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Deadwalk: The Last War

Supplied By QJ Games    On Nov. 5, 2015    Comments(80)

FREE Deadwalk: The Last War version1.0.10 Download

This is Deadwalk: The Last War! Battle against zombies to survive, or be torn apart by the walking dead. Harness the powers of Ancient Gods and SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE!

In this post-apocalyptic world, declare war on Zombies! The fittest will survive and rule this broken world. 100+ GODS and HEROES ranging from Zeus to Hades will be revived to assist you and help you prevail in this Zombie World War!


• Zombie
Zombies evolved to various stages will constantly appear to lessen your chances of survival.
Crush them and fight your way to the top!
• Champion
Zeus, Hades, Odin, Thor, and 100+ other Gods and Heroes will be assembled and battle for YOU!
Unexpected New Heroes coming soon!
• Troop
Nikita, Siren, Phoenix and even War Machines will compose your formidable Armed Forces.
Even Nuclear Weapons can be employed to tear zombies and your enemies apart!
• Battle
March towards the cities of your enemies, watch them tremble in fear, and conquer them.
Strategize in the battlefield to turn the battle's
• League
Forge leagues, thrive with your allies, and become a dominating force.
Rally and reinforce to occupy capitals and unify the divided world invaded by this plague!

Deadwalk: The Last War is localized in 8 languages, and you can chat with online players all over the world all in REAL-TIME through live translation.

QJ Games part of our Strategy and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 5, 2015. Google play rating is 80.7834. Current verison is 1.0.10. Actual size 95.0 MB.

What's new

    1. Brand new champions, with more champions able to evolve to S class;
    2. Brand new troops;
    3. The ability to reset the level of Champions' Insight Skills;
    4. Optimization of troops' stats.
Download deadwalk-the-last-war.apk 95.0 MB


Vip proplem Game was OK, but after I reached vip 4 it is only letting me build one thing at a time instead of twi.

Maybe good? At first try i guess this game seem cool... but wait a minute!!! Why i cant change chanell????

Great game Enjoyable but I have a few suggestions (1) ability to build and/or take over other players citys, or oppress them and steal their resources, force their troops into your army , or give them the choice of having their city taken or playin under the other players rule,maybe they can uprise (2) limited amount of hits on one player at a time 3 maybe (3) more opportunities or quantities of gold. Also more uses like buying quantities of soldiers etc (4) more heroes if you don't take aboard my multiple cities idea

Good game Only thing is I have no idea what's happening. Tutorial (was there one?) tells you almost nothing and there are tons of things to click on. Sometimes stuff is instant, sometimes not. I'm in a clan but don't know what that means for me. Is there any reason not to help people when it asks? It doesn't seem to cost anything. 1 day in, a level 8 city and still clueless.

Game is meh Fun in concept but has a heavy pay to win feel to it. The fact that you have to be in VIP to have more then one builder instead of it being a lvl mechanic will drive people away once the hit beyond lvl 20. Just saying I'm already feeling under accomplished after lvl 15

Paying customers don't win either. I'm one of the top 50 power in my server. No advantage with someone with T1 troops or lower power when you sleep. The top stay at the top and the bottom, bottom. Don't download if you're not already playing. Very very poor combat system The only way to protect your city is to have troops at the walls. Any other troops you have in your city will do nothing for defense. This means that you can get attacked while you sleep and they can take all of your resources and kill all of your troops while only losing troops from the first battle. I have also paid $50 for gold, building, troops and smart chips. Got no real advantage. Nobody but the people who started playing at the beginning have an advantage. I have much more to say but no room.

Awsome but... I bought a clone for 699 gold andmy phone cut out when it loaded back i had only 552 gold, why did it only give me some of my gold back?

Not a bad game just one of those spend hard earned money kinda games still needs some work but overall fun game to kill time all though takes a long time to upgrade and get VIP to be able to build multiple things

Pretty good game. I enjoy the exploration feature. I do have a few questions though. How do you use the materials. How do you turn off the stupid music.

