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Pal+ offers opportunity for like-minded people to become everyday pals!

Do you enjoy sharing or discussing topics that you love with others? Pal+ is a forum-based app that offers wide varieties of discussions for like-minded individuals to participate in.

Find what you are passionate about on topics such as life, entertainment, games, animation, etc. Favorite or share articles with friends instantly. Discover what Pal+ has to offer today!

* Rich forum/article contents to explore
* Auto recommends trending articles
* Instant notification as user interacts
* Discover new pals who share your interests
* Offer complete chat solution within the app

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Facebook: /PalPlusApp.zh
Twitter: @PalplusApp

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Pomelo Network part of our Social and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 28, 2016. Google play rating is 85.9433. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Version update: New interface update now easier to navigate!
    Main features update:
    1. New home page interface update
    2. New user profile interface update
    3. Performance update and improvement
    4. Other bug fix and stability improvement
    5. Google Material Design UI
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It has gotten somewhat better!?! *EDIT* I would still delete this app if I didn't have to have it for monster warlord guild chat. The chat function works fine but constantly being forced to the "trending page" still sucks! **EDIT 2** KIDS USE THIS APP so I am pleased to see that many of the trending posts that were mostly if not completely "porn" are now a thing of the past. Thank you!

I love it except Suddenly I cannot no longer search under the YouTube tab. If, however, I am sent a YouTube video, I can see it with no problem. This was one of my favorite features. My friend is not having issues and she has the same phone.

It's good to see floating bubble is back

Agrivated Fix it. It won't let me share a youtube video in chat...

Cubie pleaseee.. I need Cubie to be back! :( I just don't really like of the Pal+ idea too much..Cubie was unique than any other messenger...But Pal+ isn't..

Ummmmmm What happened to the tab feature where you could have the floating tab on the side of the screen???

It's a decent chat app, I liked Cubie but I'll get used to the changes. Easy to use, share pictures, meet people, talk with friends, run guild boards for other game apps, it's very useful.

Atleast fix YouTube Cubie was a better app that was more secure but as Pal+ it changed and became a place where strangers roam. Now I can't even watch a YouTube video through the app, its time to change it back to when it was functional and safe.

Terrible Perfect for perverts and self obsessed people. Horrible changes

Pal+ is stupid The people who bought your app want a group messenger. Just because you have a large audience doesn't mean you try to use the audience to get your social media working. This is horrible. Change this back to Cubie and make a separate Pal+ app for the social network stuff. Terrible application

I miss cubie i am tired of staring at a potato.. only reason i haven't left is because of my stickers..

Malfunctioning I just downloaded this today and I can't get past the introduction regardless of the fact that I pressed skip. When I tried to simply view the introductory pages believing that this would solve the problem... Nothing

Geared towards selfies. Lame We use the app for guild chat. Its annoying now and i dont like seeing all these weird pics. Bring back cubie please

Really bad Just bring the old cubie back. This whatsoever Pal sucks

New Number This sucks, I got a new phone with a different number and now I can't login because it wasn't linked to my Facebook):

Pls get the cubie back. This app is terrible. Why are wr opening it and viewing other unknown people posts? Why cant we personalise our view? Cubie fully upgrade to pal+? More like downgrade...

Look at the comments below Enough said!

Bring back cubie Wanna be tumbler and instagram

Worst Can't upload and share pictures.

Wtf happened? The transition to pal+ ruined the app, cubie was fine the way it was. Now all I see is nudes from random people, why am I even seeing pictures of people I'm not friends with? If I wanted to see hentai I would go to 4chan.

PAL+ stuff you don't need! Used to love Cubie and using DAILY it for the 3rd year now across devices. It was a fantastic app, you had 5 stars, until I started seeing people I don't know everywhere! We don't need pals and their forced naked shit and porn and sick stuff, welcome to pal + where you are forced to see shit you don't care about, and basically delving into teenagers lives... Cubie was better, much better

Not recommended! Used to be a good app. It's horrible now. Selfies and explicit content everywhere.

Please bring cubie back...make pal 4 whole new app and leave cutie alone... I miss it

Simply e best! No longer! Back back the old cubie!! This is probably the worstt upgrade ever for cubie. Seperate it!!

I wish it would go back to cubie. All this stupid trending stuff is very annoying.

Feels horrible Nothing was wrong with the original cubie this is crap

... There is nothing more to say that hasn't been said in the comments. Thanks pal+ for ruining the amazing cubie ..... -.-"

Way to destroy a good app Pal+ is the worst thing that could possibly have happened to cubie, trending is nothing but underage people showing way too much, quick tab for chats is gone, no more cropped screenshots or at least I'm not able to find it... went from 5 to zero star rating (be glad you can't vote zero and are restricted to 1)

Want old cubie back!! This new update sucks! Underage kids use this and there is no option to turn off the random porn pics. Give us the option of which version to use or at least give us the option to turn off the stupid trending feature.

