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The ecobee residential mobile app has been completely redesigned with a focus on user experience, and rebuilt with all-new functionality. The app layout matches the home screen of your ecobee3 smarter wi-fi thermostat, making it easy to understand and use.

The new ecobee residential mobile app can be used to monitor and control your ecobee Smart, Smart Si, and ecobee3 thermostats from anywhere, anytime on your Android phone.

Remotely edit virtually all of your thermostat's settings, including desired indoor temperature, humidity level, system status, system mode, and how long you would like your fan to stay on for.

View your current schedule and temperature settings as well as current local weather and 4-day weather forecast. No separate weather app required.

Use the Quick Changes menu to set your thermostat to Away when you're stepping out for a while, or create a specific schedule for when you're on vacation. Save money and energy no matter how long you're away from home.

If you have multiple thermostats you can switch between them and view detailed information for each thermostat, including current temperature, desired temperature, and network status.

For the first time ever, you can now use the mobile app to:

• Create an account and register your thermostat
• Create and edit your schedule and comfort settings
• Add thermostats and manage them in groups
• Setup your preferences for alerts and reminders
• More detailed information about your thermostat(s) including name, serial number, and firmware version
• Quick changes menu to set your thermostat to Home or Away with one tap

ecobee inc. part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 17, 2016. Google play rating is 81.8008. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 12.0 MB.

What's new

    1. Add support for ecobee3 lite
    2. General bug fixing.
Download ecobee3.apk 12.0 MB


Could be 5. Apps works great, just too bad that it's limited with functionality. No reason (IMO) why what can be done on the unit itself can't be done in the app or web app for that matter. Beside this overall very happy with ecobee!!

ecobee rocks the perfect mobile app for your thermostat. You can do just about anything on the phone that you can do on the full blown web app.

Great Start, room for growth This app is clean and well designed, easy to use. Great performance and UI for a relatively new product. Over time I'd like to see them add more information to the main screen such as a fan indicator/toggle switch, as well as humidity readings and equipment activity indicators on the multizone group screen. Would also like to see better management for grouped thermostats in homes with multiple zones, such as a quick manual away/home button that would put the whole house into a certain mode. But overall a very good app.

Useful app App works as expected. You get pretty much all of the same controls as the device itself which is nice. The only exception is that you cannot see the remote sensor status or temperatures on the app which is confusing why it isn't there. Otherwise a beautiful and well functioning app for a great device.

Great App Love that the app has almost exactly the same user experience and ability to observe and change controls as the thermostats themselves. A recent update added the ability to see the temp and connectivity status at each sensor and then include/exclude particular sensors from particular comfort programs (home/away/overnight/etc.) It's nice to be able to make changes on the fly without having to walk down to the thermostat - especially at night when we sometimes need to fine tune the temps to fall asleep. Great 'dark' design too. No need to wake up the wife with a bright screen when making adjustments at night.

Just keeps getting better The app works great and provides a slick interface that matches the one on the thermostat. The design is simple but efficient and everything is very easy to use.

Ever since the last update getting the settings to stick just doesn't work. Changing the cooling settings also changes the heat setting and vice versa. Manual adjustment flat doesn't work. It worked great before, will raise rating when fixed.

Update Adds User Requested Features The 3.6 update has added user requested features for sensor temperatures as well as participation in schedules. I am so happy that I made the choice to purchase an Ecobee thermostat and I hope they continue to listen to their customers. The app is nearly identical to the thermostat, which makes transitioning easier. The only features that I have noticed can't be accessed through the app are the Preferences which is likely due to that they can change how the system operates, not just the temperature.

Couldn't get much better The app is getting better. Unfortunately there is much more control available in the web portal (Home IQ is my most used feature) so I tend to use that. However the app works well for getting in quickly and adjusting the temperature before I head home if my schedule has changed.

Ecobee does it again New enhancements make Ecobee3 even better! IFFT integration, now with remote sensors in app!!

Pretty good app, lacking Android Wear App works pretty well for manual thermostat management, but android wear support would be much appreciated.

Controls your Ecobee3 from space... enough said I downloaded this app for my Ecobee3 back in February and have used it consistently ever since. I will say the update for the 3.6 software is very good. you can see your sensors and have slightly more control then the previous version. App is responsive on my S5 and I have never had problems with crashing or freezing. I have read a few complaints about the user interface but it matched the interface on the ecobee3 exactly which I like.

Can't set temp accuratly Seriously you change the look but I still can't change the temp by one degree? I change the temp from 76 to 74, it asks how long I would like the override to 74 to last, I tell it 2 hours. It still sets the override to 75. I try again and again same result. Time to switch to nest I guess.

Brilliant in every regard! The app, the thermostat, the sensors; are all brilliantly designed. Beyond that, the obvious respect for your customer base is what makes this the absolute best smart thermostat on the market!

This is a great app for a great thermostat I think the only features missing I'd like is fencing and an outdoor sensor for the unit. But otherwise the last update truly solved all other of my wants(sensor monitoring with app, weather on homescreen). Great job and thanks for listening to the comments people had!

Great app A great companion for the awesome ecobee3. Easy to use.

Great app for a great product The app works well. It is similar to standing in from of the thermostat. You can do pretty much anything in the app that you can do from the thermostat itself, and I can do it from anywhere that I have an internet connection.

