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Extreme Demolition

Supplied By Cableek s.r.o.    On Aug. 4, 2015    Comments(76)

FREE Extreme Demolition versionVaries with device Download

The first demolition derby game for free is now available NOW WITH MULTIPLAYER ! You can enjoy three various tracks with your Dongy car. Destroy your enemies, earn some money and upgrade your car to maximum power.

If you like this game, please don't hesitate to give us five stars. For more amazing 3D games please donate.

This game need high performance. Only dual core smartphones are recomended. If you can't play without lags, please send me e-mail and no give bad rating.

Thank You
Cableek Games

Donate: http://games.kablik.cz/donate.html


Q: I can't play multiplayer.
A: Multiplayer isn't finished yet. It will be available in next update.

Q: I can't change quality.
A: Sometimes the game lag when it resample textures, please try click to left down corner or restart game.

Q: The game crash after click on track or when the game is loading.
A: This game needs dual core device. If you have old or low-end smartphone, please report me that you can't play it by e-mail and no give me bad rating for it.

Cableek s.r.o. part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 4, 2015. Google play rating is 83.1922. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    New content and features in 2.4
    - less advertisements
    - bug fixes
    New content and features in 1.200
    - new Car
    - better multitasking support
    New content and features in 1.144
    - change AI
    - cheaper cars and some tracks
    - bonus 1000$
    - change car radar
Download extreme-demolition.apk 0 bytes


Nicely done Great way to kill 10 mins, have some texture flicker but otherwise not bad.

The a.i. is ridiculous I couldn't beat the first level because of the stupid a.i. once there is only 1 other car left, the only strategy they have is to chase or push you. I left the game for 15 minutes and it was still pushing me around at the edge of the map. Please fix this.

Last 4 tracks - supercool Why dont u add any one of these last 4 tracks to the set of default unlocked tracks. It will defenitly create more interest in ur game. As a player I didn't knew there were these tracks. (The thumbnails doesn't convey anything also) I uninstalled this an year back thinking nothing is new in this game. I came back for a project and came to know u were hiding all the goodness of ur game till the end.these r someWords of wisdom by a game designer, my friend. Never hide the best part of ur game.Amazing job BTW.

4 stars, 4 vehicles Great game, but there are only 4 vehicles to choose from. Try adding vehicles like 18 wheelers, tow trucks, or dump trucks.

Extreme demolition I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it its so awesome and it can do awesome stuff like crash and stuff do cool stuff so that means I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it .

Its not a game I feel like this was made “only” to make me rage quit. It aggravates me so much so frequently. I can't have two seconds to recollect and get back on track without an opponent ramming me and continuously shoving til I finally can't move away. Their like zombies, charge and attack until they're dead or your dead. If you get angry easily, DO NOT PLAY.

Needs work. Addictive and fun but major flaws. Screen buttons are hard to use for steering, forward, and reserve, sometimes unresponsive. Lost ability to buy other vehicles once I received medals for first couple levels and even after earning enough cash. Stuck with the default car and color.

Good Game buT Don't u think it's time to update! Where's the Tilt steer? Those dam buttons are hit and miss for steering! And better car sounds! Come on! I'll keep dropping stars till....

Try it Do not listen to poeple that say that this game is not good if you ask me this is an awsome game please make more games like this

Need to fix this Its good but everytime I click on multilayer it closes the app and when the last car recks it craahes aswell. Please fix

Awesome I have a few recommendations 1. The devs show cars other than the default one and no way to unlock them if there is then at least have an unlockables menu . 2. A separate currency for the new maps and upgrades of you do this people won't go should I buy a map or upgrade. 3. Back to the cars MORE MORE MORE MORE there is only one car that I can play as and it's making me board, or at least more customization on the car(s)

Please make new cars and maps,and on multiplayer please make it around the world ,when you upgrade your car please make more upgrades and when i play it it starts glitching please fix

Awesome game but needs more cars to buy and more parts to buy. I maxed out this game bought everything then couldn't do anything with the money I earned.

Great game But I had 1500 and I went to buy a level then it turned to 0 and I didn't get the game fix this

No more options On my Samsung Galaxy S4. I was enjoying this game for about 2 weeks then, all of the sudden, it won't give me any options for cars or car color....I'm stuck with a single car with a single color. I'm Uninstaller it now.