ABSOLUTELY 100% HATE IT. Yeah thanks for all the inappropriate child porn popping up all over the place. This app should be shut down!!!

Gotten worst... I don't like the new post I rather have the chat section instead... the trending all those put it away somewhere else.

I hate the new cubie. Please being back the old cubie. This app is horrible and should be shut down with all the underage inappropriate pics

What a horrible update Bring back the old cubie chat app. Dislike what it has become now. Lots of attention seeking people posting pictures of their selfie and also nudes. What have this become?

Destroyed Back when this was cubie it was the best chat app available and I recommended it to everyone. Now I wouldn't touch it with someone else's. Full of indecent images and all based around an awful layout. My Fiance and I live in different countries so we used this to talk but we're now looking for alternatives after nearly two years. So thanks for ruining something that was already perfect.I only gave this one star so I could warn others away

Used to be great If you like looking at sexualized pics of little girls and reading flame wars on comments, this is the app for you. If you have more than 9 brain cells, avoid this garbage like ebola. Uninstalled.

Pal+ is awful Loved cubie; simple chat app with cool little extra features. Pal+on the other hand has a homepage that you open the app up to that is filled with underage girls in questionablly legal poses/outfits and buxom amine women falling out of their tops. Definitely no discretion of any kind--not the kind of app you can open:at work/school, around family, near friends, within 100 yards of any park or school or really even in public at all. Makes it pretty inconvenient when I'm scared to get to the homepage.

Get back cubie!!! This social web is useless...((( really why? Searching something like cubie.

Back the CUBIE

Cubie RIP! Real piece of sheet Pal+ birth! Go on another Massaging app.

I like this app! BUT I can't create my own sticker - they not stay in collection. MY new stickers gallery is ampty :-(

Очень хорошо, но Pls add "push" service.(for example Wechat or what's app)!!!

Sick of the updates It is updating like once a week and I am sick of this Facebook want to be. Go back to qube and stop the stupid updates

Cubie was better This has turned into an ghetto Facebook you should go back to being cubie nobody wants to see a million and one selfies of complete strangers who have nothing better to do than take a picture of their face. Every time you open up the camera in the app it crashes. waste of time don't even download it

Can't make new stickers. Besides my dislike for the pal+ update I'm having issues making stickers. When I try to create one it says "no photo select apps phone". It wants to use an external photo gallery but I have it set to use the internal.

Cubieee Pal+ is not bad and it has many new functions but um.. I like cubie more. I'd like an app to talk to friends rather than a social one. It turns into something like facebook now and I don't really like the change.

Don't work Don't let me respond/write on post. Everything else is ok

GET RID OF SELFIES!!! Use to be best app to talk to friends from all over, cant find the cubie part too many selfies & added crap, go back to cubie the way it was! If i wanted that crap id use facebook!

Waste of time .... I cant send even messages it is......

Image safe issue I was asking in the community if it's possible to save images. Everyone who answered, said yes and told me how I can do this. I've tried it and and found NOTHING! not even a "save image" button or something like that... I hope you guys can fix it somehow >.>

My friends and I to used to use this a lot and loved it. Now just sucks!!! Uninstalling. Go back to Cubie and I'll re-install.

can we put the chat screen as the first screen we see rather than Trending Its really annoying to see the Trending when all i want is to Chat with my friends. Not wanting to see endless selfies. Thanks

Bs I have £0.90 on my account and cannot purchase £0.69 sticker. It says 'currency not supported'. I can provide screenshot if you want to, just send me email to send the screenshot.

If it was on the ground I would stomp it I hate Trending. It's trash. I want Chat back as default.

Dont really care for the trending page,

Samsung s3 It's awesome...

Worse Return the Old version

Thank you, Cubie Support Team Thanks for fixing my problem. It works perfectly fine now, just like how it used to be. I am not quite sure how I will adapt myself to all the new features of pal+ but thanks anyway for how far Cubie has came by.

Update has connection bug for s7 The latest update doesn't connect to the chat rooms unless i toggle the airplane mode. This is extremely annoying.

It would be ok and fun if You didn't have to put your # or fb login. Some people like to differentiate from everyday people or friends or life. All this apps with "common friends" is not for everyone should have options but then again I guess those "type" of people should have options for them also. Seemed like a cool app. Good for some not others that ok. Other apps out there for me.

Was better before change to Pal+ Overall OK but was better as cubie. Should have kept it as personal messaging app only. Also too many network timeouts. Have changed to Telegram and so have my contacts.