Great app, does everything you'd expect In previous versions it wasn't possible to see a few pieces of information that you can get from the main thermostat. Corrected now, the app has always worked great.

Good app, doesn't scale well on tablet

Ecobee WiFi stat Great! Love the ability to keep tabs on my energy use!

Jack The ecobee app works great and gives you the remote access and control you need without problems.

Pretty Smart Thermostat This App lets you access your thermostat remotely. The app is quick and responsive which is a must for apps these days. Previous versions didn't allow you to see individual sensors but apparently that is fixed in version 3.6. As soon as the firmware update hits your thermostat this App will give you insight into a ton of extra stuff.

Great app for a great thermostat I love the app. It allows me to do everything from set the temperature to see when the filter needs changing. Very cool.

Excellent since the most recent software update They added the ability to see remote sensor data to the mobile app. I'm very happy with the performance, and how responsive the app is. Typically I wait no more than 20 seconds from sending the command on my phone to the system accepting and applying my new commands. They even added a splash of color to the display.

Excellent! I like that I can easily see the state of my home away from home!

Responsive, sleek interface with the settings at your fingertips I love the app, it mirrors the interface on the ecobee3 itself perfectly! can easily adjust mode, temperatures, view alerts and even add a upcoming vacation. Newest version of app is a little sleeker with switching between thermostats in a group. Looking forward to the additional features that will be unlocked with the 3.6 firmware.

Works well Portrait mode does not work on nexus 7. Stuck in landscape. Please fix.

How "cool" is that! Just installed 3 of these and now I have full control of my house HVAC from my phone.

Nice improvements, but... Tablet mode is a little wonky. It doesn't scale correctly.

Getting better with every release The Ecobee app has been improving with every release. I am pretty happy with the way it is working at this time. It is fairly quick and responds in all menus the way I would expect.

Simple and intuitive Very easy to use. I'm excited to see the new updates.

Go as deep as you want Too hot or too cold? Go in and make a quick change. Or, if you want, go deep into automated settings to fine tune your HVAC equipment. Great app! Occasionally reports unable to contact.

Fantastic update I would like it to update a bit quicker when switching between ecobee units, but overall it is great.

Awesome New update is great. I can check on the temperature in my baby's room from my phone! Well done ecobee.

Love my ecobee Easy to configure and control. Just the right amount of features.

Great app Works perfectly.

Remote sensor support This app not only needs to be able to show the remote sensor readings (which I have 10 in my home), but it also needs to be able to create heating/cooling schedules based on the remote sensors as well.

Used to be better The application interface used to be much better. I'm not even sure if I make changes correctly when adjusting the thermostat. When using the Galaxy S 6 touchscreen to change the thermostat setting, it brings up the copy and paste dialogue screen overlay everytime w/o fail. It just doesn't have the same refined "feeling" that I had become acustomed to using

the hardware is awesome the software is convoluted, non-intuitive even harder to program then the old thermostats were. tablet version lets you see many settings at once. not the phone version, nor the unit. to change the fan settings u have to go fishing for the right menu, to change the schedule times you go to another menu, to change the temperatures- yet another menu, to see the different sensors temperatures- u go fishing for another menu, u have to memorize where these are and be baffled by what the titles could mean

Not designed very well The first problem is I can't use this app to talk directly to my device, it has to go through ecobee's site. So if they are down the app is useless. The second issue is the layout and gui is moronic. You could easily put everything on one screen and allow for specific temp input. Dragging a bar to a number is the lowest form of programming. The only reason it deserves 2 stars is because it actually exists and you can stumble through controlling your thermostat.

Works on my hisbands phone but not mine. It just randomly decided to stop working three days ago. Customer service was not helpful. Told me that there was nothing they could do that it should work.

What moron changed this? What a bunch of idiots!!! They had a very workable app and they just had to screw it up. I am a General Contractor and i am removing ecobee immediately and will never recomend them again. Good job ecobee idiots. UPDATE.... This app still has very limited functions. I have spoken with CEO and he has no idea what is going on. I absolutely feel sorry for a company that screws up a good thing. I for one, am staying away. Heed warning...

Life Made Easier KISS Keep It Simple Stupid! The interface is simple and direct and provides me with all the features I need. I just don't use it, like the ecobee3 itself I set it and forget it and admire my wisdom at buying it each and everytime I walk by it. Every so often I click on the be just to show people how nice it is to be in complete absolute control of my domain. LOL!

Turns your phone or tablet into a remote control for your home thermostat! I love it. Simple, intuitive, and allows me to do anything I need to do with my HVAC system from any place with a cell or wifi signal. May not have all the features that power users crave, but it has everything I need.

Could be better If holding down to swipe the menu for too long, it will open up whichever task the finger last touched. Which is kind of annoying because it's too sensitive. As well as it would be nice to have an admin menu to show the usage time if the user wanted to see them.

The app isn't designed very well It isn't very intuitive to set up schedules especially if you want super details ones for every day. The website also isn't that great and oddly enough doesn't work we'll with a mouse because it feels designed for a tablet

App is great and looking forward to updates My only complaint initially was that you couldn't see sensor data on the app. Well the folks at Ecobee fixed that and now this app is an easy 5/5. The interface looks the same as the physical thermostat, so there is no learning curve and everything is the way you would want it to be. Great app from a great company.