VIP problem I'm having vip problems as well. Have vip 5 and have all the bonuses it gives. After 2 days still vip 5 but now I don't have bonuses and now have to pay to activate my bonuses? So your paying for vip and your paying so you get the bonuses that you paid for. Will change my rating when they fix this

Game is fun at first, but after a short while you will get attacked by way stronger enemies over and over until all your hard worked resources are gone. This will continue day after day.becasue the developers won't give you a timeout by giving you a shield/protection from being camped unlike other games to give you a chance to regroup and improve. If you want a shield for protection then you need to pay real money every time. I don't recommend you to install this game. If you aren't a high level player then you will be bait forever.

Only vertical orientation As every single person using a tablet I use it horizontally! I installed the game, open it, and then it was only playable in vertical! Closed the game, Unistalled... what a pity

Game Sucks Game is fun. Truly. However, the pay to win feature is dumb. G-buo has literally fed so much money into the game that an alliance of 66 people cant even phase this guy. It is insane to be able to pay to beat an entire game full of people. The fact that he can attack then instantly shield himself over and over is ridiculous add a cooldown on the shields. Stop allowing people like G-buo to steal their parents credit cards and win. Maybe then ill give this a better review.

Pay to win! This game could be the best there is! But unfortunately its who has the biggest wallet! Wins! Its impossible to beat someone who throws in 100s cash! Impossible! If your looking to waste your time and play free to achieve nothing this is the game for you! If your rich and want to make fun with the freemium players! Then this is the game for you!

Unfortunately this game has very little in the way of instruction of the useand alteration of items. Otherwise it did manage keep me interested so far

Above average pay as you play type of game. The dead or zombies are all carbon copies of each other.

Good Game The game overall is awesome it has its own little twist to it. But once I reached a certain level this other players that have spend longer time playing and are way stronger just attack me and literally just steal all my supplies. There should be something so that higher players take away less supplies from lower players. When is fixed I'll give another try. Other than that it's a Great Game!

It won't even open I haven't been able to open it I've just downloaded today but it still won't work not even been able to play the tutorial...? Pls fix

Addicted but has annoying bugs I'm addicted to this game but recently I have been offline for 8 hours and have barely (close to none) received any resources while offline. I have been attacked once but only lost about 115k resources which is small. I produce around 62k steel by the hour. You do the math. I have 5 hours of vip left but I can't do anything without resources. I've also used nutrients to level up my hero 3 times but did not receive any free leadership. Would have been 5 stars.

Anyone that days it's pay to win hasn't played You can earn gold in this game pretty fast if you try in the events. It is most definitely not pay to win. You just have to be in a league with actual players. The only thing I would recommend to add is a way to share reports of the enemy with your league.

Don't play unless u plan to use money This game is very money oriented and without it you are just a tasty morsel for someone else. And unless u join thewalkingdead league then u might as well not play since they own the world. The defense set up is a joke so unless ur entire guild is on and u rally a defence then prepare to lose whatever materials u have left. All guilds are scared of Tougetu so no one opposes him or they ally with thewalkingdead to not lose the meager power they have left. So if u got money to spend then this not a bad game.

Needs improvement There are various problems with the game mechanics that pretty much kill some aspects of the game. As a result, it is rather unbalanced. The scouting system is useless unless you're scouting levels below you, pay to win ruins the game for everyone else, players can attack weaker players and farm them as much as they want, and more.

Great graphics, design and detail, but... Its basically a race to the top. You have to manage your base and wage war with customizable hero characters and armies. At a certain point the (pvp) game suffers from 'puppy smacking' syndrome wherein high lvl players become unbeatable and low lvl players have no defense against them nor ways to beat them. Could have been great because PvE parts are fun (2 weeks gameplay)

Could be great... Basically, it's Game of War Zombie version. They have improved a couple of things, foremost being you can decide I'd you have troops defending or not. However, the league store is practically useless - everything is far too expensive in it. Same for simple things like speeding up march, 399 gold is ridiculous. Just needs to have a better economy.

It was ok.. Issues It not too bad of a game, just another game you have to sit & wait on. #lame. When I went to the explore part it never would let me explore clicked everywhere on the screen in so many ways my troops only moved once. #F.S.

