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DealNews - Today's Best Deals

Supplied By dealnews.com, Inc    On May 16, 2016    Comments(121)

FREE DealNews - Today's Best Deals version2.5 Download

Who has time to scour the web for all the best deals on tablets, shoes, clothing, computers, and anything and everything else? WE DO! Every day our obsessive team of deal experts analyzes thousands of deals - publishing only the 300 best deals, coupons and freebies to the DealNews app. Join the millions who use DealNews every month to discover the best-of-the-best deals from top brands and retailers!

* Peruse Today’s Best Deals – Quickly review the day’s 300 hottest deals, vetted by deal experts.
* Search Deals - Search by keyword, category, brand, store, or any combination.
* Save For Later - Avoid the hassle of making a purchase from your phone by saving deals on the app.
* Share - Send relevant deals to family, friends, and coworkers via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
* Coupon Codes - Find online and in-store coupons by retailer; includes easy “clipping” for use at a store’s online checkout.

dealnews.com, Inc part of our Shopping and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 16, 2016. Google play rating is 89.3685. Current verison is 2.5. Actual size 3.6 MB.

What's new

    A small update fixing some performance and display issues.
    Oh, and This Just In! Read many witty and informative articles in the "DealNews Blog"
Download dealnews-todays-best-deals.apk 3.6 MB


Not working at all Used to love this app but now it is not working at all. I hope they fix it before losing more and more customers

Finally Fixed for Lolipop Wouldn't even open before, new update now back to normal as of 4-27-15

Ehhh. A lot of crashes when following the links. Kinda sucks. Is rather use the mobile website.

What a piece of (s)hit! Crash crash crash. Used to be good before the interface change, now all it does is CRASH!

Use to love app ... now it is unusable I use to use app everyday, not it is unresponsive on my Droid phone and the new Samsung Tab A I just bought yesterday. As suggested I uninstalled and reinstalled. App will not retrieve any deals. Will be uninstalling, sorry to see it go.

Best app This is one of the most useful apps out there. I have saved a ton of money using it!

Beloved app is only OK now Was much better couple version ago. New layout sucks

Love dealnews, but this app kills me sometimes What can I say. It's like every update is 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. It looks like the app will now start on newest deals after you change it but it doesn't automatically refresh. But the biggest pain now is that it's opening up whatever browser that came with this phone. I use the chrome browser. That's why I have it set as the default. Can't you just have it use whatever is set as the default? At least give me an option to change it.

Better before If I want to use a browser to view deals, it should be up to me which browser I use, not be forced into using the stock Samsung one.

Latest update crashes To work again just uninstall stall the app then reinstall it. it will work... Hope that's help..

Latest Update Crashes Constant crashes, was a 4/5 app before hand.

Workaround for crashes... Mine started crashing after the latest update too..just reinstalled the app and it worked fine ....

Did you seriously just remove the copy & paste function??!! How desperate of you was that.

What happened? This app won't even open anymore without an immediate crash. Over and over crashing.

What happen After today's update the app won't load...says "Unfortunately, DealNews has stopped".

Nice app but I think it's the new update, but it will no longer open links in Chrome, and I can't find a way to change the default browser. Love the app otherwise.

Uninstall and Reinstall to regain use! ** after uninstalling and reinstalling the app again functions correctly **

Crashes Will not load anymore. Update: Uninstalled and reloaded and showing signs of working.

Reinstall to fix crash issue Updates caused mine to crash too. Running fine after re-install.

After last update it won't open. It crashes as soon as I clic it. Please fix.

Fantastic Clear data after update and your good to go. Awesome app

Jumps all over the place and have to scroll and scroll to look past first deals and is slow and have to close and go back cause it loses connection or just searches without stopping After last update I can't open my saved deals. Once I select one it crashes

Won't open. Android 5.01 on Sprint Galaxy Note 4. What more do you need to know you bunch of amateurs and interns?

DN App is not working properly Only one day it was working and then pop up message that - Unfortunately it's not working.

Recent update crashes the app After the recent update app crashes and doesn't opens. Pls fix it asap.

Last update crashes the app before it even loads.

Its not working after latest update. Keeps on crashing.

After updated. ... u need to clear the catch & Data... then ur good 2 go :). Awsome app. Luv it

After the update the app colaps

Great app - great deals Get lots of great deals using this app.

Last update crashes Im sorry but I have to give you a One star until you fix the problem

Updated app crashes

Crash! Would like to see deals, but the minute after I upload the update, it just crashes.

It's crashing again! When its up its awesome after last update its not

Update causes crash Had to reinstall to fix

Dont work I see blank window. Fix it, please

Doesn’t work on Android After recent update (month or so ago) it doesn't work at all.. Before it was great - used it about one year..

Super app app - super! last update - gives an error and does not start. could not get keys from json. correct, please

Excellent! Very useful.

