but don't worry, you can share your favorites with your friends. (Just don't let it get too mainstream.)

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    Lots of new wallpapers!
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Amazing I know im not apart of the illuminati but the triangle make these wallpapers even better than they are.The triangles also reveals alot of secrets of the third eye...It sees all,reveals all and unlocks all.You also dont need third eye just know what it can do to your mind.If you havent unlocked the third eye and you want to acomplish a goal, your third eye will work your mind secretly towards that goal.See?Learn something new everyday. Nahxilian understands the 3ye...heh heh heh...

#dont work When I was trying to save the pic to be able to put on the phone it wouldn't even show up so I sujest don't get this app cause your just wasting time. I mean sure there was nice pictures for options it just wouldn't download on my screen

IT'S AMAZING!!!=) I love!! There's so many options to choose from but I can't just pick 1 cuz like really they are all amazing. And + if your gonna say bad things about this super cool app then just keep your mouth shut!!! if you don't have anything good to say than don't say it you look better QUITE if you have nothing good to say=)

Cool photos bad quality I really liked most of the pictures but they were all low resolution and didn't look good as my wallpaper so I'm uninstalling. I would reinstall if they made the images high resolution.

I love all the wallpapers, but almost all the ones I've tried are very low resolution and almost look blurry when on my lock screen. I wish it told you the resolution of the photos along with the preview and maybe enhanced it for phones that are 1440x2560

I Don't like it I LOVE IT Amazing quality and the wallpapers are so pretty I love it sfm ???

Disappointing When I saw app title, I felt like I am about to get my hands on the ultimate wallpaper collection that there is, but the pictures are suffering from extremely low resolutions that they fit for nothing but just some profile picture...

I CANT EVEN! Every. Single. Picture. Is. AWESOME! My phone looks much cooler and hippier after installing this "gallery"-like app of cool wallpapers. Problem is............i cant choose what to set as a wallpaper when they all look so freaking pretty. ㅠ.ㅠ haha

I LIKE IT I LOVE IT I WANT SOME MORE OF IT Its amazing all of the wallpapers, they can embrace the real me!! A Hipster Finatic!! Buy it!! They even have the Yin Yang symbol!! I have to admit it, BEST APP EVER FOR WALLPAPERS EVER!!!!!! OTS AWESOME U CHOOSE A FILE ITS NOT JUST HIPSTER OTS TIEDIE GHETTO AND TONS MORE BUY IT GUYS!!!!!!!

Amazing This amazing its beautiful ilove the ombre and galxt its just ug amazing

#cute !!! this is a great app ! a like this app because you can change your backgrounds and is really fun because you get to choose isn't that fun or what?! download now!

Don't believe the negative reviews! I was trying to find a pretty and cool wallpaper app and this is exactly it! It is super easy to use and all you have to do is click the picture and set it as your wallpaper! Super easy! Great quality! So cute! ??❤?

I loved EVERY THING! I love EVER THING! The only thing that drives me crazy is what to choose! My favorite is the forever Yong one! I just want them all at once!

#Loominatieverywhere I used to have an older version made by some obscure dev and it was the original and best , but you probably have never heard of of it and the dev got sick of all the money and commercialism after Android FROYO and he decided to sell all his possessions and become a Tibetan monk .

I love Its beautiful spectacular and amazing

Since when do triangles make you hipster? However the wallpapers are really nice, but I see no hipster relation..

Y'all stupid! If you dont like this type of stuff then dont download it and also dont be dissing on the app. If you dont like it then dont say nothing... mmk thanks for you time... ?? but love the app its one of the only ones I use.

I like it I s cute I would rock a dress with that dress at school while people go and Hagen like how she get that dress with that money like me that I gong to sayI will get. He from good week while I get my stuff from Burlington hahahaha that is so bogous and that's how I qm?????????good bye????????

I wish I could save the pics but I cant ? u should make it so that ppl can save the pics

Love the animal shots. Unusual nature scenes are so wild and inspiring. You make me feel like I'm always hiking and going to amazing places. Thank you

#It is the BEST! Omg if your a girl like me u will LOVE this app ! Just think of all the cute , inspirational , swaggalishis wallpaper this app has :-) ;-) ?

