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Denali FCU Mobile Banking

Supplied By Denali Alaskan FCU    On Aug. 30, 2016    Comments(84)

FREE Denali FCU Mobile Banking version4.0.1032 Download

Carry a Denali Federal Credit Union branch on your phone or tablet 24/7! You’ve got a busy life; Denali FCU lets you take charge of your finances with our app. Our newest version includes great new features for members:
• Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) – take a picture of a paycheck check or any other check that’s written to you, and deposit it to your accout.
• Commercial Transactions – small business members now have access to their commercial accounts! Conduct ACH payments and wires, and much more, from your phone or tablet.
• Unified experience – we now offer a consistent transactional experience across all platforms, whether you use a phone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer.
• Pay bills – never miss a payment, even when you’re on the go!

Of course, we continue to offer the services you expect every day in your mobile experience:
• Access account balances
• View recent transactions
• Transfer funds
• Find the latest rates
• Get the latest promotional offers
• Connect with us through Facebook and Twitter!

Sign in with security, using your unique username/password combination, and the peace of mind knowing we use up to date encryption technology. If you’re enrolled in Personal Computer Banking, simply download the app and follow the enrollment process on your phone or tablet (using your current Personal Computer Banking ID and password).

If you aren’t enrolled in Personal Computer Banking, visit www.denalifcu.org to enroll today! Contact Denali FCU’s Member Contact Center at 907-257-7200, option 3 or 800-764-1123, option 3 for assistance. For more information, visit https://www.denalifcu.org/mobile.html.

Denali Alaskan FCU part of our Finance and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 75.2893. Current verison is 4.0.1032. Actual size 4.5 MB.

What's new

    General performance improvements
Download denali-alaskan-mobile-banking.apk 4.5 MB


This app is GARBAGE! This app has been questionable since its redesign a year or so ago, and has gone downhill since. I did a factory reset to fix s problem with my phone, and now I can't get the app to email me an access code. Typical of this credit union. Alaska USA has a better functioning app, and I'm moving. Denali sucks!

Needs more features and improvement. UI is painfully slow, can get confusing and low resolution is not making this app great. Northrim bank has a better banking app than you. Get an update out that will "wow" your users! And make sure this is ready for Android 5.0 Lolipop, that alone drives users away from services when an app does not work or when an institution fails to keep their products current.

Denali AK! Oh man. In so glad my banking has caught up with the times but what's up with the hold on digital depositing?! Shouldn't making it digital streamline this whole process?

Doesn't work half the time

Poorly designed Not laid out well , go back to drawing board on the interface.

No remote check deposit Completely lacking in the most fundamental use of remote banking. Please add check deposit!!!

It WAS working Last month, I had no problem with the app. Lately, the app will freeze during the login process. I haven't been able to login for the last three weeks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled- still no progress. Also, the app is not that great. Compared to other banks, this app is the least user friendly. It kills me to read all the fake reviews about how great it is. You can distinguish them by reading if they are really reviewing the app or highlighting its features. *Update* 8-18-2014** It still doesn't work!

Doesn't work Never once was able to log in. Says my user name and our password are wrong. The website isn't much better, but at least it works I suppose.

awful awful interface, not intuitive... another CU account elsewhere has a much better app.. look at Warren fcu app.

no deposit check option As soon as the fcu advertised depositing checks as an option, it quit working and soon disappeared as a feature.

It stopped loading...and now is working again.

Arggg No update for the "deposit check" feature. QR code from website goes no where.

Why did you break your app? It was working fine, then there were logon issues that seemed to have been resolved, and now the check deposit feature has been removed. Please restore the old UI and check deposit feature. Then please leave it alone.

Great and well done banking

Broken This app is slow and does not have the deposit feature (remote deposit) as explained. So disappointed!

Stuck on loading screen I put in my login information and then the app just stays on the loading screen. I have uninstalled and re-installed this app and it still doesn't work. It worked on my old phone fine but it won't work on my new one. I would give a better review if the app worked. My old phone was the straight talk Huawei and my new one is the straight talk Unico LTE.

Excited to finally have it Perfect for basic needs, for example moments when I am away from my PC and need balances/transfers checked before acting on other things. However, q.o.l. features like categorizing transactions, and maybe even to set up personal budgets/goals would be fantastic.♥ the censorship of acct #s!

Way better I love the new app. Its so much more user friendly and SOOOO much faster. I am very happy with the new upgrade!

Terrible Old app was much better. Went into a branch and the teller told me, "but the new app is more secure". Funny, I never had a problem with security before.

New app is horrible Denali, it doesn't make sense to bank with a CU if I can't access my money conveniently. The old app was perfect, how did it get so screwed up? The old app was so much better. Please get it together or another CU will have a large sum of money on deposit with them. This is seriously one of the worst apps I've ever seen.

