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Free NES Emulator

Supplied By Deimos Applications    On June 9, 2016    Comments(108)

FREE Free NES Emulator version2.0 Download

The NES was first released in North America in 1985 and revitalized the gaming industry after the video game crash of 1983. 62 million systems were sold and by 1990 30% of American households had a Nintendo Entertainment System . Now you can play all the best games of the 80s on your phone!


- Customizable controls
- Cheats
- Fast-forward
- Works with zipped ROMs
- Most up to date emulation software

NES games are not included with this application. Games that you have already acquired legally can be found on many websites.

This application is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with the Nintendo Corporation.

Deimos Applications part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 9, 2016. Google play rating is 72.9216. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 4.8 MB.

What's new

    Minor bug fixes
Download free-nes-emulator.apk 4.8 MB


Best best best no doubt Best best ever best nes emulator. . After getting dis I am into my in 1980's nostalgic moments. . V easy to play n use dis emulator. . Happy to have dis again Nintendo ..

Only 6character Game Genie?!?!?! Game genie codes are usually 8 CHARACTERS long, not six. So please allow those codes, because now Final Fantasy III is virtually unplayable.

Its good, but theirs a bug For some reason the A button is the B button and the B is the A. Some games its fine but others its bad. Its not the games because I have tested them on other emulators, other than that nice emulator

I love the controll in this app it easy to play nes games

Easy & Best nodoubt best ever Nes emulator Best best ever best nes emulator. . After getting dis I am into my in 1980's nostalgic moments. . V easy to play n use dis emulator. . Happy to have dis again Nintendo .. play as much as u can .. save at ne point ne game thxx to developers

Emulator stuff Idk how to do this emulator crap I doesn't work someone help me

504 error Won't install on T-Mobile note 3. Unknown error occurred: 504

How to I put Roms in this I know I'm sounding like a a total noob but how do I put Roms in

Works on pre-Lollipop Had this app a week, no problems. Got the VZW Lollipop update, now it crashes on every start. Bummer!

Wew How to get games ?

Nes emulate I love playing the nes games it's fun to me

Does not install on note 3. Error 504

The Best Ive tried all the nes emu's, and this one is the best one. Works really great, no problems. I am using a bluetooth game pad and theres no lag. Ty

If u truely r a nes fan, get this.

Nice Very nice. Could be more responsive to inputs. I keep dying on Zelda. (PS I own a physical cart).

Good app but plz optimize this app for gamepad as this app does not support that

D pad sucks You can only press one button at the same time...

Won't install If the problem has to do with compatibility with Android 5.0 LP, FIX IT!!!!!!!

Its fantastic I love this

Ahow to start

Literally unusable I couldn't even select a ROM directory because full screen ads popped up every second. I mean this with no exaggeration. using literally in the traditional sense of the word, it was literally unusable because of the frequency at which full screen ads popped up.

Can't download I have now tried several times just to down load it, and I just keep getting this error message . ?

Doesn't work on my phone

Error 404 Some reason it shows an error every time I try to download it.

Cannot Download Can't download it because of an error. Plz fix . ??

You can't ajust the d-pad size

Wtf it wont let me play the legand of zelda

Can't install Everytime i try to download this app it says "unknown error during application install"

The buttons are too freakin small

Games? Comes with no games ..what a bugger! Not easy to find Roms .. should come with a pack of games or links for downloading em

Best one to date Everyone is complaining that this comes with no ROMs, or that they don't know what a ROM is. Stop rating the app low because of you not being familiar with ROMs! Just stop it! This is supposed to be an emulator, not a game, and for an emulator, it does it's job pretty damn good. The controls work great, and so does every aspect of this emulator so shut up you stupid jerks!

Samsung Galaxy Prevail Lte This nes emulator is perfect awesome no problems runs smooth i downloaded all super mario bros & super mario world they all work perfect i downloaded other games they all work perfect great job on this app it's the best

Holy Awesomeness!!! Works great! There should be no complaints about included games. Very happy so far. Yay! I just increased my game library by thousands.Thank you so much. If downloaders need games for this they should brows the web for torrents with applicable roms in them. This app is a definite must have for all old school gamers and new. Thanks again. I have a meeting with Zelda, so I have to go now.

