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Supplied By Axel LADILAS    On Sept. 11, 2016    Comments(98)

FREE Draughts versionVaries with device Download

Enjoy the most powerful INTERNATIONAL DRAUGHTS game (10x10) ever made for mobile phones. Gorgeous graphics in High Definition, tons of features, a fierce opponent, along with an unique and smooth interface.

Designed for both Tablets and Phones

Key Features:
* 3 Game modes: Fischer Cadence (Blitz games are possible !), Seconds By move and Trainings
* 10 Difficulty levels
* Opening books from the best Draughts Player: Sijbrands, Georgiev, Schwarzman, Chizhov, ...
* Replay features ( Jump to a specific move, watch, rewind, ...)
* 1 or 2 players mode
* Export games in PDN format (Full version includes Import)
* Load and save games in your library
* Share your games by mail
* 2 themes: Wood and Cartoon in 2D or 3D
* Optimized for multicore processors
* Polished and intuitive interface
* Swype Left/Right to Undo/Redo
* Breathtaking animations
* Preview your game before loading
* Big fingers friendly
* English and French supported
* Instant Help

The full version of Dr Checkers has in addition:
* PDN file IMPORT (Analyse thousand games of professionals)
* "Setup position" Editor

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Axel LADILAS part of our Board and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 11, 2016. Google play rating is 84.957. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    # Version 6.0
    - Increase playing strength
    - New game modes: Fischer cadence (Blitz games are now possible), Training and Seconds by move
    - 10 Difficulty levels
    - Bigger opening books
    # Version 5.2
    - Internal changes
    # Version 5.1
    - Animation speed is now adjustable through the settings menu
    # Version 5.0
    - Complete graphical overhaul
    # Version 4.1
    - Improving artificial Intelligence in many areas.
    # Version 4.0
    - Thinking on opponent time
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It's ok Have a problem with the force moves when you have options to capture but otherwise it's a good game

Allow our own choices It forces you to make some choices when you want to take your preferred option... Rectify and I will give 5 stars

3 stars 3 stars for lack of multiple choice take. You are forced to take when you have a better choice. It also lacks free online game play. So far so good.

Awesome! The most responsive and challenging of the draughts I've accessed so far. After playing against Dr. Checkers for sometime, the cyborg learns your regular next moves and exploits your weaknesses. It seems to have what I would loosely call an "artificial intelligence". I hate mind readers _ and this Dr. seems to be exactly one of the kind! (Lol) Thumbs up, devs!

West drought Nice apps. It work perfect than other one, my 5stars

Looks like I am pretty hopeless at this game. Too good for me.

It forces some unfavorable moves when you have better options. Could have been a great game only for this limitation

GREAT APP Keeps one busy. I like it!

Epic! One of the best games ive ever and i mean ever played in the whole wide world!

Francisco dacruz I feel Relaxed when playing this game.

Enjoyable Im enjoying it even though its difficult to win you have to sweat for it but its fun since I love draught.

Evry control should performed by human we need no assistance

Grandmasters wouldn't play and also i need the with the Ghanaian rules(Ghanaian draught)

It 's good its a game I so much love the application is better than others that are with seeds less than 20

This is the best Finally a game that makes me think hard and difficult to win

Nice app I play this all the time and very interesting

Nice game Very weill written

It's great runs well on grand 2

A Real one So challenging this is the real draughts

Good enough to get my vote....C+

It shouldn't be predicting for me what to capture

The apps would have been excellent but for the fact that it forces you to eat the seed you don't like to eat. This is a very defective kink. Hope the developer will iron this out and make it available as an update

Needs sound of the classic smack of the checker pieces on the board.

Good game but not strong .

Love it The best board game ever developed

Great.. I love it.. Thanks Guys....

Very interesting game

Chibike Very intuitive and mind engrossing. I love this game.

Ok to it

Good game, really interesting.

nice game very interesting

Very enjoyable and challenging.

Best 10x10 draughts software Needs some improvement grandmaster play to slow . Needs a undo moves button. must show the next best anlisyses lines of at least 8 moves with at least two variations for novice players so everybody can learn to play the game. Exellent graphic. Needs button to offer a draw when game is a draw

I like playing it alot

Lovely game Am a master in the game. The only game that keeps me busy all day long.

It's very entertaining game

Good game I love this game. It is very challenging. I wish the experts thinking time could be reduced.

