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Find My Lost Phone

Supplied By Family Safety Production    On Nov. 2, 2016    Comments(202)

FREE Find My Lost Phone version12.4.0 Download

Find My Lost Phone locates lost or stolen phones and lost or stolen Androids so you can:
• Track a lost, stolen or missing device whether it belongs to you, your spouse or your child
• Locate smart phones and regular (also known as feature) phones via Find My Android Phone’s superior phone tracker technology
• Enjoy a more diverse array of features and benefits
• Determine the location of any family member’s phone. The ability to track other member’s phones is a unique feature not found on many other phone tracker apps
• Keep tabs on a lost or missing device with real-time location updates. When the missing or stolen phone is moved, its location is updated instantly on the app’s map and the Find My Android Phone website

Find My Lost Phone contains a superior phone tracker tool and uses state-of-the-art GPS navigational technology to locate lost or stolen phones. It is the essential app for anyone who has experienced the stress, worry, and inconvenience associated with a lost phone or even worse, a stolen phone. What’s more, the app is a free download for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Lost Phone Found, With Find My Lost Phone

Find My Android Phone makes it easy to pinpoint the location of a missing phone whether it’s a smart phone or a feature phone. Better still, the app’s navigational assistance can guide you to it, making lost phone retrieval quick and easy. To locate smart phones, Find My Android Phone uses state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. Essentially, cell phone companies know a mobile device’s distance from cell phone towers. Find My Android Phone secures this data from cell phone companies and displays the phone’s whereabouts on the app’s map. From there, it’s easy for you to retrieve the lost feature phone.

Use the Phone Tracker To Locate Missing Phones. It’s easy to locate missing or stolen phones with Find My Android Phone or our website.

Find My Android Phone’s phone tracker feature helps you pinpoint the location of a missing phone using state-of-the-art GPS technology. Note: For this phone tracker feature to function, the app must be installed on the phone you’re looking for and on your own phone. Simply check the app’s map on your phone and there will be an icon indicating the location of the lost or stolen phone.
In the event a family member is not reachable, you can also locate the lost or stolen phone via our website. Once you’ve installed the app on your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, just log into our website. You’ll see a map showing the location of your lost phone. The map also features directions to the device’s exact location. Another key feature is real-time updates on both the app’s map and our website. These maps are instantly updated whenever the phone moves.

Find My Android Phone Can Find A Stolen Phone.
Nothing is more worrisome and upsetting than a stolen phone. Thankfully, Find My Android Phone includes a navigational setting that, as long as the location app is running, tracks the whereabouts of a stolen phone and guides you (or better yet, law enforcement) to its exact location, quickly and easily.

Android Lost? Find My Android Phone Works with a Lost Android!
Droid users benefit from Find My Android Phone. Simply use a family member’s phone to track the location of the lost Android. As long as Find My Android Phone is running, it can provide the navigational assistance needed to locate your missing or lost Android.

Find My Android Phone Finds Feature Phones, Too.
Even if you or another family member don’t have smart phones, Find My Android Phone can still help.

Family Safety Production part of our Tools and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Nov. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 83.9886. Current verison is 12.4.0. Actual size 32.0 MB.

What's new

    - Bug fixes & location improvements
Download find-my-phone-8.apk 32.0 MB


Not very good at updating itself Quite often it shows members of my family in places that i know they have not been to. Very very slow to update their locations sometimes

Signing up problem When i opened the app after entering the mobile no. /email id the continue button goes under the keyboard and neither the screen scrolls up and down

Love IT! The phone tracking is the best. There is no more worrying about where my kids are. The only downside of that is they have to have location services on to work. The lists are awesome as well you can create lists that are viewable by everyone or just a few members of a circle. Anyone that can add, remove and view items from the list.

Used all my data I installed this app to keep track of my employees, unfortunately it used up approximately $30 of data. I personally like the idea of this product but I would never trust any application like this again.

Good Can be excellent. Need some accurate map locations. Mine is never accurate. Recommend a best way to keep track of your phone and members.

Bit laggy but its still pretty good could be useful . .. second thoughts after a couple of weeks use its crap!

PERFECT I just lost my phone last night and was panicked so I pulled this ago up on my sister's phone. And we could track it down to the exact house where it was taken and get directions to it. I definitly suggest you get this app!

sacay Used app during accident to GPS sons location it took me right to him and his phone. Great for frantic mom during moment of panic. I know it is not what the app was meant to be used for but Thanks....