Easy and intuitive (mostly) Works great. And almost full functionality. The only thing I can't really do which I'd like to control from the app is the ability to adjust the minimum temperature and the only non intuitive UI I had to learn was that the 'x' which I'm used to see as meaning 'close this dialog' is how you delete a setting

Love it I lpve how i can adjust the temps from the phone. We have saved energy costs by using this app with the Smart Stat.

Any plans to integrate Android Wear to this app I would very much appreciate if this app could be improved to be compatible with Android Wear. I saw recently that the Nest added Android Wear support to support functionality on the watch. Hopefully someone from Ecobee can confirm if this is in the works. I'll put 3 stars for now until this feature is implemented.

Nearly 5 star. I really like the dark interface for making adjustments at night and not blinding yourself. One feature I use a ton on the unit itself that seems to be missing in the app is the ability to turn on the fan for limited amounts of time.

Nicolas S. This app keeps getting better and better. Ability to control heat/cool from anywhere is awesome.

Not as good as original New app has issues with connectivity and not as easy to operate. They need to refine and get the bugs out.

Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The app does not load on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Should have all functions It works fine but it should probably have the same functions as the unit or even the Apple App for a 5-star review. Can't view the sensor info or smart IQ...

Updated: works great on Galaxy s5 and Dell tablet. Fast and useful. The perfect mobile app for your thermostat. You can do just about anything on the phone that you can do on the full blown web app.

The app on both tablets/mobiles works pretty well. The animations seem to be a bit slow, but in general, they work well and do the trick!

The app works pretty well and the UI matches the thermostat. It's only fault is sometimes it tells me that can't access ecobee.

I love my ecobee 3 stat it's the only real smart stat on the market! If you want to save money then this is the stat for you! The app is great and it's very responsive when changing settings. Of course it has its moments but ecobee is always fixing the bugs. Just remember when you have a problem just report it and let them know.

Its only a thermostat. But would have been nice if the app wouldnt be so wonky and awkward to navigate.

Still no widget? App is decent and I like that it gives you access to a number of functions. Intuitively using the back button on your phone instead of in the app can cause you to get lost in the menus and should be better implemented. Also expect there to be a widget by now, as other brands have. Would like to know if it's at least in the works...

Good app but... The app is good but has not been updated in over a year! Also, Ecobee released Gen 2 thermostat within a week of me purchasing Gen 1 at BestBuy, and never notified me of the fact. Now, I have no way of getting Apple homekit support and a $250 outdated device that hasn't been updated in over a year! Not pleased.

This is a great app for a great product. It loaded the first time and logged in with no problems. It can be a bit laggy at times but i think it is more due to my connection at the time

Nice, but could be a little better Love the thermostat and remote sensors. For the app, after clicking save then the back button it would be nice if it didn't back you through those steps you just saved, it would be nice if it backed out of that option to the previous screen.

Backstack is broken. Backstack is broken where I've gotten stuck in a loop. Temp control is OK for free degrees but requires multiple swipes for temp increase greater then ~5 degrees. For a heat pump, I can't find a documentation to know whether aux has kicked in.

Good, not great The app works really good, but the iOS one is way better. Once they make it like the iOS one, it will be a 5.

I like the interface and design. However the back end (EcoBee) doesn't seen so reliable. I randomly get an error that the app can't connect to the internet and that I need to check my connection and try again when I have better signal. Reason I believe it to be on there side is it is random and does it on both WiFi and 4G when all my other apps get online no issue. Oh and unfortunately no gadgets and no Android wear.

Ok app Works ok. Not super user friendly. Would be nice if it told you what mode it was on if set to Auto based on your set schedule. I hear my fan coming on when it shouldn't be since (Away)

Nice app but very sluggish.. Simple thing like changing the temperature with the slider can be a pain.... Hopefully they step away from the ios app which is great and bring android users up to par.

App has a clean simple to use UI which matches the interface on the thermostat identically. I give 4 out of 5 stars as the temperature slider isn't perfect and may require a couple of attempts to get the temperature you design. Additionally, it is disappointing that HomeIQ cannot be accessed on phones (Only available for Tablets).

Still buggy Mobile phone and tablet has different functionality. Not able to control Aux from tablet. Some app functionality not re-query the device state and kind of sent and forget. It is quite frustrating to know whether or not my aux device is actually working or not. Please fix and I'll update my comments.

I love my Ecobee. The Android app could be more userfriendly (or maybe it's a glitch on my phone). I don't love that it forces me into landscape mode to use it.

Ridiculous. UPDATE: thermostat is now unreliable. Please stop trying to make this a fancy app. Elegance isn't achieved thru useless, encumbering animations. Simplify it. Make it look and feel like a modern android app---conforming to google material standards. It doesn't tell you which custom mode you're in, and no way to change into a custom mode that I can see. UPDATE: Thermostat has been wonky. Sensors aren't registering, and there's no system status to tell if it's my thermostat or Ecobee network. App crashes a lot. Does Ecobee read these reviews?

Good but could be better Overall good application.what I would improve is the temperature changing interface. The drag control is a 50 50. I would prefer simple buttons with +1 +2 +3 -1 -2 -3 instead. Some devices do not work well when dragging. Also as advanced feature I would let the user being able to access all the thermostat settings (right now some configurations can only be made at the thermostat).

