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Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta)

Supplied By Deepak Manoharan    On June 30, 2015    Comments(113)

FREE Flow for Reddit (Pre-Beta) version0.2.3 Download

FEATURES: Card UI, Youtube support, Image Viewer, Easy voting, Search, Fast, user friendly UI, Optimal content display, multireddit support, customizable themes and colors. Ad-Free !

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For bug reports and feature requests please visit

Work in progress.. Crashes and missing features expected.

Please press report when you see crashes.

A better description will be added once the app is in beta.

Flow for Reddit icon designed by Anatoliy Russ

Reddit Flow would not be possible without these wonderful libraries

Sliding-menu by jfeinstein :
pull-to-refresh by chris banes:
photoview by chrisbanes:
android-reddit by achan:

RedditFlow is an unofficial app. reddit and the reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by reddit Inc.

Deepak Manoharan part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 30, 2015. Google play rating is 88.1668. Current verison is 0.2.3. Actual size 1.8 MB.

What's new

    v 0.2.3
    Fixed issue with loading multireddits
    Fixed issue with comments not displaying for search results
    Added option to open imgur links in external apps
    v 0.2.2
    Updated to use https to access reddit. This is now mandatory for all reddit apps and secure :)
    Fixed issue with launching user profiles
Download flow-for-reddit-pre-beta.apk 1.8 MB


Many things to fix, but has potential One big thing is adding an option to delete comments/posts. Also, it does not let me load any user's profile.

Unsupported and buggy It's a shame this game isn't kept up better as it is by far my favorite way to browse. Things like rotating in Web view taking you back to text mode and losing your spot, random crashes, gifs not loading in the preview. I would happily pay for this app if it were given more attention

Hands down best tablet interface This app uses swipes up and down to browse through subs and swipes to the left and right to get from the content of posts to the comments. It never requires you to move your hands or hit a back button to seamlessly navigate back andforth between the two. As the name suggests everything just flows, making for an effortless experience with lots of content visible at once.

Some bugs but awesome app It looks and works great, except for some bugs obviously. One thing I think can be changed is that long pressing on a comment should just upvote. For downvoting, the action bar is enough I feel. Right now it seems to randomly cycle through upvote/downvote.

It's got a nice GUI, works pretty good I really like it. I even like the look of it (most Reddit apps are uggo), I'm just bummed the Dev has maybe abandoned it

Liking it so far, but it needs work. I frequently have issues posting comments due to an "unknown error." I really like the ability to swipe back to the front page when in the text viewer, and I wish that feature was available in the web viewer.

Needs a lot of work The app may be a very early version but I never notice a single change after I update. Something it really needs is for the buttons that do nothing to have their features added or be removed. The client is fantastic. It's seriously brilliant. It just needs a lot of work.

It's alright. Only reddit app I've liked but 9 times out of 10 it gives me errors. Almost every link gives me a 400: bad request error. Fix please.

image preview would be great. love the multiple logins. you're trying to steal me from my usual reddit fix. slick app, fellas

I like it. But this is another case of people downloading apps without reading the description (a stupid thing to do). It clearly states that this is a work in progress, a beta version. They expect problems and want you to report them so they can be fixed. Instead you post complaints in the comment section. Duh...

Issues As much as I like this app and want to give it at least 4 stars... I cannot do that. 2 reasons.. 1. I keep running into the same post as I scroll. This is a repeated thing. 2. Accidentally sliding over the left navigation causes the pane get stuck under the content pane. The only way to fix it is to click on the Reddit Flow logo. I understand this app is still in beta, but I do not believe that I am the only who has these issues.

Was working great, but now some features have stopped working. App has not been updated in a while, feels like the dev abandoned it. It had lots of promise and was shaping up to be one of the better reddit apps out

Fantastic design One of the best apps I have used for user experience, everything is very intelligently laid out and the transition animations are a great plus. Would recommend this app to anyone.

Android AlienBlue I recently switched to Android from iOS and the only thing I truly missed was AlienBlue. This app is opviously drawing from that fantastic app's framework and I couldn't be happier for it. It's the best Reddit browsing experience on Android in my opinion. Keep up the great work!

