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Emergency Battery Charger

Supplied By Multinational Institutes of Technology    On Jan. 11, 2016    Comments(67)

FREE Emergency Battery Charger version3.0 Download

With Emergency Battery Charger your mobile device will never lose power again! OVER 40.000 SATISFIED USERS!

Emergency Battery Charger is an innovative application based on a completely new technology patented by Multinational Institutes of Technology. It uses the energy accumulated on the surface of capacitive touchscreens (used in all modern mobile devices running Android or iOS).

When a finger touches the screen, a small electric charge is created on its surface. Thanks to that charge, it is possible to determine the position of your finger on the screen. When the position is determined, the charge is immediately dispersed and the device is ready to respond to another touch. With Emergency Battery Charger it is possible to "intercept" that charge before it is dispersed and transform it into energy that can charge your battery.

The technology used in this application is still being developed and refined. The current efficiency of Emergency Battery Charger allows to recharge the battery up to 5-10% within several minutes (depending on the size of the screen). If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of this application, please visit the Multinational Institutes of Technology website: (*)

You need to charge your device at least 1% to see the result of charging on your android device (in "Settings" -> "Battery")!

(*) All the information contained herein are entirely fictional. Multinational Institutes of Technology is not a real institute of technology nor an association of universities. This application is intended only as a joke and will not help you charge your battery. Charging the battery by the application (without real power source) is impossible. You use this application on your own responsibility.

Multinational Institutes of Technology part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Jan. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 70.2874. Current verison is 3.0. Actual size 14.0 MB.

What's new

    2 x faster charging with second finger option!!!
Download emergency-battery-charger.apk 14.0 MB


Very helpful to prank

Interesting Will try this out.

Not a prank I've actually tried it at %50 battery and when I was done it was at %75 battery so this app is amazing.

Its a joke Im an electronic engineer and i can say that this is fake

Hate it Does not work

Holy bible-thumpers! This is freaking epic! My daydreaming has become real, thanks to your hard work! Oh thank you so very much!

Doesn't do anything And if it does work it takes half an hour to charge up 1% which by then it would have gone down 5% so its useless... WAIT... This is made by the same organisation that made that cool thing with the pins and that it can detect your hand to make the pins take its shape and... Im talking jibberish but this has to work somehow so... 4

This app is so stupid it takes forever to get 1% seriously . Mune Zimusoro benzi

Annoying advertisement Way too frequent ads, second finger barred till you log your Facebook. Waste of time.

Don't know Application shows battery charge going up while my phone battery is going down. Wish there was zero star rating

Good It is good although there is too much ads and your phone doesn't make the charging sign. Also not everyone wants to leave a comment of Facebook do they.

It does work but This is if you you need to swipe it 1,000 times to make 1percent on your battery but it does work but takes a lot of time to use P.S. it does take 1,000times it is in scale

Ok I found it to work best when your phone is plugged in

Terible You have to leave a note on facebook to use it do not waist your time

Its ok Its better wen ure own charger us plugges

Good Cool, just get rid of the ads though.

Anoying When I try to log in to Facebook the app just crashes

Amazing app for your phone to charge it.

It works This is awesome and it's not a prank like others. Keep up the good work

Best app I got from 47% to 54%!!! Keep up the great work guys!!!

Wow I think it's the best ever application!!!

More like (dis)recharging it It may appear that the phone is charging but nope. (Not) Legit!!

It really does work It's a real app!!

Good back up battery charger A real great back up battery charger

This app is awesome!

Really works ,but..... Really works ,but we have to swipe more than 500 times to get just 0.50% but still we can charge in emergency

Sucks!! This app doesn't legitimately charges your phone or tablet. Such a mega waste of time I don't recommend installing this

This is awesome

Stupid It is fake and uses play games

To long Takes to long and has way to many ads

Hi Best thing ever

I love it This is good

It is cool

CRASH!!! Oh crap please reply,IT Always CRASH NEED A BUG FIX

Hate this Yess hate

Well... I'm glad you added my idea in it, having a dual bar charger. But you have to post about it on social media. That's just low. I also changed my review. Not impressed...

Wow It kind of work thanx to those who created it but my finger gets tired and then I never get to the fifth bar

Usfull I love this it comes in so handy although it does tacke a while for u to charge it but it's all worth it ???

It looks awesome! But I have 6 percent of battery and it doesnt really charge I'd like some help with this please.

Worst app You have to swipe like one million times just so your phone can get from one to two

Bad I don't think I need to people shouldn't hurt there fingers cuz of these no need to do that!

Love it dose work takes a lil bit to charge but it works and in that emergency time that you need to call somebody you have the chance to do it now


Boo 1. my phone dose not have ads. 2. It dose not work. . 3. This thing suck badly

Just to get the 2nd bar thingy

It does work but It take a lot of time???

Ooo.. .... man This is great

Really cool

LOL I totally fell for it, I sat here for a hour trying, nice. I think I'll prank people at school. You guys have a hilarious sense of humor. ?

It's ok U had to swipe it so many times

This is a very good app I love this app it really works,YUL. DAVIS

Prank lol Do not download

Facebook I don't have a face book and ain't gonna get a face book for an app

This is awesome , i really like this app.

Bad Does nothing

Bad Very bad

Wow How does it work is it kinetic because where else could the energy source be? do you really have to insult everyone who rates it low or has a negative comment? It's immature and makes consumers more diffulcult

This Sucks!!! This is just a stupid game that somebody created to steal your Google and Facebook account information! In the beginning of it booting it even says UNITY Powered, and switches really quick to hope somebody don't notice!

Worst app Worst app ever.Don't waste your time in installing this app.It says that if I swipe in that area it will increase battery.But instead,when I started swipping,the battery was 52% and after swipping it,the charge became 50% .Worst app.

OMG I was on 24% and it said 24% on the app to and when I kept on swiping nothing happened ? it was off the charger the whole time but when I kept swiping it was still 24% and I kept swiping for minutes or hours then my phone went down to 20% ? and right when I put it back on the charger I waited a couple seconds and then BAM it was back at 24%

Stupid I does nothing. People who made this is stupid.

Wow This don't work for crap.

No living It actually works

Doesn't work Swipe for nothing

I love it it's just confusing Please help me

Don't work Don't want to work mad

Awful Dosent work at all