I'm very happy with Ecobee3 and the Android app. It has everything the competition has and more. It is nearly the same across the app/web/device, but the app is lacking some abilities like HomeIQ. I don't enjoy the "Loading your thermostat data" screen. I would prefer to get the interface to come up from the last download and have some message near the bottom saying it's updating. I need to determine approximately how much data is downloaded each time on my phone with each opening of the program. I love the sensors and hope to see this and HomeIQ soon on the app. Sensors are a big plus for this system. I know they are actively listening to the community and am excited to see the future app and device updates. Make sure you do your homework on all devices to understand how Ecobee3 does so well against the competition.

Hardware + features 5. Android app 1. Horribly slow app with a laggy ui (on a top of the line phone) that I use only if I am not home, as I can get to both thermostats way before the app loads the data. Also, would it kill you if you fetched information from all units within one house, so users wouldn't need to endure that unbearable slowness per thermostat?! Another point: I chose this over the Nest because of its features, but I hate the fact that they are buried much deeper on an unnecessarily minimalistic ui.

First ecobee app was great. This one not so much.. Original ecobee app was awesome, easy to navigate, easy to use, and easy on the eyes. This one has huge issues. 90% of the time the app has connection issues and can't talk to my thermostat. When I'm actually able to connect the app is very slow and sometimes unresponsive. Navigation through the app horrid. Ecobee please fix your app! Actually just re-release the old one.

I love the thermostat itself. The app on the other hand, is simply ok. My biggest disappointment is that I can't view the logs from the phone UI like I can in the tablet UI. It's also disappointing that the tablet UI requires horizontal scrolling. It's basically the website jammed into a container that doesn't quite fit tablets as well as it should. The logs are also always an hour behind current activity. In theory, the app should be able to "pull" the latest data from the thermostat but doesn't for some reason. The information itself is presented in a dramatically different manner on phone vs. tablet (and also the website). Ideally, you will re-evaluate all of these differences and make a more holistic and consistent experience across devices. A truly responsive app will work great on any device at any orientation. I know it's not easy but there are plenty of great UI designers addressing challenges like this. This is the kind of thing that separates a decent app from an awesome app.

Great device, great App The Ecobee3 thermostat is pretty easy to install. It has a remote sensor for other rooms. It currently has rebates through Com Ed & nicor gas. There is much help online if needed. Works well, keeps temperature steady has many additional modes to save energy and make you comfortable. I saw many nest reviews that had failures and higher heating cost. When I purchase I want to know the good and the bad. Only negative to me with Ecobee is only one smart device (user) can control it.

Still sucks. The app programmers are obviously learning android off stack overflow. A year later this app is still mostly useless, except that at least I can log in with the long password I've always used on their website. Sure I can change the temp remotely but trying to set up a schedule makes me wish I had my programmable thermostat from 2003. The app is so unintuitive and unresponsive that crap from home depot a decade ago seems user friendly. Sorry guys. I left nest when they sold out to Google, but...I'm out.

This thermostat is the best! The app has improved greatly in the last 6 months. Before it had trouble with the back button, but now it seems to make sense and shows me the information I need. I love the fact that I can always be in control of my houses HVAC, as long as I have internet. The best part is when I'm being lazy and watching TV and I want my room to be an exact temperature. Ecobee knows exactly where I am and where I want it to adjust the temperature.

Switching to nest Horrible app. Reports my system wrong have reregistered and it still sucks . I loved it at first but it gets worse everyday Used to be good, but the app is now crap

Dumb and ugly The black background is stupid. Can't see if its light out. Everytime I change a setting and save it goes back to the original setting it likes. Also goes into programmer code a lot so you have to restart app. Freezes a lot. Says u have no connection when you clearly do. Big piece of garbage.

The app is very pretty and easy to use. It allows for easy adjustment of temperature and notifies you about problems with the system. On tablets it also allows you to access the HomeIQ and historical data, but it does not allow this on phones. I wish it did. It would also be nice if it had a temperature widget for quickly checking and adjusting the temperature.

It works but its just a web wrapper. Its easy to use and gets the job done but its just a wrapper for the web portal. Keep this in mind when navigating through the deeper menus to avoid frustration. Kinda pointless, just use the web portal.

Jenky Every time there is a disconnect/connect screen before it logs doesn't go away and I can't get into the app! And the little remote senors, they almost never stay connected, almost useless

The app works well and doesn't crash! The only complaint I have is it takes a littler longer than I'd like to load when opening it.

This is a great app for a great product. It loaded the first time and logged in with no problems. It can be a bit laggy at times but i think it is more due to my connection at the time

Can't tap on action buttons Finding the touch action zone is tough. I have a Nexus 6 and I've seen people have issues on tablets as well. This app needs a revamp for high res screens.

Lots of potential but laggy Any reason why it is so laggy? So many more features can be added to the Android app like the home IQ feature only accessible via browser. It's quite annoying to open my chrome browser to be able to have full access. Things to improve on : 1) automatically change comfort settings when everyone leaves the house as per smartthings detection. 2) allow sensors to be associated to different comfort settings. 3) allow different time delay for the sensors before ecobee3 reacts

It's ok Still awkward and frustrating to navigate through the menus on a cellphone. The tablet version is a lot better.

Easy! This app is great. It's really user friendly and easy to understand. Great job!

