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Supplied By SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.    On Dec. 3, 2015    Comments(142)

FREE FINAL FANTASY VI version2.1.6 Download

FINAL FANTASY VI -- now on Android!

FINAL FANTASY VI first debuted in 1994 as the sixth installment in the iconic FINAL FANTASY series. Innovations included the ability to play all the main characters as the game's protagonist, and to this day, its epic story intertwining each of their fates is still highly rated and wildly popular. The characters' dramatic performances are also highly rated, including the catastrophe occurring midway through, which delivers a particular emotional jolt to players.

With plenty of abilities available and the magicite system for controlling spells/summoning, players can develop their characters any way they want. This was also the first FINAL FANTASY game to include the Ultima Weapon, the most powerful sword of all and a recurring item in subsequent titles within the series.

The War of Magi left little but ashes and misery in its wake. Even magic itself had vanished from the world. Now, a thousand years later, humankind has remade the world through the power of iron, gunpowder, steam engines, and other machines and technologies.

But there is one who possesses the lost power of magic--a young girl name Terra whom the evil Empire has kept enslaved in an effort to harness her power as weapon. This leads to a fateful meeting between Terra and a young man named Locke. Their harrowing escape from the Empire's clutches sets in motion a series of events that touches countless lives and leads to one inevitable conclusion.

• All graphics have been painstakingly recreated, bringing the world of FINAL FANTASY VI to your mobile device for the very first time! Kazuko Shibuya, one of the graphics designers involved in the FINAL FANTASY series from the very start, personally worked on the main characters and supervised the recreation of the game's graphics.

• Square Enix's vast experience in A-list smartphone RPG titles has been harnessed in implementing intuitive user-friendly controls that make the game easy to play on touch screens. The battle interface has received particular attention, with a complete overhaul for use on your smartphone.

• This smartphone release includes the new magicites and events that were introduced in the 2006 remake.

• Some events have been optimized to be played with user-friendly touch controls.

Certain in-game conditions may cause the app to close unexpectedly on select devices. To minimize complications, please take the following precautions when playing:
- Save your game data regularly.
- Close the game via your device's application manager after exiting.
- Should the game not perform properly, power your device off and back on before relaunching.
FINAL FANTASY VI cannot be launched on devices running Android 4.4 with Android RunTime (ART) enabled. Please ensure the default runtime is selected before launching the game.

SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 3, 2015. Google play rating is 89.6126. Current verison is 2.1.6. Actual size 635.0 MB.

What's new

    The following bugs have been fixed.
    ■Problems with the "Album" feature in the menu have been fixed.
    ■The game no longer crashes when players with no save data stored in their Cloud accounts attempt to access the Cloud.
Download final-fantasy-vi.apk 635.0 MB


My favorite had come home This is by far the best, most expansive, and most entertaining game square ever made. Nexus 6 compatability is here. Rejoice :-)

My Favorite Final Fantasy Game Finally compatible after waiting months to get on nexus 6!

50/50 The game play is good and the touch controls are better than expected. In the first hour of play however the game cut out 3 times but the quick save caught it with little to no loss of progress. A good perches and has cloud save. In the second hour only one crash. UPDATE no crashes when using blue tooth controller.

Oh, Awesome! Finally! Thank you Square for making pay a ridiculous price, I never tought I would pay for a port of a 30 year old game ... :) I have been waiting a while for this when I saw Square started to port old FF games to mobile phones.

Great game! And now it supports the Nexus 6!

A Classic Ruined This is a great game ruined by a company fit on punishing those who spent $16 on this 21 year old classic. It says nowhere in the description that the game requires an always on data connection to play. I bought it to play while I wait after work for my girlfriend to get off work in an area that I don't receive very good cell coverage. I will NOT be buying any more Square Enix games after being deceived into buying this useless one.

Lag on Galaxy Note 4 The game plays smoothly for the first few minutes, but gradually loses framerate in battle. There's no lag at all on the overworld, just in battle. This happened both in KitKat and the newly released Lollipop update for the Note 4. Edit: Framerate issue still persists in the latest version. However I've found that it seems to be caused by the Battle Window's "Default" setting. If I set it to Tab, the game stays running smooth, or at least had no where near as much lag.

Finally compatible with Nexus 6 Thank you for making it compatible with the Google Nexus 6 (Motorola / Lollipop 5.1 / T-Mobile).