Love dealnews! browser issue fixed, but.... Yay! I can use chrome again without having to copy and paste! So as there always seems to be a 2 steps back issue, the fonts an images seem even larger now. Now only 5 deals are o the page. I'd like more smaller ones please like before the last major update that changed the icon. I still have that on my Nexus so I can look at longer lists. Seriously though, can you make a compact option or something? I've got a note 4 with plenty of room on screen, let's make use of it.

Hate new update Update keeps closing and didn't show prices tell you go in and look at the deal so it makes it so I just bypass the deal without even looking at deal not user friendly

Nothing nearby

Good app.... Updates are hit or miss There's two features that were removed that I really miss: Open in browser (I prefer Dolphin over the integrated Chrome browser)...... And being able to copy coupon codes from the deal description.

Great UPDATE. WHY THE HECK is it now opening links with the samsung browser when my default browser is chrome. Fix this please!!! Old review I really do love this app. I just wish there were notifications you can set for a certain category or item.

Tremendous Such a good app my buddy left NASA to work here.

Great app but... Please add option to share deal using Whatsapp! !!!!

failure link force open my installed game app... this app is f*ck*d up...!

My Favorite App! I use it every day. Fantastic!

Mobile app will not open 90% of the deals. Your in app browser does not open 90% of the stuff. Why not allow users their own browser choice so we can see the deals?

Very good, but..... Ive been using this for a long time, but recently i feel like they are not posting deals as many as they used to. Would like to see it improved.

Force closes on oneplus one Tried sending email to developers, and it bounced. Used to work. Now doesn't.

Can't open on lg leon smartphone

YESSS always a good deal floating around in there

New updates killed this app for me When my moto e updated this app never came back

Get rid of the built in browser! Ruins the app. And too many deals are bundled together so you miss great individual ones. Had to go back to using slickdeals. This update killed the point of deal apps. Also the app doesn't auto update when going back into the app hours later. Pointless.

Latest version crashes Opens to a blank screen and then minimizes on my OnePlus One. Sad, cause I used to love this app!

Awesome app Works great on my note 3. And always has great deals on pretty much everything

Was excellent, now it's poor. Current version is frustrating. It only displays the last hour or two. Unable to view all deals. Bad timing with the holiday shopping season. I'm forced to use their website instead of the app.

App won't open After recent update, immediately closes when trying to open app. One Plus One CM12.1.

Compatibility issue I cant open the app in my LG Leon. I got to install, but when trying to open it, it just doesnt..

Tapjoy Tapjoy awarded me after a couple emails. Now its safe to order from this ap. Great bargains!

Last two updates app still crashes after you open it on OnePlus one 5.1.1

Crashes Used to work but now crashes. One plus one 5.1.1

Shop Shopping dales for the day.

Great app! You go broke saving money!

App crashes on my lg leon...

Warning. Overpermissioned app ... Remove perm PHONE / DEVICE ID!!! What are doing???? Data mining spying???

Why - You really screwed up Dealnews! Why did you update the app today. Now anything I click on populates a different item. Completely screwed up.

Links not correct and spamming Macy's ad You tap on an item and get an item near what you tap. And constant Macy's ad spam. The share option is terrible, no hangouts option. Awful.

No longer crashes I originally gave this app a one star review because the iOS version trumped it in almost every way; it was like the Android version was an afterthought. Now that it is almost at parity with the offering on Apple's devices I am happy to revise my review: Great app, I've made many purchases after discovering deals here. This is something I check daily. Thanks to the developers for listening and improving.

The new update is a big failure. After updating to the new version the App does not open any longer. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the App but still no luck.

Wow Biggest shopping day of the year and you screw up the app. Good job. Going to slick deals and not wasting anymore time on this app. Delete.

Immediately closes Even with the 11/25/2015, The app still immediately closes when starting the app. I have a Oneplus One phone running Cyanogen 12.1

Saved alot of money Great app. Highly recommend. Now ad reddened crap

App is terrible now. Yeah I'm with everyone else on this now. App is totally broken. I don't need a Macy's ad every ten seconds. Also would be nice if what you clicked on is what actually comes up. Uninstalling now.

Touch screen calibration off I have to click the item above the one I want to see. If I click the item, I get the one below.

I love not sharing your deals It's 2015. Not having Hangouts as a sharing option means you are ancient and outdated.

Some flaws The list of deals are cut short. I have to switch between lists back and forth to the the full list. Also, some deals are visible on the website but not the app. -1 additional Star for constantly displaying pop ads.

Annoyed Clicking on the deal always brings up the one underneath that. Please fix

Best deal app I'm addicted to editor's choice!

Please stop the Macy's spamming!!!

Last update is super annoying. As I'm scrolling through it'll refresh all of a sudden and send me back a few scrolls. So I have to scroll past the same spot like 15 times! It was fine before where it waited to add to the page until you get to the bottom. Put it back. It's almost unusable.