Uninstalled after a while of using Been okay. Serves the purpose but some major flaws: can't respond to a post if it's just a link; loses your typed text if you change orientation; can't view user profiles at all; can't post image posts; sometimes logs out and then 'fails to authenticate user' when trying to log in. That's just a few. None have been addressed in ages.

So far this is PERFECT! I recently uninstalled reddit news due to crashing issues. Stumbled across this app and am happy I did. Keep up the good work!

Closest to alien blue It has some features that others don't like opening the picture without opening a bother page fully. My only complaint is that to veiw gyfcat links you have to veiw them in browser.

Very good, now the bugs just need to be worked out This is the app ice been waiting for. I primarily use reddit on my phone (like 90%). I have been waiting for an excellent RES comparable app, but the ones currently out always lack some major aspect that I really like, such as not showing all the comments. Flow does everything that the best apps do, plus some. The only things that I have noticed so far is that gold is not shown on comments that have received it, and you cannot access someone's profile from a comment. It says it failed to load.

C'mon guys! Update this app! It has so much potential just needs a Material Design overhaul. Hope you guys haven't called it quits.

Install at your own risk! This app had a lot of great potential but it is so full of bugs that it is not worth using and the developer has not provided an update in forever. Try "Synch to Reddit" if you are looking for a familiar UI in a replacement.

Amazing This is, by far, the best reddit app I've used. Buggy, yes, but it's still in pre-beta. I'm sticking around for the next update. Cmon dev, hurry up!

Good app I know it's in alpha, but it's still a great app. I use it all the time and have no problems with it. Posting is a little screwy, but I'm a lurker so it really isn't that big of a deal.

Login issues Its good when it works. But the majority of the time I discover it has somehow logged me out and I have to relog. Recently I have not been able to log in at all. I get an error saying "you're doing that too much, vlogin". Very frustrating. Uninstalled. Moving to another app.

Good, but unsupported My favorite reddit app, although there are still bugs - you can't view user profiles, for example or YouTube in fullscreen. But it's not even in beta yet, and still has the best UI I've seen. I use it every day, and when the app is finished I will happily pay for it. But where is the dev? Has this app been abandoned? If so, I wish the dev would open-source it - the app has great potential.

Best reddit client out there While this is still a pre-beta, I've been using it for weeks and I love it. I've tried all the popular ones and stuck with this because it lacks ads and has great usability.

Much potential, but too many bugs By far my favourite reddit app. It just needs more work, that I'd happily pay for. So much elegance but too many bugs, and lack of support for things like gfycat and imgur albums.

Great! But needs a few things: 1) Ability to show points of a post first, bigger, then the title. 2) show progress of image loading somewhere rather than just the spinning circle thing.

Used to be great app, now updates are few and far between DEAR DEV, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR APP......... Needs more consistent updates fixing the bugs, and stupid UI issues that have been happening since day 1.

Needs to fully support the reddit experience The biggest thing that is keeping me from using this app over its competitors is the fact that I can't browse user profiles or my friends list. Also I it is difficult to change subs. Look at the Reddit is Fun app for a good implementation of these options. Other than this I really like this app.

Better than any post-beta Android reddit app Pre-beta doesn't mean crappy... Just so much better than any of the samey, lame reddit apps around on Android. Unfortunately, it has gone mostly unsupported for quite some time, and bugs have accumulated.

Very nice Other than a few video glitches with phone rotation, this works great for browsing reddit and is very customizable

Would be nice if delete comment was an option. But it's good. Has a lot of features and handles the site well. Does multiple accounts and has a robust set of notification options. Occasional bugs transitioning from flow to browser, and I don't seem to be able to delete comments. Sometimes posts are repeated while scrolling. Overall a good start, and better than most of the other reddit clients.

I didn't think it could get any better. Even in the beta stages, this is hands down the best reddit client I've ever used. So much potential and with a few bug fixes here and there it will be the best on the market.

