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Highway Crash Derby

Supplied By Koma Studios    On Oct. 28, 2016    Comments(147)

FREE Highway Crash Derby version1.5.9 Download

Take your race car out on the highway and cause as much damage as you can!

Swipe your way through the traffic and wait for the right moment to cause a massive highway crash.
The further you drive without the crashing, the higher you can score!

Featuring 6 different kind of vehicles including
* a sports car with rocket boost
* a police car
* a pickup truck with an explosive load
* an ice cream truck with working music player and a special ability
* a TOP SECRET vehicle, hidden inside a big crate.

Koma Studios part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 28, 2016. Google play rating is 81.4474. Current verison is 1.5.9. Actual size 56.0 MB.

What's new

    Happy Halloween!
Download highway-crash-derby.apk 56.0 MB


Christ! I thought the game cheated before the update!

could be a lot better this game would be much better without all of the glitches and freezing it has. must be looked into and fixed.

I have been playing this too much... Great game, has come a long way from what it used to be. Keep up the good work!

New update With this latest update the game lags SO bad while playing. The ads being more common is acceptable, but when the car lags and you can't even change lanes it gets to be ridiculous. I really enjoyed this game before...please fix the lagging. It's SO incredibly bad.

Good game I like the changes, but the ads seem to hit more often. Would pay for an ad free version.

All fun but... So at times you're playing then make that awesome crash with other vehicles well I'm saying is your doing so well then those ads pop and end it all when you know there could have been more points to help you out. More choice of cars would be cool too

Problem earning free dynamite I watch the video for 3 free dynamite, but I never receive them!!! Fix it please. Sometimes runs slow, but it's soooo gooood. anyways, would like to drop dynamite with the dynamite car, and more possible achievements. Idea for update, weather differently and effective to crash. Would like to drive a truck please. Makes it the best game ever.

Good fun, need more cars tho. Passes the time well

REMOVE THE FLIPPING ADDS Please remove the adds and when you do I will rate 5. And can you make daily prize

Good game but to many bloody ads and the cars special moves are to easily activated

Verry fun I love this. It's so awesome. Maybe when you update it you should add peaces that fall off the car likr irl. Too bad there isn't much snow plowing free roam and car crash simulators.

Amazing game! Love the update! Very fun! Keep up the great updates! I think it would be cool if you had full body car damage!!! And maybe a new police chase mode with more police and helicopters! Maybe when cars get really damaged, make it so they explode? :)

Fun Game Can't get it to load anymore :0

Crashes to much Good game but it crashes my whole tablet after a while really needs fixed

Sucks after Unity left Far too many ads plus it freezes a lot more. now.

Awesome!! I loved this game

Secret I'm not going to give away the secret

How are you suppose to crush 100 cars with the tank. I must of shot 500 cars by now and still no

Good fun Get frustrating when freezes

Great Its amazing but add more explosive gameplay like cars go boom

Holla Great to pass the time

Crashing Just enough fun, but mostly use to turn off my brain for a bit to just relax or refresh.

Amazing game Love this game so much!

It is cool

I like it but needs more! Please oh please add more cars and CHEAPER CARS!! IT TOOK ME 2 FULL WEEKS TO BUY EXPLODING TRUCK

Glitch!!! The game keeps exiting itself. Now I can't crash any ?'s

Ads interrupt the game Every time game ready to start it jumps to an ad, then reloads. It can do this 1 to 6 times befor actually getting to play.

Love it. I like the new stuff.I would totally get this game if you want a fun game to take away your boredom and a time killer. Some update ideas: be able to rotate the cam after you crash so u can look at the areas of the crash form where ever you want, cars be less costly (even though i have gotten them all whith out paying), and more cars!. I have personally got all the vehicles.....i have not spent a dime. By the way the top secret is a tank ;-).

Loved it, and I have a suggestion This game is great! There is nothing wrong with this game, but I think there should be a Replay button and you can play a replay in slow motion, and faster, and a pause replay button. I hope you add this feature!

It's cool and awsome! I like it but there's something I don't like.when the cars bump into each other there's not enough time for the other cars to crash into the others only when trailer's crash it's cool but I like it a lot :)

Nice Its good real nice for little kids.My younger brothers love it.It does get boring for me after a while but they cry when it gets uninstalled.LOL

Nice Pretty fun and addictive but stupid free coins thing didn't work. I hate dumb scams.

Great game but... The adds are what causing me to rate this 3 stars. Would have been 5 if it werent for the ADS!!

