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Supplied By Daily Mail Online    On Aug. 15, 2016    Comments(219)

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One of Google's "Best Apps of 2014 & 2015" with over 2 million downloads, the MailOnline (Daily Mail) app gives you everything you've come to expect and love from the world's largest English-language newspaper website, but with quick, easy and free access on your phone -- accessible even when you're offline.

Feed your daily addiction with stories & photos from all our top channels: US & World News, Celebrity & Showbiz, Sports, Femail, Science & Tech, Health, Money, Travel, and many more!

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• Over 15 Channels of must-read articles and photos - that's over 800+ original stories every day!
• Offline Mode: Pre-load stories & galleries to access when you're offline or without reception - great for commutes!
• Select a Location: Choose from US, UK or Rest of World to ensure you get the news most relevant to you.
• Express Yourself: Post your Comments on articles or Rate other user's comments that you like or dislike.
• Custom Settings: Select when data and images sync based on your preferred connection (Wi-Fi or 3G).
• Choose which Channels you want to sync and when.

If you have any trouble with the app or want to suggest new features and feedback, please email us at so we can help.

Daily Mail Online part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 15, 2016. Google play rating is 83.9888. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    • Olympics Channel
    • Videos are now browsable through Gallery
    • You can now hide channels from Settings --> Arrange Channels
    • Stability improvements.
    We value your feedback. If you experience any bugs or have a suggestion on how to make the application better, please email us at:
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Gossip and trivia I have a look couple of times a week for gossip and trivia. Would say you need to get new blood into your writing team. They use the same descriptions over and over and often don't get their facts right

Informative and entertaining Firstly, this is the Mail. People will hate you just because you read this paper. But they need to get over it. It's a great read. Just make sure you take everything you read with a huge pinch of salt. Technically, the app works well.

You are doing swell Enjoy reading the articles offline and getting up to date news. The sports section is kind of one sided with very little news on American sports and I kind of wish there was video content when the news article says scroll down for video. Other than that I love this site.

My go to news source Love all the news sections on daily mail with the exception of the showbiz section. DM seems to always report on celebrity wardrobe malfunctions like it's something crucial to our existence. Otherwise a great app thats fast.. I wish it had a search engine on the app. But hey cant win em all.

It's the news! Nice layout, easy to navigate. The only issue is the quality of the content but I like trash news!

EXCELLENT TABLOID I enjoy reading mail online onnthis app daily. My day is not complete without it. Good work, keep it up.

Daily Mail Slows up my smart phone considerably. But I love the articles. Always up on the latest gossip // news. DM could you please give us access to a search engine - then I would rate this 5 STARS!! ------ By the by WAY TOO much Kardaschian news

Been using this app for some time now and really like it. Only problem is can't search for anything, can only view the articles which are listed.

Keeps signing me up to things which cost $$$ Have just uninstalled after it signed me up to some advertised game thing, without my consent, and without me having an opportunity to confirm or refuse. This is the 2nd time it's happened. Last time cost me $10. Expect the same this time, although I unsubscribed as soon as I got a text from whoever they were. And it cost me to send the text. An hour later it tried to sign me up AGAIN, so I have uninstalled. Pity, because I like the app, but unimpressed with the sneaky way it costs me $$$$.

Needs bug testing Need to reinstall regularly as comments don't work after some use. Still can't access the comments section all versions . Poor development. Feedback recommendation does not work. Android latest version Samsung galaxy note 3. Update feb 2014. Still not fixed after many months. Update still not fixed in April 2014.

I understandunderstand the app is ad supported but the full screen popups are just too much, go back to the old ad system please

Great news... Always interesting. Although seems like many typos to me but still worth a give star for the great reads....

The best out there I have tried so many news/entertainment apps myself but this one is, in my opinion, the best of them all. It is very well thought out and designed and the quality of the linked images and the like are class leading. There is a very good team behind this app.

Daily mail Love it completely it is the best online newspaper by far. Very easy to navigate.. up to date news and a much better experience than any other. If you have this app you need no other ..xcellent

App itself is great. No bugs, doesn't crash and updates appropriately. I am sick of seeing updates on the Kardashians. I don't have a fascination with them nor care to hear about their movements. If the DM would stop reporting about them, it would be perfect.

Please fix it A brilliant app apart from the white screen of death which means uninstall and then reinstall which is a nightmare! Please fix this and also the pop ups when you view pictures then ill give u five stars

Love it Simple, fast, concise, current. Ads are a pain but I understand it keeps the application free. Still the best UK newspaper app for me

Horrible journalism. Terrible articles, no proof reading, horrible subjects, spelling and grammar errors galore. Just not reliable or newsworthy online news source.

Overall good. One snag is that although the app allows you to move it to the SD card, this doesn't work properly. Because if you do move it then each new day the app is used it "forgets" all the setup options and restarts with the setup questions. This doesn't occur if it's used several times in the same day - just if it's another day. Upshot of this - it has to stay in the tablet storage area. If they could sort that bug out that would be good.

Great App Nice app albeit the spelling mistakes. Still l'll give a 5 star rating for it's wide news content.

Good app : but quite often as i'm reading somethink it always comes up " daily mail has stopped " then u have to close app down then start up again, soooooo annoying apart from that i really enjoy reading it . Its excellent as well for breaking news..*****

Love reading sportz Even though full of gossips and rumours i love this segmant. Ian ladyman is really genuine journalist but i love adrian durham because he always writes great about Us(Man Utd).

Crashes Wrote this Aug 14: Keeps on crashing and it's a real pain. Update Feb 15: still keeps crashing, once a week, uninstall and reinstall also you need a proof reader as there are many spelling and grammar issues throughout the app.

Better Great news thebnewnformat is great . One of the few apps that really listen the buyer. Offer more and I would consider paying.