So luvly Everyone should download this game

Very interesting but ..... The game is very interesting. I really like it so much. But just that when playing with the computer the computer wants to win every game. This is usually noticed when I have two possibilities. For example, at times when u choose to go to the right, u are forced to go to the left by the computer so that it should win. The computer should allow its opponent to choose where to move. There should be no invalid move when there are two possibilities or two moves.

Superb I can't imagine playing draught on my phone, I'm lovin it

Perfect Please solve the issue of PC demanding you play only in certain direction when there is an alternative way to go. Very nice game

Interesting A very interesting game

Fantastic Mind twister

Abdul Nyc and well intelligent game

Its very cool Its my favourite game on ma phone. But Hay! It cheat sometimes, well u can undo it and make a new steps

Draughts It cheats to its advantage, and the board is to be on the rt corner not left. so add a spin to the board so as to turn it anticlockwise once. And free the choice of checker piece jumping if there are more than one option.

Best 10x10 draughts software Needs some improvement grandmaster play to slow . Needs a undo moves button. must show the next best anlisyses lines of at least 8 moves with at least two variations for novice players so everybody can learn to play the game. Exellent graphic. Needs button to offer a draw when game is a draw.needs auto analyses option.

Nice But i cant eat back with my crown nubb

cool but it doesn't make sense when playn with one marble against your opponent.

Maina Good enough.

Love it It like the normal draught we play here in Ghana

Fantastic Its one of the best app.

Very good level for all players One of the best

Awesome Very good game, better than so many

it is a good and well designef

Really clever AI

This is are the best

Nice Many fake draughts on playstore but this

One of the best draught game but one flaw needs to adjust: counter capturing should be optional, player should be able to choose either to capture one counter or two counters. It shouldn't be a must to capture two or more counters where there is safer option of capturing only one. Thanks. P.s- pls feature more difficult levels on this free version.

LOVELY GAME Really nice game. Kudos.

Tried but not oKay

Draught Great app to learn about d game ethics and rules. Bravo!

cool but it doesn't make sense when playn with one marble against your opponent.

This is a stupid game to say there is no sense in it design,how can you be ask to make a move that suit the computer, bad game

Nice game. .even I cant win..

Feels like u're playing the real board game

I love this game

Best game Love this game

Very challenging

Excellent Job It has really thought me so many skills in draft.... I think this is an excellent job by Dr. Checkers. But pls in the next update, there should be an option where i decide whether to eat one or two seeds. Also please reduce all those adds that keep on distracting the game... Its becoming annoying

It's OK, but not without flaws. When there are options between eating one or two seeds I should make the choice and not being forced by the app.

Generally like it When I'm playing the computer I sometimes feel cheated since my pieces move contrary to where I want them.

Great game It is really great. I love it. 5 Stars.

Best checker game I have ever played

Phenomenal game and a masterpiece at that. Well done guys.

loving very loving and entertaining

Thumbs up? Makes u think a little

Mind time goes up

Needs an improvement on the choice of seed to pick when there are options.

I I love it because it releases boredom

Be good for thinking It is good game for my freetime

, I love it gud job by all standard

Lovely ever, best so far

Excellent Very smart

The game did not give Free will to chose what's you want to heat I describe it as something that is not work well if you want peoples to enjoy or to download or to advertised your game adjust it and correct

Dr checkers Very interesting but some imperfections for some part end .

Is ok It is very good game.

Very challenging, though it should give option of which one to capture, it shouldn't be compulsory to capture the highest number.

The Limitations of Dr Draught The Game is nice and interesting, though there are certain instances were when one Has more than one options to capture.,you are Forced to capture with a particular Move. This is very unfair because i Need to have access to all the available options.. You have to work on that as soon as possible.

Flawed app; ridiculous capture rule What a funny rule? Ok, in Chess no option, I must capture a Rook instead of a Knight/Bishop when it wud expose my king or crowm; then lose! it is against d principle of games.What is d rule aim? To make a weaker opponent win? Can't buy pro version. In Africa, especially Nigeria that plays this game most, it is not acceptable. And there should be option abt board orientation too. Review your settings and give variants of draught. I read all peoples reviews, its d same complain

Excellent app Best application so far on play store. I am now boosting my lost draft skills. Really awesome, I give 5 star

Well if that is the rule. Then I will give it 5 stars rating. Even for making. it more challenging . Good job!!

It won't allow you to choose your own move when you have many options of eating a seed or seeds

Its good generally It has the potential to make one to learn more about it

Superb I think this best draught game I have ever seen

Longent It is really fantastic. I love it

Best job Works perfectly,very very enjoyable

Is a very good game nice app