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Cops N Robbers

Supplied By DupiGame    On April 1, 2016    Comments(132)

FREE Cops N Robbers version1.1.0 Download

- 2 modes: multiplayer and survival;
- play with your friends all around the world;
- drive cool cars, flight via jet pack and helicopter;
- participate great assault with tanks, and military helicopters!
- variety of weapons!
- several incredible missions!

DupiGame part of our Adventure and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update April 1, 2016. Google play rating is 77.8149. Current verison is 1.1.0. Actual size 42.0 MB.

What's new

    - optimization
    - fix bugs
    - new icon
Download cops-n-robbers-3.apk 42.0 MB


Why? This is fake and the picture is so badly photo shopped into the phone

AWESOME I love these game so much but they should add more stuff bigger map I like the photo

Cool Fake pics but real game and good game

I love u games Awesome... :D

Not fun Itsucks thereis no point

Really Really Wow!

Good idea. But.... It has so many delayed parts on the game. It's hard to enjoy it! If you fix this issue, you'll be good. Thanks for the app.

Look, you need to fix the glitches and if you do, I will give you five stars

I don't even know though I mean, it COULD have been fun. But the ad at the bottom of the screen kinda covered my shoot/punch button, probably something under the ad that could have helped me drive the car too, but I wouldnt install again

Awsome! Very fun and cool .also so much to explore hopfuly the creator will add on more to the blocked of areasand add more cars like motercycles so 5star

For one, you can't buy the money, PLEASE fix this and please add first person view. Then I give five stars.

Needs improvements I lagged through the game in I'm not a good killer can there be a different way to get money and I have internet connection but it says Ops there is no internet connection

Omg You. Copied a game called block city wars! That's the same game but the real block city wars is better with its update!

Awsome Cool lagy but cool

Terrible. First of all, the game is so frickin glitchy, and second of all, the ads are ANNOYING

Da lag IZ real It is freaking laggy like 1 FPS but the graphics are pretty good butt sorry I have to delete it.

This game is so fun but you should get rid of the ads

It's really fun, but... Sometimes when I go to other places everything is so slow and glitchy

Good but... My screen keeps going black and crashing?

Awesome U get to kill people if you r a cop or play as a robber

? When i go online, it leAves me there and i can't walk and it gets on my freaken nerves! Please fix and , it always turns off my phone!???

I don't know the password.

Wow It's so good I just find that game soooooooooo fun

Glivh This game is stupid it all west stoping wen um in online.please fix it

I loved it but I loved the game. I just wish we could fly on the jetpack forever. And have all the coins to unlock all weapons and characters.

What I love it is because it's the awesomest game ever

Like it Nice but need more money like you kill people you got money.You can get money by finishing mission

Cops and robers The game so interested but its loger

Fivh Gdgftgfd Gothic dumb vivo ton watch educ educ educ educ dressy CCC educ ext

It is so like so cool ..... I am not Joshing

Awsome Its so cool because of driving and guns minecraft pe didn't have this but on top of all its awsome ill give 100 stars if i could :-) :-) !

All star I rate this app because beautifull

Hi I LOVED The Games You Make

M,M melina What does it take to get in jail

Fix it it but it needs fixed bug.

how do u sit in car? very good game but how do u sit in the car and it is so laggy but AWESOME GAME

Gta5 It's gta for kids. Gta is still better

Wheres the steering? I cant even steer the car and whats up with the ad

This game is love at thirst sight for me Best game ever I totally love it ?

Best game ever I dont know if its different for other people but when i first got the game I had free money without paying for it gave me 10,000 every time I went out and went back into the game so I was able to buy all the skins and guns also the graphics was hot my little brother plays this game a whole lot it's a home it's his whole world he will argue me down for the phone for it just to play this game please make another one

Fantastic Fantastic game who ever made this is great knock knock whos there the best game ever.

Not boring a t all super cool It's not boring of cool thing don't listen to the people that say it's boring.

Awesome!!!!!! The game was fun and I loved it......... the only thing wrong was I was the only one getting shot by people when I was just walking around doing nothing

ASOME!! I love this game its so cool and simaler to my favorit game a.k.a minecraft i love minecraft and more but its also a good game because I can make new friends and more!

Love it It's exactly like gta5 but please make it so u can add friends and please make new maps

Good music and similar to minecraft This game has good music, and this game is similar to minecraft! It's hard to get coins in this game, how do you get coins?!!! And too bad you can't swim in the water, and it takes away 4 lives from you when someone shoots you, but I still like it!! ☺?

Soo Brilliantly Cool Such a good game it's Amazing

Doesnt work. Every time i try to join a room it sends me back to google play

New update The new update is amazing but wish you could go inside the building

Best game ever It's so cool you can go online and meet people and wen to die you get money get it now.IT'S THE BEST GAME EVEEEEER

Lame It helps to see the controls all I see up not keeping this one>_<

Awesome Really addictive for a while after that it gets lame

can u add flyible plans plz I hope u add flyible plans it would be so cool

Awesome as heck... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It is now finally here it is better than ever. even harder

Not saying it's bad but... Online won't load but if it does it takes 10 minutes if you reply and fix this I might rate 5...

