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G.I. Joe: Strike

Supplied By Backflip Studios, Inc.    On July 27, 2015    Comments(91)

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G.I. Joe: Strike


Experience the visceral thrill of combat in this fast-paced, cinematic action game. Your nemesis Storm Shadow has rounded up an army of deadly Arashikage ninja and must be stopped!

Lead your own covert mission as Snake Eyes, the iconic G.I. Joe commando in G.I. Joe: Strike by Backflip Studios. Switch effortlessly between martial arts and gunplay to halt waves of encroaching enemies.


- Easy to use, responsive touch controls are quick to learn, but challenging to master.

- Dynamic, engaging combat featuring a mix of martial arts, swords, and modern weaponry.

- Collect and upgrade 100+ ability cards to strengthen Snake Eyes.

- Venture through several iconic G.I. Joe locations to wipe out the ninja threat.

- Find your rhythm in combat to become the ultimate ninja commando!

Can you hold off the Arashikage ninja clan long enough to reach the final showdown against your archrival, Storm Shadow?

G.I. JOE and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

Backflip Studios, Inc. part of our Action and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update July 27, 2015. Google play rating is 81.2559. Current verison is 1.0.6. Actual size 44.0 MB.

What's new

    Tweaked the difficulty on the tutorial missions
Download g-i-joe-strike.apk 44.0 MB


Acer iconia b1-730hd "Unfortunately, G.I.Joe strike has stopped"....pls fix it and update for the minor bug....can't run it

Very cool The misses are annoying

Update?? Okay but... You update but provide no explanation to what the update consists of?? Uninstall...

Greaaat Because I like Snake Eyes

Fun I could fight all day and night

Worse game ever I wish i could rate zero its movement is so slow only 4 year olds would play this,im not being mean it just needs improvements,i mean WHY would i play this it's graphics are soooooo AWFULLY TERRIBLY HORRIBLE im sorry that im saying this but its true.Plus When two enemys come from right and left how are u suppose to do that when the charecter is so slow,this game needs improvments because i played for 5 mins and i couldn't stand it then i installed it again and before i installed it again i said to my self "This will be a good game just need to paly it more" however when i played 10 mins more it was worser than i thought the game is good as nothing,i was joking.It need hundereds of improvements i would rather play a girls game than this.Im sorry im saying this but its the truth.SO PLEASE IMPROVE THE GAME.

Plays well

Jam? Susan scofield it is not complete poop

Alfie Grey skies a few months

i realy like the game i hate the missis

I very love this game!!!

Epic It was so awesome

Fix the apk pls

Amazing! I like this game. Seriously

Carbon Copy Its a copy of one fingrr death punch but i like that its G.I Joe

Great game It's a very addictive game and lots of fun.

Nice Love it very much

Great Enjoyed the graphic & moves...

Best I loved it when i got it

Poor rip off Shameful rip off of One Finger Death Punch, but game play is like fighting in treacle, its far too slow. Also when transitioning between running and fighting the game forgets taps and costs you a life. Also changing direction doesn't work properly.

So simple but so bad This is a 2-D game and it is the worst game I EVER played

Best game ever You gusy mass download this game now....!

sick Really good game love it

Bull This game is poorly produced, over charging for igp and unreactive

No good Stops working at level 2-2 killed all the ninjas and had 2 health hearts and still died what's the problem......

John Jobson Brilliant game worth playing

Its OK It really hard and boring its not 3d!

Good game You guys say it's bad but it really good you just don't know how to have fun

Good game thou.. Why dont we have free continuous tries even after levels 5.... and i mean why limit the energy levels must u buy...this beats the game down as compared to its competitors.. its challenging u s this good however limmit the energy levels and continuity trials makes one install a fresh to start again....this horrific.Nice game though...

Don't hate the game, hate the player! I don't know why these guys are frustrated by the game. The animations are fine, just because you want to wait for the animation(s) to finish doesn't mean it's the games fault. Just focus on the game itself. The game is great. It works awesomely with my Samsung Galaxy S6. Ads are acceptable. Pretty fun! Wish there was more than 5 lives/stamina/turns.

I love it but.. Can he attack normal I don't like when we pause he's fit up I always die. Please make it normal and no delay also can you guys make a cool move it's the leg on the neck move.hey can Hasbro make deadpool game it's something like this please

great ok because there is no zoom out option i am forced to uninstall on account I don't have lightning reaction hand-eye coordination please up date

Love it Its a cool game i could play it all day.The moves are so cool .But its a bit difficult.But is a cool game

Well I've already had to start over This is the only application I know of that saves useful info where all others just have cache, so I deleted my first save...

