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Extreme SUV Driving Simulator

Supplied By AxesInMotion Racing    On May 23, 2016    Comments(172)

FREE Extreme SUV Driving Simulator version Download

Extreme SUV Driving Simulator 3D is the best off-road car simulator of 2015, thanks to its advanced offroad real physics engine.
Ever wanted to try an off-road car simulator? Now you can drive the fastest 4x4 SUV cars and feel a sports rally car driver in this free game!

Be a furious off-road racing driver on several different environments for you. No need to brake because of city traffic parking or racing other rival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing your 4x4 SUV truck!

Drifting fast and doing burnouts offroad had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt or climb a hill, but always show your racer skills!

Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.
ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!
Explore a detailed open world environment.
Realistic car damage. Crash your car!
Accurate driving physics.
Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows
Several different cameras.
Different game modes featuring auto traffic, free roam and checkpoints.

Will you be able to find all collectibles?

This game was previously called Extreme Rally 4x4 Simulator 3D.

AxesInMotion Racing part of our Racing and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update May 23, 2016. Google play rating is 81.7335. Current verison is None. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    NEW UPDATE v4.08
    Bug fixes and performance improvements!
    NEW UPDATE v4.07
    Destroy all the boxes!
    NEW UPDATE!! v4.06
    Speed cameras events!!!
    NEW UPDATE 4.04.3!!
    Photo mode
    Facebook integration
    Bug fixes and performance improvements
    NEW UPDATE 4.04!!
    Challenge your friends and show them who is the best with Google Play
    New extreme trial challenges! Complete them all to unlock a new car!
    NEW UPDATE 4.3!!!
    NEW UPDATE 4.2!!!
Download extreme-rally-4x4-simulator-3d.apk 0 bytes


Wow Its a bomb! But ill give five stars if there is a map.

It's a cool game. But interrupting gameplay to show an ad is extremely annoying and that makes me want to uninstall this. It's one thing to have the ads across the bottom of the screen where they can be ignored but the way y'all have this system is set up is just stupid. I'm trying to enjoy myself by playing a game, not be forced to watch an ad every 45 seconds. Which btw I'm not into the genre of games that are being advertised which only annoys me more.

Its a good game but I don't have the right vehicle to climb the mountain in the desert to get the jeep icon to unlock the jeep

This is another great game from this developer It seconds only Extreme Car Driving from the same developer in the playstore. However, I found an issue for you to look into. It is the suspension of the truck that comes after the hummvee (its the toyot ground crusher :D ) its suspension and weight make me literally feel like the truck is filled with hellium balloons that try to lift it off the ground. In external view try climbing the mountain that is in front of the tunnel that takes you to the desert and you will see what I mean. EXELLENT GAME ANYWAY

Its okay Its a Greta game but I think u should add more cars on there like a trophy truck or like a dune buggy. U should fix the grapicks a little more.... Then u should add mud in there and add weather like rain snow and stuff like that

Game request Can u make a GTA like game where you can move around the world like I'm just cause 2.also can you make add all the levels from all your games into one huge open world

Awesome Game but... But Steering Wheel is Very Small pls Make This Big Size...

As usual, comments ignored: I can't find the last collectable. I've climbed every hill, butte, plateau and mountain! I think you left it out. Please add the truck. Also, more maps like highway, city, airport. Thanks.

Good game Pls help I can't find the last token point.

I dislike it because I have one like this game but the cars not like here its good here the cars jump it self

Fahad It is very good game but please add houses for us and missions in it

More cars More cars would b nice. Like posibly a humvee or somethinv

it really nice. add also the truck please

Its a fun game. Needs more 4x4 vehicles

AMAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE OFF ROAD CAR IS AMAZING and this game is fun to play

Why is it that when i have 6.75 km and the second car is 3.05 to unlock how do i unlock it .. PLEASE HELP

Needs more cars It's OK but you need more cars

This game is realy nice:-) =-O

This is nice and awesome It seem fun to have on any phone and look cool and fun to play tho

Like the game. Just wish that you Can get the car you earned getting all the bonuses Realistic In a lot of ways

Awesome But more maps please!