Great App User friendly, stable, great to have One.

Very useful! I first got this app to find my kids' phone when they lose them. But now it is SOOOO useful. I love that it can tell me when the kids get to school.

Good app Tells where people are and how many stops theyve made is a great function. But emergency alarm seems rather misplaced there are better functions to put in than that.

Its okay I like it but the where's my iPhone app used to pin point where my phone was. But now I've switched to Android so this is the best version of that I've found yet.

False report Not only does this app use much data & battery, but it also has false reporting. I have a friend that I experiment with who lives in Minnesota and Life360 claim that they were two blocks away from where I live (in CO.)this app is definitely a joke I wouldn't use it so am uninstalling & seeking another one.

Don't waste your time If you want an app designed by a full blown retard, get this app. I have nothing against retards, but I wouldn't count on them to make a quality app for a smartphone. I'm in Madison Indiana, and it says I'm in Noblesville lol. Then I have to explain to my wife I'm at work and not 75 miles away. This app is a joke. No other app shows that I'm there. Like my weather app. It's never had a problem with my location unless I have the location services off on my phone. I'll be deleting this garbage.

Great way to see where your family is I now can tell my husband "don't call me and ask where I am, just look and see where I am." It make life easier.

Best App on Market Found my lost phone with it, allows me and family to check in with each other.

No Guidance No Guidance nothing, just login .. Tell which email, which password new for registration or what..?? So frustration for scroll down etc.

Love this! Good app to assist in helping to find drunken wives and children who are out beyond curfew.

It's really good for a family situation This app shows u exactly where ur loved ones are, bringing peace of mind!

Know about family members whereabouts If you worry about where your kids might be, this can really help.

vibhour rana This app is very good for me my sister always lost my phone and for this app I am track my phone easily

Love it So great and useful app. Can trace my loved ones current location and specially all history for all members in the group. This app is a must for the families.

Nice Idea Very useful and continues to improve. It's quirky and slow at times especially during peak times. But overall very accurate.

Great App It's Excellent, very helpful. And if there is the pass key for login is better for security when phone lost.

Cannot continue once i enter my mobile number. The button hides behind keybord. No way of continuing

Good, but Why does it tell you where the phone is like 10 mn ago?

Perfect app for the family Easy to use and quick to set up. Perfect to locate missing phone.

Something is lost and gained after the update No quick messages after the update. But the list that can be shared by the whole circle is very useful.

Useful Now I can find out where my wife as distractedly ended up when she goes to the ships.

Phone Finder App works very well , does what you expect it to in an impressive way

Great My phone was stolen but now I have this app I want have no more worrying

Now I know where to find my run away mom Easy to use. love keeping track on the fam. Now I can find my phone if I put it somewhere.

Not working After I punch in the number or email I want tracked down, nothing happens

With kids now driving and can't rely on them to ring and tell you they arrived so this app fills the void and gives some peace.

It doesn't show accurate location somtimes.it tells you when someone got home and they are still at the same location they were before. It still needs work

Waste! Waste! Dont download it totally waste of tym and data...going to uninstall it..

It is ok Run slpw and sometimes shows random locations but fun app

Love it My only issue so far is that it keeps saying that I don't have data connection and to check it but I have data and Wi-Fi and my GPS is on and it keeps saying that they can't locate people and then it won't update and it said that my husband was somewhere and he wasn't their he was still at work. But other then that I love it

Phone tracker It's more like kid tracker this can come in very handy!

Worth it It took a long time by now i can find my kid anywhere this app is a amazing

Wish I could get prior version back I don't really understand why companies change products to make them prettier but less feature rich. This newest version took away the name under the circle member icon, and also I can no longer call a circle member from within the app. The absence of the name means that if I have two members whose names start with the same letter I can't tell them apart without searching for them one of the time. Sure do wish I could get the old version back!

A very useful App!! One of the best APP to watch and protect your family. Also, to have peace of mind. I love it! ?

One of the best apps I have Great to have to stay in touch with family I am a truck Driver and my family uses it to see where I am .and earn me of bad weather ahead

Great! I love this app. It covers all the bases and functions really well. (Thanks for the material design update!). However, there are some minor things to consider adding: 1. A way to turn off the satellite imagery when you zoom in. 2. Fixing the check boxes so they conform to the design. 3. Adding a way to make text- or image-based notes. Overall, a wonderful, really well done app.

Find my phone Keyboard doesn't hide on my Note 4, which makes the app unusable. Please fix for better rating.