Still sucks as of 4/7/2016 The app programmers are obviously learning android off stack overflow. A year later this app is still mostly useless, except that at least I can log in with the long password I've always used on their website. The app is so unintuitive and unresponsive that crap from home depot a decade ago seems user friendly. What is this? Shows up on wx page: "{{"

This app is broken. If your sensor disconnects all the time like mine does then Everytime you open the app you're presented with infinite dialog boxes you have to acknowledge. But there's a catch/API rate limit apparently because after acknowledging a certain number of those, the app says you can't connect, try again later. So you wait, and try again later.. and again you're presented with a bunch of dialog boxes you must acknowledge. Endless cycle. The app is unusable.

I replaced my thermostat with an Ecobee and it works great! I love how easy it was to install and operate. It can tell when you are home and changes the temperature automatically. Simple and convenient. The app works as expected and provides a good interface

Works great but avoid tablet mode. In phone or low res mode it works great. Its like having your ecobee in your pocket even when your away from home. But in tablet or high res mode it turns into a crappy front end to the web portal. It does the same on both android and ios. You may need to tweak your dpi settings to switch between the two, there is no setting in the app to make it happen.

Love it, all of it! Bought ecobee3 and an additional 2 sensors and it works flawlessly and has exceeded my expectations! It's very easy to install, did not need to pay a professional, main controller interface is very slick looking and intuitive, apps are just as slick and intuitive main controller. Having the ability to set our bedroom temp for sleeping and daytime temps for the main level is AWESOME. Customer support 8am - 9pm 7 days a week and very curtious and helpful, need I say more?

New interface is much better, but needs work The onscreen action bar is bizarre and doesn't adhere to any android guidelines that i know of. Capacitive menu button (Note 3) exits the app. Would also be nice to have the ability to name a thermostat to something other than its default numerical ID. UPDATE. Latest update makes this app almost unusable. Changing temp settings freezes app. Nothing has improved on the interface, which is completely unlike just about any other Android app or there. C'mon guys. You can do better than this.

Does the job, but it needs an overhaul This app does its job well, which is communicate with your ecobee3 thermostat to allow remote monitoring and to remotely change the thermostat settings. However, the UI is very clunky and has a very unintuitive setup. It needs a serious overhaul. Furthermore, the app doesn't all the user to review all data that's available when you log into the ecobee website (historical data, for instance). Does its job, but the UI is in desperate need of an overhaul, and they need to add missing features incl OK Google

Awesome app. Emulates the display on the actual thermostat. I wish the startup screen listed all of my thermostats versus going directly to one of them.

Nice but ... You can't adjust anything until all your remote sensor lost communication splash screens are gone through. Please update app so can update rating

Excellent App More versatile than expected. Took me a little longer to figure out how to turn the furnace off. Figured it out within mins.

Great app This is a must have for anyone with an ecobee3. All the controls that are on the device. Been using for a few days now and the app is very responsive

App needs work When I adjust the thermostat from my phone, it will register my adjustment plus or minus 2 degrees from where it should be. It reflects that in both the app and on the thermostat, takes patience to get it exactly where you want.

Where's The Icon Your update I downloaded this morning from Google Play Store removed the ecobee icon. Folks just like the Nest this is a really expensive gadget for what it does. You can do just as well by remembering to adjust your thermostat when leaving and entering your home. There are much more basic yet programmable thermostats w/remote for much cheaper. My verdict: Save the $249 and spend $50 to $75 for its little bee or something similar, can we really be this lazy? My estimated cost $60 via TriEagle.

It's Ok Does what it's supposed to. Recent update STILL doesn't have Geofencing (ios has had it for months) without having to use IFTTT. 1 star lost from my previous review for the mediocre update.

Love these stats! My only complaint with ecobee stats is the app cannot directly connect to my thermostats. Even on the same network the app fails without Internet access. That dependency isn't a deal breaker but it's a pretty big let down. There has to be a way to allow the app and the stat to communicate when they're on the same network regardless of internet access. Otherwise these are the best stats I be ever owned.

Getting better, but still needs work Still lacking widgets years into development. I should be able to make changes with widgets, such as switch to home/away, turn on fan, etc. Also, frequent communication errors forcing me to press retry.

Needs Android Wear support After the latest update, the temperature slider isn't working as expected. I would like the ability to check status, set away, and adjust the temp with my android wear watch and widgets. Insteon integration might be nice too. More usage reporting from the mobile app too

Change messed up The update removed the icon and now the app just gets stuck on the remote sensor reconnected page. Went from great to useless in one minute. Please fix

Doesn't open anymore Sent an email last week but I didn't get any reply.. This app won't open on my ASUS TF201 anymore.. Would you pls. resolve this issue?

The latest app is unusable since I get 40 screens asking me to acknowledge that a remote sensor has between restored. Then it times out after and tells me that connecting has timed out. Can the developers add an "acknowledge all" feature ?

Useless Go back to nest! bought for remote sensors and they constantly disconnect, then the app just stays on that screen and is in usable.

Clean and user-friendly! The interface is reasonably responsive and mimics the ecobee screen which makes the whole experience seamless. I did run into a couple of slowdowns but nothing that is a deal breaker.

The App is very clean and intuitive. I've never had any issues with it.

Quirky since last update App worked perfectly before. Now it locks up when trying to change Temps and loses connection and I have to "retry"

Local weather error? The local weather through the app gives me an error. "" anyone else have this error?