Sucks There and not enough people and the one on one sucks it takes forever to beat all you do is drive in circles for like ten minutes. Stupid game

Great game but........ Where it says 'GET $ FOR FREE NOW!!!',I clicked on it and I pressed remove adds which made me pay.That is false advertising.Apart from that it is a good game.

This whole 2 on 2 gets really boring. More so when they just chase you around. And somehow the other cars can turn on a dime. The controls are sticky. I think there needs to be like 2 more cars or even 3 if possible I don't know. It was fun for 20 mins.

I bought a map but it didn't unlock and also wasted my money (not real money only game money but still bad

Sucks This game sucks, you have to keep playing the same track over and over to get money to upgrade your car, if you dont have better stats than the AI then the AI will just keep driving behind you and you wont be able to hit them

Good start Extra maps needed maybe a stadium with a huge pit hole in the centre of it. Also try and upgrade the limit of cars racing from 4 to 6 first to see how its performance works and then eventually upgrade it to 8 or 10 cars if possible. Playing off against 3 other cars isn't really a demolition. Can u try and random the computer cars to make it more intresting instead of racing the same cars over and over.

Love it This is just a game but actually No I'm not saying I don't like it its just y dont the cars explode

Good game Its good great details on the cars n stadium s. Add more of cars n stadiums make multi player go through facebook. More opponants in the ring. Be such a good game when thsts happend

Jus keeps crashing I jus playyed tis game 2 min ago and crashed 2 times. I hate it. Go fix it. And really don download tis piece of shitty crap

Impressed. Good graphics. Well polished and smooth gameplay. Very responsive. Thanks to the dev. Keep up the good work.

Small version of Flat Out pretty much The developer did a great job and seemed to put great effort into the physics, damage modeling, and A.I. system because it doesn't play like an indie game to me. If I had to pay $5 for this game, I would! Kinda wish there was a little more like cars and maps but what should you expect from a game that is free! GREAT JOB. Hope to see more stuff in updates, THANK YOU!

Control is bad I do like this game however the steering controls are a pain in the butt .when they fix it ill gladly give it 5 stars.

Steering sucks Great game with the physics and everything. The steering sucks. Better off with turning the phone to steer like in almost every car game.

Cool Love it but not many online races. Apart form that awesome game!

Controls The game is cool but the controls stop working for a min an it gets on my nerves. I wont move my fingers off. Fix problem or I will delete

I like it But i recommend that you put more levels and cars and also colors

Good but It's good but add that the tires are able to go flat

Needs more cars and levels I maxed out everything in 2 days

Good but few players There aren't that many players in multiplayer :(

I played this 2years and I deleted it because I beat the whole game and I DIDN'T know what to do with the money so I got it back

Awesome Needs new cars and more tracks but great game

It's awesome. You get to literally kill people

This is awsome There are so many maps and there cool and its so cool I I don't even now where to start and the map UFO Is to cool

Great! Good game, good graphics, great levels, totally addicting

Refund deserved I bought all the cars and upgrades and I switched phones now I don't have them it should switch over with my Google play account but it didn't

Nice. Multiplayer Modes I want you to update to add Real Offline LAN and Online Multiplayer Modes. Thanks

AI is ridiculous Please for the love of god make the AI just a tad smarter, all they do is follow your every move. Makes for a very boring game after maybe 3 levels

Great games but I keep falling through the map on UFO map and there should be a difficulty on the maps for them to be unlocked

I lost my money, I did care. Somehow I was playing around with the car buying screen and somehow my money disappeared. I had nearly 3,000 dollars in my wallet in the game and somehow it just disappeared out of nowhere. But other than that the game is fun, pretty much no lag and I would recommend it to anyone.