Good You didn't wait until I use it to start asking me to rate it. Be patient.

Amazing. Never let's me down. Always works when I update on a persons location. Still have it installed, for safety purposes. All families should have it!

Seems to work Seems a good app, but seems to use the battery a bit

Find my android phone it all that u should try it... it's awesome

Does just what I want. Like the easy way to see the people I follow.

Great Brilliant work. Just been updated too. Can find any contact in your circle and satnav you straight to them.

Weak... With latest update the widget doesn't work now....

Wonderfull tool for the teenage and older family Gone are the "where ru" SMS's. You can setup messages for when they leave office for home. So just before you start worrying, check your app! You can even have group chats or group lists for todo's and shopping. Indispensable family app!!

Freaking awesome sauce A lil bit of a privacy breaker but great at the same time..heheheheee

Find my phone I can not get into it...

Road trip Helped keep track of road trippers, eased the word and stress of checking in literally with a press of a button

Finalize and why find me and we find our phones Is a very good app I have no problem with finding my wife for my wife finding meg she always looks to see what job I'm on and come by and sees me I'm very impressed with this app

Great app Easy for all the family to use. We love it. X

Love it It really finds my lost phone

Seems to work well, I just downloaded check back once I have a chance to use it

Owner great app for keeping in touch with family.

How do I add other cell phones ?

Awesome I can find where my friends it's great

Doesnt work, says I'm disconnected from the network but I ain't

Love it. Always know where my kiddo is.

So nice to be able to locate my family! All of my sibs live out of state. We've a circle of family & friends that I am able to text and call within this ap. Love it!

Almost always has accurate locations

Joss This is so good works very well. My kids love being able to see where I'm working.

Excellent Amazing feature you can also track your mobile without internet. Dont miss this app

Like it Like knowing where my family and my own phone is#

Perfect across platforms Works great between Samsung and Iphone so can keep track of the family without having to hassle them. Thanks for a great free app.

Wow its very nice & cool apps haha thanks.

I love this app!

Very accurate and useful

Nice Very goods

It real good

It is not 100% accurate, but it did the job My cellphone must have fallen out of my purse when I got out of my car. I didn't notice it was missing until hours later. Using the phone tracker on my husband's phone, I was able to track my phone. The address shown wasn't a valid one, after checking online. I sent letters to 5 homes with addresses close to the one shown on phone tracker offering a reward for the return of my phone. Within 2 days my cellphone appeared in my mail slot in an unmarked envelope. The individual that returned it is a saint.

Thankful! I love this app! I keep track of my son on here (he also keys track of me Lol), and it is very accurate!! It also shows how much battery life each phone has... Which I think is so cool! Now I don't have to freak out if my sons phone goes straight to voice mail, and I think something is wrong, it's just his battery is dead. This app does so many other things too, thank you!

Not working Asking for my phone no... And not accepting it saying it's invalid.

It doesn't work properly. When my daughter is in her school it shows she is home . when we are both home it shows I am somewhere else.

Great to track kids or wife This is an amazing app never had any problems with it I love that you can check the history last 24 hours all around good app

Its awesome Its cool need so up grades but it 95%cool

Was using this app to keep track of my elderly mother. It worked for a month or so but now is stuck saying she is at home... even when she and her phone are travelling in the car *with me*. Real shame as it did exactly what I needed and now, even after rebooting both phones, does not work at all.

Great family ap Track kids, especially when they are driving.

It's awesome!!! It works well on both Androids and iPhones!! However it would be better if you could add an iPad only VERSION as well!

Horrible This app gets worse with every update. Widget doesn't work now. Slow. Crashes. Sad.

members notifying AGAIN!circle admin unable to receive any SOUND alert from members arrived n leaving location by apps!pls fix it.

Easy to use Fantastic found my phone straight away never lost it in first place seeing if it works and it does ??

Easy peasy Such a delight to use, magic!

Works great! I always know where my kids are!

It's really changed alot. Takes forever to find other person..When it says located it's still says 10 minutes ago. Come on guys.this use to be the best app..Let's get it together.

Love it!!!! Peace of mind to know where my kids are especially when they do not answer calls ir texts.

FIND MY LOST PHONE Really great app

App needs to be PRE-INSTALLED on LOST PHONE Overrated Ap.

I can keep track of my friends phone when he loses it as well as know where the offenders are.

This is a great app I love this app and it seems appreciate for all occasions.