I like it really.. it's awesome!!! I know to my self I'm not Illuminati too.. and I just like the tiger in that triangle... I'm a Christian and I know that. ●﹏●

They have beautiful wallpapers and if u r a girl then u will feel like u r shopping

How to....? How to set it? I just cant figure it out cuz its soo complicated? !

eh the pictures are pretty cool but there are only a handful of them and you can't save the picture directly from the app..uninstalled

I like the app But it will be there In History I have a nice day and was like a woman who is either a little while to Work Melissa In Evas to be there for me and you can do to you and your mom ever seen in The World War I don't know what I want to go ? and forth to school today and I was going to be there in a text from you In History you have a nice

Great so far Add more wallpapers and please make sure they are high res plz

WOW I love ALL of the wallpapers I can't even choose, one minute I have galaxy next I have a lion :-)

Its great and you can also delete the app and your home/lock screen will stay the same.

Great One of the best wall paper apps on google play in my opinion. Has a variety of choices and theres always one that looks good on ur phone.

Good, but could be better This app has great wallpapers, but unfortunately, there are a lot that aren't in HD. A lot of the wallpapers are blurry or a little fuzzy. I'd give 5 stars if the wallpapers were high definition. I'm pretty disappointed. :/

Metaliana starbuck is my real name... OK s9ooooo this aaap seeeems goooood I guess pwhhhh

It won't let me down load yet sooooo I'm going to be back on my evaluation OK

Good but.... The wallpapers are really great...when you see them all lined up so you can pick which wallpaper you want to choose. But there's one problem and its a deal breaker. When I choose a wallpaper for my Note4 I find out that theyre in low res. So it gets very blurry on my big phone.

If this app can ask me if I like it I say yes1000 times I love this app so much

Hipster wallpaper It is good there is a lot of pictures that are cool and it is fun to go on for your background so ya

Cheap & Misleading By NOW, devs should have moved on from cheap &chintzy moves like this app, but..all this does is link you to other apps in play..which then links you to other apps...the few pictures included seem to be photo edited versions of the same picture. I fell for it. NOW I think I shall reset my phone..who knows what back door I've opened.

Good I Like the wallpapers but you can't Save them so please fix it

LOVED IT????? It works just how is supposed to there's nothing wrong with it at all .Those reading the rates should down load it???

Fabulous ?? Omg I love it . pics are with high resolution and they are pretty COOOOOOOL . I suggest you to download it ??

Why cant u save it on your phone?? Why cant you save it on your phone but share it with somethin else?? Would rate 5 stars for fixing that!!! Not happy at all =\

Luv ♡ the images .... ? but the flashing/scrolling advertisements tend to get just a tad bit annoying after a while. They take away from the beauty of the images when browsing through them to select one. Making the ADVERTISEMENTS pop-up LESS FREQUENTLY would be great. Thank you.?

Loved it Very nice backgrounds extremely beautiful I love it ..... on a another note if you don't know how to make it your home screen or lock screen in the right corner their is a 3 dotted line press on that and you'll find options of home screen and lock screen

Download+cute=awsome Omg I love it but you guys should put mor options! Bit still I love this app! No probs!

Loved it Great app with beautiful wallpapers, few pop ups and does its job, I just wish they would add more wallpapers every now and then

OUT STANDING I love ALL the wallpapers and there soo pretty I don't know Wat one to choose ! (That's a good thing)

the Wolf art is amazing! I think you guys put in so much effort! Thank you to the Creator s of this app!

I like it but the only thing that doesn't make me wanna give u 5 stars is that it's not HD

Just use Google Am I missing something? There's like 30 wallpapers and that's it. I have a wallpaper app with 7000+ pages of pictures so why would I download this one?

Ughm... It's good all except the fact that it literally has like 25 wallpapers and they all have the almost the same exact look. It would be better if you added tons of wallpapers and different categories but...

