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Supplied By CurveFish    On Nov. 30, 2010    Comments(68)

FREE GPS OnOff version2.1.0 Download

Simple GPS toggle widget(1x1).

IMPORTANT: widget may not work on some android versions, since GPS api is closed. If you use your device for navigation, make sure you can see gps icon in notifications while you use your navigation app. You can doable check if GPS is ON by clicking on widget label, it will bring android gps settings screen.

Allows you On/Off your GPS state with only 1 click instead of 4.

To add widget press: Home->Menu->Add->Widgets->GPS OnOff

HINT: tap on widget label will take you to system settings.

Look for our AppControl application manager and ProcessManager.

CurveFish part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 30, 2010. Google play rating is 71.6631. Current verison is 2.1.0. Actual size 147.0 KB.

What's new

    - 1click fix
Download gps-onoff.apk 147.0 KB


Incompatible with my HTC One M7 App will turn GPS on, but will not turn it off! Running Android 5.0.2

Works for me It works for me. Color is relevant to state. And when I click, it changes the settings. I am Android 2.3.5 People who have issues, you probably have Android 4 ...

Broken on Galaxy S 3 Does not work on my Galaxy S 3. When used it shows the toggle as off but GPS remains on. Plus I can't toggle widget back to on. The other widgets from CurveFish rock!

Stopped working? I'm on Droid Incredible 2 (2.3.4 -- all standard factory) and have loved this widget and several of the other ones.. but today, the GPS one stopped working. I click it, it switches to green, but the GPS is never activated... touching it again does nothing. It's like it freezes up. I tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but that didn't help. So.. I'm submitting here, don't see how else to try and contact the developer.

Pointless HTC Desire - installed and added as widget but makes NO DIFFERENCE whether the GPS indicator is set to ON or OFF. A completely useless waste of time for this particular phone! Should get awarded no stars, as it can't even do its one and only task.

Doesn't work! Ever since my lollipop update my phone's battery has been sucked dry because the GPS is constantly on. I hoped this would make my life simpler, but it failed.

Doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy Note Installed and then added to my screen. Toggled off and then it stuck there...won't move. Turned on GPS through settings but widget did not indicate on. Needs more work.

I love your widgets You guys rock, thanks for great and lightweight widgets, I have never had an issue with them, For everyone you must delete the old widget on the desktop AFTER an update, and re add it, or it will say "unable to load widget" if you read the information you would know this, it is not curvefish making a bad app, it is the user not following the instructions, don't give a bad rating for your own stupidity

GPS app great !!! I have tested this with My Android 2.2 I purchased from China, as I was having probs with GPS. Got the app on, turn on, ran Endomondo & great it locked to GPS in less then 5 minutes, now for me thats great & I have been testing this 4 3 days, excellent. Well done CurveFish..

Used to work great This app used to work great, but after the last update on my Inc2, it stopped working. Great features that I miss.

Disappointed!! This app worked great on my Atrix, but won't work on my Galaxy S3. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, all to no avail. Please fix, as it's the best of it's kind when it works!!

Works perfectly with 1 Click Unlike the other GPS Toggle Widgets that I have tried, this one actually works exactly as stated. One click ON, another click OFF with a little Green/Red Indicator to show state at a glance. When setting up the widget it gives you the option of having a label (which you can customise) or no label. Unlike the picture above the icon label on my ASUS Transformer appears beside the icon and not below it (In Landscape mode). If you change your mind about having a label just drag the icon off the page and then set it up again and you will be offered the choice once again to accept or edit the label. Simple to use, attractive and functional.

Does not work since Gingerbread update Worked great on my G2 right up to the point where I took the Gingerbread update. Really want to see this fixed.

Was Nice Stopped working properly with ICS, switches off, will not switch back on, must remove and reinstall widget to turn back on. The developer apparently is no longer interested in this widget, uninstalling now.

Not working on galaxy nexus Worked great on my milestone, upgraded to galaxy nexus and now doesn't affect GPS and switch doesn't turn off after turning on.