Great game, but... DRM is a letdown. A one time verification would be vastly superior. Graphically beautiful, and now works well with HID controller. Nexus 4, 5, 6 & 10 - Lollipop 5.1

Edit: finally works on kitkat. Doesn't even launch. I'm on android 4.4.4. Square enix games are the only ones to be so troublesome, FFV isn't launching as well. And I'm not talking about other guy's problems. Customers are being ignored by square enix

Saves are a bit scetchy I have saved it and it doesn't take. I suggest creating two saves for one game to ensure that the data gets held also update the cloud save as often as possible to avoid lost data.

finally! I thought it would never happen, but finally it's compatible with the nexus 6!!!

Finally 5.1 Support I love them doing Android work but it's slow. Theatrhythm please!

Love FF Series This is one best FF classic.

All time classic This legendary game is now on my phone! Retouched art is great, but the price is quite high which is a downside. Still worth having if you want relive this games magic or havent played before.

Great port! Now if they'd just put out 7+ on Android...

Freezing Game pauses as soon as step into battle. Please fix

Sucks too much battery life.

Works for my nexus 6 now

Yay Banish works

An impressive port An impressive port that fully utilizes the touch controls of android. Now that they fixed the offline support and it works for the nexus 6 I'm looking forward to many hours of reliving one of my favorite games of my youth.

New features Cloud save and controller support where the reasons I brought this game for android. thank you I've been waiting since you first released it

Nostalgia win This game is exactly like I remember it, except with better graphics. It keeps the same look and feel as the original while increasing sprite and world resolutions. The moving controls take a bit of getting used to. Overall this is the FFVI that I love.

Fix please When on the airship traveling to the floating Island it suddenly stops working and kicks me off the game. Happened 5 times now and can't move forward. Will rate 5* when fixed, thanks.

Five stars for the game, three stars for support This game is excellent. However, the quality of the Port has let it down. Often Android updates break this game, and while it is fixed, this often takes months. See the Lollipop update as an example. The other thing that annoys me is that an internet connection is required to launch the game. On long flights I would love to play this game, but without being connected to the internet it's impossible to launch it.

Bug makes game unplayable I started off really enjoying this game, but after a few hours in, a glitch has left me stuck with no way to progress in the game. I've tried restarting it, reinstalling it, and even running it from a windows device, all with no luck. I tried contacting Square's service department , but have yet to receive any resolution or even any contact from an actual human being. At this point I would just like my money back.

Garbage I work in some fairly austere areas, which is why I bought this once wonderful game. SINCE it requires CONNECTIVITY to work, it's functionally worthless to me. Thank Square for screwing me out of my money. I'll not buy your stuff again unless you rethink this.

Almost 5 star The controls are my only issue. Controlling your characters with sprint shoes is aggravating and controlling the airship is even worse.

Great game One of my all time favorites, I am noticing quite a few changes and I have played through this game 100's of times. I really enjoy the fresh graphics that have been applied to certain areas of the game. I agree with others, we need an option for a fixed D-pad. Other than that 5 stars hands down. NEEDS option for fixed D pad, this thing is really hard to use... You get 5 stars when you add this.

Good game, poor support I love this game and the port is pretty good. However, the fact it took them months to deal with the problems launching this game in Android 5.0 (especially when the ART runtime had been a thing even before 5.0) leads me to suspect that their mobile market customers are not a priority. Why not fix your errors when they become a problem, not when so many customers can't run your product that it affects sales? 5 stars for game, 1 star for support, averaged out.

Good but with some weird design choices Why would you make everything taller, the character sprites and the environment, when this is on a phone in landscape mode. You have more width space then height. Battle graphics look good but with the clunky controls the slowest battle speed should be even slower. Also the difficulty on some bosses seems to be toned down.

Argh. I made this purchase for a game to play on my tablet, while traveling for work. Come to find out I must have a connection, for verification. .. thus making it completely useless for me. I have hardly played it at all. I wish I could get a refund.

Unfortunately broken Brilliant game, reminiscent of the original - unfortunately, it now crashes every time as soon as it is launched; upon opening the game, the Square Enix logo appears followed by the "Google Login" confirmation at the top, but directly after, it crashes with the following message "unfortunately Final Fantasy 6 has stopped". My Sony Xperia Z3 is more than capable of running it (as it has up until recently)...very disappointing, considering the premium I paid to get it...

