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Clock Tuner

Supplied By AthumbCut    On July 4, 2015    Comments(49)

FREE Clock Tuner version2.11 Download

A Timegrapher

Adjust your mechanical clock by your self.
Just run this app on your phone and put your phone near your cuckoo clock or grandfather clock.

This tuner samples and analyze clock sound to displays the frequency of pendulum in real time. You can easily measure clock frequency to adjust pendulum.

** Recommend to plug a microphone into Android device and attach the microphone to the back of your watch.
** Basic version display wave graph and pulse interval histogram.
** Frequency display requires 'Premium' upgrade.
** Do not upgrade if the 'Basic' version fail to display pulse interval histogram.

Not for digital clocks.
Not working in noisy environment.
Set microphone direction toward a clock.

- Review from Mr. Kojima,42142.0.html

- Preset example
Rolex or mechanical watch: Target frequency: 4 or 5Hz, Sample duration: 2Sec, Sensitivity: manual 50
Most pendulum clock: Target frequency: 1 or 2 Hz, Sample duration: 5 or 10 Sec, Sensitivity: medium

1) in the settings there is a sensitivity option with a high, medium, low and 3 manual settings, can you explain how this changes the results

It determines sound amplitude threshold for detecting clock sound. If your clock sound is loud you may reduce sensitivity. This will allow more environmental noises.
If you increase the sensitive, you may measure hand watches. But small noise may measurement errors.

2) why does the detected frequency change between light grey, black and red
Red means smaller drift during the measurement interval while grey means that measurement may have an error.

3) the average frequency does not always calculate, it stays at NaN
The 'detected frequency' should be red continuously.

4) how do you calculate the pulse drift %
abs(max detected frequency - min detected frequency) / detected frequency during 1 detection cycle.

5) what are the 2 graphs showing and what data are you using for the calculations
The size of bars in the upper graph should be almost the same.
The bottom shows amplitude of sound wave recorded from micro phone.

6) are newer versions of the app being developed

** You may provide sound sample by sending wav or mp3 file to

AthumbCut part of our Tools and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 4, 2015. Google play rating is 68.3265. Current verison is 2.11. Actual size 2.8 MB.

What's new

    v 2.11
    - Record & Share measured data.
    - Add your custom target BPH.
Download clock-tuner.apk 2.8 MB


Don't bother Doesn't work usually and when it does, it's usually wrong. Don't waste your time.

Useless The free version was useless in setting up my 1800's gingerbread clock. I debated paying for the upgraded version for days because of this. Yesterday I went through with it hoping it would actually work. Nope. Waste of money. So disappointed.

Does not work for mantel or grandfather clocks Does not work for mantel or grandfather clocks, not worth the upgrade eatheir

Meh... Work in progress but still has bugs. Works great when it works.

Worst defect for a paid app Developer doesn't reply to paying customer emails!

Nice but.... ...I have a Hermle grandfather movement before me that runs @ 66 bpm (3960 bph). The app does not seem to recognize that rate to sync and calculate against

Best mechanical watch tuning utility No one can get better tuning utility then this helped a lot to fix speed of my automatic mechanical watch.

Does it work? Don't know if it works as the demo version shows no indication of frequency detected and the target frequency doesnt seem to be adjustable. Trying to test an old mantle clock rated at 178.28 beats per minute, or 10696.8 beats per hour. Can't see any way to set it manually apart from the preset frequencies. Not paying for it to find out if it works or not.

Had trouble updating to pro. Some glitches but works well once I deleted rebooted and installed the pro on my tablet. Does what it says and the graphics are great. Has good pick up without a dedicated mic. Gives beat error and BPH or BPM. Does what it says. Works with watches and clocks. Despite some glitches it is worth what I paid. The graphics are what really make it good. Really well done.

Pascal is correct... Why does the app only show half the frequency? I am testing a Zodiac 70-72 movement that I just repaired, it's showing a frequency of 10775.5 bph. Huh!? If I double it, I can believe 21551. And the scale can change, if you want Hz, touch the scale and it will change.

Grew to appreciate it I first hated this app because it said the "goal BPM was 60.00." So I try to adjust my Ansonia mantle clock to that... only to realize it threw off the accuracy completely. I started from scratch, manually, guessing. Then when I got it close I used the app to simply tell me what BPM it was running at. I would take note of that frequency, then adjust, trying to get closer. Repeat, and repeat... until I could lock down my clock's frequency to around 73.65 BPM. ...and it can even go more accurate than that! So forget the non-adjustable 60 BPM guideline, unless that happens to be for your clock. But using it to simply tell you your clock's frequency - it should get 5 stars just for that - as it does it extremely well, and as far as I know is the only Android app with this feature. I'd like to see the guideline BPM be changeable, or even kept with a series of manual presets (if you have more than one clock, and each clock is its own frequency). I'd also love for this app to keep historical data with itself... right now I'm keeping notes of its frequency in other note apps. Without those few things, it has to stay at 3 or 4 stars.

Great idea, poorly executed, waste of money! Without buying, you can't use it really for anything useful, as the beat frequency is only shown if you buy it. But do NOT buy it, because it's buggy. It does not show the beat error for any of my 10 mechanical watches. Oddly it shows the beat error for a battery-based watch. I wrote to developer several weeks ago, he cares not to respond. Also, it does not realize that you bought the premium version if it has no internet connection. Moreover, today it started not realizing that it's the premium version even if I'm connected to the internet. So basically, I bought it, but it thinks that I did not and it does not work. "Error: Failed to query inventory: labResult: Error refreshing inventory (querying prices of items). (response: 6: Error)" And instead of the beat frequency it shows the "Premium Upgrade" button, even though I did buy it. I want my freaking' money back! It is really such a shame, because the idea of such an application is so great! but the developer should take the time and finish it properly. Especially making sure that if you buy it, then it always knows that it was paid for and it works!