Great game This is such a great game i love playing it affter school.but can u add in the shops like change the wheels cooustomize ur car like gta5.also the hummer likes to tilt bacwards when u try tu climb wals

Aswome Aswome game please add more cars

J It's ok need to put a map on to show were u can collect for the jeeps

Awsome It was cool

Its awesome Its awesome but try to put shift

Awesome Nice graphics and more cars please

So realistic Cool things

It is the best game on my iPod

I am having so much fun with this game

The ads To many ads.

The trucks awesome because my family loves trucks# the Ford truck us awesome

Extreme suv driving I like this game because it has many vehicles I like.Hummer,Ford etc.these vehicles are very nice and the way the game's environment looks.

Great but ... Great but u should make it so people can modify the cars like lift it or change the rims tint windows stuff like that. But it's alright otherwise

This is another great game from this developer It seconds only Extreme Car Driving from the same developer in the app store. I would like a pair of diferent sand dune buggys (just in case you hit with the diferent pair the buggy that I like most) I love the buggy of "the brotherhood of nod" from Tiberian Sun Renegade (not realistic) and the sand dune buggy from GTA San Andreas (very realistic) no need to use any of these two specifics, they are just my general idea of buggys that I like a lot. EXELLENT GAME ANYWAY!!

Nice Please can you add dust on the desert and snow on the snow also on the off road add a splash

Great game I think u guys should add a gear shifting,and headlights and a back light and a horn, blinkers

Beutiful BEST EVER alittle lag but awsome

THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone listen up.! This game is the best game in the hole entire world!. So download this awesome game. And like I sead IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LG G FLEX2 It is a great game but you cannot turn the sound effects down or off. Trucks flip over to easy. No real effect just smoke from tires.

Graphics I liked how fast you could get some of the cars and the damage graphics

Graphics and prices When you crash cars they look rediculus and the cars are hard to get because it's hard to get money but every thing else is good

Controls & steering can b a bit better oterwise gr88888 game

It is awesome:-) ,but they need dirt inthe dessert

J,L comments Went 18km/h in to a sing and my car broke .Not very realistic.

Need new upgrades Upgrade on the cars,graphics,different locations,and make it wear whoever play this game can be able to race or compete against one another #make#it#better!!!!!!!

Awesome game. I really like it you should have it

Supebbb Best game I have ever played

Sahil Good but ad indian trucks also

I like it but some of the collectables are too hard to get to. Overall pretty good though.

Great game. I will give you 5 stars if you make a multiplayer mode coz that would be great

Awesome, few ads but the rest is worth the ads

Cool Your games are awesome Noah out

OMG I love this game so how about you people download this game NOW!!!!!!!

Uhg Wow not as fun

Awesome This games is so good god play it

Great! From prof. Driver!

Good Add multiplayer and the Chevy suburban, the 2015 version. The old ones are stupid

Love cars I love cars but it close automatically so please fix it

Download this now!!! This game is the best just wish the cars didn't cost so much.

You know what would be really cool If you cold keep cash from the OTHER games that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahman Its cool. but. you should make it to where there are more levels

Theres hardley any missions and crap cars and to easy to unlock cars !!!!

It was good I liked the amount of vehicles they had.

Needs Improvement This game is just like the others. It's OK, but it needs improvement. There's this weird glitch where the car's wheels sink in the ground and still is driveable. The random civilian cars that are driving around fly around like paper when you hit them with your car. They need to be more solid. The game also needs more effects like explosions, sparks, and water splashing around when you go in rivers. Thank you!

Suv driving I really don't like it because that was really take a difficult time to play espicely the desert and traffic mode needs more improvement

The Jeep If you got a different color the old one will come back and forth with your new color.

Needs more I love this game but it need more things like more tracks, cars and I would rate 100 stars if possible if you could be able to get out of your vehicle and walk around get a job things like that. So overall it is a very good game!?

It's OK Needs improvement. Glitch noticed when the Wrangler is recolored and rolls over. I can see the neon green color when it does.