CurveFish just rules! Personally, I'd like to meet the person/team that gets "simple and it works". So well. Check out all their lovely little apps, it's worth it. MyTouch Sliode 3G, Android 2.2

Works sort of Works great on Gingerbread or earlier. Google broke compatibility with Ice Cream Sandwich. If you don't have ICS yet, I recommend it 100%.

Won't turn of on RAZR Maxx Worked great on my old Droid 2, but since I've upgraded to the maxx it won't turn off

Good idea My phone just upgraded to ICS, so I'm gonna assume that's why this widget didn't work for me, i kept it installed anyway, hoping for an update that would make it work. --Droid RAZR Maxx

Does not work on ICS It has been a long time since the ICS update, and this app has not been updated since then to fix the problem that it no longer works! Very poor.

Good if you don't use ICS Always worked well for me, like all CurveFish widgets I've tried, am uninstalling as it doesn't work on ICS (Android 4 on Samsung Galaxy Nexus).

G2 Worked fine on my g2 untill the gingerbread update, now it won't let me turn off the gps. Please fix

Status not updating on Galaxy S The icon does not refresh and update the status if changed via other means. I look forward to a fix as this and the other icons are great.

Works perfectly. For the people who claim it doesn't work, you have to open an app that utilizes GPS to see the GPS icon such as google maps

Stopped working!!! Stopped working when my lg upgraded to 2.3.3! Bluetooth onoff still works.

On requires two Touches ( HTC Inc 2 ) Have to OK the "Standalone GPS Services" in addition to turn on the GPS widget. Still, this widget works well to provide the best possible workaround solution. Many others widgets just blithely dump you into the Location Settings menu.

HTC one x Doesn't work as a switch on my one x but you can use the label to get to the settings, so not all bad. Guess the app needs updating to android 4

Not working for me I have a RAZR with Android 4.0.4. Widget only toggles once and does not change anything. It is attractive though. Wish it worked.

Huh? Doesn't work for me it looked like it went on and off but did nothing only showed on and off positions didn't turn off or on anything

no longer works won't work with gingerbread worked great with 2.2, does not work at all with 2.3.4. PLEASE fix. HTC g2

Doesn't work for me I've used other widgets from this author with no problems but this one doesn't work for me running ICS on a Galaxy Note. The interface looks great but the toggling doesn't work, either reflecting the current GPS state or changing it.

No working Jelly Bean Infinity Not going to rate it 1 star even though it isn't working on my Transformer Prime Infinity because all their other widget work great. Hope there is a patch for it soon to fix it.

This is the best app. New update finally fixes the one click automatic switch on mode on android 2.2. Thanks to the developer

Work like a charm, HTC Wildfire. Only 4 stars as everything has room for improvement.

Works nicely on samsung europa. Only fault? Is it doesnt pick up a settings alteration of gps

Stopped working Used to use this all of the time but stopped working after the ics update. Been waiting for a fix... *fingers crossed*

Doesn't Work Properly On Epic Samsung Galaxy S, Gingerbread version of android. Their other apps work though.

No longer works It was really good while it lasted but after my Droid 4 updated itself, the app is unresponsive

Micromax fun book infinity Do sent work since I have Google navigation app but then also Google also do sent work:(

Not quite there Turns the gps on the first time you use it but then its dead, cant do anything else so its pretty useless. It would be a great widget if it worked, probably a few tweaks from the developers and it would.

Не работает Highscreen Thor + Android 4.4.2

Didn't work on Galaxy s4 App was DOA. I toggled gps off with it and gps was still active. Widget then froze. Tried installing twice with same results.

Didn't work on Nexus 5 Toggle didn't do anything, then got stuck it seems.

Must have app Tried and trusted . Never had any problems from curve fish's apps. Have been using them all for 10 years now .

Doesn't work with Gingerbread! BOOST MOBILE SAMSUNG GALAXY PREVAIL: It worked fine with Android 2.2, but after Gingerbread update it doesn't work anymore (even tried reloading it).