Simple... ...and doesn't pump itself up to he more than...whatever. Going back to sleep.

AMAZING! This game is great I fully recommend it! But there can be some bugs fixed like the ads popping up after one battle and freezing.

The best of the best This is game cool, no copy game. Creative. Fist play so hard to hundle, but i know now.. If you want fight dont speed.. You must enjoy.. Relax. If enemy cros white line you hit/attack right or lift. Miss hit/attack make you frozen.

Awesome This game is pure awesome no lags, no high end graphics, pure fight. Could be a little better but yet an amazing game.

Cool Its so cool because I get a cool guns it want mess you up

Snake Eyes has always been my favourite character in G.I Joe, to see him in a game like this is just so awesome!

It's Awesome...But: The game is an awesome is...but I honestly think that there should be a variety of characters to choose from! The name of the game is 'G.I.JOE' not 'Snake Eyes'! What is the real purpose for the coins? To only upgrade? There are also a couple of bugs that needs to be checked on! There are delays...and the game sticks sometimes! Other than that...the game is an awesome game!

A good quality game Iv got 3 main problems with the game. 1. The coins collected are useless 2. I whish there are more characters to play with 3. The game get very hard after youv unlocked 3 locations. Ether increase the Powe snake eyes has, with cooler moves and more powerful weapons or decrease the speed of the enemy. The only reason I would stop playing is because I'm unable to progress even after trying more than 10.

simply awesome it doesn't require internet yet it is just as addictive to play!

Has some issues The biggest problem I have with this game is that sometimes, the controls suddenly don't work, which can really hurt when opponents are closing in from both sides. This really should be fixed.

Pretty good game you beat the boss part is cool Thanks for sharing this game

Hard!? The game is mildly amusing. It's a good test for eye hand coordination reflex but that's about it. Game Dev..... Why do we collect coins of any kind when they are useless. You can't purchase anything with them. Also Game Dev Folks your game is very mildly entertaining. Why the restrictions on energy. I play through 5 bars in approx 7 mins. That's not enough game play to keep entertained by. You might want to think about expanding that guys and gals. The trick to the game is don't overtap for enemies....

Bit hard but a Good game!! Can any one plz tell me how to score points?? I ve played same level many times BT unable to get over it. Plz tell d solution!!

Its cool Its really fun to beat up ninjas

Cool game but..... Cool game but it would be alot better if you didnt lose a life after every level or use livves at all

Get outta my wallet A great example of why most mobile games suck. Instead of fun gameplay we get increasingly frustrating difficulty that u can plow through with your wallet..thanks but no. I'm not your sugar Daddy

Nothing Really The problem is that it's one finger death punch all over again and I love that game anyway great game

so far so good so far, I'm liking this game. only time will tell if I have any problems and if I do, then I'll let you know...

Superb game...nice sound graphics....enough levels to play but hard levels r these and also with less energy...just 5 energy which quickly vanishes and takes lots and lots of time to refill....make it take less time otherwise it is a awesome action game...

This gi joe game is sweet Just started playin n im all the way turnt up lol

Good Characters Yo Joe! Love GI Joe but was a much bigger fan of GI Joe Battleground. Game play is too simple but also too hard to win. This game needs strategy and planning. Hopefully this is just one of many GI Joe games Backflip will produce. And now you know and knowing is half the battle.

I luved the game earlier but..after sme time wen u hav to gt certain points to win it dies wen u gt hurt first with ur health lost but nt completely...thats sucks...plz crrct it then i will give u 5..thank u..

Ha ha simple but fun I like martial art. That kind of move is cool.

Nice A little bit difficult when u are at further levels ..u guys should make it a little bit easier at other level its nice thou

Lollipop problems I had to do a full wipe & restore on my moto x a few days ago after the lollipop update & this is the only app I'm still having problems with. It just opens a black screen with the name & then crashes. I already un/reinstalled the app but it didn't fix it. Is anyone else having the same problem & more importantly, does anybody have a solution?

I love the game but I don't like the fact that you only have 5 lives an it gets really hard an can't beat some levels.

Good but way too many ads Great game but ads like crazy, ads for extra health, ads after each mission, ads between switching menus, ads for buying cards, ads for just logging in, and then you expect people to pay for medals, gold, and limit people to only play 5 times? Money grab much

Go joe!! Easy and fun. Cool graphics and fast attacks. Looks like I'll be busy for a while.