Lost Phone Find it sraight away brilliant

Don't download Not working this app

Wow I knw sometimes its wrong but cool

Update sucks!! With the new update it always says I'm gone but I am at home. Wish I didn't update it.

REALLY GOOD APP! 5 * More than I expected. Type in phone number, and gives location FAST! I LOVE IT!

Good Helps keep track of the family

It's A Great App

Love it Tells u were ur family members are and i am grateful

I love it is very convenient for me also helped me a lot

Kam I love this app

Find my Droid.

Cherry So much fun to see and know where my loved ones are...

Great app This was good, nice to be able to keep track of where the kids are. Until it gave me a false reading, saying one of them left school and was somewhere else. A few phone calls and higher heart rate later confirmed that she was at school and had the phone on her. Not sure what happened here with the false notification. For the most part it's been pretty good.

Stopped working Was good when it worked but now cant check in, send or recv invites or messages.. nothing. Rebooted, uninstalled, reinstalled, logged out and in again, changed password. No idea what to do next but i'd love to see it working again.

Oh whoooa yo It said my house was on the OPPOSITE SIDE of my street yo. It helped me find the phone i am using now whoooa. Oh my whole family has it now. Its good though. You can trust it.

Fun and practical! Having fun with family and friends while keeping my phone safe!!! Easy to use too!

I love the app My parents are old now and not good with technology so from time to time they tend to get lost going somewhere without me or my brothers and when they do I just pull out this app to see where they're at and I tell them where to go

Average app It's a good app but it's not always right with the places people r at. It says one place when there at another place. I really do like the app tho

Great This app can tell you everything where your lost phone is and you can see where people are

Saved my phone and me. Great! Works all the time every time I need it.

Works well Works well aside from a few days where it didn't work at all

Highly Accurate Gives you real time and history of a persons location. Must have for parents.

Great App Wicked free app would be even better if accuracy was higher but can't complain for a free app. Found lost phone using this!!!

Nice app This is like find my iPhone but with more features and much better. If you consider this app sure do!

Extraordinary Nice well done...for the great app

WHAT A JOKE Admin was not notify when member arrived and left places!BUT member was notify when ADMIN arrived and left places!

hate it insert a phone number for a password to be sent to you....on an app....called can't find my phone. genius, pure genius

Nice! Nice app! Very good it works to mee!

Where is the website to track a lost phone? How come it's not listed in the description?

I need this app, but can't use it because I'm Zimbabwean. +263

Very good app It found my cousin's phone yesterday when it was stolen. We were able to track down where the phone was. I highly recommend this app.

Gud app This app is very useful

hmmmmmm v.v.v.v.nice app ever it is truth

Really good app!

?? How do u find a phone ??

I like it, is awesome

Best app with GPS on.

I like I love this app

Good app Its a good app we can find our siblings friends and family members easily

Awesome app. Great way to know where family members are at any time.

Very good

Love it Great for when u have lost ur phone

Inconsistant I have 2 places, that I have alerts set for when my family leaves and arrives. Sometimes I get an alert, but most of the time I don't. Updates are great, but not when they make the program inconsistant and glitchy

Perfect Great app. Works really well on S3. New Galaxy S5 works just as well. Keep up the good work.

Awesome Can track my teenagers location at all times too.

Mr Mark Rigby Great app works well

Really works great

Find my lost phone This app is fantastic. It's literally a life saver for me. Used to be very stressed worrying about my family. My son found this app for me after I had a minor heart attack earlier this year. After using the app for a couple of months I have reduced my stress so much my doctor took me off my heart meds. He called my recovery remarkable. This app has made my whole family much happier and healthier. Can't thank you enough.

Galaxy s4. Annoyed user. I want it back to when it showed the list of the history with the times and the correct day not a line that just goes everywhere. That's too confusing? update just made it 10 times worse, when will you come up with an update that actually makes it work better.

New update is rubbish, need lists back Listed locations were alot better. And alot more accurate. This new version is shockling bad. That am looking in to other apps now. Admin please sort it out and revert back to listed locations

Definitely A Good Idea This app is just really neat all around. It shows where all the registered members of your circle(s) are and has quick shortcuts for the Panic Button, a group message (to those in your circle) which can be selected from pre-written notes or customized, and a Check In feature. Its great for when traveling in an unknown place or for just staying connected and knowing that the people you care about are safe and easily found at the touch of a button. I highly recommend!

Not updating location. App is not updating child's location. Shows last location for child is the house when I know he is at school. Tried two other apps and it keeps loading this stuplid life360. Cancelled subscription, very disappointed.