Easily read type size. Syncs quickly. Automatically fits the android screen - many other newspaper apps do not. Sometimes longer articles with many pictures cannot be scrolled - possibly because pictures taking too long to download. Problems arise when reading articles from sources other than Mail.

Good for the lies and propaganda Good place to start albeit the spelling mistakes and the fascination with the cost of the subjects house price...... But then you need to look elsewhere for the truth

Get 2 stars. 2 star rating from me for 2 things. 1 these new ads that are part of the app should not be. Daily mail are doing fine and don't need to push ads to make money. The app was fine without them before hand. 2 after posting a comment it doesn't come up at all. Get the usual cr@p that the comment will be looked at before its posted. Even when I do manage to get the comment posted it never shows under new. I've to wait a day or 2 to see if it's posted under old. Fix this and you will get a 3*

Font size. Font size on opening page (thumbnails) is too small, same with text under photos - changing font size in settings only changes article font size. Decent app, though.

Doin' It Right Grateful for the Mail when U.S. news outlets are so lame. Keep it up!

Love it The app makes it easier for me to forget the pains of having to get on my computer and watch a bad Shockwave ruin the website.

Used to work but not now I like it. Plenty of content

Kelly brook approve this app. What's image sync for? It's useless and consumes tons of data. Better turn it off. My comments also rarely appears unlike when using desktop. And please add comment counter.

Makes news interesting Apart from the obvious Conservative bias in its reporting, this is accessible and makes it easy to read the stories that interest you. Get this app but vote labour ?

No copy paste Not a bad app but I am removing all apps that won't allow copy/paste. Can't be bothered with people inhibiting the way MY tablet works. No my view profile. Wish the web version would stop reminding, pestering, me with the fact this app exists.

Good app, unreliable news The app fundamentally is great, but most of the articles are poorly written... Go for another app for more reliable news!

I enjoy this very much and read the sports section daily. I love football and there always plenty of up to date news and articles. I may not always agree with the writers but nevertheless, it's still my favourite read.

New pop-up ads are annoying This was a good app until they started using pop-up ads in their articles. DM needs a paid version, this is annoying; especially when it happens more than once while reading an article. If it lasts, I will be looking for another app.

Excellent App Love this. Layout is very good, subject matter very detailed and well written. Best news app I have used.

Best new site Informative, hourly update, better then the app from new York.. NY Daily news is so glitchy.. And limited news

Read the news from this app everyday. Nice to have all the stories and topics available in one place. Love the great stories and learning about new technology. My guilty pleasure is US showbiz. Pictures and videos are always nice to go along with every news story. Only thing I do not like is the repetitive nature found in most every story, gets a little boring. That is only flaw I could find in it. I gave 4 out of 5 stars. Would have undeniably had given 5 stars otherwise.

Some times has problem with synchronized Some times has problem with synchronized.

Very goooooooooood!!!!

OK update but poorly configured This version of the app is clearly based on Apple philosophy. It's optimum in portrait position, particularly when reading individual stories. Most Android tablets, such as the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 that I use was designed to be used in landscape mode, resulting in a less than optimal experience.

Great app Thanks for the swift response. Great app overall love the daily mail. Thanks

Yuk Preferred the old version. Let me have old version back pleeeese. Menu options which you cant select ones you want, it keeps disappearing from page, overall I dislike it

Your posts It's great to read what's happening around the world I only gave it 4 stars because not all your posts get posted even though there's nothing offensive about them and on the app you can't review your comments and how many arrows you have

Gone backwards Gave this 5 stars for earlier versions but this latest one has gone backwards. Many of the Click Here links don't work so end up having to gone on their main site. Needs sorting DM.

Much improved! Can't really say anything to bad about this app, it's free and works well, cannot complain. Issue with intrusive ads seems to be resolved.

I have used this app for years and would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for the recent updates. I can click on one article and another opens up, then it will suddenly close. As for the ads....They are driving me mad!!

What happened after update? Since I updated the app a couple of days back I can't seem to load the sections/pages. It has been blank since day one of update. It says "content will load in 2s" but I end up waiting for 10mins and nothing comes up. My network is fine, after all I used it very well prior the update. I've already been bragging to my friends about the app, pls don't make me look like a fool. Awaiting for anticipated response. Thanks.

Really ADS NOW. .!! Gave this app a 4 (to much kardashians ) but always enjoyed all the news feeds from UK,Tech,Sports,World and so on but Noowwwwww after the latest update all I see is Kate Upton which is Ok but it can get annoying when reading an an article of importance ... I guess bills need to be paid now..!! Well looks like I will be looking for an App where I can read news feeds from everywhere and everything some where else with no ADS while I am reading! ! . Thank you for the past 4 yrs...Bye,Bye

Give us back an option. Preferred the old version. Takes too much time scrolling through the pictures to read the full story. Not everyone is interested in seeing some of the pics posted. Now we don't have a choice.

Refreshing Bug - Needs Fixing! I usually love the DailyMail App until the latest update. When you go to refresh by sliding down the screen it says it's updated, but I know it's old news after 3/4 attempts it finally refreshes. The same happens when you select refresh from the top menu, clearly a bug! I have a Note 3. Please fix! Thanks Az

Ads So many intrusive ads popping up really does spoil this also how the hell do you get a comment posted tried about 30 times and no chance but several banal comments by the same user on the same piece is posted was 5 stars until update

Perfect Back to being an excellent app

So much better than tablet version but buggy Don't seem to be able to post comments any more. Would like to manage my profile when logged in instead of having to go to web site to review my comments/arrows etc. Much easier to use than web site for reading articles. Use it many times each day. Where is Right Minds category? Split sport ito football / other sports (there are other sports you know). Need more frequent syncs, every hour or two.