Increasingly Buggy This is a wonderful Reddit App for the majority of the time, but I've noticed that I'm getting more rejection/incompatibility when clicking to view image postings on Reddit via this App. Ultimately leaving me frustrated as I can't understand why when I can view images from the same image hosting sites. Other than this issue, the user interface is excellent and smooth, very stylish astetically.

Amazing potential. This is with out a doubt the best reddit app available. I used to use reddit is fun, but installed this one instead after a phone reset. I'm amazed at how well it works. The only problem I've noticed is that some posts show up a second time after you view them, as though they were posted a second time. Edit: I wish I could add more stars. I still say it's not perfect, but the cards feature is amazing and makes browsing reddit much faster and easier.

Xcellent Really good as pre beta... I can't think the stable version. It's working well now.

Best looking reddit client I love it, it's not letting me save images but other than that it's beautiful, feels quicker than reddit is fun too. If it let me save images and threads (maybe I just haven't figured out how to save threads yet) I'd replace reddit is fun.

Has potential *UPDATE* Had potential If the devs work out a few bugs, this will easily be the best (in my opinion) reddit viewer. Biggest pet peeve is how I can't play YouTube videos landscape without flow crashing. 8/31/2014: after browsing reddit exclusively with flow for over 6 months, I am sad to say that I will be uninstalling the app. No updates for 7+ months, YouTube links no longer even load for me, and never improved features has made this potentially great app fall very flat.

Great I love swiping around the app, but it needs an easier night view mode and as expected there is a few minor hiccups in general.

Great except for a few bugs First of all, this app is really smooth and has a great UI once you get a feel of it. But the problems I have is that sometimes the links don't load, pictures sometimes load for a second and then I get taken back to the thread. Also, when I'm on the in-app web, whenever I switch orientation, the page refreshes and it's quite annoying. After looking at all this, i still think it's a great app that people should at least give a try. Edit: I can't see downvotes, but upvotes can become negative

Works well, Nice UI. But where's my multireddits?

Works well, good interface

Awesome Best app for reddit by far. I only wish a sidebar would be available as it is nonexistent. Other than that I have no complains.

Awesome But Can't Submit Post!! The app lets me view every needed feature (subreddits, FrontPage, all reddits, account, search subreddit, etc.) reddit offers its users in a very easy way. The only problem showing is when I want to submit a post to any subreddit it says failed to submit BAD_ CAPTCHA. I can submit comments fine but I can't make my own post.

Hands down best tablet UI but unsupported This app uses swipes up and down to browse through subs and swipes to the left and right to get from the content of posts to the comments. It never requires you to move your hands or hit a back button to seamlessly navigate back andforth between the two. As the name suggests everything just flows, making for an effortless experience with lots of content visible at once. Interface aside, it has gotten rather buggy and is, it seems unsupported.

This would be my favorite reddit app, but it the developers haven't updated in over a year. There's tons of missing features and most animated gifs and several other post types will not load on this app. Extremely disappointing.

Can't see 80% of photos/gifs Whenever there's been posted an Imgur album, or something eg. from Flickr, pictures won't show up. Or, if I click on a picture it loads for half a second and disappears again.

Worked nice then start to crash automatically It's the best reddit app I tried so far but now it just don't work as it crash automatically after loading the content... Even after reinstall.... Edit... Ok, it's working back now

Aesthetically pleasing, but doesn't work!! This app has a nice layout, but none of the links are easy to click on or view. It also doesn't support posting images from a mobile device.

Great potential I love the layout of this app but a couple of issues. Imgur gift have "vf.jpg" added to the end of their links for some reason which causes them to not load. YT videos can't change orientation in the app or they freeze. All other video sources continue to pay audio even when you hit back to leave them.

It's pre-beta, so there are definitely still some kinks. To me, right now it looks like a less pretty reddit sync with the potential to be much better. One feature that is missing that is pretty much a deal breaker even though it's small is there is no option to change the thumbnail for NSFW posts. There's only the option to hide them altogether. If that feature was added (look to reddit sync for what I'm talking about) I'd be all about Flow for reddit.