Gave my phone a virus! My phone was just fine before I downloaded this app. Several hours after I downloaded the app I begun to have problems with my phone. I immediately uninstalled the app. After I uninstaed the app it only got worse. I tried to factory reset my phone and was unable to. I found out it was because something in the app corrupted my files! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

Because every time I press set picture as nothing happens and I can see all those hipster wallpapers but can't have them as my wallpaper

I like it please if i download this all of the picture theme be not install all. By the way my ipad i share it this app and i open it it crash and its like my ipad broke its like 50 days until i can open my ipad and i dont know why it do that and my dad is mad at me we need to pay 30,500 dollars to fix it and we pay it and its have now a virus and it broken i cant use it any more and i got bannded in all my stuff until ill now pay in my ipad i. Dont know what happen please fix youre bug or there stuff but its okay:)

Nice graphics but... I will give this a 5 star rate if only the images are high res.

Its awesome fam! I've been looking for space-type wallpapers that fit on android. I got that and more. You get landscapes with awesome editing and triangles and everything else hipster???

How The wallpapers are all very nice but how do u put it as ur wallpaper

Love it I was looking for a wallpaper app that was different wallpapers in it so I got the hipster wolf wallpaper

Great artwork Love the artwork with these wallpapers. Very nice and aesthetically pleasing.

Nice This app made me give 5 stars because the colours

IDK I dont know how to get the wallpaper on my screen saver

Low resolution. A very limited amount of pretty cool wallpapers, but they are too low resolution to use on higher resolution devices.

Coo I love this app soo much cuz like boi

I love that triangle These wallpepers are one of the best, i would rate 5 start if they would be available at a better quality.

I LOVE THIS APP This app is really awsome I really love it it gives me what I want great wallpapers u should get it

Love it This app is so good! There is so much choice! Love it! And this is a true hipster girl here!!!

i love abstract creations and terrific arts this apps is so it

Luv it I love yin and yang this app is bae?

Its amazing patterns! Both dog people and cat people! Its just simply awesome!

Love I love them all. So beautiful.

Sky_92610 This app is awsome now my home screen looks cool?

Im a hipster Wow omg that is so so much cute to die for!!!!

looks cool I think it looks pretty cool and they give a good amount of choices

This ap is grate It is one of the best wallpaper apps ever

Love it Omg crazy obsessed... Seriously i think i have a problem

It is so amazingly awsome. I love it so much !!!!!! Five stars from me♡♡♡

Will not let me set them as the wallpaper.

BRILL Brilliant brilliant brilliant

YEE I have no words...just, YEE...

Hippie So cool luvs it "forever young"

Love it It is cool try it!

Uninstalled, then came back I gotta say, these are some fun, original images. Cool for the metaphysical or alternative types out there too, not just for hipsters. ;-)

Really awesome It's really good and there are lots of choices. That's why it's hard to choose.??

Graphics Graphics are awesome. Everyone should get this app if u a hippster. Like me.

Triangles? Why do almost all the pics have triangles on them? Why not something not connected to something bad?

Amazing App! It has everything I ever wanted in just one app, so many colorful photos and different ideas for different persons... I'm in ?

Awesome... Also add more wolf wallpapers please?

Wisdom Elizabeth facebook August 4 1994 Yes am a Leo

Love the pictures There all so amazing love them can't choose

Beautiful All the wallpapers were so pretty and unique.LOVED THEM!!!?

Help How do u set them I need big help with this app

YAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!! It has such beautiful wallpapers and I choose a new one every day

Good but... I LOVE the wallpapers on this app!! But it annoys me that you can't save the pictures. The only option we have is to set it as a background, when what if we want to use it later or for something else? You can't even take a screenshot because there are pop up ads at the top. Otherwise, would recomend.

Wallpapers for days! Not only are there a lot, there are a lot of wallpapers that are off the planet awesome!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❤❤❤❤❤??