Great app but fonts are big even on smallest setting Thanks for quick response. Your reply was very valid and I accept it. But pls consider on giving more options on controlling font size, hopefully in the next update. I use Nexus 7 2013 and the font is still too big for my liking even on the smallest setting. Font on my android interface is pretty small so maybe the app can do better to match with system font size.

Problems with ads I had a problem with a 3 ad after I contacted you it seemed the problem was solved. However on updating it has returned. Both my Wife and I have rated this ap as great but this problem is getting to us both and is spoiling a great app. It will be a shame to uninstall it please please solve it

Badly formatted and edited So disappointing.. articles full of repetitious statements, poor grammar and sometimes inaccuracies showing not only a lack of research by the reporter/ journalist but a lack of professionalism by both those reporters and their subeditors. Update...recent update to reformatted app was dreadful ' improvement' as app will not open and is not recognised by tablet. Deleted. Edit.tried reinstalling, still crashes/ freezes and due to very large in line photos difficult to read as no 'flow'..old format pleasanter

Rubbish Easily the most anti Irish publication in existence. Publishes snide stereotypical articles, has without fail a weekly bash the Irish article, allows racist comments and censors comments that actually reply to these racist comments. A truly horrible publication with equally horrible journalists and moderators. No doubt they will be on to Google to get this review removed.

Not bad.... Shame about the spelling and duplication in a lot of the articles, you would think that a company this size would at least review items before posting. Other than that excellent if you ignore the political bias.

Why oh why is the font so big! I went to the settings to decrease the size but it was already on the smallest setting. Please give me the option to make it smaller- its ridiculously huge!

Best news site out there. Updated many times a day. Only bad thing being comments are monitored, even when not rude, or take ages to appear.

Feministic, illiterate drivel The writers/updating staff can not write any article without so many grammatical errors. It almost makes for an episode of "Teletubbies" trying to decipher this drivel. And as for the feminist dominated/orientated,male hating articles, it is almost like reading a journal from Emmiline Pankhurst. An altogether female orientated, male hating, illiterate tabloid!! Makes the Sun newspaper/app look like Shakespeare is their lead journalist!!

Simon ? Still love this app don't always get a chance to buy a newspaper so easy this way just great. Update has made this even better slight problem at first but problem solved by quick response. Now just brilliant ??

Update. The app was good but the latest update 08/06/15. Has left it unusable. Followed advice given still not syncing. Logged in to Daily Mail and things appear to be OK. Still has problems syncing. Time to delete.

Adverts Fault with ad's fixed. Love it again :-)

Terrible ad experience I have used DM for a long while now as my faithful news app but this latest update has crossed the line. Video ads where i can't close or back out of without closing the app completely. There is a reason ad block is so popular, people dont like video ads with forced sound.

Please no pics The app functioned great as a mobile app to read the news. It provided continuous text which was all I need from my phone. The addition of all these pictures and broken sections is unwanted and frankly very annoying. Please remove them.

Addicted I'm on this app every few minutes checking for 'new' news. Let's you know what's going on when your local news does not. I just wish my comments would show up immediately instead of having to wait for whomever to approve.

Targeted news - what they want you to see! Where's the section for columnists?!! Or do the Daily Mail only want to feed pointless celebrity stories to readers?

Newest Update - Crashes Before this update I would have given this app 5 stars without question. I use this app every single day. Now Im trying to read an article n it goes out of it and goes bk to the main screen!! I am so angry about this. Why "fix" something thats not broken. I have cleared the cache and data and still the same.. Ive used this 4 years. Samsung S3 Would like help with this?????!

Spoilt by the poor proofreading This could be a great app but the spelling and grammar are lamentable and it's littered with careless mistakes (wrong captions, etc). Seems to be increasingly dumbing down as well. Oh and can we hear a bit less (no, a LOT less!!) about the Kardashians please...

Best news app ever This is the most superior app in that it displays news perfectly and accuracy is awesome

Not fussed on the new app.Takes ages to load when you swipe to the next category,and the comment feature now takes ages too.I preferred the pics not breaking up the article aswell.

lmprovisation is an ongoing process... Pl enable nightmode reading at earliest. Constant restlessness is gift of worldwide terrorism. ln sleeplessness mode nightmode reading can be comfortable... MailOnline with India+ has made it more awsome...

Great App I love this app, it's so easy to use and is very up todate. Well done Daily Mail!!

Great app but..... It really needs a "dark" theme for those of us unlucky enough to have a hard time dealing with bright white washing out the black fonts. White on black seems to work best for me.

Love the way this news app is designed. It makes reading the news more enjoyable and the content is great too. Keep it up Daily Mail! My favorite news outlet!

It'so WHITE. And looks a bit cheap. That blue text - yikes. The brightness, now that the bottom is white, is very distracting and a Bad Idea; some designer bottoms should be severly smacked. I used to read a lot of articles, now I try to finish reading as quickly as possible. And no, I'll never like it.

Loading loading loading! Since update it keeps loading does not sync when loaded. Reset cache on app, same. It was working fine before the recent change, fix it please,!

Vile little rag turned into The Daily ISIS A truly vile little hate filled rag whose roots can be traced back to their support of Hitler in WWII. Not much has changed except now they are the outlet for ISIS. They trawl gore sites for content as their "journalist" lack the ability to create stories from real news events. Avoid like syphilis.

Stupid layout update Thank you for mostly reverting back to the format everyone likes. Only 2 stars though. Selected story should be full page. Now the R\H side is still cluttered with other stories when I am reading the selected one. Comments should also be full page view and replies not shown by default but only via a show replies button. Must try harder, or just roll back to the version that everyone liked.

Thanks for listening Looks like all the comments and complaints about the changes to the app have been noted by the team. Thank you for listening to your readers. The updated version works much better and faster. Please think twice before changing it again.

Fixed layout issue OK... they have fixed the horrendous layout issue of previous version. This latest release is still sluggish when refreshing articles.... and I still don't like the way comments are displayed on the side when viewed on a tablet. Comments posted to forum from the app don't seem to get published.