I just installed the app and it's functioning very slowly. I was unable to view my transactions. The app remained frozen on the blank "savings" screen 5 minutes until I force closed the app. I'm not impressed with the new app for this bank.

Downgrade I was excited with the app at first, but it has turned into an authentication nightmare. If you are someone that likes to clean up your cookies and history and clutter on your phone, then you will likely have to do the text authentication every time you use the app. Simpler was better. App is too jumbled for a regular smartphone. Would need a gigantoid Note phone to use the icons. Better off calling DAFCU's toll free number if you just want your balances.

Awful Dear god. This is just awful. Awful to look at. Awful design and functionality. Just pure awfulness.

Great app Easy search tool!!! I love how easily I am able to access my accts and how secure it is! Encompass is amazing!! Bill pay is so much easier now!

Great App! This app is great. I love the new features like being able to transfer to and from my other accounts at other institutions. Like any new product it takes time to get used to how it works. Yes the text is somewhat small but if you change the setting to the seniors then it makes the text bigger and puts the tabs back at the top. All and all a great upgrade when you know how to use it.

Unuseable! After login I can't access another screen without it looking garbled. I can't read any detailed information on any account. The old app worked fine. On a different note, I think all the 5 star ratings are bs and not written by actual customers. "The app feels more secure." Really? What does that feeling feel like exactly? They are all written like a commercial. Focus on putting out a good product and you won't need people pretending to like it.

Love it! The new functions are great! I haven't had a single problem with it not responding or kicking me out like the old app sometimes did.

Great new features! I love the ability to link my other bank accounts. The encompass budget feature has been a big help with tracking all of my expenses. I can also do wires now online. Thank you Denali Alaskan for all of the neat features with your upgrade!

Bring back the old app I agree with all the terrible reviewsof this app. Find it very suspect that suddenly on 12/6 and 7 there were a bunch of good reviews - probably Denali employees. Anyway, I think it is time for me to join a different credit union.

Wow...lots more to do and help with my account. Anyone tried the aggregation, yet I have, and it's cool!

Awesome and Convinient Love the new upgrade. Convinient for me to do banking on the go and the new features are awesome. Also feels much more secure.

DAFCU Mobile App The change to the new mobile app is great. Super secure and easy to use. Good job Denali Alaska Federal Credit Union, keeping your members secure and able to access their accounts while on the go!!

Updated from limited functionality to none at all This is a great example of how NOT to create a banking app. Someone, please show this app developer the app from USAA. Or even Chase, heck, Wells Fargo is better. This is awful. Can I gave my old app back. It was just bad.

Job well done. No complaints. Quick and easy to use. Much more secure. Doesn't act up or glitch out like the last app..

Terrible The options clitch and I cant even see the totals on the side. Everything is jumbled together and its difficult to navigate. Hate it, would rather have the old app

Great app!!! I really enjoy your new app. It has a great feature set and a great look.

Denali missed it on this one... You had a good, not great, app before rolling this train wreck out. This is absolutely terrible! I thought you had fixed the transaction history issue, but now it won't even open up. Come on, developers, at least make it as good as the old one, then maybe add some GPS functionality to it so I can find a branch on a map.

Okay for a bank app Really want to add notes to my electronic transfers. I do appreciate the simplicity of the app.

So much better than the last app This app is so much better than the last app, it runs smoother, it feels safer, and I can navigate through my account much easier!

Scheduled Transaction I hate how you think you cancelled a scheduled transaction and it is still on there. Why did they not set it up in a way that will show when it will process at a glance, in stead of showing when it was created? It is very frustrating! Now I have to wait to get my money back. I have a negative showing my different bank's checking account and I was charged an NSF fee!!

This is a great example of how NOT to create a banking app. Someone, please show this app developer the app from USAA. Or even Chase, heck, Wells Fargo is better. This is awful. Can I gave my old app back. It was just bad. UPDATE: Updated to add one more star. Would have added two as the app is now minimally functional, but I have learned that during the fallout from the really bad update, employees were told to give the app higher ratings in order to offset the bad. This kind of dishonesty in a bank is disturbing.

Most recent update rendered my app useless. :-( The most recent update has made it so I cannot view my accounts at all (except to rename them which is useless.) Also, the remember me box only works sometimes (that's been going on since 2 or 3 updates ago). If I could actually use it still then I'd give 4 or 5 stars, but since it's currently useless.... you get what I'm saying. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Edge +.