Does not work :-( The app does not work. 1.It will toggle only once (only on widget display, the actual state of gps does not change) and then i have go back into the settings and enable/disable GPS. 2.Back on widget i press the button it changes state (again only displays that it has) I go back into settings and find nothing has happened. I am mostly using it as a shortcut to get to sys settings by touching the label (that is indeed a good feature by itself) SGS-2-I9100G. ICS 4.0.4

Didn't work with Nexus 7 Now that my tablet is getting a little older, I'm looking for easy ways to extend my battery life. I was looking for a one click widget that can turn off location services, but sadly this isn't it. I think Google doesn't have an API for this.

Doesn't work on Nexus 7 / Jelly Bean Seems like those with Gingerbread or newer are having problems with this widget. The developer's other widgets work great, please fix this one so we can have a complete matching set of widgets.

Doesn't Work on Redmi I tried it on my Redmi phone and it doesn't work. Toggled GPS to off, my my phone still happily searched for GPS signal. Repeated the same process twice to confirm this.

Problem on ICS 4.0.4 I was able to press It once. Didn't turn on GPS. Couldn't use again. Please take a look,if it would work that's exactly what I need. Permissions problem.?

Doesn't work on my HTC One M8 Turns red, turns green, no effect on my GPS settings. But it's permissions are surprising - it has zero so how can it know if my GPS is enabled or disabled?

Strange... The widget worked for a short time. Now it inaccurately displays the current GPS status and will not toggle. Great developer, so I'm sure this fix will come soon. Motorola Razr maxx.

Stopped Working After ICS On HTC EVO 3D Was absolutely fantastic until the Ice Cream Sandwich update on Sprint HTC EVO 3D. Now does nothing. I'm giving a rating based on functionality prior to ICS because I have now uninstalled it.

Does it ever work? Sometimes it works, sometimes not. You can turn it on, and not even know! U have to go into settings to know if it's on-might add well not even have it....

Not working Does not work on mytouch g2 with gingerbread. No matter which option is selected in widget I still have to go to settings to change the option.

Works for me Nice simple thing for the home page (along with Wifi onoff). One of those 'does what it says on the tin' things. (Seems to work on my Desire Z.)

Nope Doesn't put gps on/off. It just enable/disable gps. I need widget that really put gps on. This was waste of time.

Very useful widget! One glance at your phone trlls you whether or not your GPS is on. No more accidental battery drain from GPS being left on.

RWD I like the small functional icon. Great improvement over the stock icon. To bad it can't be moved into a folder that has my other gps apps

Does not work on my S3 ICS Icon changes from red to green and green to red, but doesn't turn the GPS on or of on my phone. Such a pity as the other ones in this developer range work fine on my phone...

Doesn't work Brings up some ads, and a how to on how to add widgets. It doesn't turn on or off the gps. Yes, I read the instructions. Whats the point? "GPS Toggle Widget " works better.

Doesn't do anything This widget used to work but now all it does is go from red to green. Upon checking didn't actual turn gps on or off. Htc desire cdma.

Used to work fine on my HTC EVO 4G, and worked on my Note 3 until Lollipop came along. Now it won't toggle on or off. All other sister widgets work fine (WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode). Please fix.

5 stars :) Today I went someplace where I didn't know where it was at. So used GPS. Instead of going through the settings I just pushed this button & location found me :)

Useless No effect on Rezound w stock ics. Restart has no effect.

I would give it a 5, but sensitive where you press the widget On my HTC ONE-X with OS ICS v4.0.4, this widget is finicky. I must press ONLY the lower 1/3rd of the widget icon in order for it to open the LOCATION setting, if I do not press it exactly correctly, it will make a clicking sound as though it is doing something, yet nothing happens.

Gps toggle This used to be a great app until i just had a system upgrade. Now it doesn't work at all. Please fix so all my icons match.

Crud Useless heap of rubbishy nothingness. My dead dog turns my GPS off better than this crap.