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of the F.F. games. You guys are great. Thank you for also fixing my little problem so fast. You guys are the best.....

Final Fantasy 6. Nothing else need be said It's usually at the top of everyone's list of favorite FF games, and for good reason. A moving and epic story combined with unique characters and classic game mechanics leads to a top notch JRPG and a must-play game for any fan of the genre. The controls suit the mobile format and an easy quicksave system won't leave you struggling to find a save point before the bus arrives. The only problems are occasional slowdown and audio quirks. Played on a Galaxy S5 running Lollipop.

Number one gripe sucks battery life like a vampire Favorite video game from childhoodVery disappointed already bought it then it went on sale for xmas Game sucks phone battery. blue bars no full screen. Lots of small changes atb was better, cyan,Sabin skills change for worse graphics and name skills. directions need to be fixed not floating. Text and graphics good and bad. Biggest downfall monsters names and skills changed are you serious? now I have to learn gua ability again from memory? fix menus during battle makes it hard to see the battle. Good otherw

A gaudy art direction plagues this otherwise unforgettable Masterpiece. The retexturing of the game is a mixed bag of really nice background touch ups, but cheezy character sprites that don't do justice to the originals. Still a wonderful game worth experiencing again.

Good game, horrible customer support Great classic game, fairly well designed for mobile. Unfortunately it isn't optimized for high resolution devices and had ugly blue bars on both sides. Square is also the terrible when it comes to updating or fixing problems with their games. Buy titles from them at your own risk.

Awesome adaptation Excellent adaptation of the game. Some folks have noted that there are 2 blue bars on the side of the screen (i.e., the game is 4:3, not 16:10), but this isn't a big deal IMO. Also, the revised sprites are good! I've noticed a lot of complaints about these, but the original sprites would look terrible on a 1080 or 720 display. A little worried that Square won't update the compatibility of this (or any Final Fantasy games) for ART in the upcoming Android L release. If any of the Square reps are reading these reviews, can you give us any info here? Leaving 3 stars until I see ART compatibility. Edit Oct 8th, 2014: Another thing that needs attention from Square Enix is that there is NO way to back up your saved games on an unrooted phone. Thats a pretty big inconvenience to anyone changing phones, especially if they don't want to repeat the hours and hours of progress they made. Taking away another star until is this addressed, and no movement on ART compatibility with Android L coming down the pipe is also a concern...... March 12, 2015 - ART compatibility and cloud saves!

nexus 5 android 5.0.1 does not work

Not working on android 5 Cant start a game on android 5 device. Nexus 5 official android 5. Crashes after movie

Does not load Nvidia shield, crashes on startup.

Does not open! Doesn't even start on a SGH I337. Seems to run on my Nexus 7 wich I seldom use. Please help me get this game working on my phone.

Crashes on startup when no network connection Would love to give a proper review of this title that I loved as a kid but since I travel a lot I often don't have a stable Internet connection. Please change the requirement to a non breaking exemption. FFIII does not have this requirement. Would also of been nice to know about this before I bought the game.

The fiviest of stars. By that title you can tell I'm a 12 year old which means I have a lot of time to spare. This excites me. THANK YOU SQUARE ENIX

Still amazing but... This game was one of my most cherished from childhood days, and it still stands the test of time. The updated visuals are refreshing while staying true to the original. The directional controls are a little hard to get used to, I honestly would have found 4 directions, like it used to be, far more easy to Navagate. The original dialogue was fantastic to this game, though due to some censorship for some reason, some rephrasings have lost their emphasis. Still it's still an amazing game worth the time.

A terrible port of a fantastic game. FFVI easily stands as one of the best RPGs (if not games) of all time, so I don't need to the same things that people have been saying for over 20 years. While I'm glad to have been able to play this game on the go and definitely appreciated the cloud save feature, this port is dreadful. Forget the missed opportunity that was a FFIII/IV-style remaster - the ridiculous D-pad made me want to throw my phone against a wall, and the dodgy targeting system resulted in me casting Arise on perfectly healthy characters. Pressing any random spot during a battle counts as a press for the default target, so if you slightly miss a character's name, you're doing whatever action you've selected on the currently highlighted target. This would be less forgivable on an inferior game.