One thing I wish it could locate my phone that doesn't have the app downloaded. Other than that it's a great app

Subscription Tried the free trial but afterwards forced to renew monthly instead of cheaper yearly option. Several false readings of my wife's location. Unreliable.

Really handy Downloaded as a 'find my phone option' but use it to keep track of where the family are. Great for checking people's progress on long journeys which ia great when meeting off a train or something.

A necessity I love the history option where you can see the path of where everybody has been

Phone Does exactly what it says shame it doesn't work with the rest of the household who are on iPhone

I got a few ideas that would help it better Let say I lost an other phone and when I open the app and go to the map it should show my other phone that doesn't have the app

It helped me alot when I lost my cellphone now I know where it is

Great App I use this app all the time. Works great.

Very useful I like it!!

Mrs Awesome app. Installed it to track my phone and also my son on the long road.

It doesn't let me find my tablet I tried like 3 different buttons and stuff but I couldn't find my tablet and I need it!!

Find my phone Good and reliable but if my family phone is turned off. I can no longer see where about

Miss the page button on find my iPhone but love the better map

I love this app!

Best phone tracker Love this APP. It's been great keeping an eye on where my daughter is and where she's been. Very accurate.

Awesome! Couldn't ask for a better app to keep track of my kids whereabouts!

What have you done You need to bring back the last update.

Great app!! Helps me too keep up with my loved ones and vice versa

Phone tracker Works well on my s5

Helpful family application This app is easy to use and know where my family is anytime of the day.

Lifesaver My family and I can track/find eachother very efficiently.

Great Thanks .. but no need to ask me to rate this app every time

Love with paid subscription As a free app it's good but the perks of a paid subscription is better.

please how do i locate phone numbers?

So helpful Love it. Accuracy is high, all of my family uses it daily. Thank you developers

Good..love it Great if you have kids.

Great app So useful to find your phone or follow your friends as they travel around so you know that they have arrived at their destination safely. I recommend this app to everybody. Without going into too much detail I have a personality disorder which means that sometimes I get lost and do not know where I am. This app means that my friends can find me to help me get back home safely. It's absolutely brilliant for situations like this. Another great thing is that you know where your children are hehe. 10/10 5*

Used to be good You could track where your family were so you could time dinner to be ready, time the picking up from train stations or bus stops, it was a brilliant app. Now all it tells you is what time a member of your family left home and what time they left a destination, no in between data so now I can't see where they are only when they left. So disappointed as this was so good.

Never used it ...?...? The app kept asking me for a password .Then that page ? took me to a password reset page on life360. After placing over 7 reset passwords. Or more .? I was still stuck on sign in page requesting a password. and with no progress ... ? I gave just up . And I really can use a app like this right now. ? Please Fix it.

Application were not friendlyat all My password suddenly were not valid. Almost 1 hour I am wasting my time to reset. The information sent to me is telling me to follow the link. But I dod not received any link... Very dangerous application that may locked your infodata..

I love this app but please stop asking the users repeatedly to rate this app! It pops up at the most inconvenient times.

sit it's very stupid apps.it's track your all data, from your mobile. even ur location. uninstall...

This is a awsome app so if you lose your phone you will find it I can find my friends and family where ever they are at.

Can't login Doesn't let you login after resetting password. Useless app.

Very frustrated Unable to login to this app, it says already you registered with us. I try to change my password and login again it says userid or password mismatched

Ilove it thankyou for this app.In this app I can easily find where is my phone..

Not worth It's asking information of mobile number. My cellphone is already stolen. Can I track that device by entering IMEI number?

Its a very good app helpful I liked it so much helped me locate a lost phone

Won't work on my Mi Note 3 CS is no help...

Today This app is running very slow and incorrectly ....but when it works right it is great

Sometimes it reads that my son is in places that he's not it's wrong most of the time

Love this app it have helped my wife find me way out off a old country back roads!

Excellent! Love the app, husband can find me everytime I break down ....

Great app. Love this app!!! Works very well.

Umm I can't track it from my desktop?

Director Bunk! Did not help at all

Verry nicceee Almost has stopping points down to a tee!!

Nice Had it less then 2 days. Will need to use at least a month.

What is us number

How???? If you have the app on your phone and you lose your phone how do you find it????

Wow.. Very usefull dis app. Fantastic its truely working.

Good It's only my location tracking not other why

Khan Very good for family