D singleton Thank you for listening. It's excellent when you can accept all changes are not all for the best. The results appear to be very good. Thank you again.

Can't post comments easily but DM are listening to users, thank you New layout settings much better, but I've "upgraded" back to previous version. Comments say they are posted when they're not. Can't paste into comments (I like to proof read in a text editor before submitting).Give us reason why its not posted (eg bad language) and feedback on its posting status. Got V4.0 apk and installed earlier version Crashes everytime i go into notifications. DM are listening just not got it right yet but are getting there. Thanks for the invite to the beta programme, I will sign up.

What have you done? The latest update is rubbish. The app has been so good up to now.its sluggish,dont like the split screen. It was a hundred times better before. It's a while since i last commented on this is so bad i am thinking of uninstalling it. Early indications show improvements. After your suggestions.

Latest update What a load of rubbish, please go back to single column pages. Another update today and bingo single column page, many thanks.

Brian Barrows Ever since the last update this app has become extremely unreliable. It continually freezes at start up, frequently when it doesn't freeze I get a black screen or it freezes when loading an article. On the rare occasions it does work it is very good.

V4.2 is good Having been totally dissatisfied with V4.1.1, this latest update enables greater settings choices and it now works as well for me as it did before the big upgrade. Thank you mail online for listening and acting so promptly.

It's like the screen vomited news all over it The new layout is loud and confusing. Too much thrown at you at once. Please give us the option of the old layout. **changed back to give stars with update. Thank god I have the choice now **

What have you done!! Was the best news app. Then went all sluggish with an update. Thank you Daily Mail for listening and giving back the option to have a single view. Much better!

Unusable and usable again I find this new version unusable. Have not managed to read an article on it since I downloaded it a week ago. I should never have 'upgraded'. Update.... thanks for fixing the upgrade, I can use the app again now!

A company that listen to feedback Thanks DM for listening to your customer's and for the email on how to revert back to the old style signal page layout.

Bad layout Who ever thought this new layout was a good idea, needs to look at all the comments. Now deleting the app until it is made more usable. Pre joust you would have got a 4 or 5.

daily mail After the update to fix multi view now can browse on one view instead of all the freezing problems it had suffered. Before update it should of been called daily fail. But will see how things go now this has been sorted.

Thank you for listening and taking action When will you revert to the former layout? Please listen to your readers!

Another potential lost user The average rating seems to be 1.1 since the roll out which is generous because we couldn't give a zero rating. Give us back our old app. ADDED 17/2. Revised version has given back layout control to the reader. A great improvement, which will no doubt be appreciated. Hopefully the developers have learnt that not everybody cares for Microsofts latest windows versions and will not try to replicate them in future.

Was ruined now better due to update. Please bring back old version as this update is slow due to loading all the sections at once, awkward and has too small text. A disaster of an update. Update, have given 5 stars not 1 as now updated to allow single or multi page.

Great app Was completely crap with multi column screen, but now restorable to single column thanks to new options. It's great again... Please don't stuff up my favourite need app again!!!

Unwanted update Change it back the dual screen is utterly awful, you cant get the gist of most of the stories due to the small size. Or at least give us an option to have it the old way. The only point to split screen is to read two lots of info at once but you cant due to the sizing issue. Its really really bad. UPDATE: much better and appreciate you listening to people, unlike the BBC who ploughed on with theirs despite overwhelming dislike from users.

Layout Used to love this app until the update. Awful now, layout too sqashed, takes forever to refresh or crashes. What a shame. Update : gone into settings and single page format, much better and easy to read, please don't change it again but thanks for listening ?

Great news app ruined Used to be the best, now it's so cramped with the split categories the headlines are incomplete. Makes news browsing a bad experience. Why o why did you do this? Fixed now, terrific ☺

Please give us a choice of whether we want a cluttered multi collumn contents or the previous well laid out contents list. This has gone from being a great app to an appalling app overnight. Even the comments now appear as narrow collumn to the right of the article. What was wrong with the old layout. UPDATE Following latest update: Good, common sense has prevailed and we now have a choice of a single or multi channel layout. Now 4 star rating (rarely give 5 stars as it implies that it can't be improved upon)

Daily Mail Online This has thankfully been 'updated' back to the original format, but I still think that the comments down the side of the page make it difficult to read them.

Back to normal OK, we are back to the original layout which allows me to see the headline before deciding if to read it. More importantly my wife`s and my machines are not freezing as they struggle to download too much info. Otherwise this has been a great app that I will give 4 stars to as DM need to earn trust again to get 5 stars.

Awful update, now much better! Why have you insisted on multi columns to the page? It used to be easy to avoid categories you did not like and now they are all on the same page. It also makes the page looked cramped and confused. Roll back to previous version please. Daily Mail have actually listened to my review and allowed single channel viewing in a new update. I have therefore changed it from a one star to four star review. Well done.

Complained about last update freezing, unable to get comments posted. Is now working well again. Hated to see my favourite app go so badly wrong, getting happy again.

Big love for listening. Happy that not only did they listen but made it better again. I used to love reading this app but the previous changes were so annoying I deleted the app. Installed again now happy with better layout.

What the. ...? I have used this app for many months, until this last update, which was pathetic. However, having received an email from Daily Mail explaining that through the settings I was able to change it back single settings. Am I happy, you bet I am. Well done

Terrible new layout The new layout is too crammed the page is too busy and takes ages to load. Everything is in your face, too small and piled together for nothing. Will stop reading it and if the layout remains the same will uninstall. And 1 star is generous. Well after you listened to my negative feedback you sorted it, am so very glad you deserve 5 stars just for listening and the solution is great, very well done and thanks :)

That's Better Thank you for listening and now we have the old view back. Would still prefer the comments to be full page as they are a bit small squeezed in the one side. Do that and you get your 5 stars back. Well done.