It was great as Cubie, hated Pal+ It was really, really good as Cubie and I had recommended so many of my friends to use it, but then you choose to go and sell it to some crap corp, and your so-called "upgrades" ABSOLUTELY spoiled the whole thing. My friends and I hated it so much, that we have all now moved to Telegram. I am utterly disappointed by you.

[Dev not listening] Network timeout even just click on the app! Please implement good file name and fix the disconnected problem Please implement a good file name system so that it will sort according to date received and sent when we backup those files to external micro SD card or external hard drive. We don't want extreme long file names that doesn't make any sense. It gets disconnected all the time and the worst part is it won't auto reconnect. Missed so many messages because i didn't realise it had disconnected. I have to close the app and open again so it will reconnect.

Camera Whats wrong with the camera? I have to retake so many times for it to send.

Please add notific a icon application

Glitch I can't seem to even get past the Starting Help screen. If I swipe all the way to the right it resets and if I skip it also resets. Halpppp

Still waiting for a Fix.. I had posted a pic in pal+ forum, then deleted it. But it is still showing in profile settings. Please fix this!! If a post doesn't exist (as it was deleted/removed by me) , then why bother displaying that in my profile settings...

Hey Add zoom to draw and horizontal drawing.

Best one This app was shown to me by some one I don't even talk to anymore. When all the other messaging apps crapped out on me, this one stood above the rest

Not bad Not like what i expect , but it's look nice

good app but it often times doesn't send messages, not sure why

Wrong number format.? 28270 8463 66 618837 150 929 788?? Hopefully they know mathematics better than I myself do lol..

I loved it but it would be nice if you add video calls

Stay away from the forum Also very buggy

Dislike the update Please keep my sticker keep moving!!! What is the difference with other chat room if my sticker will stop moving after just 2 to 3 active moving? If you consider it as a energy consuming, it's stupid!!! If we do mind the sticker keep moving and waste our phone's power, we would not send the sticker!! We send it when chat, it's because we like it,we think it's cute and fun!! You just distort my fun chat!!! Dislike this update.

Disconnection, crashing, and unwanted saved pics; all these problems and you update to give us achievement badges... So I've already had my device set to delete old media files. I've had it set for months now; the pictures continue to save on my device. Support is bs. I've emailed them once about it and they didn't tell me anything other than what I already knew. The app seems to disconnect from the server a lot. And it crashes when I do anything. Looking at a pic, posting a pic, scrolling through pics, or when I'm just posting something in general it'll crash. I use this because I have to, but I hate it. Don't bother.

How about giving us Cubie Tab back? Also the option to tell it to never save photos from chat unless we manually do so by hearting/liking them? Cause that delete old photos option is ridiculous. I shouldn't have 700+ pics in my cubie_picture folder. EVER. So your delete old pics feature doesn't work. You can also make a paid version of Cubie as an add on to Pal+ cause I'd drop $5 on that. Make our home tab choosable instead of trending. Give us a custom sticker add on that gives us at least 100 more custom sticker slots. I'd pay $2 for it.

Bad updates You guys are adding the stupid little things like badges for nothing. Why do we need those badges? How about a few updates to fix the messages not sending i have to reset my phone ever hour or so because my messages won't send. Maybe a few updates to help functionality? Like the fact that there is no simple way to change admins an a group chat. I've not found a way and i can't find anything on the net because there's no support page. Fix these and ill rate better. Not that that will have anything fixed.

Plz help me out The pics from chats started downloading and I can't find were to turn it off

Was not happy with update. couldn't figure out how to create a new group? Sent an email and was helped pretty quick by the devs and was able to create a group, thanks:)

No, never. The fact that you have sign up using Facebook is a deal breaker. And no, I'm not giving you my phone number or email addresses. No thanks

Zz. Cubie.. Why are my messages not sending. I have a good wifi signal. And good 4g. But other times my msgs wont send.

Bring cubie back I understand your efforts and i wish you'll be successful, but keep in mind that what made google successful was focus on one very good service while yahoo went for everything everywhere. Same with Sony and Apple in the 80s and 90s. I just want to chat with my friends. Cubie was great at that and had a great drawing support... These adons idk who even asked for them just get in the way. Pal+ lite or something

I hate where this app is going Just upgraded to 1.1.922 today. I hate everything except Chat. Forum as default is an affront to my freedom. Forum content is useless. No, worse. It contributes to the de-evolution of the human species. A complete waste of my time. Content creators are cretins. I want Chat back as default.

We want Cubie! We downloaded cubie for what it is. Its kind of a mess now that its Pal. I dont even know this people showing up the moment i launch the app. Atleast hide it somewhere for people who doesnt care about it. And the floating cubie bubble is gone as well, so yeah, its just a matter of time...