Good but is it dead? I really like this app. Great interface and it runs really well. But is it still being developed? It hasn't been updated in 9 months.

Broke Imgur Glad the developer is back but now imgur links don't load in the app at all, and I have to open them up in Chrome.

In-built video and gif player don't work This app has the highest number of frustrating bugs I've seen since the early days of Android 1.5. I never leave negative feedback, but please fix these bugs - they're literally killing this otherwise amazing app for me and hundreds of other users. The built-in video and gif players never work, even tiny, grainy vids take 4+minutes to load on a gigabit WiFi connection. And don't even get me started on imgur albums!

Great design, poor performance The UI is pleasing and smoother than any other reddit app, but there is one problem. This app will crash every 10 minutes or so if you look at even one imgur album. 10 or so pictures in, boom, app crashes and your place on the front page is reset. Not only this, but the app has a very poor picture viewing interface in general and often times gifs are not viewable. Although the app is pretty, it is unusable at the moment.

The and I mean THE most beautiful app! Man... I don't know what to say, why did you leave us? It's such a beautiful app, it trumps every app on terms of aesthetics and fluidity and of course there are missing functionality here and there but even with that it is easily the top app of reddit on play store! Imagine what would happen if you were to fix those little bugs.... I'd gladly pay for it but it seems like you've gone MIA. Such a shame. ##Edit: PLEASE come back! :(

Wanted to like it But it doesn't work on my galaxy note 2. The videos and gifs don't resize, if you swipe right to pan on the large gift you can't swipe left again without going back to the list. Audio from a playing video would not stop until another was started. Hope these issues clear up by beta.

Used to be good I'm impressed! Many bugs but the experience is still great. Very smooth even on older devices and the gestures are very handy, though they don't always work. Scrolling sideways in webview keeps moving panes. More frequent updates would be great. Content quick view doesn't work for 90% of posts. Need to resort to slow Web view killed this client.

Solid app, but internal browser has a big privacy loophole When you click to read the comments on a thread with a link, the internal browser preloads the link in the background, before you click on it. This happens even when the internal browser is disabled. No thanks, uninstalled.

App is dead, or sure looks like it. The issues I've dealt with and worked around since downloading this app has gotten me to a point of pure frustration. You can't view gifs in the standard image viewer, aka pressing on the picture rather than the post title. Backing out of a post can get the app frozen half way through the transition which will eventually crash the app. Good luck using it if it takes your device a minute to do so, Flow won't operate again until it does. All in all this app had a lot of promise but it doesn't receive the love it needs. Move on to another popular Reddit app and save yourself a headache multiple times a day.

Was starting to give up hope, but nope! My favorite reddit client for Android by far. The app hadn't been updated for a year, and then the dev showed us he was still around by fixing a few minor things. Keep in mind that the app is still in alpha and it's better than all the other clients. Just a very good feeling app. Even though the update was minor, it fixed a lot of bugs and I see great things for the future.

Dead, but still really good! 6/29/15: finally updated since forever. Nothing new added, but there is hope for bigger updates

It's showing strong potential Once the dev allows to mute certain users and subs from r/all like he said he would in the next writing, I'll be a very please customer indeed

Excellent Very nice and simple to use. I got used to the interface rather quickly. There is no way to enter a subreddit name though, but it seems like it would be easily implemented.

Will love it once it's done This app has such great potential, but there's just so many flaws. I still use this app for reddit cause it's simply so easy and smooth as long as you're only using the features that work.

Is this real life? Did this app seriously just receive an update? Looks like Christmas came early this year!

Great mobile client. There are days when I prefer this to the desktop browser site. Sometimes pictures on imgur won't load, but I'm not sure if that is my connection.

Best Reddit client out there with some issues. I never tried other Reddit reader app, because this one hooked me up. Though there are some app crash here and there, one notable issue is that its own image viewer has one broken feature -- the download image button does not work. The app crashes when it is used. But all in all, 'tis a great app.