Loved it, and I have a suggestion This game is great! There is nothing wrong with this game, but I think there should be a Replay button and you can play a replay in slow motion, and faster, and a pause replay button. I hope you add this feature!

Boring but addicting Be nice if there were more cars and you could spend the damage money on. The ads are the revenue, so I don't understand why it cost so many coins for a car. Needs more tracks too. Same track over and over is getting old. 1 last thing. Should add a brake option or at least the option to slow down.

Good but... I did one of the free coin things, I downloaded game of war fire age and got stronghold to level 5, but it hasn't given me my reward. Please fix, I hate that game and it made me annoyed

Good game but the adds interrupt the game while the crashes are still occurring so we get shorted the crashes and car counts because of the adds.. 5 stars If that was fixed and less add pop ups

It can be cooler Try to do something with the camera after the crash on the highway, so that you can move it because sometimes I can't see what's happening on the other side, and yes, sometimes the care are still coming and the games stops because there wasn't a crash in like, 5 seconds

The next update I have on this game can you have the hazard lights and actual fire if you get exploded by and bomb truck and also try to add a replay button

Hate the ads need to remove them so the Game can run better the ads make the game freeze a lot

Highway crasher I love this game so much.Thanks for give me an opportunity to play this game..

Great Distraction Saw my son playing it on his Kindle. I now have it on mine and my phone! Work production levels at an all time low LOL!

Awesome It is the best game for causing a big crash please update this game.

Awesome but... Why no damage to cars??Please add in next update

Has potential Great lil game has major potential maybe some goals n extra chances to create crashes maybe armour protect cars so can crash few times lol

Awesome The game is great but I noticed that the ice cream music is the states and Capitol song

Addicting Not bad, all the physics and crashes look so real, and I love it!

Amazing But so many coins required for unlocking the cars...

Awesome game but Cool but the adds ^-^Awesome when cars sink in de water

I love it but.. Whenever I complete an offer it wont give me coins! Plz fix it!

Add overload! Started out as a good waste of time game then they put so many adds and log in requests on it that it takes 5 minutes to start playing. Deleted!

I love it so much and there is nothing wrong with this app

Fav game Just got last vehicle, so much fun, plz more cars! Maybe some air vehicle and less dumb police

Not bad at all Please add obstacles like when the cop chases you he forms a road block or add spike strips for the cop car

love this game never seen so much carnage.

It reminds me a little of burnout but you need to have different levels and we perfect

Great game The adds are what causing me to rate this 3 stars. Would have been 5 if it weren't for the ADS!! Edit: My phones rooted and now I'm adfree!

I like it but there could be a different currency The damage cost should be a different currency and 1 million is 100 coins or something like that please try and add thanks

Awsome!!! love this game im like obsessed with it cant stop have to get more coins to unlock cars and I also have a suggestion maybe they should make a second one and then they will get more rated but I still love this one. GET RID OF THE APPS!!! Driving me crazzzzzzzy

Awesome game...but enhance the game with a sequel Love this game.. I hope a sequel of this game comes along with a different area to cause more havoc and destruction, like in a big city, or a highway with more lanes of traffic.

It's fun. It's very fun to crash cars, but a little more realistic damage would have been better.

Love it Its a great game for passing time or playing when taking breaks... However would like to see new updates and more thrill. Or else it can become repetitive and boring soon.

Fantastic This game is great, simply put. Theres a few things that it needs to be 5 stars. Upgrades! You should be able to spend your crash "earnings" on upgrades to increase your coin intake, help increase your distance/multiplier, and to increase your crash value. Also, it would be great if you could rotate the camera when you're watching the crash. Lastly, more cars!

Very Fun Awesome game, I always end up coming back and playing this game because their developers do not wreck or alter their game to make it a more "Pay" game like Supercell games. Awesome. Loved it. Very fun and addictive ☺

Rachel B. Think it is a great, amazing and addictive game - it's so funny watching the cars explode and pile up!

Amazing This game is awesome! It is so fun with barely any adds, they give you the choice to get things if you watch a video ad, you should really get this?. It is very addicting too. If your board this is a great game to play.

Quite good I liked it. You can make awesome crashes, the vehicles go into the water on bridge crashes and you can get bombs to make the crashes better! There's a few different vehicles to choose from but not lots. Could do other stuff t make it better

Good game This game is really fun. You will really like it. Things for improvement; I would like to see a number 7 car added. I think you should get a bonus for driving on the wrong side(oncoming traffic). The longer you stay over the better the bonus damage and the better the coins. Though the bonus should reset if you go back to the normal side to keep the game challenging. Also would like to be able to drive the semi truck, and sport cars. Would like to see different scenery and levels too. Great game!