Meh It's okay but it could be so much better especially the My Saved Deals option which doesn't work on the app or the website so yeah "MEH" is about right

Was great, now it's been crashing 10 times a week 10 forced closings in one week with the most recent version of the application. Happens upon opening the app and just getting to main page. (Note 5) please fix! I want to love the deal news app again!

Great deal finder service, app much better Problems in older version fixed now. Works well, some good deals if you're patient.

This App Is Awesome It Has A Little bit of everything for everyone This is an important app if you are looking to save money all yearlong great Deals. Great Deals Good place for a really good deal on alot of stuff from computers and hardware and Electronics and toys clothes and accessories.

Love this app but ..Full force-close on opening every time since updated? 3/28/16 on a Galaxy S5. I've used it fine for a long time but now I'm unable to open.

Customized deal alerts like ios app not available How can I configure and receive customized deal alerts like ios app.

Crashes every time Immediately crashes on opening. Nexus 6P 32gb March security update 6.0.1. Edit: Now updated to April security patch and a fresh install. Still crashes.

Current version crashes Can't open the app. Just crashes right away. Please fix. ?

Love DealNews. Hate current version DealNews is terrific but the app crashes when using back button, and I can't access my saved favorites any more. Please fix. Galaxy s6 marshmallow

Force closes everytime I press back..

It hardly ever opens without a report I have to open it twice everytime

Crashes on Open... For months. Get it together already

New update Force closes every other time I open. Uninstalling until resolved. Galaxy note 5

Crashes every other run. Please fix.

A dud Crashing since recent updat. Please fix.

Constantly crashes Crashes every time I open it. Uninstalling now

Force close every other time The app keeps force closing every other time I open it. Refresh also send to take a few tries.

Touch screen calibration off Crashes the first time that I start it, otherwise it's good!

Keeps Crashing Used to work great, now keeps Crashing.

App Crash Fix For all of you experiencing the app crash on open, I fixed mine by forcing the app to stop, clearing the cache and all of the app data. Would be nice if the developer read the tons of reviews complaining about this crash issue and addressed it.

Sharing Sucks I know you need the referral URL's in the deal links, but the lack of sharing apps, especially narrow out of the box Android apps, is killing me. PLEASE add Hangouts to the sharing apps. The referral URL should easily stay intact. Also, the copy to clipboard option would work well.

Good deals, annoying little things Good deals, but two minor complaints: 1) Stop posting deals for items that ship out of China (or anywhere else where it takes over a month to receive goods), and 2) For the love of God, remove that stupid "best app ever" crap in the auto-generated email when sharing deals. It wreaks of unprofessionalism and, frankly, immaturity (and it's annoying to have to delete every time, but I refuse to keep it).

My Go-To App when looking for deals. This is the best deal shopping app on all platforms!

Great app and website I've used both for years. I noticed lots more adds recently. It makes a less effective service.

Best Deal Site I think kinda prefer laptop browser for this, but it does work well enough.

Worked well until update Had to reinstall and now it's working as it should! :)

Must Have It's one of the best deal apps to have installed on your smartphone or tablet. This new version is easy on the eyes.

App is great... inapp browser is horriffic The app itself is great, organized deals site, but the experience is decimated by horrid inapp browser, dealnews listen to your audience, this 'feature' is horrible

Great app I love this app and I use it almost everyday. I wish that the had a freebie tab

Keeps crashing on one plus one

Fail Crashes immediately upon opening and has done so for months.

Let's see, sorting by date is hard in programming Guys, maybe use a timestamp for sorting the deals by newest? It's silly to see 1 hour ago, then 12 hours ago, then 1 hour 24 minutes ago, then 14 hours ago. Come on man, read some basic programming tutorials or something.

Get rid of the built in browser! Ruins the app. And too many deals are bundled together so you miss great individual ones. Had to go back to using slickdeals. This update killed the point of deal apps. Also the app doesn't auto update when going back into the app hours later. Pointless. ALL THE ISSUES I'VE POINTED OUT HAVE BEEN MENTIONED BY NUMEROUS OTHER CUSTOMERS AND HAVE NOT BE ADDRESSED IN ANY WAY! Stuck with Slickdeals, at least they'd comment on a review and try to help you out.

Doesn't update/refresh the deals. I'm still looking at the newest deal. It was posted 22 hours ago... No refresh option in the app so I am SOL if I wanted to actually SEE something I wanted to buy. I love DealNews but the app...is absolutely useless. Unless you want to see the deals you missed out on. Yeah, I love that feeling I get when I miss out on an opportunity.

App is great... inapp browser is horriffic The app itself is great, organized deals site, but the experience is decimated by horrid in-app browser, dealnews listen to your audience, this 'feature' is horrible and you cripple your mobile app with this piece of sh#$

Has great deals Can beat great deals. App has a few issues that need to be addressed.

Lot of ads. Even when u share there is advertising Remove some of the ads too much

My go to shopping I check this site daily

Too many ads. Ok app. Better out tete. Too many ads.