Well its okay I used some material bottles to get the advance nutrient and i got the bottle i used it and it didnt give my hero the 4000xp i closed the game down and reloaded it thinking it would have helpped but it didnt do anything my hero is still lvl 8...... idk if i want to play this game anymore if the items are bugged :/

The best of its genre I used to play Evony and many of its ilk. This is by far the natural progression. It suffers from its payment system as they do and yet adds an incredibly interesting and complex hero mechanic that completely took me by surprise. The dynamic changes things completely. I have my gripes with the game it has to be said but all in all, I play everyday for free and enjoy my time.

Poorly balanced No lev attack restrictions.. No base protection after attacks. A lev 45 can attack a lev 3 at repition.. Just does not seem right.. New players will get discouraged really fast ..fix that devs and you may just have a viable game

Love it Everything you did with this game is perfect nothing is wrong I love it so much. Took a little bit to get it but I love it. Last time I checked it had 100k downloads now it has 500k downloads congrats on that tou deserve it this is the best game I have played!

Great game!! I just cant play if im not around wifi...also wish I didnt have to spend $$ to get my players further

It could be better.... I like the battles and the time helps are great, but the league system sucks. You get trapped in a random group in the very beginning and can't look other groups up without leaving your current one, which leaves you vulnerable.

Great game This is one of the best city war games I have played. It is simple, but still complex enough to were you need to have a strategy to win.

Entertaining I actually really like this game but there should be a limit on attacks...I am stalled out right now because I got attacked several times in a row by a stronger player and I have no resources to try and make myself stronger. I wish there were easier ways to get the shields so I could regroup at least a little faster!

Needs more clan customization. Comandrr are too important and not fleshed out enough troops are not important enough. Good game though, having fun hail hydra!

Support sucks I've sent issues to the help services and they do nothing. I've gotten only automatic responses that don't address my issues. Get sick of being ignored. Game is fun but I'm tired of spending time and a little money on this game.

It is good but... When you attack it just looks weird and I thought it was going to look better when attacking but overall it's good

Dislike This could be a cool game it's just not for me. I only downloaded because I was paid to. I don't even remember the name of this game.

There is no point for playing I was playing for 2 weeks. And my powers reach 1 Milions. But power doesn't determine you are strong. It's just show you have a lot of soldiers. And It Create Bullies Everywhere! There is no reason to play this, you get strong then bully the weak one? that's it! And nothing you can do beside that. Also, some are idiots, said peace, then atks when other people offline. Is that what we teach our kids? What a shame! As adult, i feel this kind of game will make the next generation all become cyber bullies.

Potential This game has some potential. The problem is that the top 100 players or so are from the same clan. The limit for an individual clan is to high. You can be attacked an infinite number of times in a day. No cool down at all. There is no way to defend yourself unless you use a shield which are very expensive. You get to a point where you say forget it. I can't play and be competitive at all.

Its pretty alright Pretty good. Nice giveaways. But enemies should only be able to attack the same person once every few hours. Enemies being able to attack one right after the other is bothersome and ruins the gameplay experience. EDIT: I am appalled at the fact that "gay" is a censored word in chat. Good to know that the developers are homophobic.

horrible My lag has increased with new update. Medium troops were over powered before and now they get a double attack power skill. If you're charging 1499 gold to random reset insights it should reset all, not just one!

.... May i know what is the used of Heavy Troops type in the game? their Def is a joke and same goes for their damage, even a Med Type of the same tier have almost equal def and not to mention their leadership requirement are much lower than a heavy. if you need to balance the game, make heavy def 2x of medium type attack of the same tier. just like how medium defend is 2x a light type. and lower t5 medium defend AKA T-rex. that dude have a near def of a mammoth and not to mention lower leadership requirement.

update fail! What happened devs? Were we having too much fun? Not anymore til you change rss collecting back and re do the merger. We were 3rd rank league now 30th? Also most big spenders seem to be quiting so looks like your plan to ruin your game is working perfectly! Keep up the good work ;)

...terrible update again Yet again, another terrible update for nothing. My base is lvl 43, I mainly use a heavy champ, heavy champs suck, they go last and can't win. With update, we figured T4s would actually be faster than T3s NOPE somehow... t3s are still better than everything else in the game, WHAT IS THE POINT OF LEVELING THEN?! IF A LVL 30 BEATS ME AT LVL 43, WHY?! WHY DO I EVEN PLAY THIS DUMB GAME IF THEY CANT DO STUFF RIGHT?