People whine way too much... This game is awesome! I see so many complaints about things that aren't even an actual issue, it's a little funny. People complaining about not being able to use it airplane mode or with their mobile data turned off...It's worked perfectly both ways for me. Game loaded fine and no glitches. Oh and those who were complaining about the 8 direction touch pad...go into your game settings and simply change it to 4 directional for that more classic feel. Honestly, do you people even try? Lol

Read this If you have a cheap phone without a lot of internal storage, DO NOT download this app. At 634 MB, it is very large and you cannot move it to your SD card. I had to root my phone and delete System Apps to get the storage I needed. Very frustrating. At least I'm finally gonna get to play!

Classic Title Perhaps one of my favorite titles of the entire franchise. Also so glad that it works perfectly on the Lollipop OS. I've been very familiar with the SNES title but enhancements on this version. The touch controls feel clunky after the second command option but can be adaptable since its on the mobile platform. Otherwise I like....especially on the go.

Samsung galaxy tablet s So dang good it hurts me. I do love to revisit another loved story. Thanks square enix

A classic, just some minor quibbles. The biggest issue is not being able to move the game to the SD card. This is a HUGE game, 600MB. I only have 32GB on my phone but a 128GB card. Any chance this could come? After all Record Keeper can go on SD cards.

Great game This game brings me back to my childhood,where it was worth spending time leveling up your characters! Go Sabin! Bought this game in 2014, had some bugs, hopefully all fixed now in the 2015 update

Great game Thank you for making ffvi available to android. Please keep the touch input screen ui on for longer and contiguous between screens. Also allow the game to prevent device screen from sleeping would be so good. Thank you.

Nexus 5 the character graphics have been updated since I played it on the snes, but still pretty great implementation of a classic.

Great Port with Improvements If you played the original you will love this port - the artwork has been polished up nicely and the Vanish-Doom bug removed. All of the fun you once had ... and if you haven't played it before, you're sure to enjoy it.

Download Fail I tried downloading this game 12 times and it kept failing with error 905. Eventually it downloaded and it is so worth it ?

O o One if the absolute best games if all time! On my droid!! Omfg?? Thanks * Square Don't let the price fool you, it's very much worth it

Nexus 6 compatibility! Finally, bought this on my gs4, stupid Samsung phone took a crap and upgraded to the larger and much better nexus 6. Tried to download it and said "not compatible with your device"... I said "whaaat?!" Now I download, starting now

I have to admit - I haven't played this game in a very long time and just turned it on today. What the hell happened to the controls?! It is worse than it was before! At least it was very simple with the square-shaped D-pad, but Jeebus it's all over the place this time. This went from a 4-star to a 1-star in my honest opinion. Shame on the update team / developers for ruining the experience.

Blegh Good game, but requires constant internet, so no play on the go for some :(

Offline mode would be nice I will give 5 stars when I can play game offline

Please fix the gamepad, is awful! The game is great in Android but the gamepad is terrible, it keeps changing place on every touch making difficult to move precisely. A fixed gamepad printed in the screen would be better (such as the chrono trigger port). Please keep this gamepad you have created but add the option to fix it in a position printed in the left low corner. I lose all motivation to play every time I remember the gamepad. Thanks!

Sheer Perfection This game is still just as absolutely amazing as it was on the SNES. Nothing can compare.

Great I really think this is a good take on the original. The battle menus as well as the main menus are different and fun to use. The only reason I gave it 4 (don't mean to be picky) is because of the dialogue. Changed it a little too much. Oh yeah, graphics are great also

Awesome Best ff game ever. I played this as a kid and it's still awesome today. I really like the upgraded graphics and textures too. It breathes new life into the game.

Cant download Always error.. even though i have already purchased it! U ripped me off!

No support for Galaxy S6 What the heck Square, catch the heck up! How can you guys not support the galaxy S6 with this game and all the DQ games. Get your butts moving!

Despite the sprites kind of clashing with the game world this is the definitive version of FF VI best localization most content and great music

Not compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop Love this game, and will update this review accordingly when it is updated to support the new ART runtime and runs on lollipop. Can't play it now that my phone has updated.

Battle system works fine. Graphically superior to previous versions. Looks amazing. it would be great to have a controller such as MOGA OR MOGA PRO. I would like to see this on chrome os.

I love this game Greatest story, greatest characters and best villian ever

Great game, but... Only opens if you have an internet connection which somewhat defeats the purpose of a mobile game.