Pretty great game but with some flaws This is one of my favourite games that help pass time and it's good too. But, there are 2 main problems I have that stop me from giving 5 stars. 1, randomly your tires sink into the ground. 2, no side,front view, or other angles

Keep Adding to It! As it currently sits, this is a great little time-killing game once you pay the $1.99 to remove the ads. There are a few minor glitches which I'm sure are already known to the developer. I would like to see an update that would allow the further modification of vehicles (engine performance, suspension, etc.), as well as a manual gearbox and selective two-wheel and four-wheel drive with locking differentials. The addition of different types of terrain, like mud or deep snow, would be welcome as well.

Awsome This game is the best but there is some lag but I still give five star

Unfair I expect that it was cool. But my dont wants are no.1,ADS! 2,Cannot climb easily bcause of slipperyness. 3,UNFAIR REQUIREMENTS! If u dont remove that,Remember,Ur game is gonna be reported by ME! So u better fix it or perish.):(

Worst one.. This game does not respond. When clicking on drive button it doesn't response. What the Bloody game the Mad developer made. Waste of storage and internet. Worst worst.......and.......worst. Who will download this game... his is one of those donkeys and dirty piggs...Okay..........

Amazing game but please lower the ad's during gameplay and add new zones and vehicles plus vehicle modifications.

Need SOME work There are a few flaws: •There needs to be more than one world. •There needs to be more realistic physics (tipping over, etc.) •The sped meter is VERY unrealistic. •Also, the ads.... come on guys.... take it easy on the ads jakin' w/game play. •There are a few glitches but other than those things I just mentioned, this is a great game

Ads and lags! The game is good, but those ads are really destroying all the fun. Also those lags are really annoying. Please remove lags and lower those ads or remove them as well.

I love this game! But can you bring more cars like ford focus rs, ford fiester st and ford f650 thanks

EXTREME SUV DRIVING SIMULATOR Its a bit hard to steer at first, but I suppose its like all driving Sims, you get used to it soon enough.

Great games The game is really good..With cool graphics...and cars!...and I have 2 say one thing that you are best axes in motion team....love u guys...keep it up...

This app wont open I have repeatedly attempted to open the application but it just wont work maybe its the device but this game looked really cool

Good but.... No other SUV CARS? No SUV RACE TRACK EVENTS? Please also any other destination like the city. PLEASE

Love I like the game I rate 4 stars because the ads are there but you can buy and no more ads

Its awsome you can keep watching videos and get money i did it and bpught a dodge i have no problems with this game

Fix pls Tha ads guys... I mean is that even nessesary? Just fix this it destroys the fun 100 percent

Please fix My jeep is red but it keeps turning green plz fix otherwise it is the best game ever for me

I love it!!! Can you make a tunnle that goes from the desert to the mountains or from the mountains to the desert instead of having to drive from the desert through the off road to the mountains.

To many ad's! Every time I open the menu or restart the trials it brings up an ad! Too many ad's!every time I open the menu or restart the trials it brings up an ad!

LOVE IT I ❤ it buut can you add a snowkel for the cars. And deeper water. Please

Sensitivity Steering needs a sensitivity setting as this setting is far to sensitive also brakes, you touch the brake and your just going backwards in reverse, this needs sorting, otherwise I can get caught up in this game for hours.

To slow Whenever I play it works so slow, my screen freezes up and my car will not go the direction I want it to go.

Nice driving game Very good game...just to much adds...brilliant game..well done.I would give you 5stars..if there wasn't no adds

Great Game I love the freedom to drive around the large world, the challenges are fun. Damage effects to the vehicle is also great for those of you who like destruction.

Haven't played right yet, but initial rating is always 3*. So until further notice I will leave the initial rating at 3*s for now

This is fantastic!!! Keep up the good work guys!!! I like it so much!!! P.S can you add/make big rigs also plz that would be a ten ten!!!