Effective and handles well Love it. No adds during setup or playing. Cleared Mega Man 2 no probs. Very little lag. Keypad is a bit slow and difficult and response tricky. But its free app with no ads its an excellient win and plays most roms in zip mode. Save states good.

Reset I love this emulator, however i do not like the fact that if you are playing a game and exit it doesn't just close and let you start off at the same point you left ofd previously.

I really like it... I really like that I can play classic NES games with it, but the only problem with it, is the directional pad. The left works fine, but when you go right, the character either stops, or ends up ducking. Great emulator, but the directional pad needs work and updated.

How to get roms Just Google free roms. Duh. Downloads straight to your phone. All zip files so take up no space. Come on guys. App is awesome.

Worked decent Better than most not perfect was able to beat contra n punchout using it so ......

Bad When you get on it asks for a ROM witch is a file but I don't know how to download a file all I wanted was to play mario

Google search A simple Google search will help u download roms. Just search for Nintendo roms and I'm sure anyone can find what they need.

Nice No ads on the screen to bother me. This needs to be the first emulator you see when you search

Buttons too small The buttons, even on large, are way too small, I tried to use this, but sometimes, when I try to use the A button, it uses any other button! Will rate 5 stars if fixed.

Its good Its good love emulators i can play all my fav nes games but the 30 live code dosent work but it still good

Good I just wish I could play Mike Tyson's punch out and it needs bigger controls

What am I supposed to do?! Right when I opened the app, the game says for me to select a ROM. What the heck does that mean? I would've rated it more, but I don't know what to do. If anyone knows what to do, please help me out. Thank you.

Um.. I downloaded it and i got a rom and i started it and the buttons dont work anybody have any advice

Best Works like charm. No lag nothing best emulators.

Where is rom When im open this app this is showing me choos a rom to start game and i dont no where is rom in my phone.

Can't get my moga controller to connect, can someone help? In trying to get my moga pivot to connect, my phone is picking it up and I'm checking in the emulator settings, not getting it. Can someone help?

Free? great emulator but nothing about it is free. Can't even save

It dosent wprk What is a rom file I dont know how to use I want a responce

Was great until I realized the save and load functions don't work

A little bug. On Super Mario Bros., whenever I go forward and press the a button at the same time, the a button bugs. It won't work sometimes. But still five stars, for the best nes emulator. =)

An ad page just continually opens. I close it and it opens again rendering this app utterly unusable. Ugghh.

Doesn't work Won't even open on nexus 5

The finest It has great controls and has never crashed. If anybody else reads this review, search Emuparadise for some ROMS and look especially for the Nes ROMS. The only thing I would change is the built in Game Genie. It would be better to have invincibility in Mega Man w/o having to look for the Game Genie codes online.

Its ok But the keypads are so laggy ... the lengend of zelda is hard to play with them .

Great and easy to use, but... I like the app but when I start my Punch Out ROM, it glitches and then freezes. If you fix this it would be worth 5 stars.

People r dumb Its the best emulator evr and yet its free . Tey just dont know where to look

Best one works no adds and I have the full screen

Good It comes with game,but you cant choose the game

Codes........ Codes don't work!!!!! Entered NAPSIN in super Mario and wont work! Waste of space people. FIX DA CODES!!!!!!! Other then that I enjoyed playing Kirby

Error 504 Everytime i try to install i get error 504, this only started when i upgraded to android 5. Please update the app as it is the best out there.