The remember me check box not working And also the session doesn't time out soon if it at. Compared to the previous version which timed out at what seemed like a proper amount of inactivity with app. The looks are nice. The ledger is alot more concise. Just annoying to have learn a new interface for my account activity

Great looking, very functional app After looking at the bad reviews, I can only conclude that those people are the same types who call IT when their PC isn't plugged in.

It does the job! The essential functions of the site are met. If i need more, I go to my PC and really take care of business.

Love Denali a lot of money they have that is the reason they update the app everyday.

Nexus 6 Meets my needs just fine. I haven't experienced any problems and use it almost daily. I have to wonder if problems experienced by other users are because of the bloat wear that their phone companies have installed on their phones?

Good app. Even better than website in some ways.

This app is pretty cool you guys did a great verry easy to use ???

Good so far Enjoying the freedom of being mobile.

Denali FCU's Mobile App. I appreciate the update improvements that have been made, continue to be made to this app. Being able to go back to previous location w/o accessing the Menu button is appreciated,as are the numerous other small changes. - 31 March 2016:I and I appreciate the still enjoy using this App. No problems, and I like the ongoing improvements.

Love the new app Can now do almost everything the main site does right on my phone

I love this app The deposit feature is great and saves me so much time.

Banking made easy Love the new features and it's really easy to use.

Love this bank

Esay to use

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 When I first downloaded the app I was able to login. But I was not able to do check deposit, it said I had to login to the mobile app, which I was. I Uninstaller it and reinstalled it and now when I have it call me for an access code, there is no sound when they call. I can't even log in.

Galaxy note edge.. Updated again.. its working now! Got a new phone... updated the app...can't log on. Used to LOVE IT PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM.

It'd be great to log in Where's the option to have my secure code sent to email? What a terrible update.

Not able to log on 80% of the time. Not a good thing since the new updates. ?

New update I have a Samsung galaxy and since the new update I have not been able to log in.. Please fix this!

Awesome Trying to update to their new cell app yet figure it out! LOL

It's ok It has been improved but it is not a great app unfortunately. I will say it gets the job done which at the end is all we really want, right?

Please when it is a forced update. Two devices forced to update...unable to login. Sunday unable to call. Hey it's a win win. The only down side is me not able to transfer money to cover overdrafts.

I don't like having to have to go into the app store to pull it up every time I want to check my account, I like the old one better, this one is to much trouble

It is okay I miss the old app. I have been Denali FCU app since Denali first introduced an app. Then they "upgraded" and I have disliked it ever since. I use it only because I need it. Wish it had all the options I need, like a rolling debit AND credit feature. I miss the ease and simplicity and all the features of the older version. It's like they took all the good features out when they "upgraded".

Working great so far! I like how quick and streamlined this app is, both Denali FCU and CU1 have good apps for their banking. But it's been a while since there has been an update. The app is still functioning great, but I don't know if I see a small delay in the processing of my direct deposits and transactions.

Decent Occasionally doesn't work for me which is frustrating, but generally works as expected and is helpful.

Needs upgrades. Behind on technology. Slow.

Never fn works Have to install, uninstall just spins and doesn't work. Worthless. Ready to switch to Mat Valley Federal Credit Union. Their website works no problem and with double protection login. UPDATE: yes other user correct, remove the "remember me" and it will go thru. Still, why do you have stuff that doesn't work?? Have had so many issues with this credit union, I am only still with them bcuz I still have checks and everything is tied to this acct and I have been too lazy to fix everything. Getting energy to go.

A good app but lacking updates. The app is still functioning good, but I see a small delay in the processing of my direct deposits and transactions. This app is lacking updates now.

Login and see the spin. I have to agree with others. I've installed, uninstalled over and over to make this app work and all I get is a spinning arrow. I called customer service and was told by the gal, "mine works". Mean while these $6.00 transfer charges by Denali seem to work pretty well.

Was great, now complete junk I loved having remote access to my account now It requires me to authenticate every time I access it.

Love the credit union, love there app They make it as easy as possible to manage your finances, irregardless if you can get to a branch or not! This app drives like a caddie!

Can not transfer funds on this app since last update months ago and no, I rarely call IT. Have uninstalled more than once, cleared data and cache, now it will not even let me onto the site. Have had this account 18 years, but am considering closing if I can not transfer funds on this app.

Great App It has improved greatly. It is very easy to use and I use it frequently

Keep up the great job

Its ok App worked just fine until most recent update, I cannot log into my account for the past 2 weeks. Keeps saying unable to reach server

The app seems to work most of the time if you want A5 star review you need to make sure the app works flawlessly

The app works well for me I enjoy travelling and it worked very well. and when I was abroad. ?

This app is pretty cool you guys did a great verry easy to use ???

Easy This app works great and is easy to sign in and transfer funds.

Bank for life Awesome job. I love it