It's fun... Too long to earn coins and I absolutely will not install another ad ridden app just to post my high scores. Make the damage money worth something. Can't seem to restore my profile on any other device, is that possible? More levels, too, please.

Nice but ..... One thing i 've noticed in this game that how big or destructive accident I do nothing happens to the car or trucks like breaking of windows, doors and many other things so please fix this problem i'll give it 5 on 5

Love this game and my kids love it too. Makes driving so much easier when they are distracted

Just love it Very good game. This game and doodle jump are the only apps i have on my phone, due to storage shortage. I only vehicle I play as is the tank! But make more cars and more lands to drive in.

Awesome game Needs few improvements like new cars to unlock, new vehicles to crash into like tanker truck, taxi, and dynomite semi ( like the dynomite truck but bigger). Also improve graphics to make the game more cooler.

Very fun This game is great and all. But can you guys add like desctruction to it like glass breaking metal bending (if you guys can)

awesome I just love it bashing into car's. i also love making police car's Chase me.

AWSOME Its an awsome game suits perfectly but when you crash i dont like the camera veiw right when aomething cool is about to happen it changes veiws you should put different veiw options or something.

awesome played it bifore.bt its so cool. so much of damge it cause.i lv it.d graphics is all ok.nd d simulation of crashes is amazing

awesome smash em up game i think it's great but sometimes i can't get my car to move. would physical "left"and right"buttons" be better? also, would be nice to see intersections and crossroads if there aren't any, since i haven't gotten past 1.5x. reminds me of the ps2 burnout game that I love, except it's simpler. how about controlling the car in slo-mo after it crashes? keep it up developers.

It is a great game !!!!!!! The game is amazing . wen you crash I love it

Ceaj A little twitchy and unpredictable at high speeds but when you do have a good run and a decent crash very rewarding

How's your speed? What a great time waster. Especially since its fast paced. No interference with time management. Great when you need to waste 5 or 10 minutes which can be 5 crashes :)

Add more cars and make it so the highway gets skinny and wide at times plus watch out for dragons later on while on the highway and add cities Please do this please I love this game and I want more!!!

Same course? I wish there were more courses to drive on. The same one gets redundant. Besides that, this game reminds me of Burnout Crashbreaker. ..and the #7 hot rod car is missing lol

Awesome Love it but they need to show the dents in cars and trucks other than that its awsome

Really fun Crashing all of the cars is my favorite part. I also want to get the Top Secret or the ice cream truck. Anyway I love the game.

Just love it Very good game. This game and doodle jump are the only apps i have on my phone, due to storage shortage. I only vehicle I play as is the tank! But make more cars and more lands to drive in.

Need a Daily Reward! Totally not enough coins to buy any car! Make a daily reward so we can have enough coins to at least buy another car!

WHATS THE TOP SECRET CAR ??? The top secret vehicle is tank. I unlocked all the cars and its military tank. You can blow up all the vehicles And also run over them but not the big semi trucks.

Great game, too unreliable Fun, addictive. Unobtrusive ads that gain you in game rewards and are optional. Recent update has made the game much smoother and perform better in my case.

Highway Crash Derby I like the game but where's the number 7 race car?

Cool game I love when you can wreck cars and not get in trouble

Great addictive game they need more coins takes too long to get all cars

it's asomeone

Won't work When I tired to play it, it showed the loading screen for five seconds,then it goes to my home screen. I uninstalled the app twice to see if that would work, and it didn't so I gave it one star.If you fix the problem, I will get it back and rate five stars, and keep it as long as I can!?

Love I love this game. It is very addictive. My hubby got me hooked on it. My only current issue is that it seems laggy and I can get only so far before it won't let me switch lanes

Crash derby Need exits. Going threw neighborhoods downtown with tall building picking up coins and get n back on the highway very excellent game just need more work to it more highways more exits and coins add more highway to it make it go through a Downtown City make it go through the country and then back on the highway make it the best God damn race car game ever seen before it's fun but it gets boring because it do the same old thing need more to it make exit off the highway into a neighborhood back to the highway

Adictive I keep playing to see how lon i can go with police on my tail. (Edit) after an update it wont load, can't play it now, you broke it (edit) thank for fixing, its as adictive as ever again, 5 stars

Plz unlock ice cream truck i m trying to get it but I can't I'm sad if u don't unlock ice cream truck I'll rate you 1 star plz reply!!!!!!! Now!!!!! !!!!!