LoVe It I have 10,000 and i can buy anything i want

Its fun I play with friends and meet new people.????

Idiotic Wheneva I try goin' on a online match it stops working I will not recommend this game.

Game is good graphics are also good but there are no helicopters

This game is so fun P.S. you should play this game

Awesome This game is like GTA but pixel version and way awesome u can use cars and helicopters,and even tanks.this game makes me happy ☺

It is sick it needs a nuther update to the game like we're u one stuth like billings army baste

Cool This game is so cool I love minecraft

But maybe can you also put in helicopters and boats and maybe new vehicles can you make that an update

Change people You go to the hero room and change people.

Makiah traylor This is asome because you are a solider and there is a lot of tanks!!!!!!!

It's awesome I can't stop playing it because it's so awesome

Asoum But i still can't control the cars

Sticky bombs it took away my sticky bombs and I have 4000

Good People are mad on this game but it rocks

Can u guys make a up date so we can fly the jets plzzzz??

Cool Awesomeness

Cool Downloading it right now have it

Lame It is so lame that I want 2 uninstall but I cant

Add more things like a car,boats planes,and more places please

Not like cops and robbers at all They said it should be like cops and robbers but it's not don't get this app if you're looking for cops and robbers

Very good game#Awesomegames Well it is very cool but the message thing is inappropriate for kids 5-8years of age.Other than that it is a very cool game.I hope you like this game.

Whats up with online dating? really whats up with dating online?People on mostly EVERY SEVER START DATING I MEAN WHAT THE HECK i have friends that even date i make friends and they ask me out I MEAN NO AND NEVER?!?? ITS JUST A GAME THEY SAY BUT I MEAN WTH ITS JUST NVM....

Terrific! This game is good. U can make lots of new friends. The characters are good looking.

Cops n' Robbers This is a really great online multiplayer game but I rated 4 stars because of the chat.This is where you communicate and talk but you can say whatever you want other than this it is a great game.

I love it! This is a good idea I love it. Itis great not boring

Good Please ad civilian driven cars and flashing lights to the police car and a button the the screen to turn the lights and siren on and off

Its super cool but one problem It has dating and ppl asking for boyfriends and girlfriends and sex but plz ban those ppl

Drive I love how you can drive. can you make it so we can fly the jets and the big plane

I think this game is awesome. It is just that I wish there was a relations area or button or like being but naked

Best game ever Every single time I quit and restart the game I get 10,000 dollars and also I get all of the gadgets and weapons in the game.

It's ok I like the game but it would be much better if you can drive helicopters

Awesome It is awesome because you get to go on different islands and you get to shoot people with a sniper awesome loving it the best and I will give it a ten and it is best and you get to fly with jet pack and you get $10,000 isn't that the best right there thank you for reading this

Love it I like it because we got guns my friend player allwase follows me

Good. But Please remove the ads. Because when i go to the store the ad is blocking the back button. So PLZ!!!! REMOVE THEM.

Awesome as heck very much like minecraft It is now finally here it is better than ever. I love the look of everything now but there are a few bugs here and there please fix them.

Logged out on meh Ever since I updated it it doesn't even let me play! It shows me the options on whether I want to do free play or online and once I click one it totally logged out on me!

10000 cash great you added chainsaw medical clips health and new weapons!

My fave game evr But plz make enimies be able to climb ladders

Finaly This is like the game I was looking for sort of minecraft us better though

Love it but It would be better if u could fly in the planes

I love this game This is the game that you should play if you are into weapons.

Its awesome I would buy it if it costed money how do u make a app??

Great but Remove the ads off the bottom of the screen so you can see the jetpack fuel

Don't get it Why? Because he's lying this game has allready been made by some other big company and you have to purchase it for 50p. However this is copyrighted so someone including me report him. Also you took pictures on your phone which suggests that you took them from the original game. And if you are looking for good and robbers go somewhere else because this is a snid gta minecraft game made by a minecraft fanboy. Don't judge me but as soon as I loaded up the game I realized that I allready purchassed this game.

Make New updates I think that u should have some more new updates with more guns and characters like anime characters caz it would be more awesome that my character kirito has his own skin and a new weapon should be a sword because I feel like it would get more people to download it caz of the anime characters and u also should make the city bigger plz listen to me or at least give it a thought and try it out. And i've read some complaints about it's boring well it's missing a swimming ability and other things like stores.

Awesome as heck very much like minecraft It is now finally here it is better than ever. I love the look of everything now but there are a few bugs here and there please fix them. Yeah so I descuvered more glitches like the chat not working and weapons ammunition count glitching out and the game crashing after 1 second after getting into a world except on single player.