Well done! First time ever an app developer has listened and made things better! I have no problem changing my review the app is really good and I believe still the best of any of the newspaper apps! Well done!

Awful new layout Change it back! Fast! EDIT: back to 5 stars after the recent revert. Thanks for listening.

Dreadful update - split screens unnecessary The latest update giving three split screens renders this app very poor. I'll be uninstalling it if the situation is not remidied very soon. Thank you for new update DM. I'm smiling again and am pleased to revise my 1 star rating up to 4 star.

Much better! Revised update is much better! It works well on my tablet - not sure how it will go on my phone as comments section is very narrow on side of the page so might be hard to read. Thanks for listening. It actually works now instead of just freezing. Can now view single channel at a time.

Just hate the new layout uninstalled, it's easier to read it on my 5" phone screen than it is to read on 10 " tablet. Out of necessity I have found a newspaper app UK NEWSPAPERS that will let me view Daily Mail along with all other newspapers in a more friendly layout than this useless app. Update : Much better thanks for listening, just one minor gripe the pictures should be on the left hand side for more comfortable reading. I will give it five stars when my posts start getting published fed up of going to the trouble to post when only about 1in20 is published .

Fabulous fantastic Thankyou so much. I have reinstalled and it's just perfect. Thankyou I love reading daily mail every day. But sadly since the update I have had to uninstall. It doesn't seem to load correctly. Please help I would love to reinstall it.I loved it the old way. Thankyou.

You updated the app, messed up and changed it back again! 5* for listening and updating it! V 4.1.1 build 102 Too slow to update, too many categories on one screen, not interested in other categories other than main news. Change it back. DO NOT UPDATE...

UPDATED: NO IMPROVEMENT ON LAST VERSION. Does anyone actually read the reviews. Get rid of the dreadful columns or give users a choice to have them or not. It might have been best app of 2014, it certainly wont be best app of 2016. New update is appalling. Haven't you heard of the saying "if it aint broke don't fix it"? The app is now unusable on a tablet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of all those columns and go back to the previous layout which was fine. And if you're not going to do that then at least give users the option to change the number of columns they can have on their screen. Does anyone from the Daily Mail Developers actually read these comments I wonder? I'd wouldn't have rated this at all if I'd been given the option! And it keeps crashing.

DOESN'T WORK! IT DOES NOW !! Thank you for putting it back to normal. It's also much faster than the old version of single channel so I'm a happy bunny again :-) Have changed my one star to a five star. Well done DM. EDIT: It's actually brilliant now, so fast and even my comments are appearing within seconds !!

Crashes constantly This is a reload and reinstall. I got so frustrated at it crashing, sometimes several times a minute, that I finally uninstalled it. Comments on articles hardly ever show up -- and I'm a beta tester. I'll give it one more try, but if the poor quality continues I'll be removing it from my phone for good. If it's improved I'll increase the number of stars.

Smart Two down sides.... unable to access profile so still have to use chrome instead. Annoying. Also have mobile set to sync but still no pictures and unable to resolve via app. Dissappointing

Started crashing on pixel c every time I select an article and drains battery How to reproduce: select world news, then click on any article. Instead of opening the article, the application crashes. It also drains battery on both nexus 6 and pixel c without being used and with any synch turned off. Uninstalling it!

Crashes every few seconds This used to be a very good app. Now it crashes constantly. To the point where it freezes while I'm still reading just the headline. Please fix ASAP! I would give this app. a 4 or 5 when it works.

Latest update - app doesn't work at all now Until this latest update this app worked fine. Updated it just now and all I get is a blank white screen and it crashes every time I click on an article to read it :(. Not impressed at all. Please fix this!!!!!

Recent update broken Recent update makes app unsable. When scrolling on any article the moment you hit an ad the app freezes and crashes.

WHAT IDIOTS Why did you screw it up! Constantly crashes now. WTF. I'm sure it will be loaded with adds.

Constantly crashes All of a sudden it has been constantly crashing, when it used to work fine.

Great format Constantly crashes now

Crashing after update Constantly crashes now after this last update. Samsung note 3

Better app on new phone

Everyone should get this app

Scroll is apalling since update. Very jittery,does not scroll properly since update.Why?

Keeps crashing It keeps crashing

Keeps crashing. Uninstalling now.

Really slow update

Well I've always liked this APP, but it is now constantly crashing, plus my device, Samsung tablet is warning me to erase the Daily Mail as it's slowing my device, so if and when it is updated and actually works again so only 1 star, should be non.

Layout Used to love this app until the update. Awful now, layout too sqashed, takes forever to refresh or crashes. What a shame. Update : gone into settings and single page format, much better and easy to read, please don't change it again but thanks for listening ?

Comments rigged Great app, but recently I've come to the conclusion comments have been rigged receiving green and red arrows I don't understand why the need to do so. Also sound ads have been automatically playing while app is open and can only stop it by closing app...

Far to many adds The best news app around in my opinion but with the recent updates and the constant bombardment of adverts and pop ups just spoil it now still haven't found a better replacement but seriously considering deleting app as adds spoil the pros of this app

Good app but annoying adverts!! A good app like to flick through news, only problem is the constant adverts popping up which spoils (some you have to completely come out of app to get rid of them!!) please sort it out! Also what's with the constant bombardment of Kardashian stories so uninteresting ?

Great app but has wakelock issues This is a great app but it causes battery drain by not sleeping, both better Battery stats and wakelock detector are showing that the app is not sleeping properly, this is a problem and you have to manually close the app, Needs sorting asap

The worst news app online Between adverts every 2 minutes, ludicrous mistakes in articles and constant reference to what Kate is wearing or which Kardashian is posing like a duck today, this is easily the most annoying news app. Deleted, I'm going to Sky News which is concise, interesting and doesn't suck up to specific so-called celebrities

Ads, ads, ads. And I'm not even talking about the countless pointless articles that are ads in disguise. I mean that whenever I look a photos, you guys throw in an ad and I get linked to a malicious website or weird app in the playstore. It's highly unpleasant to read your newspaper.

