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Habit Streak Pro

Supplied By Amimetic    On July 5, 2015    Comments(72)

FREE Habit Streak Pro version8.2 Download

✓ Join thousands of users to achieve your goals with Habit Streak Pro (the premium version of Habit Streak).

✓ Habit Streak helps you achieve your goals (or New Year's Resolutions) in exercise, diet or other areas of your life. Each day you report on whether you succeeded yesterday, building up streaks of habits and ingraining the activities into your life.

"After a few days you'll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You'll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain" (Jerry Seinfeld)

Habit Streak has two key advances on Jerry Seinfeld's original technique. Firstly it allows you to build several chains up at once. Secondly it (optionally) prompts you every day to report on your success (whereas one could easily forget to update or look at a physical calendar).

✓ New in Pro version.

The Pro version has rebuilt several elements of the application from the ground up to enable new features.

It includes import (from either Habit Streak or Habit Streak Pro).

The correction mode is now much more powerful, giving you a fine level of control over habits (particularly useful if you are moving from another habit tracking system and want to import your progress so far).

The habit view features a new past streak graph (once you enough past streaks for this to be useful, if you have a small number of recorded streaks then the graph does not appear).

There are two widgets. One shows you if you are up to date (and if so your streak count and total), if not it prompts you to update (telling you when you last updated for). The other shows your best and worst streaks. Tap on either to open the App.

Add to calendar: now (on supported devices) you can add reminders to your calendar both for individual habits and reminders to update Habit Streak. To add individual reminders hold down on a habit.

NB Nothing is added to your calendar unless you specifically request it. You must have a default calendar set up on your device for this to work (you need an Android 4.0 or newer device).

✓ Cloud Backup

Automatic backup to Dropbox: you can link the App to Dropbox and it will automatically backup your data in a standard format (it is not on my server or restricted to this App).

✓ New Android Material (Lollipop/Marshmallow) design (applies to any Android 4.0+ devices)

On older devices you can still use Habit Streak Pro; however, a small number of features will not be available (and it may not look quite as pretty).

Amimetic part of our Productivity and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 5, 2015. Google play rating is 90.8399. Current verison is 8.2. Actual size 5.5 MB.

What's new

    18.2 Use of Google library slimmed down (smaller install size, fewer permissions required)
    8.1 Bugfixes for Android 4.1, minor Google library updates
    8: New Material Design, available on all Android (4.0+) devices. New Analysis screen. Many, many tweaks and refinements.
Download habit-streak-pro.apk 5.5 MB


Easy way to keep track of streak. Does what it is supposed to. I'd like to see an app that works the same way for weekly and monthly tasks, too.

Nice idea well-executed Great app. Simple UI. I guess our identity is defined by our daily habits to an extent. This app helps make sure they're the ones we want.

GREAT APP Love this app but I would appreciate if they can add a weekly and monthly options. There are sime habits I want change twice a week or once a month and I wish this app can be updated fir a weekly na monthly habit chaages

Brilliant app, wouldn't be without it.

Best one Tried Hab It! as well, but the streak on this one really shows better how long it is and you really don't want to break it. I just wished it was possible to come back to the ticking screen of a specific day when we make a mistake, instead of correcting the streak (because it doesn't change the number ratio).

Perfect! I have used this app for a very long time. I have never had any problems with it. It keeps me focused, I have 25 things that Imust do everyday and having a list of them on my phone and seeing my progress keeps me motivated. Thanks for the perfect way to track my good habits.

It's ojay Maybe it was just me but I swear I kept adding check marks but when I open again it would ask me to complete the last couple days. Got tired of re-entering. Plus I was looking for a place to add a note for habit. It does what it says.

Great app. Helps me stay on track with my goals!

Love it! This app is well made, and really helps me, recommended.

Best I've found I tested a half dozen similar apps

It works The longer you keep the streak, the less you want to break it. It's not always easy to do, but it definitely helps increase self discipline if you stick with it.

Exactly what I need No bs. Simple. Does exactly what it says.

Well written app Tried a number of different apps to track habits. This one is the best.

Early days but..... This is great....I can clearly set out my objectives, and I feel accountable. i Bought the paid version.

Productive This app allows me to develop habits that I simply do not have the motivation to do on my own. Nice job!!!!

Awesomely motivating I am by nature a night owl, but I get a lot more accomplished when I act like a morning lark. This app is really helping me manage my time and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Thank you!

Add weekly/monthly Will give 5 stars when a weekly monthly tracker is added. Trying to do weeklly habits to. Good app tho bought pro version

I love it! It is so much better than a paper list. It is absolutely motivating. Something about keeping that streak going, keeps you on track. They could have come up with some brighter colors as you progress..but other than that , I absolutely love it and encourage others with goals to use it as well.

Good app but import feature sucks Yeah good app very useful but the import feature isn't working for me on my 2014 moto g... gives off some url error and I can't import my progress

Best app for daily goals Bought bc I loved the free version and wanted to support the developer

Happy Customer This is a great app. Would really like an added feature; have a month view of each habit

It definitely works as advertised

Superb for what it intends to do....

Fun to use, really motivating. Just what I was looking for.

Simple but effective

Great App Intuitive interface, great features. Helped me delevop better habits at work and home. Thanks!