A lot of fun This is a great game that has very good graphics and is easy to play.

What if you have trailers that carry toilets and the achievement if you crash 10 of those trucks you get it and it says when you gotta go you gotta go I have an idea

Great game It is a great game and it is really fun you can get different cars and stuff so if you get it have fun

Great game with the tank 3 stars with out tank Gabe, 10 stars if I could

Interesting Got me trying to beat the high score!

Secret I'm not going to give away the secret

Addictive! I really like to play this game

Excellent Fun Makes time pass by quickly. Addictive.

Cool I like it a lot it's fun

Epic Add police SUV'S on the road and in the cars section please? And add roadblocks with easy to dodge gaps. Please do it, you've got to do it, I'm begging you!!!

Worth getting Its an okay game just don't go too far. Only some adds. And your most likely gonna buy something on this.

Good one I like it. Braking option will be more welcomed

Update was nice Love this game

I is a very good game gg The reason why I love it so much is that you can crash as much as you want.

Crashes Will not run after update.

Cool. Crashing

I'm addicted to this game this game is super cool... Love it.... 5 stars.... For this game.....

Update issues My sons love this game but after the update it will not load anymore. What is the fix. I fear that if I uninstall and then reinstall I will lose all the vehicles they have gotten, they worked so hard to get the tank and I don't want to lose it. HELP please.

Awesome Really good game I highly recommend it

1 WRECKS 2 WRECKS 3 WRECKS AND......CRASH BREAKER!!!!!! This game is awesome its just like BURNOUT 3 AND BURNOUT CRASH great idea I love it FIVE STARS (the who is a fan of BURNOUT download this game)

Highway Crash Derby Very good crashing games but on my (big nabi tablet) it kept on freezing could you please fix that.

Thank you for the hearses!!!!! Love the Halloween pumpkins and snow...a hearse with bodies flying out would be the bomb please!

I suggest ypu should make the secret car Make the secret car resistent to other cars but not trucks.

Highway crash derby Awesome

Super easy deak out cops for more money hard at 2 xs speed addictive drains the battery

Fun game!!! It is a great game to see speed , destruction and fun.

Love this game

Does it store progress made? Love this game but every time I upgrade phones I loose purchased cars. I haven't changed phones in a while so maybe this comment is redundant.

Will not load after last update

Secret I'm not going to give away the secret

So good If you are looking for a fun game, get this now!!!!!!!!

Great Game, Great Time Killer, and Easy To Play! This game is very fun. I've been playing it for years, and it's still fun to play. It's addictive and easy to play.

highway derby Good game no ads great time keller lol lol

Good! Love the Halloween upgrade. Just add a hearse! Please..

New update and still full of bugs They could have made a good game but they didn't. Have the developers not played this game or what . Why on earth when you blow up a car does it go miles into the air and that's all you can see then is the sky ,what about what's going on ,the road . It's really frustrating to play like that .who cares about the cars in the sky just fix this horrible iterating problem for five stars. New update and still cars spending too much time in the air .cars miles away for no reason just lazy lazy

Great game I take my aggressions out on the highway. Great fun too.

Awesome time waster. Just the perfect sort of repetitive thing to pass time waiting in lines or during work breaks. Got 3 minutes to kill? Run a lap, crash some cars, go back to life.

great this game reminds me of a fantastic game, a game call burnout. Same concept, take your vehicle crash it and make that crash so fine that you rack an rack up point!! The only thing I wish this game had, is the slow down so you can somewhat control the crashed car for maximum points. But bye far this game wrecks any game on android trying to make "burnout".. developers dam good job has on this 5outof5 all day everyday.. (hopeing 1 day i c that slow down!!!!)

5 stars amazing This game rocks the destruction and gameplay what would be good is that add dents hoods coming off also add blood on the windows as if the driver died anyways thats it hope you add this and I L.O.V.E u guys bai^_^.

Good Great casual game and time waster. Has some problems with low RAM devices, but runs well.

Lots of fun. A great time waster that's easy to pick up and play.

Perfact Running very well in my s6 edge

Good Better if you could jump with all vehicles

Great way kill time

The best Game out there. Great job

Great game to play I love it so much

It a cool game And it fun

I love the different types of cars