I quit your update sucks. translator STILL doesn't working and you only gave two champions s rank. gave us three new champions with only one that can go s rank. but you did fix auto deploy, not enough for all the other issues. The structure of the game is completely bad, so i quit. You reward people for spending tons of money and that's not far. I couldn't do anything without getting bullied by people with high leadership. You can shove it

Get hackers under control Its impossible to grow thanks to hackers who openly talk about hacking the game in world chat. The city zeroing is terrible now that people can hit you for 80k troops now and purposly zero players unprovoked even with the energy useage gap.

Bigger disaster with each patch WOW another epic fail of a patch not only did they screw the game up, now chat translation has stopped working....

Zombie Killer Great game fun and makes you want to keep on playing recommended if you like killing Zombies lol

Awesome I love this game! The devs are generous with their daily freebies. Great graphics and good support when I've contacted them with questions.

Meh Update sucks just new ways to spend gold. Maybe lower your gold prices and give away more free gold please?

Ok Translator not working. Game is fun and addictive. I have not spent any real money on game, find a good league and you get what you need to grow. Tired of eveyone crying because they get attacked by higher levels- IT'S PART OF THE GAME.WHEN YOU LEVEL UP YOU WILL DO THE SAME TO get over it.

Terrible devs Only playing because my friend asked me too, I used money played couple hours to find out about servers ... devs wouldn't switch this paying gamer profile over to her sever which.

Lagging Everytime iam on the app... All the blurdy screen seems to be like jerking even when you scrool it took me 1 min to jump from my city to the world map...AND ONE MORE THING... ITS BLURDY DUMB NOT TO INSTALL A BUTTON THAT CALLED ( COLLECT ALL) IN THE LEAGUE GIFTS PAGE... IMAGINE A 500 GIFTS..

Was cool You guys killed this game with your last update. I was running one of the top 30 leagues and after this update I removed the game. I'm done with this nonsense. Hopefully they'll put it back the way it was and then I might decide to pick it back up if I'm not locked into a different game already. Sorry guys you killed it for me. EDIT dev did a great job balancing it all out. Back to being my fav gave. 5 star

Devs aren't listening!!! How are you guys so oblivious to your players? We ask for things and get nothing in return. This game literally drops a star rating on every update. With every update things get worse. I understand trying to get rich off your game, but things are just out of hand now. Everything is now gold oriented, and not in a good way. I doubt anyone cares but you're losing fans. Gold prices are outrageous, Build times ridiculous, and resources management deplorable.

Post update review After the update some aspects of the game did get better, a feature needed is to keep attacks within 5 levels of each other, offer at least an hour shield after being attacked, a collect all resource button, and last but not least an overhaul of the looting system. Otherwise this game is average.

Was Very addictive Was a really good game, get in to a friendly, supportive and helpful league and you can do well. Constant updates have ruined it, harder to progress & gain evolution materials. This used to be a 5* from me . supposed to be about killing zombies, not a chance, full of power hungry idiots that are intent on wiping out your troops faster than you can train them! This is nothing about zombies, just a war game in disguise! You get bullied online, insulted. Not worth the download!

Good game, could use some improving This game is decent, but it is very frustrating. Be ready to have some patience. There is nothing to stop high level players from raiding and destroying your base whenever they want. The only way to prevent it is to buy sheilds, which usually means spending money. I wish there was a way to create level based tiers to make the game more competitive. The game is just full of jerk who will just attack you to ruin your day. The mechanics of the game play are quite fun. Explore mode is great.

THEIVES/LIARS REQUEST A FULL REFUND FROM APP STORE!!!! Selling Facebook/Email information. Constant 'Down'dates, incompetent Game Developers/in game 'Support'... seriously... don't bother wasting you time and effort. The game itself lacks any sort of enjoyment.... there are NEVER improvements. Just more options to 'pay to play'.... numerous glitches/hacks etc....