Helps me maintain and increase productivity Never forget to do anything ever again. Keep your productivity and other things in check.

Very helpful! This does exactly what it says it does, and I use it every morning. No crashes or problems. Solid idea, solid performance.

Very helpful app Has helped me a lot with establishing and following habits. The free app is very good, and I liked it so much that I upgraded (probably the only app I have upgraded this year). Highly recommend you give the app a try.

Excellent Great app - recent upgrade to pro. Minor improvement is to include sorting (by streak, alphabetical) when you store the habbit flr the day

Very helpful A decent way of creating new habits. Good interface, easy to use, and reliable.

Very effective This is a helpful app, making the smartphone more of a productivity tool. I'm checking this multiple times daily to remind myself if ways to improve.

Notifications not working (Update: Working now!) If I set a reminder and click "set alarm", nothing happens, notifications are not working. Without this feature, the app is pretty much useless for me. (Phone: Nexus 5) Otherwise, I find the app perfect. Update: Working now. I changed all settings related to notifications several times, that seems to help.

So helpful I love this app its easy to use and helps me keep track of my life

Clean, simple and it works

Simple and effective.

Lovely app

Habit Streak is the best habit tracker Of all the apps like this that I've tried, this one is the easiest and most straightforward, with just the right number of bells and whistles. It's my life compass. Highly recommend.

Pretty cool concept! I would like to see another cloud based backup option other than Dropbox. For example: Google Drive, OneDrive or Evernote.

Better than a to do list I use this for big projects or long-term goals, so I will do a little bit every day. Nice-looking and easy to use. Developer is accessible and will respond to concerns.

Motivating until the date reset to January 2000 I really liked this app until it decided to reset the date & screwed up the stored habits function. I had a run streak of over 250 in a couple of instances! I reinstalled it & of course lost all my data in the process. I have since restarted all my habits from the beginning & on day 5 the date has reset again. I have at least backed it up this time but still rather annoying.

Very helpful Useful application. Practical user interface which allows me to keep track of important streaks ?

Very useful Helps to keep you on track with forming new habits and breaking old ones.

Terribly disappointed Just when I converted to being his fan and bought this app, I found out that it was a huge disappointment. I highly recommend shopping around. I found other apps that cost less but offer simplicity. Buying this app is buying a simple programmable software - its NOTHING compared to other apps. Other apps have MORE downloads and have 3000++ reviews with 4.5 and above ratings compared to this app. The effort is there but not worth the price

Great App, very helpful in forming good habits. It is very important to Monitor your habits with a automated system like this.

Minor improvements needed A really great app that is helping me improve my life. Significantly. I would like the option to sync the csv log, in addition to the json backup, with dropbox.

Very Good It's really great and simple. Love using the app.

Great app Beautiful design & very functional and flexible. Export your stats if you want to keep them though. If you get a new phone & reinstall the app there is no way to retrieve all those streak stats!

Awesome app First time for a productivity app to work for me.

My favourite habit tracker! I started with the free version and liked it enough to upgrade.

Does the job Simple to use. Works perfectly.

Really amazing app. Greatest value of this app is that is really simplistic and manages to give me a feeling of success every time i update my progress.

Useful I would like to have an ability not only to reset the habit counter but also to have the last 10 (configurable number) days status, so l would know how strong was the habit in last several days

Simple and useful Easy to use!

Great app Simple and highly effective

Just seems clunky And I have the paid version.

The reason I was able to stop smoking Actually being able to see the number of days that had passed since my last cigarette was the reason I was able to keep going. I highly recommend it.

Daily checklist pop-up is a repeated loop of first goal only

Rarely rate apps unless they're bad This app is fantastic and simple. This is the only app I've actually paid for.

Great Excellent app, use it daily

Can't set alarm I can't set an alarm or add an alarm to my phone's calendar. Can anyone help? I can't find a support interface. An email address would do but I can't find one... No graphs appear as promised.

Can't understand what the numbers mean

Excellent for Habit Tracking This app has a great design, flow, and ease of use. It is excellent for tracking daily habits you're trying to develop.

Best habit tracking app out there I tried a few and this is the simplest, most effective one. Handy UI, gives stats and allows you to modify easily.

Simple, straightforward Correcting mistakes in streaks could be made more intuitive, perfect for the rest.

Abandonware There has been no update in more than a year. Don't tell me the app is already perfect, you could see how much improvements you can make in apps like Productive on iOS or even a free app like Loop Habit Tracker. I feel kinda stupid for paying for this app, I can get better value for money elsewhere.

I believe this software used to list the length of streaks (current/longest) rather than listing the total days of the habit (days met/days total) I really miss the old functionality as it provided me a goal to beat rather than the demotivating ratio showing how much I have failed instead. If I'm missing an option or something please tell me, otherwise please add this feature again and I'll update my review!

Simple tracking app. Basic tracking and correction functions. Simple and I haven't had any issues on the Galaxy S6.

Does what it says Easy to use. Not flashy. Concept of streaks is motivating. Thus, useful app.

Very helpful Useful application. Practical user interface which allows me to keep track of important streaks ?

Per habit analysis not working I'd give a 5 stars but one of the main features does not work!

Perfect Complete habits app. Using it everyday for six months and finding it useful.