I dont know what to say more than I LOVE IT! These wallpapers are so awesome and it is so hard to chose!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!

nice images I think this app is ran by the illumanti tho

Pics are not HD! No way to save pics! Very surprising that pics this detailed and beautiful are not HD! You cannot save pics! Ads always on bottom of screen and menu always on top of screen. So you have to have this app always if you want the wallpaper!

Love it! Its got really cool picks and it doesnt take to much space on your cellphone? but would like more picks. I would have rated it 5 star if it had more ones.

omg i love it i had it on my old phone and lost it i was devastated when i couldn't find the app . I was so excited to see the new wallpapers

Great but could use more options I love the super cool wallpapers but I would like it if there were more to choose from.

DOWNLOAD NOW! Some of the best wallpapers I have ever seen! I am in awe with this app. It go's from animals to flowers to clouds! And much more. I have been trough a lot of wallpapers, and these are the best!

Best app!! Omg this app is amzing the wolf is my favourite his eyes holy crap how can I delete this app

Get it Omg I love app every time I look at my back ground I'm like owe my gosh

Its not many I like the style of pic but I want more

Quality low and again HD please

Amazing app Awesome!

Love it so much Everyday I show my friends it and they say its amazing!!! Love it

It need more wallpaper I would give a five stars I'd u get more

Love it Love the pictures?

I love this app it is good for screen savers and for Instagram profile pics

I love it It's has soo many good wallpaper

Love this app I like it so much, i was attracted

Beautiful It bring out my art.Thank you.

I love it its really cool

Amazing i liked it very well :)

Awesome I love the wallpapers

Amazing!! These wallpapers are amazing if I want to change my wallpaper (one of which are from the hipster wallpaper collection?) then I know that I can change it to another one in the hipster wallpapers

Great designed This is soo cool to see the great things that pol can make with creativity in here own heart

I like it I like it.. But why should I download Love wallpapers and etc.. They have to be free for us?

? Love these These wallpapers are so hipster and beautiful

5 stars Beautiful! Thanks for app!

Great Love the images great job!!

Can't put as screensaver WHY!!!!! How can you put as your as wallpaper???

Wallpaper It has cool wallpaper and stuff

AMAZES!?? This is amazing its also colorful!??

Omg this is the best This app is so awesome .i love it.the bird one looks like trish's tattoo off of dyverit????????????????

Cool to put on instagram

I love The picture ????

The wallpapers are actually great but.. There is not enough of them and you can't save them to your gallery you can only save them to Google photos and then go into Google photos to save them back to the gallery... Ugh that's a huge pain in the butt!

Favorit thing I was dieing for this app!!! I love this game that i am not taking it off$$$?

O M G This is the best app ever for wallapers and there is so meny cool picures to choose from this app.Evry teen need this!<3Im not realy a teen but anyway EVRIBODY NEED THIS APP WHIT MENU COOL PICURES!!! Love it so muchhhh!!!<3<3<3

ONE prob I love all the pics but are they HD or not?? Please tell me on how to download it properly so i can make it clear it does not seem to be Clear or its blurry ?????????

Pretty Good I like this app I just wish there wasn't as much adds but besides that it is great!

OMG These wallpapers are soo awesome if u print one wallpaper out and shape it to ur size phone and stick it in the back as a case with a clear case to protect ❤❤❤OMG

Hipsters I love it and I am going to use all of the wallpaper

Awesome The pictures are BEAUTIFUL and super eye catching

Awesome I love the bucks

Love it Their is good wallpapers

great picture's my friend's ask me where did you get that wallpaper for your phone:))

Great images! Love this

?????? LOVED IT!!! The pics are sooooo pretty and I love it ????

Can't download any, only set

Great but to much illuminati Like it's sick it's cool but way to much triangle so that means way to much illuminati HELP PLEASE but its still amazing I have this cool wallpaper from it and is clouds that are pretty cool I say get it I gave 4 stars because there's little bit of illuminati ya so pretty sweat. Also to say that a long sentence and GUESS WHAT!! NO ADS AMAZING MY LIFE IS CUMPLEAT: sorry if I spelled it wrong

It is really nice.i loved it??