Good and accurate news. Indifferent Customer Support. Due to presumed tech glitch none of my many comments have ever seen the destined public forum. I wrote to its makers twice complaining, not even acknowledment of it received. Good news service, unfortunately, let down by the bug and no customer interest from its creators. Big shame(((

Ads, pop-ups, & off pushes too much of intrusion The Daily Mail online experience is deteriorating rapidly. Volume of ads and being tricked into clicking on ads is not acceptable. That combined with green arrow hackers is damaging what was a good app

Great! #TeamSamsung Really good on Samsung phones Really fast with updating stories once the app is open. Entertaining and never gets bored of different story lines from uk - us.

Beware of dirty rats This is terrible, the comments section is absolutely useless, totally crap, very amateurish and needs fixing, should employ people who know how to do the job.

Bullshit App What a load of rubbish. Too many ads, grammar, spelling mistakes and terrible misinformation. Has become the local rag. Also, you're supposed to have the opportunity to comment on news articles yet mine are never shown, they're rigged. Crap!

Annoying This app has become far too annoying....1st off there are far too many adverts! Secondly there are far too many spelling mistakes....and thirdly the app doesn't even show the whole page so misses a few words from the right hand side on the main headline.

Complained about last update freezing, unable to get comments posted. Is now working well again. Hated to see my favourite app go so badly wrong, getting happy again.

Pop ups Used to love but way too many pop ups to read anything

You Suck Daily Mail If you wanna know how the kartrashians or Beckhams are doing this is the app for you.

Awesome News Articles.You Dont Need To Buy A Newspaper When You Have News Like This.Super Newspaper The Best. The Best News Ever So Many Articles To Read All Over The World.Superb Read

Vile Repulsive hateful nationalist propaganda. Actually made me feel ill. Technically very well done, but unfortunately the content is so awful I can't remain objective about the app itself.

Too many ads, not much news I used to like this but it is getting worse every week. Not enough variety of news. Different versions of the same stories. Too much trivia. Far too many ads. A good app has been completely ruined. What a shame.

If you care about kardishians and jenners App is great, but the site is sucks. They reporting more than 15 articles about kardishians and Jenners 24/7. If you bad mouth about either one of them, DM stops to post your comments or edit your comments.

No longer syncs Not had a problem with this app until a fews days ago when it stops syncing. It just keeps thinking about it but not updating the content. I have to uninstall and reinstall to get it updated with new news. Also the adverts have overtaken the news when it does work which is really annoying.

Cr@p Too much kardashians dailymail, everyone hates them, do they pay you. I honestly could not care what kendull jenner has for breakfast. Many spelling and grammatical errors,too many troll comments when my comments don't get printed. Videos say sorry, unavailable, too much bruce jenner. We're over it

Looks like I might have to uninstall again What's with the aggressive adverts?? Only so many times you'll turn off the app to stop to pop up before you've had enough.. Avoid avoid!

Too Many Ads & Crashes This used to be my #1 go-to app. Over the last 6 months the number of ads have grown to a ridiculous high. Also, the app has started crashing for unknown reasons. It's gotten so bad that I closed the app just so I can write this review. It's a shame because it used to be such a good, reliable app.

Bad Tabloid If stories and pictures of little children being molested, abused, tortured, killed and murdered disturb you then do not read this paper. That is their favorite thing, also animal abuse and torture are always in here. It also states no abusive comments allowed in posts, haha, all people do here it seems is insult everyone. On top of all this they also use comment section for paid adverts for pyramid scams to rob their readers money. Very rotten business.

Its not bad .....thought you had sorted the freezing out...still doing it now and again....made loads of comments on phone but never appears, but ok on tablet, cant even edit profile now...whats happnin ? Have even wiped and downloaded again..sort it out DM pleeeeeeeease

Crashes on certain articles....... This news app was great. Now it crashes on certain articles. Not any particular articles. You tap to read then message comes up that Daily News has stopped. Send report yes/no. I have sent in many reports over 2 weeks and nothing has improved. To bad. Was a great app.

Dire! Too many ads, the previous version was much better, this one is very slow loading and updates too much

New layout This new layout is terrible. I use a tablet, and it took ages to load, then I was presented with this awful layout. I will now be looking elsewhere for a way to keep up with the news! Well having updated this App which was OK for a while, I now have to uninstall and reinstall it virtually on a daily basis, because it will not update the news on a daily basis! Don't get me started on the terrible spelling. Does nobody check these things out!

Not refreshing news Now for one week there is the same article in world news about orlando. Why don't you refresh it? There is so much new news. I start to hate this app. You don't update news! Stupid are you.

Horrendous battery drain Great all until recently with awful battery drain on galaxy s6

Daily Mail Gives All the Real News I read this app 24/7 for all the news happening throughout the globe. Great app!

Awful. One star is generous. Still having problems viewing pictures. They do not load or only some load. The Guardian app has no problems of this kind. Perhaps you should borrow their program!!!!!

Aggressive Advertising Full screen popup adverts hidden in pictures attached to the stories and 30 second video adverts that you can only cancel by coming out of the app.. Poor experience, website is better.

Was good but World News does not update! What is it with World News? Just does not update frequent enough. Also, ads are getting ridiculous.

Update much better now 13.06.16 Change for the sake of job creation !! Now the print is just too small for my Samsung S6. STUPID IDEA overall so back as it was PLEASE.

Ads. Grr. Cannot remove the annoying ads that appear in the middle of every article. If I am reading the Mail in this app I don't wish to constantly exhorted to use the Tw@tter version. I, like many others, avoid that program like the plague. Otherwise, it's quite good.