Good game, bad world movement I'll start off by saying I've played this game ALOT at different points in my life, so it is a great game for sure. If you have the option to, I'd say play it on snes, gba, or emulation of one of those. The movement is so stiff and I'm not sure I'll fully get used to it. The movement pad will 'stick' on screen for a few seconds after you let go while trying to adjust, so it is very anti user friendly. I played ff3, ff4, and ff5 without any qualms about their movement system, so not sure why they changed ff6

Not connecting grrr Just keeps coming up Connection lost and can't open I payed good money for this and it should work flawlessly and should be able to pay with out Internet connection FIX THIS NOW ?

The Touch Screen D-Pad Sucks!!! The on-screen D-Pad is just horrible and its pointless to try and play while I'm out and about. Good thing it has bluetooth controller support or I would have wasted my money.

Great game Just one issue ,i have a problem start up wise why do i have to have a network connection for the game just to start up it should be able to start up offline without the need for a connection please fix this ,as for the rest of the game its great brings me back to super nes days and then foward to todays technology ,a very good looking game

My God I Love This Game! My favorite game of all time! Used to have to rely on emulators to play on the go, but this new version is fantastic so far. No issues whatsoever, I'm loving everything about it. Clouds saves are great. Kind of bothered by the need for a connection to play, how can I kill time in the woods if the game won't initiate? (2013 Moto X, Fire Phone CM11)

Controls are bad Not very far into the game yet but it doesn't take long to notice how bad the controls are. I have been playing FFV and the controls are amazing. Then to come to this its a real shock. Besides the controls it looks great. Fix the controls and I'd give 5 stars.

A good remake The classic is reborn with new and updated character models and updates backgrounds. I am not that far in yet but so far the game is fun and enjoyable. Some of the text is a little different from the SNES version you might remember but nothing major so far. The worst part so far is the control is really hard to get used to and could use some tweaking....perhaps something more along the lines of what Final Fantasy Dimensions contained. No other complaints, the game game runs well.

Love the game but hate.... The game is great. Only thing I have a complaint about is it needs an internet connection to launch every time.... I understand doing it once in while, like once or twice a month every time is ridiculous.

Favorite game of my childhood Only thing i don't like is the directional pad center moves around screen want option to anchor it more like the snes emulator easier to use fine controls.

Was great, but is stuck in a loop Battling to protect Banon, half way through the game, a soldier reached him so now I get to watch the same 1 second of game play perpetually. Dumb. Lazy.

Online only SNES game? Bought this for plane flights with no connectivity, for which it is completely useless. Game won't even open.

I still hate the fishing, but... Overall I can't come up with a good complaint, bringing back one of my favourite childhood jrpg's just melts my heart. 5/5 nostalgia stars

Seriously? The game is very enjoyable. There are some MAJOR problems though. Sabins blitz commands aren't in the game. And the game freezes is Thamasa. Has anyone gotten past this? Without spoiling anything it's right when Kefka says "illusion". Cyan is actually useful now because you don't have to wait while he charges. You select the command and he waits while you can give your other characters commands. The control out of battle is a bit weird. Fix the freezing issue and I'll give it a 5 star. *Fixed bugs.

Great game but some issues with this version. A few things.. #1. People have already mentioned that the game should be accessible offline and I definitely agree with this. #2. Is it possible to 'fix' the d-pad rather than having it come up and go away? It would be so much less hassle if it could just stay in a place. With the way it is now, it jumps around and gets extremely annoying! #3. Is there a setting to make the screen not turn off while the game is open? This is also quite irritating and causes the game to crash at times =/

Very great This is a very great version of this game good work on making it but the only setback is that it drains battery very quick other than that its great

Clunky interface, but excellent game D-pad is not good. It's too big and doesn't disappear immediately when we remove our finger from the screen. It's really frustrating at times. Wayward Soul is much better in that respect. It's easily fixed and I hope they will do it. Battle control are not perfect either, but good enough. Drains a LOT of battery. Overall it's still very enjoyable. My favorite FF of all time! The game by itself is 5 stars. The port, only 4 stars, which saddens me. I want to give 5, but honestly can't. Still recommended!