Best reddit app ever Menus and gestures are so intuitive. I could never go back to alien blue after this

Fast Very nice! Can't scroll left and right in code samples on websites in webview because the app takes you back to the reddit post.

YouTube stopped working Player Error INTERNAL_ERROR message for every YouTube video I try to play. It used to work.

Best Reddit app, needs some polishing. It crashes randomly and can't handle spoilers- otherwise I love it and haven't found a better app for reading Reddit.

Needs updating This app has become unstable as of late. Within the last 2 days I've had 4 crashed, whereas in the months preceding I've only had like 1

When opening GIF files they do not direct to the image linked in imgur. There was one titled wonders of the world and the image flow opened up to was James May's face poorly photoshopped onto a slowbro pokemon.

Imgur pictures? I guess that's Reddit. Only really works from a desktop. Otherwise, it doesn't load, it crashes, etc... nice try, tho

5 stars incoming! Author was AFK for quite some time but we are starting to get updates! Thank you and keep it up!

Really like this app just needs a couple things I love how this app is set up. But it would be nice if in the comments OP was highlighted. Sometimes it is but not always. I wish you could put your favorite subreddits at the top of the list. And for me, biggest issue is on posts, you can't click on the OP's profile. Great job on this app though. I will keep using it!

The Best Reddit App. I've always used Flow due to ease of use, lack of ads, and fluidity. Even through all the bugs and lack of support, it draws me back. Now that the developer is back, I'm sure it won't be long before it's known world wide this is the go-to app for Reddit.

Love it! Great, easy to use and looks fantastic.

Wait for the full release It a good option if you want to a reddit app. But it is very buggy. Mostly alot of the post would either take too long to load up, or it would not load up at all and show something else. I see potential in this app but it is somewhat of a pain to use as of right now

Slick Reddit App 1. The new Montage feature in the menu is great, though could use an icon to link to the threads comments. 2. Search this subreddit option has gone from the search -- Fixed some things I was getting peeved about, just as I was looking for a companion app that would let me do those things -- Loving these past two updates.

Best design aesthetic of any Reddit app, seems very stable for pre-Beta Considering that this is pre-Beta I was worried at first that it would be unstable or broken, but it's perfect in design and doesn't seem to crash. This just looks better than any other app out there. Could stand a couple more subtle themes though, like dark slate/bluish/charcoal greys to match the current design trend sweeping Cyanogen lately.

Great Its on par if not beter than the payed apps, along with no ads.

Really excellent. So close to perfection. So many great features and the actual UI is very comfortable. One request : please put the search button higher up on the side menu - it's a bit hidden atm.

Fantastic already, and not even in beta? This seems to be the only (working) app that will display a continuous feed of images from a subreddit. So I already like it. But it is also a fantastic, clean, fast Reddit browser. My only gripe is having to tap to be able to save images from montage view. I'd love just a long press to save. No prompts. Add that, and I'll be thrilled.

Insta crash This used to be good, but it crashes instantly upon startup now. RIP.

Surprised it's still beta I've been using this app for a few years and when I use other clients they just feel clunky and outdated. Aside from some internal browser issues, this app is great and I couldn't use a different client.

In love with the app but found some bugs For example I can't seem to subscribe to new subreddits and sometimes the images take way too long to load. But keep up the great work, loving the way it's easy to use and the design of it

Use to love it Hasn't been updated in so long. It's gotten to the point where it's too buggy to use.

Some features I really like, but buggy... Logs me out randomly, and sometimes just won't load anything.

Great app but imgur still not working after months of use Probably need to use another app because of this.

Best UI among reddit apps but... It does not support reddit uploads. In order to view anything through this medium I have to use the browser which is pretty annoying. Resolve this for five star review.

Good app but need an update Still enjoying this app but image from iredditupload not working at all. Really hope the dev would consider another update. It's a pity to see app this good gone to waste

Little bug? Best reddit app I've used so far. Encountered a little bug though: the "back" arrow in the Message Hub on the top right-hand corner is not working.I have to use the "back" button of my phone.