Read all of this idc what you say They STOLE this app they just put all of block city wars game code smack in da middle of this app and this also never updates so it is fake also cops n robbers was already made by annother company so you got a LOT of of things to say to the judge so yeah. And you are just way to lazy to make your own games so you do this crapp so just learn coding and make your own game and everyone dont be scammed just search block city and you will find that this is just a modded app with few tweaks so ya #getrekt

Best game ever Best game ever because it has many of worlds and different skins and you can chat and get dates and get married and have pets and have love and it's just so fun and you can have wars and Evan better there is different areas and what I like the best is you can play with friends it's so awesome I just love it I might take a long time to load but it's is worth it I just love!!! It it's so awesome you should get it now I mean NOW!!!!! I love it so much thank you for this app thank you!! but can you get maybe a little more skins thank you and it is a lot like Minecraft i love Minecraft but it cost money on tablet and so its like Minecraft and again I love it and thank you so much to have this game thanks

I love this game but... I want a game to do this your an aimal and you have to survive but avoid a dog cather or a fisherman or even you can get a owner when your a dog! But when your a meat eater be carful because humans can hunt you down good game !!!! Though

Good music and similar to minecraft This game has good music, and this game is similar to minecraft! It's hard to get coins in this game, how do you get coins?!!! And too bad you can't swim in the water, and it takes away 4 lives from you when someone shoots you, but I still like it!! ☺?

??? It's ok but I don't like how u can't fly the helicopters and too addictive. I'm 9 years old and I can't stand it taking too much memory. :-((

Ehhh You guys need to block the bad things that you can soloct like the word sex and everyone does that and they are Yong to do that kinda stuff if they knew about that fast then I feel bad because there parents might have told them about that kinda stuff

All good I am a boss and I love the game. But one thing what makes me sad is that you can't fly the jets place sort that out so we can fly them!!

This is great! I get to kill robbers and policemen you get to buy stuff at the store like guns and jet packs I just love it but every time I play it ,it is not connected to the Internet it kind of like mincraft but you kill your enemies

Wow I love the game and on multiple player and so many other awesome thing tons of them every day im on my phone playing this great app I really like it im really happy.this game exists the best game ever you got my approval for sure

Stupid and a rip off It's not even cops and robbers it's pixel gun don't buy or use this game

Best game ever I have only played for a minut and 700 money I can't believe how quickly I got money lc can't breathe

Great It's reminds me of half life online maps but with worse graphics but I like it great stuff HTC one max no trouble with this game

Loving it I love love the new update I love how you have the police station and a hole new land more tanks and cars I love it but please can you make a garage or some sort and shops houses you can go in plz it will be amazing I will play on it all the time pretty plz

Ammo Every time I Join a game it takes all the ammo away and then I have to buy it all over agian.Also you should be able to get in the car with other poeple please fix:)

Cool game That's all you guys can say is boring

Not Even "Cops n Roobers" I got this game and it turned out to be block city wars. So unless you want that game, don't get it!!!

It's good It's pretty good, but you could approve the car driving because it's pretty lousy, the car keeps going to the right when you hit the gas pedal, and it goes to the left when you hit the other pedal.

Great killing spree + great game I like this game really but some of the players are CHEATERS they can't die y man y I don't know but I like this and I have a request can u add a zombie survival mode and some other maps cuz the map is a bit old eh u think hehe and.... Oh ye WHERE IS THE HELICOPTER ITS SAID THERE IS A HELICOPTER WUT. I can't find it where is it plz tell me

Awesome?and to many ads?? I love the game so much i play it all the tim its so cool just one thing its just so many ads but stull i love it but? when i exit the shop the ad is blocking the exit button get rid of it please ?

Worst game ever!!! It is sooooooooooo boring! You either shoot cars or get killed!!!!! I love to swim. But when I try to swim in this game i die!!!!!!

Retarded dumb stupid Dumb stupid weird retarded if I could give this game zero stars I would its so dumb

Best awesome The people who comented you guys are boringer the guy who made it wasted his time so respect him.

It's good but.... I loved the game and I got another that's just like it called City Craft....everything has changed to everything that's in City Craft...the money..the skins....the guns..the world..I thought it was better how it was but ya..please change it back...PLEASE!!!!

I love cops and robbers but........ I hate this game every time a add comes on it starts the whole game over and i never got a chance to play it you need to take off the adds please do cause i do like cops and robbers i really do just please change this.?

Awesome The thing in love most about this game is that 1.) Good graphics 2.) There's different skins 3.) You can choose to go online or free play. The only thing different is that after u say something it copies the last letter...its weird but fun at the same time!! ?

Awesome as heck very much like minecraft It is now finally here it is better than ever. I love the look of everything now but there are a few bugs here and there please fix them. Yeah so I descuvered more glitches like the chat not working. Please add new skins plz

Greatish All my friends agree to rate it 4 because you can't even fly the jets.Pls make it so we fly helicopter and jets. Another one is pls make it so the helicopter are on the helipad and pls make it so where you leave your car it stays there it just despawn pls fix this and I'll rate it a 10/5

FIX ENGLISH PLEASE People keeps having dirty minds and putting disturbing tittles on servers and ppl keeps saying wanna have u know -_- FIX IT PLEASE! THIS IS NOT SAFE!! FOR CHILDREN

Good but glitches REALLY GOOD GAME but has glithes like after time it would not let me buy or use a jet pack PLEASE FIX

I like it but I hate that you can only get those skins but not your minecraft skins on it . I REALY HOPE YOU WILL CONSITTER IT.So plz