Game is fantastic, controls VERY ANNOYING This is my favorite game, yet the controls are blocky and the lag on movement is horrible, I'm to the end of the world of balance about 17hrs of gameplay and I still have not been able to get adjusted to the controls, I feel bad for first time players especially for parts that are timed like the Opera scene/ultros I had to redo 2x myself considering it's impossible to not run into/avoid enemies and even worse walls because of the movement controls. Furthermore, controls+sprint shoes=WORSE FIX PLEASE

Classic game. Great port. FFVI easily ranks high on my list of my favorite games of all time. I don't know how many times I've played through it in the past, but it definitely a game I can play over and over so I had to buy this. My first impressions of this port are extremely positive. The graphics look great and I love that you can play it entirely and comfortably with one hand. Easily one of the better Final Fantasy games. I couldn't recommend this more.

Fantastic game, sometimes glitchy This is a great port of FFVI! It has all of the awesomeness of the original and more, with achievements making it even more challenging and fun. The quick save feature helps when issuse arise with your phone. The app crashes from time to time, most frequently when Gau returns from learning rage techs in the Veldt, wasting a lot of valuable time when trying to do so. Other than that, great game!

Great additional content, graphics, auto battle! My favorite game for SNES. Many improvements in this iOS version are appreciated! The D-pad is based on where you touch the screen, which makes tonnes of sense, because at different points in the game you want to move the D-pad so you can see surroundings. Dragons den is fantastic add-on. Love quick save option. Some of the updated translations are better, some worse. I wish combat controls were clearer, I select the wrong monster all the time. Never crashes, runs smooth on HTC One M8. Buy this!

Great Game & Work... Loved this game growing up and with the face lift this app gave it Love it still. No problems with loading, saving, Internet connection, cursor, nor Sabins Blitz cursor which was worried wasn't going to be smooth when downloading but in fact works great. Minor issue in recovering Locke from Star Mountain Range, when using Strago, Mog character shows in place of during battle scenes, though all actions including Lore remains. Look Greatly Forward to continuing the Final Fantasy collection, completed all prev

Crummy Control I purchased this game thinking I would be playing one of my all-time favorite Final Fantasy games. Everything is here , including some revamped graphics. However; the game suffers from very poor controls. I've tried the 4 way and the 8-way controls. Each lags severely. Also at key points in the game , it can disrupt gameplay. 1 key place is the opera scene. I hate that my experience with this awesome game has been tarnished simply by game controls. And, I honestly wish there was a way to get my money back.

Awesome. Always wanted to experience this game and now I finally get to on a touchscreen!!! The cloud save is an awesome feature! I can play seamlessly with more than one device. The game has awesome music. Only problem w the game is that I wish thr graphics were morr consistant. Either redo all the graphics one way, or leave it.

Very nice mobile remaster Brings back a lot of memories. If you are a ff fan then it's worth the admission.

Not perfect I just finished ff4 and ff5 on android and both were good. Ff6, the on screen controller is much more clumsy feeling than 4 or 5. My other major complaint is that it crashes when you try to open it while offline.

I have no idea why, but this game consumes a *ton* of battery. It even seems to use battery even while it's in the background, unless you force close. Combined with the DRM that requires an Internet connection to play, and you may have trouble getting this game to run on wi-fi only devices while travelling.

Great format Great integration to a mobile device. The format is great and easy to use. Loved it way back when and love it now.

The game is awesome and works great. Just one problem Looks great and runs good but there is no way to save the game data on the external sd. This is bad because I can't have II III IV and this at the same time

Always loved FF6 for the snes Love this game, replayed so many times, not sure what the point in changing Terra's name at one point was for, but still love this game

Love the game but... The quick save feature just cost me hours of play time. If your party falls, don't let it load the data itself because it'll load the last file saved at a save point and delete your quick save... :(

WTF this is a good game, but all of my saves SUDDENLY DISAPEARED (after a phone update?)......what's going on! So upset wth

Brilliant so long as you have internet Brilliant game, never played the original but the story and play is really good. That being said, you do need an internet connection to even start it so I would advise (as others have) against this if you had planned on doing this whilst travelling without frustration!

5 star if the controls weren't awful Love the game and the graphics look great. The only flaw is the on screen controls. Just awful. Forget about wearing sprint boots.

Crashes still Man, I love this game, but I can't play it. After a few minutes of playing, I get a message saying that Google Play is experiencing unknown issues. Then directly after the next battle is over, the game crashes. I'll sometimes make it Mt. Koltz but only because quick save automatically marks my progress at each new area. I've never gotten past Vargas without a crash. All my other apps work fine.