Game Genie codes Are all cheats invalid everytime I try to put in a cheat it tells me its invalid

Awesome, but one problem I love this emulator, but after I've logged about 2-3 hours in, I'll open the app and try to open a ROM and it just won't. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the emulator and it picked up right where it left off, and I'm going to continue to use this emulator, but please fix this. Besides this minor problem, this is a 5 star app. (This is happening on my DROID Nitro HD)

Why!! It doesnt read patched or hacked roms like Rockman 4 Minus Infinity? PHOOEY. Good emulator tho :)

Game genie Need a little help the game genie won't let me input codes I don't like to cheat buy I like to put them in imcase I want to use them but I can't ;-;

It doesn't work To many ads and the app doesn't respond bluetooth controler it sucks

Crashes on Marshmallow Just tried on my Galaxy S7. Immediate crash, over and over.

Sucks, just want to play a game and it won't let me. Don't waist your time with this.

Hard to control Can you make an option were you can make the controls the size you want them to be. I would gladly give you five if you did.

Wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for all the popups out of nowhere especially when I'm not using the app

Love it makes me think of the good days This is just a program to run games (roms) I use emuparadise to download mine its the best one I've used

Dosent even work Dont spend time with it dosent work

Good luck It's not too bad

It won't let me play it keeps making me have to do everything it sux horribly?

Not bad But don't like the pop up ads

Direction problem Please use a ball instead of arrow keys then it will be perfect

Love it Works great just wish i could find game genie cheats that actually work but overall its great

Please add feature that allows users to change button sizes

Poor Won't let u play it without opening up to a ROM attached terrible

How to play??? Can u help me please i like this game but i can't start anybody Help me please

Doesn't work as well Doesn't react to button pushing. When playing games, I push a button and the character just stands there. Fix it and I might reinstall. Until then I'm uninstalling for a different one

Weak Games crash. And there are ads.

Select rom What is it

Help please? I can't play games on it because it won't let me play them if you can help me I will have a better rate

Slowdowns on Samsung Ace 2 I've played Kirby's adventure and I noticed that if there are many sprites the game likes to slow down. Can you look after this? I know that it's an emulator but the NES didn't slowed down :') (BUT GREAT APP :D)

Idiots Why are there stupid kids writing reviews saying it dosn't have games? Do they not kniw they have to download the actual ROM? This is a good emulator.

It works My guess is that all the negative reviews by people claiming it doesn't work don't understand how emulators work. Even a real NES wouldn't do a damn thing until you put a game cartridge in. That's what roms are. Virtual cartridges. You have to get them elsewhere. I am having difficulty entering game genie cheats though so minus one star there.

Good emulator Negative reviews about not working obviously don't know about ROMs. The quick load feature is super nice. Some issues with multiple buttons at the same time and button sizing. Overall not bad.

Heys kids If you dont know how to install code for games go and un install the app ..idgaf .. usually im a veteran which i know what todo :) .. all idiots pls killyourselves this app doesnt need hacking it has a auto cheat code implanted

SUX! No games what kind of NES is this I swear I can't even play the first Mario how are you even supposed to play this it's a dumb app don't download this I mean if it says NES then could at least play one game?!

Its good It at least plays the nes games. I did try to play games and it worked. By the way don't play Action 52 it doesn't work

One giant ad. It auto pops up ads regardless if the app is running or not uninstalled

Works well but... It works nicely but the controller is a bit small and haven't got game genie working yet

Crap. Won't play the games. It loads and just goes blank the whole time NO STARS if it was possible

I need more button A&B It really hard for touch Button A and B together so if u add button A&B i really appreciate it

More hates for roblox It sucks a lot off ass roblox does dont download it

Cheats don't work The game Genie isn't working. Other wise descent emulator.

Amazing app The only problem is the controlls can you add a option to adjust the size of the buttons

Lame I couldn't even play a game

Pretty cool! Hey kids! You need to DOWNLOAD the roms! This is just an emulator...;) have a lot of fun!

Very poor It won't let me play and keeps trying to make me link it to a ROM.

Works Fantastically! All you have to do is Google NES Rom and you have all the games at your fingers

Works great Other than the buttons being a bit hard to see it works great

The buttons aren't placed well. It works other than that

Still Resetting !! I have the ole scyool console yet I prefer to play on my smartphone with this emu. !!

:) Works good! I haven't tried a Bluetooth controller though