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Fappy Bird

Supplied By neoGroup    On April 22, 2015    Comments(39)

FREE Fappy Bird version1.0.5 Download

A fappy game like the original bird game! Spread your flappy wings and fly like a bird!

We all loved the original Flappy game and its famous bird, but the developer deleted his famous and challenging app. But hey! No worries, we created a clone called Fappy Bird. Yeah we know, it's not the original Flappy game with the well known bird but no worries, you will also love it and we are already working on a lot of features to make it even better.

Let's play Fappy Bird and enjoy it. Thank you!

-Beautiful Graphics and scenarios
-Four Medals~!!! - Easy, Normal, Hard, Very hard
-Various Background Graphics~!!!
-Simple Controls~!!!
-Various birds

Reference resources :
Font -
Sound -

neoGroup part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 22, 2015. Google play rating is 68.0251. Current verison is 1.0.5. Actual size 2.7 MB.

What's new

    Fix bug: The ads shows in midle game
Download fappy-bird-2.apk 2.7 MB


Fun but annoying. Advertisements keep on coming up and the game freezes. If you exit the advertisement the game will instantly continue and you will just die. The game over text has also started randomly coming up.

Good game I like the game I just wish the bird wouldn't jump so high and the speed is slow but its good and for some ppl your just bad at the game u can beat your high score and ads don't pop up while playing iv had the game 3months no problems with ads

LOSERS Your only complaining cause it's challenging this game is perfect no complaint u just make excuses to sound cool no ads pop up mid game no to glitch we're u die for nothing nope just u guys being losers thank you for the people who are good and don't complain

Nice but Ads & Lags Kill You Good game but the ads pop up in the middle of playing and you LOSE! App laggs while play extremely frustrating. App maker knows these issues yet does nothing!

Hated it I wouldn't even hit a pipe and i lost. The position of the pipes don't change like flappy bird and there are ads

Who can break my score? People! Stop this! This game is only bad to YOU because you suck at it!! I've never seen people who only hate because they're LOSERS!

I'm to addicted to beating my high score. To annoying and I need more free time to play. It steals away my time.

Terrible I don't even hit the pipes and it's game over and too many ads ??

Ok Well its good but sometimes I just get sick of it and the pipes are too small you should make them bigger I get mad when I get game over all the time ❌

Awsome Just need the spaces bigger and don't let the bird jump so high also no ads pop up come on get real people

Damn game I threw my note 4 and damaged it. I do not recomend you to download this app

Doesn't work!! When I am going on the game it says unfortunately game isn't working right now do you want to exit??

Okay Its a fun game i used to love it but it makes me mad and there are similar games out there like this one that is less sensitive than this one. You should make it like when you tap the bird doesnt go up so high. Ill barely touch the corner of the pipe and im dead.. Really

I love it when the "game over" sign descends as I'm playing. It's like it's telling me something...

Okay I love playing this app when it let's me. I open the app and it said unfortunately flappy bird has stopped. SO ANOYING

Hard Its better than I thought, but my hi score is only 5

I love this game but a lot of people said it was took off the app store ??

PIECE OF CRAP!! I mean what I say.IT'S AS IRRITAITING AS I DON'T.KNOW WHAT!*screams an glass-breaking,make-a-dogs-ear-bleed scream*

Cool. But Buggy? So basically this game is awesome but unfortunately has a few small bugs that need to be fixed. One of them is that sometimes my bird dies even if I haven't hit a pipe. That MUST be fixed. Another ting that needs to be fixed is that the ' game over ' sign floats down from the top of the screen and totally puts people off. If that is an addition, please remove it from the game. No one likes it.

Dangerous I domt think flappy bord should be on this playstore or anywhere because people can kill there selves

I cant get past first pipe Dont bother with it. This game sucks

Wow Has anyone noticed they spelled it fappy bird not flappy bird :3 Super fun game though

Rubbish It kept saying unfortunately floppy bird has stopped working and I finally got on and it said I died when I hadn't touched it

WOW This is a good game just play it this I'd the new Flappy Bird.

Cool Its really addicting . my hi score is 31 and now I keep getting 30!!!!!! Annoying !I'll rate five stars it you just let me get 31????change of plan:I got 45???

the old versions is better i like older version have funny sound and game play

Looks just like flappy bird but you can tell it's all screwy. It dies even if you don't hit a pipe.

Awesome...but it will vibrate and I don't want it to It's a good game...but the vibration

I would play on it anytime! The game works perfectly well, but I think the tubes are too small to go through.

The game is undoubtedly awesome! But it doesn't resist the popup ads which is SO ANNOYING! It really spoils the mood for the game!

Really fun I love it so hard though and it says fappy bird instead of flappy bird Opps I left it in the title lol

Best game ever But I dont like how it jumps twice as much

It's good All of you that have a bad choice don't be a poor sport

IT KEEPS CRASHING I wold give it more than 1 star if it wold stop crashing dont get this game if you have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 please please please please fix

Disliked it Because they are just trying to copy flappy bird the real one wich this one is fat and the propper one is small and better it isent the same as the other better one i disliked this one copycats they are and when i try to get in the pipe bit it wouldent let me but at the end it did but i still disliked it a lot they should take it of there its just coping

Stupid Can't get past first pipe you jump too high this game sucks

Rubbish!!! Rubbish game u can't improve your score that's why i uninstalled it is really annoying!! Don't install it you will make the biggest mistake of your life!!

Haven't had it yet Y'all saying don't download it bc you threw your phone psh that's pathetic that is your own fault bc you damage your phone.??

Impossible The game leaves very little room for error so you can't advance very far. Not enjoyable or fun