Game is fun but support is awful! I have been using this game for about 6 months or more. It's fun and cool to meet people from all over the word. If you have a problem don't expect customer service to help. I have been waiting for 4 months for a resolution. I was ripped off by the game and they don't want to resolve the issue just want to blame the customer for their product. Be wary of customer service it's the worst I have ever experienced.

Badly designed Gameplay seems to be intentionally annoying. Maybe it's remotely playable with a mouse. The only reason it has two stars instead of one is because some of the other players are fun.

Has its ups and downs. Probably like everything else in life.... The levels are totally up to you, challenges will be faced, overcoming them is greatly rewarding...

I would give 5 stars but there are still issues in translation in all game chats. Needs fixed now

Ranking it at three gold potatoes Doing better now, some adjustments along the way but that is life. I can't wait until the translator is fixed however. You breached the languages barriers once before, let's do it again

Read this QJ becouse the game sucks! This game is the terrible.A guy who is 20 lvls stronger than you attacks you and takes 90% of your resources that you collected for days!Normal games have penalties for this,he should lose some form of reputation points or something or it should cost all of his energy!Fix this for fu**s sake!There are other problems but this is just stupid.

Gets old very quickly You cannot advance in the game without spending real money simply because you will not be able to gather necessary resources. You will constantly be attacked by players of a MUCH higher level, i.e. you're level 12 they are max level (99). After wasting too much time on this app it's getting deleted.

Horrible update Loved the game, was alot of fun until this new update. I can't use the help button and translator no longer works for me, even with the instructions they gave me to fix it. One or two large paying players can destroy months of building troops. The devs need to find a way to level the field like moving larger players to different servers.

App? My friends can't find this in the Google play's still available? Are you going to make it easily accessible for droid devices?

Pay to win If you look at an item to teleport you to a different location it would cost you $19.99 it is ridiculous you get almost nothing for your money. And yet its the only way to get ahead.

Alright Okay it's a bit better than previously but there are not updates rolling out and the interface needs to be changed a bit.

Severe technical problems For a game that has a significant multi lingual player base you'd think the developer would have have a translator that actually works ... nope. Also, after the last update it crashes at least once every half hour.

Just don't like how other players can attack hen your not playing or able to play while for example: your at work. Some ppl work more than 8hrs

It was better before they decided to sell the game to a Chinese server. No more updates, no new players.

Update failed I am disappointed, After the last patch nothing works. Developers keep ignoring players. since my last conversations with your help desk was closed with no results. 1-Scouts are not working properly ( when scouted resources tiles your reports shows militia not zombies ) 2- league chat & mail translation is not working.3- Champions are just vanishing from the freezer. 4- Med troops T4 speed needs to be adjusted how can T2 medium have the same speed ? 5- I have at least 15 more issues. Contact me back.

Do not download! Used to be good, but the developers obviously got no idea how to keep a game fun to play. Last update just killed server #96.

Want to play the game, but developer refuses to reset my savegame and the support still tries to force me into buying a new phone just for this. Worst customer experience i ever had. So essentially i cannot join my friends to play.

Gifts And Rewards Are Real ... I Got Beg Of 100 Smart Chips ... Plus Many Resources and Championship Leaders ... Thanks ...5 Stars

It's been taken from the Apple Store, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a reply from the developers/fun plus etc, there have been NO updates, NO events, We Deserve to at least know wether it's worth investing anymore time into this game! God only knows why I even bother! Release a statement Somthing! Just don't do what you guys are doing! Which is NOTHING

Dead DO NOT EVEN BOTHER PLAYING. Why because as I write to you honestly our developers don't bother to inform players. Seem uninterested in what players want. No game update or communication to player base. Game has changed not fun. Save your download. And players are leaving. A mystery why a company had a good player base and seems on intent to destroy a game. Lame update today. 3 new champs, 3 new troops to 50. But what gets me is 1499 gold to reset one skill instead of all.

Pfft Waste of time now. Game restarts every time you change to another app then back or even just go to your home screen and back to game. Chat translation is missing..... Another fine update... Not