I Like the game, but as snake eye attacks the enemy he always pause, making the enemu able to attack him, please make the game attack movement without some pauses or stops

Good but too hard The 3 location is very hard. please increase the power of snake eye

Hard????!!!!!! If you think this game is hard I have four words for you: YOU ARE A NOOB! Plus the only thing I use this game for is a TIME KILLER THATS HOW BORING AND EASY THIS GAME IS!!!!!!!! Also why the hell is there a "more enemies" skill, that was just a stupid idea nobody wants more enemies!!!!!!!!!

It's good I think it ok, you'll b Fighting 4 sure, but I don't think it's 1 I'll play often though

Perfect I love this game, very funny and easy to play, for those who like a fighting game and addictive, then download it and have fun ?

Worst game. The snake eye has too much limitations. He is moving not much faster than cobras. I wish better not keeping the limit brackets. Too much faster of cobras. They coming all at 1s. I hate this game.

G I JOE i love the game but the timer that lets u just go to the game i think when u beat a mission it should give u one

Videos don't work The game regularly offers me extra life if I watch a video, as well as the option for a burner card for watching videos. Unfortunately using these options just plain don't do anything.

Could be better I liked the style of game. Would love more characters to be added. Can be costly or take a long time to get medals and advance.

G. I. Joe : Strike This game would have been excellent if it wasn't the same thing's over and over in every level. The fighting scene's is almost the same as in every level and it becomes boring. I was hoping that it would chance to a different scenery with a different type of fighting, to keep it more interesting. I will not rate this game at this time.

Fun so far! I had been waiting for a good gijoe action game, and this is a good start. I would like to see more Joes in the game that are playable, and maybe some different types of attacks.

Enemy attack skill makes the game sofisticated When I play game usually I die many times because of timing sence of enemy attack. When I hit a opponent it stops my player to hit again. In the mean time enemy hits me once. It makes game booring

Fix videos? Videos to get cards and extra energy don't seem to work. But hopefully this will get enough interest for Hasbro to put out a better game. Something similar to Marvel Future Fight would be so great in the GI Joe universe!

Just charge me already! The game was parsed out into so many elements that needed upgrading & so laden w/ necessary micro transaction necessities that even figuring out which little thing needed to be upgraded next was a chore! Need to buy energy to choose missions? Need to buy something to hold the energy first? Oops! I forgot to use XP to buy coins to purchase medals to use cards from the deck that needs a booster pack upgrade before I can buy something to hold more energy? Game over. Just charge me already!

Very nice game! This game really effective for killing time! Dev, I think it would be great to make the similar game with a Shogun (with his samurai of course) as the main player! Good job, Dev... 5 stars for you :)

Cool game I really like this app but just one thing is annoying it. It takes to long to refill energy (15 min). Fix it

Not completely terrible Ok I guess...could be much better..any game that I have to wait on to get lives gets deleted immediately and gets a 1 start rating

Best game with worst features Please decrease its difficulty.... Increase the chances to collect cards and medals..... Allow coins to buy some cards..... I will give 5 stars if you do this

dying by himself Some bug. After a particular stage he is dying by himself. plzz repair it. It's so irritating. 2.its so difficult to earn stars that one has to forcefully see ads.. The enthusiasm to play dies as the ad is longgggggg

Awesome game! I love Gi Joe! The show, the game, its just all awesome! My only request would be if you guys would think about making a He-Man and The Masters of the universe game.

Best Ninja Game I never played a ninja game like this one. I keep getting hit because I am not paying attention and I'm itchy. Great ninja game. If there were 9 stars,I will rate them all!!!!!

Could make it better If u would allow us to rome in this game n fight on our own i mean the punches n kicks n stuff if u would have had it the game would be awesome n u could add online battle pvp otherwise the game is excellent

Just one thing needed. I love this game but, there's one thing it needs improvement on its graphics. If you want a five start rate give this game better graphics. Please and thank you.

Fun, my daughter is 6 and she loves it. She could play this for hours. Sometimes gets a little tricky, then sometimes gets boring. So good for people with ADHD :)

horrible very stupid all u do is just click on the enemies to attack and it shows pink screen alot and u only attack when there r like a foot ( in game ) away from u and u cant attack unless they pass the white line ( which is a food , in game , away from u

I am so bored this is the worst game ever Do not download this game it is boring

Hard Played and loved it for 3 days. Too hard and pointless repetition after 3 location. No un-installing.

Boring. the most boring game I have ever seen please don't install it othervise you'll be bored

Fitghing is Great The way the game is set for you to fight takes some skill and patience to learn. May be annoying to others but like the way the fighting is set.