Extreme SUV Driving Simulator It is a fatastic game really amazing

Tunnels The tunnels are a great idea.In the other game, it does not have that. It's a great idea

Vjk the best of luck for 987 the UK and I will have the right place for a 5th of same 13th of December

This game is really cool The cars should look like the inside of the car u are using

Stopped working after the last update hanged too much which disables us from playing the game

Extreme suv simulator Awesome game needs to have an industrial zone with trains and more cars

Pretty fun game It is a fun game but after a while it gets boring. There should be another one of those world sort of things for example you could make an arctic world. All in all, it is a pretty fun game.

Good game But need graphics and control update please do something as soon as possible

Epic! Lots to do and I like the idea of different world's but it would be great if there was more customisations in the game.

Needs less ads The game is great but the adds pop up any time in the game and it gets pretty annoying but like i said the game is great☺?

More attention I would love to see on Traffic Mode damage to other vehicles and get rid of the adds for everything you do its ridiculous

Horrible! This game sucks. There are only 2 biomes and when it says unlock vehicle, you have to pay game money for it and I don't even know how to get that money and loads of ad's keep popping up all over the place!

Okay, could use much improvement Great graphics, okay body damage effects. Terrible sound effects. These guys don't understand that a full size truck shouldn't sound like an electric drill at full speed...

Good game/needs improvements It is a fun game to play and there are some really good looking suvs in there. But there are glitches in it like when the wheels sink into the ground and every you got a new colour on the jeep when it flips over it changes to its original colour

Awesome Why not make a muscle car game with american cars for example the 1969 dodge charger daytona or the buick GNX etc i check games mostly when it is written axesinmotion below so please make muscle car games i dont trust the other muscle car games

It's really good I like it and you get to travel around but like I said in the extreme driving version make more new places so people don't get bored

Nice Good , but the the car is u could even improve the game more by making it intersting and have higher levels of games like giving it the touch of a race or something like that . But that's a good game

Adds To many adds that pop up in the middle of a game makes you mess up . It slides to much hard to drive sucks .

Guys make it a little bit realistic....give an option to stop playing the music.....so that only the car voice could be heard

This game is great but ya should have like 1 more maps.One is like off road but you can go mudding .Should change the garage so you can customize your truck.Then have where we can hook up trailer with hay,boat and a cattle trailer.Also should put in a new Truck that roll Coal.Then I rate it 5 stars but still fun game just get boring fast.

Few downsides Should be able to cloud save your progress so if you get a new phone or tablet you will be able to continue on. And make it a bit easier to get money please because it took me 3 1/2 months to get one pack. Otherwise its brilliant

If you turn of data/wifi there's no ads. Problems: lots of cars need spare tires but are lacking the in that respect, the jeep does a funny thing when it rolls over- it changes to a much simpler model. The hummers back drivers side wheel doesn't turn when going uphill (which doesn't seem to effect the performance) and none of the cars splash in water. Most importantly, when the "mountains" map loads, it leaves a insubstantial icey terrain terrain in the other maps. Other than that, great game.

It sucks so much, the hummer would easily climb the mountains in this game, there are to many ads, and it is super laggy, I'd you want five stars make the vehicles climb better and fix all the lags and stop with so many ads,??

Yes....! I liked this game. Its very good and runs smoothly... Very good must install.... ~~

Please consider I love this app howether it does get a little boring and i and others owuld live it if you added a multiplayer modewere you can chat and just drive with others

It is very interesting but don't play the games because it's harmful for you

Thanks for the stupid update all the cars you changed now look like piles of scrap metal

Please add lable and more car Exellent game but need improvements like sound ..power

Sooo baad dont download First of too many ads it really sucks ,its graphics is bad ,and it dont deserve one star also

Amazing Darren James, not only it suck but u too suck... ooh burn

The game is alot of fun. But better graphics and more challenges would be awesome!!!!

Sukck it Bad. I didn't get the car to play this game suck you

It's lots of fun but it really needs way less adds the pop up at bad times and causes me to wreck

I love this game so much . I like how they made houses real

Too nice.I just so love it I don't want to delete this game

It is very interesting game but don't play it is very harmful for you

Super This app is the bomb it has great graphics and is has many types of download today!