I'm only rating 5 stars because the app has potential. So the dev is not dead. I finally decided to give this app a chance. I think it has a chance to really give Sync a run for their money. Lots of great features and I like how you can upvote and downvote. Sadly it looks like Holo so I won't be using it for my daily driver. Maybe the full release will see some major improvements. We will see.

Certainly the best. Loved it. Been waiting for messaging functionality, also when you go through someone's profile and see the comments, the option to see the original conversation? Idk if it's just me, but I wasn't able to get around that. Keep up the great work buddy.

Dev doesn't care Crashing has become more frequent. Pics from the ireddituploads domain do not load. Most of the time as of late (2016-09-10) the app just doesn't load anything, or it loads ~25 threads and refuses to load any more

I've been using this for reddit for two years now and for the past two weeks I haven't been able to visit all, my front page, or my saved section, but individual subreddits work fine. It's a great app when it's working but this bug is making me use a different app until this problem is fixed

Problem With Video Gifs When opening video gifs, the user is forced to use the option to open it in the browser. Then, it automatically adds a .jpg extension that must be manually removed. It makes it so I don't even want to waste time on these posts.

The Best Reddit App. I've always used Flow due to ease of use, lack of ads, and fluidity. Even through all the bugs and lack of support, it draws me back. Now that the developer is back, I'm sure it won't be long before it's known world wide this is the go-to app for Reddit. EDIT: Please come back, Deepak. It's been a very long time and reddit uploads images are still broken and do not hand off the URL to chrome properly.

Images @ i.reddituploads don't work "Not authorized". I personally prefer this reddit client vs the official one, but as Reddit's internal image hosting becomes more popular, I find myself using the official reddit app just to view content.

Awesome reddit app. Love this one more than the others I've tried, the only reason I'm not five staring it is because the i.reddituploads images that people share refuse to load (uri signature match failed) which forces me to use other clients to view those.

Functional, not great Many links and photos will not open in the client. Reddit uploads links will not open whatsoever. I like the app a lot, if it was more functional it'd be a complete 5 star. Until then it's a comfortable 3

You aren't dead! *Nevermind, I guess you are.* So glad you are back to working on Flow, can't wait to see the new design! *Was excited that you were going to start working on it again but was let down a few months after. You had a good thing going here.*

It has potential Good design, but hasn't been updated in ages. Has issues with .webm playback and crashes when to many imgur photos load. Please update! Would pay for a polished version.

I used to love this app it was 10/10 Crashes or will go blank while scrolling then the page refreshes and I cannot find what I was reading. The videos will not work in landscape mode the videos used to play And when I went to landscape mode it would still play but now it won't load and as of the newest update my videos no longer play in app it will say connection error. Also There should be a go back to last visited place so when the app randomly goes blank or reloads on it's own I won't lose my place.

Not worth a download anymore App is now completely broken, front page doesn't load. Previous review: Some imgur links don't load in the app at all, and I have to open them up in Chrome. Also, the new reddituploads links never work either, just brought to an error page.

Outdated. Where's the source? Fantastic gestures and voting interface but lack of updates is killing the app. Scrolling sideways in webview keeps moving panes. Content quick view doesn't work for 90% of posts. Need to resort to slow Web view killed this client. Why has this not been open sourced?

When it works it's great.. But recently I have been unable to view the front page it jus comes up blank..

No longer updated, hardly works now. The developers have completely abandoned this app it seems. Loads of crashing now, no longer loads gifs anymore properly, viewing pages are practically are impossible to view now since scrolling left (At ALL) sends you back a page, making articles utterly impossible to read. Skip this app, the devs don't seem to care about this app anymore at all.

Nice UI but i prefer lefty mode I'm right handed but I use my phone in my left hand all the time. I can barely tap links or view comments that the buttons are on the right side of the screen. In short, please add left handed mode.

Has potential Great ui. Unusable for me because doesn't load gifs.

Best Reddit App I've Found Two years on and after trying numerous other apps as they come and go I always come back to this. So fluid.