You HAVE to have a Facebook account !

Turn off notifications Can't turn them off. Turned off notifications in app and have android blocking them and I still have the number showing up on the Pal+ icon. This is a waste of battery resources.

Tab gone why The reason I'm still using the cubie is the tab now it's gone I'll go with other chat apps. the cubie and pal stuff make the app so heavy on the phone and tedious Just to open for every message so return it or delete the pal that add make it annoying to use it and now without tab which make make it easier to deal with this problem correct it or removed it from my phone

Very bad. When cubie was nice. But now worst If want to call, showing audio player fail message since few months. When it was cubie, was Nice. But after changing to pal, very bad now

I want the tab back! It's more annoying now that the tab is gone. I love that tab.

Fix it!!! I don't like that the sticker store pops up whenever I accidentally click on the emote

Loved it as cubie. Now lost the tab with this update. App gets worse with each upgrade that comes along

Enforcer Without providing a phone number or the spied facebook you cant logging... rediculous request logging requierments

Android 6.0 Updated to android 6.0 . Need to off on my mobile data in order to connect to chat room and wont receive msgs unless i open the chat room. Please help.

The best ever It is the best to use

Eh Wont let me send messages to anyone

Problem It always disconnects from my mobile network. Please fix.

The once amazing app is ruined with the reinvention to Pals. How can I disable all these annoying profile photos that are displayed when I launch it? I really hate this app now. The only saving grace is the sticker store

Newsfeed So the app is getting better.. "as pal" I still prefer cubie tho.. but can you please just let the newsfeed page not be the homepage. I don't want to see it at the front, I still want the chatting as the main idea of pal/cubie. And for some reason pictures and videos don't upload on wifi and I have to switch to 4G.. although I have no problem with my connection with other apps, please fix itt

Hate new update I cant add a convo shortcut anymore. App is now home to useless selfies and Trolls....when it works that is. App is basically junk since it changed from cubie to pal.

Its still my main communication app, buuuut Photo's of profiles and in forums don't load I have tried WiFi, mobile, cleaning cache. Just not showing others images

It's alright but.. Having a hard time refreshing the page. It's boring seeing old posts on forum

No longer getting notifications of new messages coming through after updating to marshmallow

Too much permissions requested to use it Sorry but I care about privacy.

I wiss that I can send a song or any media in my phone

Playing up It's been good until I did a software update on my phone updated to android 6.0 now it's having connection problems. Having to restart the app or turn my mobile data off and back on to get any messages coming in

Add this please! Please in the next update add a pal+ tab like the one on cubie before the tab on the side of the screen and also bring back the thing where you don't have to exit the chatroom to open another one like there's tabs up the screen of pal+ please add those back

-.- I cant send pictures bruh e.e photo processing error bullshit pops up or just flat out doesnt send

Best communications app. This app is great for finding people who enjoy the same things you do. I have zero complaints about this app.

Abondened app???... No reply yet. Great anticipation meets a sorry end. The app just wont go beyond skip. And back to first.

Its still my main communication app, buuuut It's been 3 months since I reported my problem about images and stickers not loading, support said they needed ss, then they wanted video, then they wanted a diagnosis from app(haven't heard back in 2 months). 5+ updates later it's still not fixed and majority of images are still the default image.

Worked fantastic until this update. Will not send messages anymore.

Waiting on Mobile Network ? Switched to a Samsung Galaxy s7 from an iPhone and this app never connects to my WiFi or network. I have to constantly turn my WiFi on and off and continue to get the message waiting on Mobile Network. It never connects. Not sure if it's a android problem but this is getting frustrating.

Idk what's wrong with the connectivity I like pal+ but for some reason, it just wants to use my mobile network and not my wifi. So I hardly get any messages or be able to send any. I hate that

Problems with network Everytime I login it says waiting for mobile network and I got 4glte and it would say this for the longest time and never load please fix this issue.

Bring cubie back What happened with the notifications sound? It plays max volume and there's no way to adjust it. I'm forced to use vibration only. And please at least add the option to open the app in the chat section. I absolutely hate the article page! With passion I hate it... I'd rather pay to get cubie back than use pal+

Not working! Pal+ keeps closing and not working. Every time i open it, i get an error message saying "unfortunately, Pal+ has stopped working". Then it closes!

Cubie is better than pal+ I came back after one year, and the app still has all the bad ideas ( who needs forum in messenger??) My friends and i were all using the cubie messenger and after the update to pal+ we all deleted it. There are alot of messengers apps (whatsapp, telegram, google allo, line, wechat, bbm etc. ) also the cubie logo ( owl ) is better than pal+ ... some ideas are good in the app and some ideas are not. Sorry guys but i will delete pal+