There are a few too many ads but other than that it is great! ?

My only problems are the ads I don't like when your driving and th box that pops up that says "add in 3 2 1". It's very annoying but other than that I have no problem with the game it perfect other than the ads.

Bugged??? My game keeps on showing massive piles of snow around my whole map. Even the desert

Awsome I Like The Color Graphics Audio Ouality And SFX

The quests don't work As soon as you touch anything, the quest stops working as soon as you touch anything and you have to close the app

I like it but....... I like it! It's very fun but it keeps freezing on me and I can't play the game!!!!!!!!!! :-( :-(

Hope to see Would be good to get new trails from time to time, perhaps you could add them when you have game upgrades, it would help keep players interested & involved, thank you.

Its an ok game. The only thing is when you press the gass pedal for 5 seconds your already at 100 mph

You can go lots of places that I think are cool and the first car you drive is cool

It need to be more realistic like a real world

Good graphics, but control sucks and lots of ads.

Driving Oh I just love it. Super game

It's awesome But I want to ask that where is the fourth destruction

Been playing non stop for a couple hours now. Having a great time except for all the ads and the occasional glitches

I liked it I hate the ad like so much they get in my way i always wreck because of the stupid ad

Great cars I have all the cars there great

Best game in world for smart phones I dont know what to say

To many ads Every time I drive there is a ad

Best Game ever Extreme car driving you should get it there is a airport it is the best and no adds pop up and I can play it for hours and hours you can drive what ever car you want it is the best????

Dude Its like watching a whole bunch of crappy advertisements instead of playing the game!!!

Extreme SUV driving I would like to say that the game is the the thing that keeps me playing

I have found the game quite fun and joy able and complete able and I think it could buses and taxis and transporter and Lory's and walking people to.

Good but I can't looggin my google play. When I download i cant loggin but is good to play can you fix this please because in my second acount I already have a lamborghini urus dont download this game

Update Needs a update because it keeps kicking me out. And please make it with a city and race track. And make it to where when I go into the water make the water splash.Then when I get the update I will give it a 5star.

Gr It OK it keeps freezing after 10 minutes on android so if you have android don't get it . It used to work until the new update came in which is annoying you have made a lot worse with the new update

Nice but... Its a good game but you people should improve the way the cars get damaged. The damage to the car does not seem real . It is like the cars are made of clay!!!. Pl. Make the damage seem more realstic.

Free mode It's the most fun, I'm sure there is a game idea alone in free mode, searching, finding, exploring for cars and upgrades, maybe even a multiplayer aspect to it where you could race for control of areas where upgrade drops and so on happen? Make it I'll help

Kinda good. It's good I just can turn the sound effects off. I can turn the music off but not the sfx off. I don't want to turn the phone volume off because I listen to music. Can you point me to where to the option or fix it in the future please. Other than that it's a very good game.

Extreme SUV Driving Simulator This Game Is Very Addictive and One of my most favorite games since I Installed it I fo ' know when but very fun. ☺

Addictive This game is very addictive I can play it hours. And if you hate ads just turn your internet off.

Not working Redmi 2 prime There is no car for play. Always popups no Internet connection, I have working 3g.

Bug There is a annoying bug. It's when I try to complete a trial it freezes. Sort it out.

Average The reason I'm saying it's boring is because there's no police cars or people so it gets really boring

Okay gracias DS Graphics are super terrible I can't even I can't even control can you just getting rid of this game because this game is so terrible I can't even just control my again it was it so hard so why don't you play some different game that is very good that is great graphic

little problem nice game . but for everything dont ask money then whats the mean to free game

Great game What a lovely game I only played it for few min but it was already addictive but may you add a racing mode that would be fun. Thank you

Extreme but driving simulator It's ok just make some cars for free or once a month you can pick a car for free

First the turning is super sencetive and the car goes 0 to 100 in like 4 seconds the graphics aren't that good

Sooo fricken stupid It has so many fricken ads IT IS ANNOYING

Please play the game and I don't know how to get the Porsche Cayenne turbo