Best game ever But online based and the fact its on 50% sale while the price doesnt change. And the developers dont care much about customer service

Why does it need internet connection? Great game, but bought this to play on a long flight. Obviously can't do that if it must have internet to start up. Please fix this!

Long time no see.. Good old school favorite. If you like this series and haven't tried this one you're missing out.

Unknown issue? As soon as I enter game, I get a message that reads "Unknown issue, from Google play". This stops me from being able to access cloud & upload save from my newer phone. This phone stays home & ONLY works through wifi. Everything is up to date.

One big gripe I really hate that the game will not load while offline. I have to load the game at home and keep it minimized if I want to play while I am out and about. Why is this? So I can get useless experience on my Google play account? Please fix this... I know you won't though

Improved Got this on a sale and was bugged by a horrible control lag. The lag is gone now, we'll, almost. So here's 5 stars ✨ time to relive my most cherished rpg memory ?

Great game. Draconian online only DRM. This is a great port of an amazing game. The controls are a bit dodgy, but the game is otherwise fantastic. The biggest black mark against the game which prevents me from giving a five star rating is the disgusting anti-consumer DRM that requires you always be online to play the MOBILE game you paid for. This game is essentially a rental since you'll no longer be able to play it when the authentication servers are shut down. Remove the DRM and I'll give it five stars.

Can't stop I can't stop playing this game. Had every version sense the SNES. Story never gets old and the main villain you can't help but love and hate

Best Game of All Time I was a long time fan of ff7, and always scoffed at those who said this game was better. Well, I stand corrected. This game changed how I perceive reality; it really is that excellent. The movement can be a bit squirrelly at times but the game is so sexy that it is easily overlooked. Buy it.

Just... Wow!! I played this when it first came out and probably twenty times after in various forms and platforms.. I have had a hankering to replay it for over a year now but I am so glad I waited for this version !! It looks better than it did years ago emulated with 2xsai 2xeagle graphics filters, the controls are swift and comfortable, you can even move diagonally!! The translation is pretty good other than a couple changes I mildly disapprove of (but can live with) like "son of a submariner"-->"son of a sandworm".

New DPad? Hi I played through this Android version the first day it was released and now I am noticing the latest version which I recently installed only to discover a different Dpad than what i used last time. I also noticed the option under config to select keypad 1 or keypad 2. Mine is the same with either selection. Anybody help to return to original DPad?

No True Offline Support Why does it check the Internet once a day? It crashes if you don't have access. Once it checks, you can use it offline but eventually it wants to phone home again. And then you're screwed if you don't have data.

Battle screen Would definitely give 5stars if screen didn't go black when u enter battle commands. PLEASE fix this dev!!!!!!! I absolutely love this game but that makes me sad when I can't even watch the battle and the cool effects. I think a lot of fan reminisce in that ya know?

Great classic, bad network handling Loved this game when it first came out. UI is pretty easy to pick up. Biggest complaint/deal breaker is that it crashes when I have limited or intermittent network connectivity (like on the subway). Really frustrating when you go to load a game that costs this much and you can't play because it requires a network connection to launch.

Disappointed - Crashes each time it is opened and so all my progress is technically lost. + So far though, it had a great plot and was definitely enjoyable... hopefully this issue is resolved so that I can continue to play. Otherwise, I would have given this game five stars.

One of my most cherished Final Fantasy adventures! What can I say? I've been a fan of the series for nearly 20 years. I've seen the best and worst. Final Fantasy VI ranks up with the best. Deep story, a lot of character choices and battle strategies. Worth the purchase and worthy of its legendary status. A must buy for any fan of this series! Please remake this for the 3DS like Final Fantasy IV!

Classic that remains a masterpiece By my favorite game storyline and plot. Great job with the redefined graphics in the port. Only thing i wasn't fond of is the d pad. A few areas like esper cavern and triangle island were trick but other then that. Worth re purchasing this game.

Great but... Great port of a classic, but the controls suck big time. All these others saying you can't play without a internet connection are wrong. It won't connect to Google Play Services, but the game loads and plays just fine.

The game crashes at the same place! Since entering Kefka's Tower towards the end of the game, I've noticed that the game constantly hangs right after the Demon boss battle. When the battle is over, the statue disappears then the game crashes. Anyone else experienced this?