Does not support multitouch You can't hold down the accelerate button and then turn a different direction if your turning right and holding down the gas you have to let go of the gas then hit the left direction button then hit the gas button again if u don't let go of the gas when changing direction u just keep turning the same way otherwise this would be the best demo game on the market but until they fix it its pretty unplayable u installed

I lost money and I want it back or some one is going to be sued I spent 9.00 dollers total because I tryed to purchage an item for 3.00 total and I retried 3 times and it taken the money worth of 3purchases bye bye

It's OK..... I guess it's fun,but it would be cooler if there were actual people in them,then when your car was destroyed, you would have to run away from the cars

Needs Deliting I like the game but please make the objects in the game dissapear after you hit them so please fix this and add more worlds and cars!

Okay Its okay on single player but multiplay dont work wont allow to connect to mates server please fix then can give five stars

Controls suck! Not sure if the problem is multi touch or if the controls are too small or too close to each other, but drive / reverse dont always work. Would give 5 stars if this was fixed. One of the best demolition derby games ive played so far.

Miltitouch Realy i cant turn and hit gas at the same time fix and i rate 5 star if not i will delt it pls s3 mini

Hate it I just woke up and played on my phone when I was playing the game I got on it and it just restarted the game don't buy it it will wast your money when you buy cars to play. But hate it I'm not playing it anymore

Great game Its a great game but i would love more levels hope you have a update coming soon

Dude I love your game but I hate how at the end the always follow you and you usually lose and how do they catch up so fast FIX IT

NICE, EXCELLENT, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, SUPERB. Just add tilting to the car.

Don't listen to anyone else Best game of 21century but it won't let me join other servers ?

Very fun game This game is very fun and straight demo Derbyshire but unfortunately there are only 6 tracks and an easy medium and hard level for.each and there is only a couple cars so it's boring after a day :/

Took all my hard earned $ wen i clicked to open new track and didnt even give me the track (uninstall)

Goes back to home screen Its loads up fine then after playing for 1 round after there is only 2 cars left the game exits out

Great but Its a great game but I cant buy any upgrades and the bar is not even at the top

HTC one M8 Os sense7 Android 6.0.1 What has happened to this game the adds are intrusive pop up when playing the game and also it tries to disconnect my sim from the phone then it tries to switch the game off

Great Game Don't listen to all the people complaining about the a.i, they just suck at the game. The only problem I have with it is the multiplayer. I have had this game for a few years now and it still hasn't been finished.

Several flaws Ok bad first. Multiplayer does not work. There is only one car to choose from when before I could choose between four I believe. If I buy a track, it takes all of my thousands, meaning if I have 3246 dollars and I buy a 1000 dollar track, it takes 3000 dollars and only leaves me with 246. I work hard for the money, stop taking it away. When your 1v1 all you do is get chased, I can literally go in circles with the AI and it will not stop, there needs to be a bit of randomness. THE GOOD. Takes up spare time.

Multiplayer It would be a 5 star but the multiplayer part doesn't work. Me and my brother tried and you can create but unable to join each others. Tried multiple times

Best mobile car game I know Absolutely love it and has great maps. Too bad no one plays multiplayer cos a multiplayer match would be fun.

Stupid A.I If you are the last one then the A.I will non-stop chase you...I swear this game will make me kill my self...but other than that its a good game

Needs work Controls are hit and miss OK game but some work is needed

Good job Good job ? can't play Multiplayer though, it doesn't let me play it makes me win right off. Wondering when Multiplayer will work?

FIX FIX FIX I really wished that you fixed the multiplayer servers. They won't work. Please please please fix

Its fine You need to fix the multiplayer problem I can't join anyonescthing

Cool game Hard but not 2 hard levels and easy levels awsome game. Can a couple of more stages and cars be added becouse iv finished the game about 4 times so far.

Awesome! It has good graphics, addictive, fun, and not a ripe off. It doesn't have many ads, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! !?

Love it.... But its riping me off I've played this game for a while now but it's ticking me off. I tried to buy a track twice and everytime I did I wouldn't get the track that I just bought. PLEASE FIX!

Pretty OK. 3stars, no control options Gets boring fast, takes too long to win money. Fun game for a few minutes ...why do the graphics look so dated?

Awesome game except..... Sometimes when I play it and pause it, when I resume the cars are gone. I don't know what the thing about ads is but there hasn't been any Great game;)!!!

Pretty good games It's a fun game to play but when I turned down the sfx because I want to listen to my music but it's still on plz fix it