Recent update Just updated n new version has far too many ads, banners at the bottom, ads in middle of each news item 3 minute ad for a 20 second video, thinking of removing, n keeping with ad free BBC news.

Kardashian life is not news!!!!!! I read this app daily and like the setup and structure of the page. Ads are annoying but not as annoying as seeing a Kardashian face Every Single Day!! They're obsessed with that family!

Adverts Far too many spammy adverts stopping you from actually using the app, are you really that desperate for cash you have to spam users with this crap?

Too many ads This app was fine before, but now you can barely read a paragraph without an advert popping up!

Love but am deleting, can't stop autoplay video It's a shame there is no option provided to turn off the autoplay video ads. I only have limited high speed data and I do not wish to have it used up by anything I do not choose for myself. Too bad because I really enjoyed the mix of articles, gossip and headlines and tons of random, interesting articles plus great photos. Daily Mail, please make an option to turn off autoplay video so I can install and enjoy your otherwise fantastic app again!!!

I gave this such a poor review because I can't read the headlines on the stories! There is two different kinds of writing and they're on top of each other making it impossible to know what the story is about without clicking on it and going to the story's main page! Then I can read it. So I have judge whether a story is newsworthy based on a thumbnail pic! Please fix this, I like the app and would rate 5 stars if I could read the captions on the main page. I hope this made sense.

Good except world news not updated frequently I like the offline feature which allows me to read the news while I don't have internet connection, such as during a cruise. However not all the news are downloaded and the world news is usually a day or two late even though it says all my favorites are up to date :(

Adds are ridiculous Used to spend all day on this app but the adds have made it insufferable. You try and read a 'story' (can't really call them news articles with grammar that poor) and you get taken to the app store. Try and leave that and it brings up another app to try and make you download, then another, when I finally got back to the app it flashed up a spam add! Deleting

Stupid Ads Hate these stupid spam ads popping up all the time, soon as you look at a picture her this irritating pop up ad. Most the time can't even click back, forced to view it all then click the "x". Used to be an awesome app until this happened. Will be deleting this & using something else. Shame

Too many intrusive ads overtaking the stories and trying to make me download a poxy app This app is now ridiculously full of ads. They over take a story you are reading to divert you to the app store to download a poxy game. Its so bad ive now uninstalled the app. Thats before i start on the terrible writing and the bad mistakes. Most stories lifted from american or foreign sites and will have their slang and currency. The stories will always have a paragraph repeated at least once in the story. Crap app now i came here from the sky app as that went the same way with ads.

Totally messed up the update is NOT an improvement. It's much slower, forcing me to view sections I don't want to see. I'll be deleting and going to another newspaper for my news. One star rating. Update: August 2016. After having to uninstall and reinstall daily to get it to update, switching to single news feed has solved the problem. So now a 4 star rating ... still down one as comments don't always load.

Adverts driving me up the wall! It's not the same now they force adverts on you. They keep popping up and it's very irritating. I'd happily pay a small fee to go advert free but this isn't an option. Sadly, after using for many years, going to delete this app and use BBC and RT news instead.

Run by MUFC fans!!!! Joke of a News app. Just had an email through to say my comment has been removed due to a number of complaints made!. All I said was who I think will finish top four this season in the premiership. No sweat words or anything threatening and the Mail online removed it. This isn't the first time this has happened where I have commented and had it removed due to a number of complaints even though no swear words or threatening words have been used. Emailed them a number of times with no reply. Very poor.

Spam Web popups I get keeping spam Web popups recently. Time to uninstall. Also they have started forcing you to watch ads.. Even in the video and all you can do is turn the sound off... can't be bothered anymore... I'm off to sky news...

Spam Web browser pop ups Each time I am on the app today, I keep getting redirected to a Web browser page and it's a ring tone subscription company displaying. It doesn't happen on any other app or while browsing. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it's still happening. It's happening to my partner as well.

Too Many Adverts This is a great app but the adverts make it unusable. Having to watch the same 30 second ad a dozen times repeatedly on every article video is ridiculous. Most sites manage to not serve the same adverts when you have watched them and 30 seconds is far too long, maybe the initial advert could be 30 seconds but these adverts are adding about 5 minutes to my morning news session. Not happy!

Hacked Comment Section What is with the arrow manipulation? The comment section on this app/website has been hacked for a good month now which makes the DM not enjoyable anymore. I've noticed comments can receive 3000 downvotes or upvotes in a matter of seconds, which is unusual considering I've been reading this website for years. Either it's the moderators themselves, or a poor security wall allowing these hackers to get through..? Readers talk about issue in the comment section, yet the issue has not been corrected. Why?

Daily Mail online I have honestly never read so many bad reviews for a app let alone a news app! Terrible readers comment section, absolutely pathetic, really, really bad journalism, biased beyond belief, and top stories about Apple phone products which are no more than glorified advertise in disguise, and also takes you to a Web browser in the middle of reading a story, many pop ups, basically this app has a virus and they have done absolutely nothing about it for the last three or four updates.

Still not getting perfectly reasonable comments posted. Using same words used in the article, not posted. Why ? Complained about last update freezing, unable to get comments posted. Is now working well again. Hated to see my favourite app go so badly wrong, getting happy again.

Ads!!! As of recently I keep getting a stupid car ad that auto plays while I'm reading an article. There is no way to stop it and it's eating up data unnecessarily. Before the update there was no issue what so ever. I hope they resolve it quickly or I will be deleting my once favorite app.

Was good I used this app every day but recently the ads I get from it is making it unusable, il click on a article and it'll give me an ad going to the play store but whenever I click it off it just comes straight back up again, the only way I can get rid of it is by fully closing the app please fix this problem!