Best. Port. Ever. Hands down my favorite video game of all time. And the port couldn't make me happier. If FFIII for SNES was your jam, then look no further. Worth every penny for the amazing nostalgia and entertainment value this game provides.

Cloud save fix? My phone is connected to the Internet, I'm logged into Google+, and I'm still getting the message that the app is failing to connect to the cloud. There is no "G+" icon on the title screen, contrary to what the help screen says. If the cloud-save feature is fixed, I would give 5 stars.

Why the hype? I'm confused about why people say this is the bast game on the series. The characters don't have detailed stories, replayed music for towns, the bosses are easy, etc. I enjoy it because I like rpg but it's definitely not the best final fantasy. I still like ff9 and ff10 better. I'm rating the game but honestly on the Android two stars because the control pad is hard to get use to. I had to do the opera scene several times because of it and it's so hard to talk to NPC because of it.

Not worth it The controls are horrible. Trying to talk to town folk to advance the story is almost impossible as they move about please fix. 15 bucks? I will never give SE another dime this is one of my favorite games but should not be played on this port

Great but disloyal to the original The graphics are more catroonish and less serious than the original, the dialog has been changed to portray the characters differently, and the scrolling combat windows and tabs is distracting and poorly realized I feel. Still a great Game but will never compare to the old Snes or GBA versions. Try to get it on sale 15 dollars is outlandish for a 20 year old game.

Just play it! Borrowed the SNES version about 15 years ago & never got to complete all the side quests. Happy to finally get the chance to finish this wonderful game, even if it doesn't offer offline play.

Quicksave ruins everything How can I make it anywhere if the game loads me in the middle of a dungeon with one character alive with 9hp? Quicksave makes it impossible to finish the game. Very upsetting feature

Definitely Worth It Excellent port from SNES controller to a touchscreen. I'm still thinking of getting the Samsung Controlpad just for this game, but that's because the game is that good. One thing... No descriptions for Gau's Rages? Why?

Great port but... 4/5 stars only because they released ffix but not ffviior ffviii first and they want $20 for it? No way I'll play my emulated copy I made of my actual cd copy that I have.

Great game. Terrible online requirement. Downloaded the game and tried it out. For a pretty pricey game i couldnt even play offline?!! That ruins the point of getting this game on mobile. So 2 stars.

Bad dpad Directional input adds so much frustration that it makes the game almost unenjoyable. Its constantly moving with my thumb, and you cannot set it to a fixed position like you can with ff dimensions. Also, on startup, it usually tells me an error has occured and closes before I even get to the title screen. If not for that constant frustration, id give it 5 stars.

Brilliant so long as you have internet but crashes Brilliant game, never played the original but the story and play is really good. That being said, you do need an internet connection to even start it so I would advise (as others have) against this if you had planned on doing this whilst travelling without frustration! Also game is crashing whenever you try to access cloud save which is what brings it to 3

Must Buy. Even if you are New to the series this is a very good start point. I loved it trough and trough since i played the Snes version until today. Personally i'm a fan of the Final Fantasy Franchise and this specific title made me fell in love with it since the early days of the SNES, back when FFVI was FFIII. I simply have no words to descrive my feelings towards this game, it looks exactly as you expect it to look on mobile but that doesn't change the story and gameplay, i love it god dammit! But yeah... wait until it's on sale :s

DRM PROBLEM The reason that I bought this game was to play it offline. I spend my time traveling for business trips, and I thought this game is an opportunity to spend my time playing it 'offline'. If I knew that the DRM would ruin this game I would not had bought it. I request a refund since it is useless to me with DRM in it...

The best Final Fantasy game ever now on mobile! After finishing the game! I still can't believe this game stole my heart since the beginning of the game. The touch game play is not that hard, you can switch battle menu screen in 3 choices. Picking your magic moves and choosing your enemies is not that hard. The music so is nostalgic, that there is a music playlist to listen all the game music. This game is worth buyin, if you can't decide which Final Fantasy game to start, this one is worth checking out!

Fix the cloud Really enjoy playing the old final fantasy games. However, it is annoying how whenever I try to save to cloud the game crashes most of the time. Also the directional pad sucks compared to the other ports. If you fix the cloud issue I'll give 5 stars.