No Longer Works After last update (April 2016) app does not open. Black screen and message that, "Unfortunately, ecoBee3 has stopped working"

It was ok But after this latest update it just crashes to desktop on my tablet. I will be expecting a new update real soon. Noone has responded. Are you going to fix this anytime soon?

Love the thermostat easy to use looks great on the wall keeps my home warm and cool.

Updated app has bug Updated app has a bug. I have two Ecobees and when I switch between them it always fails to connect. The error screen pops up and I have to click Retry.

Freezes all the time while dragging the temp circles up or down.

App lags a little, but it has lot of potential. Also if web portal can be integrated into the app itself, it would be useful

App interface is just like the thermostat. Easy to use. Currently can't connect to the ecobee3 because it lost connectivity but when I was able to use it, it worked as stated.

Love this app. Can control my Ecobee from anywhere!

App needs to be rewritten from scratch It is nearly the same across the app/web/device, but the app is lacking some abilities like HomeIQ. I don't enjoy the "Loading your thermostat data" screen. I would prefer to get the interface to come up from the last download and have some message near the bottom saying it's updating. I need to determine approximately how much data is downloaded each time on my phone with each opening of the program.

Multi sensor management is poor You could tell an engineer over engineered the multisensor mgmt. It tries to be smart but creates hot and cold zones on sensor switches. Also, when you manually adjust the temperature, it ignores the sensor that the schedule is set to and switches to the sensor in the home schedule. This is a problem at night when I'm in my room and want to change the temperature.

Slow performance and weird layout Even after several updates it still doesn't fit on the screen of my Nexus 7 2013 properly. It is just a bit too big so you have to scroll to see the outside areas of the screen. Very annoying to use.

Great idea, some features lacking The app works, mostly. Back button is broken, it's not being managed by the app correctly, so it tries to go "back" into sub menus. The multiple sensors is great, except it's not smart enough to control the recirculate fan and instead runs the A/C more than necessary.

Works great, there is still a caveat. The ability to make basic adjustments to the thermostat should not be dependant on having internet. Statistical features I can understand needing internet and the data base but basic thermostat changes and operation should be allowed if on the same network! I do like these stats though. Keep it up.

Works better than the demo I'm happy with everything. Two suggestions. One is to move the currently running equipment to the main screen rather than inside of the quick changes screen. The second is to allow the "smart home/away" and "follow me" features be changed on a per comfort setting basis.

Automatic fan control still doesn't work on mobile internet. Fan control doesn't work on mobile app when using cell internet.

App Works Excellent Good app, wish you could do more like see system monitor & check monthly reports like you can do online. Maybe that will change on a future update.

Latest update With the latest update I keep getting a message indicating that it can't connect to the Internet even though I am clearly connected.

Good app with an exception App is nice for contolling thermostat, but lacks the reporting you find from a desktop.

Love it The best smart home thermostat I've seen.

Everything I wanted Not really sure why some people hate this app. Does everything the thermo does remotely. What more do you want? Maybe those were responses to a to a prior version. I love that I can now control my humidifier with this. Just needed to run a couple extra wires. My only complaint is that the adhesive for the remote sensor isn't strong enough. Whoop-dee-do.

Usable for controlling thermostat Useful for controlling the thermostat remotely. But the layout is poor and the navigation is driving me nuts. Seriously needs more experienced Android developers and UX experts. It's just bad at so many levels. I have 2 thermostats and switching between them is needlessly complicated. The landing page could easily show a dashboard if there are more than one thermostat. Apart from the navigation, there is a wealth of information that the thermostat has that is surfaced on the web, but not in the app

Fine as a remote for your thermostat The only reason I chose to get a smart thermostat was to gain greater insight into my energy usage. I really wish this app offered access to the homeIQ/system monitor info. Without that, this will have very limited use to me.

Error The connection to the server was unsuccessful but the path it was trying to access was a local file. I was able to register and use this once. Then i closed it and i can't get it to open

2-star Software The experience with the scheduler is horrific. The hardware is impressive but using a web views for a client really adversely impacts my experience. The interface architecture is simple enough it could have been done better natively. This feels like an iOS app.

This is a great app. It has all the functionality and visibility that you would want to work with your thermostat. The only thing that led me to 4 stars is that I wish it included a few more of the features that are present on the ecobee website such as a chart of the thermostat temperatures.

If I didn't pay $500 for the thermostats, this might be 3 stars. This app desperately needs an update to make it more responsive and user friendly. The dashboard should also be available in the phone version. I find myself getting up to change the temperature because the app can be glitchy and slow to respond. I shouldn't complain since I need the exercise.

Misuses the "back" button. The back button should go up one level. It is not meant to work like a browser back button. Try this. Click schedule then click a comfort setting click cancel and go back in. Repeat multiple times and then try to press back. This should take you back to the main menu but instead you'll find yourself cycling through every page you looked at in reverse. Clicking the back button should always take you up one level in the app.

This app is incredibly terrible. Drag the heater temperature to 75? Sure, the app says, let me silently change that to 72 on you. Drag it back to 75. Ok, now it's 73. And so on... The navigation stack is totally broken. Hitting the back button swipes pages in from the right (which is very confusing when you're navigating back from a page that also just swiped from the right). EVERY page you navigate to from the point you open the app stays in the back history.

Getting better, but still needs work Still lacking widgets years into development. I should be able to make changes with widgets, such as switch to home/away, turn on fan, etc. Also, frequent communication errors forcing me to press retry.