Fixed arrows This used to be a decent news source and equally UK/US. It has now joined the anti-Brexit pro-Clinton bias paid journalism. Paid Soros trolls. All the sudden the left-minded arrows are getting 3,000+ numbers within minutes.

Great app, terrible content Want to be depressed for life? Then look no further, the content of Daily Mail will leave you hiding in the corner of your bedroom. Read about how migrants want to rape all our women, mooslims want to behead us all and how the EU will drag this country into the pits of hell (i do agree with the EU part). Written by people with the literacy levels of a 10 year old, you will be sure to be pulling your hair out in no time. Highly recommended -54/10

Some article crashed the app Opening some articles crash the app. Tried again and it does it again. Tried clearing cache and reinstalling but its the same. On s6 edge so should not be hardware problem.

App itself is brilliant but unfortunately you have ruined it by constant pop up ads which I also not get rid of unless I close the app and open it again! I just want to read the news, I do not wish to be bombarded with ads. Got to the point today where I had to close app 5 times just to read ONE story. Fix this please!

Fake baseless news ... Uncle Sam's a** lickers Have some ethics and do some sensible journalism, you have the power to make this world a better place or misuse to spread false propogandas. For every life destroyed you shall be cursed and their ghosts haunt your nights.

Redirects to mobile spam webpage App has been working fine up until this week when intermittently it keeps redirecting to various mobile spam websites 'mobieblitz' is one of them. I have to restart my mobile to get back into the app. I have uninstalled about 8 times now but it doesnt solve the issue. It is only happening with this app. I've given up trying to use it now too much hassle.

Can't find comments The way you deal with replies to comments is shite. When I hit reply in the email you send it doesn't take me to my exact comment so I'm left to scroll through hundreds of other comments to find mine.

Great App Being Ruined by Horrible Ad Bombardments! WAY. TOO. MANY. ADS that gobble up data and uses more data then any other app on my phone! You have middle of the text ads and ad banners in every single article. As if that wasn't annoying enough, every photo gallery in each article has multiple pop-up full screen ads. Last, the feature that is quickly becoming a major deal breaker to me keeping your app are the unbearable video ads that range from an irritating 30 seconds to a completely unacceptable over 4 minutes. Fix or I'm deleting!!!

This is no good When ever am using the app it keeps opening up play store and it tries to load about 6 different apps ones i have not asked for.

What's happened to the ability to reply or write a new post? I've uninstalled the app, then re- installed plus I've sent an email asking for help, but all to no avail! The new and reply buttons just disappeared. Update - just changed, in settings from single layout to channel layout, as advised. Still no new or reply buttons!

Biased News Deceptively dangerous. Manipulative. Twisting truth to enhance their own agenda. Gutter Journalism. I thought Sun was bad, Mail is worse. May be Rupert Murdoch owns it indirectly too.

Too many Ad's For years this was a good app. Unfortunately there is too many ad's now. Almost every other swipe to the next story is an advert. You used to be able to press the back button as they came up but you can't on some you have to wait for them to load and then press the 'X' now. If there are two or more videos per article you have to watch the same video ad before each video which is tedious. There should be a paid for version of the app with no advertisements.

Intrusive ads Used to be a half decent news app, but the standard of English in most stories is regularly poor, added to the intrusive ads added to the photo galleries has turned me off this app. Time to find an alternative.

Crashes constantly Can't read any of the news anymore as the app crashes every time I click into a story. Makes the app useless.

Completely unusable with all the pop up ads!!! I've been on the app for 4 minutes and so far have had 24 apps pop up! It anticipates that you're about to swipe left on the pictures, pops up an ad and you end up clicking on it! It is unbelievably agressive advertising, and in this time I've had adverts where despite pressing back, it has redirected me to 6 other apps on the app store! I appreciate that free apps get revenue from advertising, however this has taken it too far. It's completely unusable, I have no idea how other people can put up with it!

Trash This is just trashy wrong journalism this is not news it's tabloids and drama that misinforms the reader. This is as bad as tmz and they shouldn't be allowed to spread this disease on the Internet all it does is make the downfall of humanity one step closer.

Better Than Most Just downloaded and find app better than most. Had trouble w videos at first, but problem seems to have improved. My major pet peeve is that before watching a video I'm forced to watch a commercial... the same one... over... and over... and over. I can't stand it anymore and stopped watching videos. I understand the need for commercials, but at least mix them up. If I have to see the same darned movie trailer one more time....arrrgh!!

Killed by Ads I used to love this app but it's been downgraded from a five star to a one star by the horrific ads we're inflicted with. **Update** It's improved since my comments above, but I'll reserve judgement until it has stabilised

It auto loads pop ups for games It's great when it works. It sucks ass that it runs all the way to the Google Play shop to prompt you to install games. WTF...

Censored comments section In an era when free speech is under increasing attack, the DM has chosen to censor comments and allow only a far left narrative to be feely published. In addition extreme far left viewpoints are regularly "green arrow" manipulated as top comments whilst contrary viewpoints are not published at all. The DM needs to stop censoring debate.

WORST VERSION EVER! 4.1.3 HELP! This app is the worst now. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, (Version 5.1.1). Problems now: When I click on the "COMMENTS" in an article, they will not show up more than half the time. All I see is the spinning circle. It happens while on 4G and on wifi. If I try to leave a comment after typing it, all I get is a spinning circle. NOTHING FIXES IT. I reinstalled several times. You also need to do something about the bots rigging the fake arrow votes. It's horrible!!!

Most Bias/Racist Readers The App isn't bad, News is ok.... But the comment section leans so heavily towards Pro-American Republican Caucasian views. I guess it's a good eye opener to just how people really think. Have a look at how few (if any) comments are in support of someone who is victimized and is not white, and how most replies turn out to be some crappy political ideology. If a story is about someone doing wrong and isn't white, then the readers unleash HE££. I have this app to better understand 'These' people.