Decent Thermostat - LOUSY App Not great app doing nothing more than wall unit, annoying menus. Last update real issues & nothing fixed in weeks?!? FIX COMING ECOBEE?? Blank screens now & NO, reinstalling does not fix this, getting worse #fail

Thermostat rocks, app not so much I find the interface... Lacking. Generally it works and I can accomplish what I want to (changing settings remotely) but it's so clunky and slow. It loads EVERYTHING every single time I open the app. It doesn't seem to store anything in the cache, so if I switch apps for a second it needs to reload all info when I switch back. I also find the use of the "back" button to be incorrect. And please, please, please just make a widget so I can simply monitor my temperature easily.

App is getting better At least it now shows up in portrait instead of forcing me to use landscape. As awesome as the thermostat is and how much money it's saved us, I expected a lot more from the app. It's really quite terrible and is just a very laggy mobile version of the thermostats screen. Needs to include all the features of the website like HomeIQ to make it at last decent.

It's your only option I like that you can control every aspect of the thermostat from this app. But it is sssoooooo frigging slow! Changing the date for filter change alerts is painful! It easily too me 10 minutes to tap through each month individually from 2014 to 2016. Plus another problem is that you can't close the app. There is no close icon. If you try and back out, it will just cycle backwards from all activities you just performed. To close the app, I had to dump out to the main screen and then force quit out of the app.

Junk Called customer service they said they would have to call me back never did. If you buy this junk you're on your own.

It's ok Still awkward and frustrating to navigate through the menus on a cellphone. The tablet version is a lot better.

Anywayt , anyway to get the older version. It was really good. The update is horrible. You cannot turn off individual thermostats

Love the thermostat, hate the app, kinda I work out of town and the app would not allow me to make adjustments from my work location. Went out of town this past weekend and forgot to raise my temp and could not connect. remote sensor seems to lose connectivity quite often. I installed is thermostat with my brand new rheem 14 seer split system. Other than the above mentioned, it seems to be ok. Not sure if it's worth the $260 I paid for it at Home Depot

Best Thermostat App It is a excellent Thermostat which allows you to set up comfort levels in your home. I have two installed which provides me comfort throughout my home. The app allow me to control all function of the system

It gets the job done It's easy to use to check ur thermostat and adjust temperature but it is a pain switching between 2 thermostats. Also sometimes when setting a schedule it seems to get stuck in a loop and won't let me out. Seems like no matter how many times u hit back it dosent take u to the home screen just around and around in the settings. Would be nice to see energy reports in the app

Buggy When manually setting the temperature, the app always saves the temperature one degree higher than what I selected. Also keeps telling me it cannot connect to my thermostat even though Wi-Fi and thermostat are working correctly. Closing and reopening the app eventually fixes this. The app also seems to be delayed when updating as the stats displayed don't always match what's on the thermostat. Stock Nexus 6P.

Thermostat is awesome. The app can sometimes be slow to update or connect to the thermostat. Many options that are on the stat are missing on the app. There is no Android Wear tie in, which is a missed opportunity.

I actually like the app more on my tablet than on my phone. The tablet version gives a lot more information (almost as much as the ecobee website), and allows you to control the thermostat. I do really like the fact that the phone app is essentially a 1:1 mirror of the thermostat interface itself. It is especially useful for my wife, as she knows how to use the thermostat and didn't have to fumble through the app to be able to do things remotely.

No customer service I tried to set a reminder date to service AC, but had no control of calendar. When I used the company contact button and entered my question the only response I got was that my question was sent. I tried again a couple of days later and still no response.

Good product with a very bad app. Temperature do not stick most of the time. If you set it to 70, the app refresh a show 72. Multiple time I changed the auto away to off inside the app and the thermostat didn't make any change.

Laggy Latest update is even more laggy and unresponsive that it was. I am ready to return this and get a nest. Please fix it.

Bangin' This thermostat and accompanying app are exactly what we needed to fix our goofy heating cooling situation. Also fixed what I guess is now a common issue where HRV control can trigger the AC unit. No longer does now. Thanks ecobee!

Good app but missing some things on the phone version compared to tablet version like the charts. The phone version is basically the same interface you get at the device. Still useful, but not inclusive of everything I was expecting.

Installed the thermostat myself and it works great. Downloaded the app and now i can control the thermostat remotely. The app is a bit slow, so maybe that part can be improved. but otherwise, it's a great product.

I have two thermostats and this gives me fine control of everything. I can lay in my bed when it's too hot or cold and adjust things. If my wife takes the baby downstairs, i can make sure it's warming up before she heads down outside of our schedule. Perfect!

Does the basic job.. Great looking interface. Wish there were also simple discreet plus and minus buttons to tap adjust the temperature by 1 degree.. Rather than swiping to adjust, which I also find annoying on the home unit. Smart watch integration would also be nice.

Not bad. I love the fact that I can control the temperature without having to run to the controller. But I keep having to uninstall and reinstall the darn thing cause half of the time it won't open...

Great When App Works! Have been losing connection via the Android phone app the last couple weeks. This happens on wifi and LTE. Error message states unable to connect to thermostat. Eventually it does connect but still very inconvenient when I can't glance or adjust the thermostat from my phone. I'm using the most up-to-date phone and thermostat software according to your support staff. I've also uninstalled/reinstalled the phone app and rebooted the thermostat to no avail. Please fix! Using Android 6.0.1

Needs Android Wear and OK Google support I would like the ability to check status, set away, and adjust the temp with my android wear watch and widgets. Insteon integration might be nice too. OK Google integration. More usage reporting from the mobile app too.

Nice but ... App had been updated since last review and now you no longer need to close out all of the remote sensor lost messages before it will work. Thank you.

Still crashes on galaxy tab 2 android 4.2.2 App won't even launch on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Frustrating that this is still not fixed!

Good app How come out doesn't show my home iq data on my phone but works on my tablet?

Not bad but App needs to be fixed...does not show my local weather forecast...just shows an error message....I emailed tech support and they couldn't help me.

Works as intended It does its job but I usually just use the website since I can access Home IQ from there.

ECOBEE3 app This App works pretty well. It gets me remote access and control of my homes thermostats. Very convenient.

Nice interface but slow to update when opening app

Intuitive and Sleek I love this app. Well designed and very intuitive. I can't wait to see the analytics added onto it.

Intuitive Nice because it looks exactly like the thermostats interface.

Great way to control your ecobee on remote. Need more function to make it 5 stars

Slow SLOOOOOOOOOW (older versions worked much better)

Like being able to see my usage and program from almost anywhere.

Good app Please add pull down to refresh data.

The ecobee3 and app have allowed me both ultimate control over my environment and my utility bill. For over a year, this has been thee best tech product I've purchased. Easily installed! Simple to operate! ecobee3 makes my life easier! I have to add that the Support Team at ecobee is the finest of all Tech Supports. None can compare to their skill and response.

Needs some work 1. Local weather section shows "{{" which runs off the screen and gives no data as others have pointed out, please test your app on multiple recent phones and OS versions. 2. Improve Amazon Echo experience, once again please test thoroughly and see if you would enjoy living with it. Fix these 2 things and you're at 5 stars. Thank you for a great product, keep working hard to stay relevant.

Great Thermostat! This thermostat is nice! It looks nice and works well too! The touchscreen device's interface on the wall is the same interface in the phone app. This makes using it very fluid and familiar. Integrates well with SmartThings, Harmony Hub, and IFTTT. In my opinion, it's more expensive than it needs to bee. Overall happy with it.

Getting better Version 1.0 worked fine. Subsequent version were very buggy until ecobee finally fixed most of the issues in the last version! . It's not perfect, but is quite usable. Haven't used the latest with support for ecobee lite. I'll stop while I'm ahead.

Better than.... The old mercury thermostat I had! Seriously though, it's a wonderful thermostat, and a great app that is easy to control, even for my wife who loves new tech that is simple and easy to use. We can see what the temperature is throughout the day without being home, and the motion sensor is awesome, especially in the winter months; the day time temp is set low to save money on heating bills, but when the sensor is tripped if one of us are home, it automatically turns up the heat! Love it. Thanks!

Could be so much more I like the convenience of being able to change temperature from anywhere. But the interface in the app is different than the desktop web app interface. And they're both different from the interface on the thermostat itself. Makes for suboptimal UX. Unify, man, unify! Also, the app is SLOW SLOW SLOW. Finally, it shouldn't need internet access to connect to the thermostats if I'm on the same wifi connection as the thermostats.

First encounter It's been working fine since cold weather last year. It became unresponsive 2 days ago. Couldn't reset it via app and there's no switch physically on controller. Had to disconnect by removing controller off the base.

Slow startup Takes a long time to startup (3-5 sec) Still awkward and frustrating to navigate through the menus on a cellphone. The tablet version is a lot better.

I have the app on my phone, my tablet and my wife has it on her phone. We've never had a problem, it does what we need and most importantly, it saved us this past winter. The temp got too low while we were away, we were alerted by the app and were able to have a neighbor arrange to have the furnace fixed before our pipes could freeze. Potential disaster averted.

Works great The only missing features are decidedly a good idea to keep on the device. It would be a shame to mess up wiring by leaving the app open in your pocket.

Not bad, but less functionality than Nest app. I'm still a huge fan of ecobee, but the Android app seems a bit "early" in its development. Startup can be slow and some functionality only exists on the website (e.g. adding a Comfort Setting).

Local weather error? The local weather through the app gives me an error. "" anyone else have this error? Edit:9/22/16 still have the same error message

This is a very easy app to use. It functions just like the screen on the thermostat. It's great when you're laying in bed and too hot/cold, or when your spouse calls you and tells you they are too hot/cold.

Love the thermostat, hate the app, kinda I work out of town and the app would not allow me to make adjustments from my work location. Went out of town this past weekend and forgot to raise my temp and could not connect. remote sensor seems to lose connectivity quite often. I installed is thermostat with my brand new rheem 14 seer split system. Other than the above mentioned, it seems to be ok. Not sure if it's worth the $260 I paid for it at Home Depot

Watch the Android Version App worked fine. Applied an update and stopped connecting. My signal is fine - same signal as before the update. Waited for the next update. No improvement. Edit: new phone with newer Android version. App works again. Seems to be version-dependent.

New update breaks access! DO NOT UPDATE TO NEW VERSION Been using this app for almost 2 yrs and no issues. The most recent 2 updates broke connection. After signing in..screen goes blank and then errors saying ... oops have a connection issue...same connection been using for years.. pleas fix. Will not update any of my other devices...