Not showing beat error on my watch Not showing beat error on my watch. No ability to refund money.

Beat error not showing Works fine, however, the frequency detected is half of the actual and the beat error just shows "N/A" all the time and never shows the error value.

Doesn't show correct bpm I don't know what datum this takes from the device but it is not correct on the Xperia S. I have a grandfather Clock running slow. BMP on this app shows 66, but that would mean it runs fast. IMHO it is a pretty useless app as it is incorrect on every Clock I have tried.

Crippled demo Show me an app that really works and it might be worth paying 99 cents for...

Wish I could try the full version (time limited) before purchase $4.99 is a LOT to pay for a crippled demo and no idea if it will work for me. It shows promise. Remember this rule of App business: the cheaper you make the app, the MORE MONEY you make! You might sell a dozen at $5, but hundreds or thousands at 99c !

Galaxy S4 Hi, This is not a review but a suggestion. Why don't you let users download the full working software but for a time limit. In this way uses can test if the software is really doing it's job and if they like to buy it. If its fully functional, I will not hesitate to buy this software. Also software for electronic watches.

Excellent Excellent software that detect easily the beat (at least on the Galaxy Note). However it often calculate only half of the frequency... why ?? to fix please

Way too expensive Not able to test all features and in-app purchase is more than I'm willing to pay without testing.

Disappointed I should have read the reviews. As others have mentioned it shows the beat frequency as half what it should be and the beat error function doesnt work.

No test no buy Useless unless buy

Cripplware Not useful unless you purchase full version. Can only purchase through app. Beats per hour? really? What happened to Hz?

Huh? What is it telling me?

Crashes system Had to remove battery to recover system after I changed sample time to 10 sec. App seems to work otherwise but is kind of useless without premium version.

Useless without purchase Unable to test it!

I'm giving it 5 stars, even though it has a couple easily fixable shortcomings - mostly nit-picking on my part. 1) Reported Beat Error is really Rate Error - "Beat" has an entirely different meaning in horology. Rate = how fast, Beat = how even. "In Beat" = perfectly even "tick..tock..tick..tock.." - a trotting horse. "Out of Beat" = "tick.tock...tick.tock..." - a galloping horse. The app could easily detect & report In/Out of Beat in addition to Rate. 2) Needs customizable target rate. I have a 175BPM clock. The closest target is 180, the app reports ~1/2hr slow per day, even though it keeps perfect time. I repair clocks as a hobby, and can't justify the cost of professional hardware/software to adjust my clocks. This app works FAR better on my MotoX/5.1 than anything else I've found. The free version shows enough info to determine whether it actually works on your phone. But to unlock/USE it, you pay a reasonable price. It detected a watch that I can just barely hear by setting it directly over the microphone. Setting my phone (mic/screen up) on a clock case worked perfectly without directing the mic at the clock or opening the case. THEN I paid for it.

Seems to be ok, really needs a rate reading in secs/day as that's what most watch guys really want to know. That's the only reason I've given it 3 stars, be a use it doesn't have one, used correctly it seems to be pretty good at reading beat frequency

GREAT APP I run a clock n watch repair shop n use it constantly

Worth it Really works if your watch is not too silent. Of course the quartz movement s show no deviation. My Seiko 7s26 have decentering and +2 minutes a day. As expected.

Rubbish Never worked on automatic watches, I even bought the pro version and still nothing DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY PEOPLE !!!!!

Adjusted my Seiko 5 using this app. No other voice recording app could identify the very subtle ticks of this time piece but this one. Thumbs up. Drawbacks: 10 sec recording offers lower speed but higher accuracy, however it does not seem to work at all. Also the measurements are not repeatable, if you aim at +- 2 sec / day, and you manage to reach it, don't measure 1 minute later, you will get disappointed. It's either the app or it is just how the mechanical watches work, the expectations are not met. Despite of this money well spent. Don't bother with the free version, it will only show you if the sound is picked up or not, the real value comes after you bought it.

I check the regulation of a clock quite well with free ver. Press menu button to bring up settings. For watch select the 2 sec. duration, for a clock 10 sec. Select medium sensitivity. Use back button to main screen. Press start with the clock/watch close to the mic Check yellow trace shows ticks as spikes & red trace has square markers coinciding with ticks & not on noise between. If not, change sensitivity till this happens. Press Start again on exiting settings. Click on the target frequency value (default will displaying 'auto') Select or add the value (in ticks per hour) for your watch/clock. With the app running look at the beat monitor. If line of points is horizontal clock is running right. If line is sloping down it is running fast. If sloping up running slow.

WTF? All I get after measurement is "upgrade premium". No measurement at all just crap. Additionally, I am willing to throw away $5 on this to see if just maybe the full up version is a bit better but no. Not possible as Google seems unable to figure out how to accept a payment. I buy all kinds of stuff online but not this apparently.

Does the Job but Poor options... Found this app useful to get a clock into beat by examining the distance between each spike in the graph, otherwise does not seem to be able to do much more, at least in the free portion of the app. Would this tempt me to upgrade. I'm afraid not.

Really easy to use and one less tool to take on house calls.

Perfect First of all, find video on youtube how to use this, and Pay for VIP option if you want to tune the watch quicker, but even without it this app rules, you can finetune your mechanical watch to seconds a week, really worth it


I paid for the Pro version. It works on an old mechanical alarm clock (4 bps) as well as several quartz wall clocks I tested (1 Hz). With the mechanical clock I was able to tell that the rate changes depending on how much the clock is wound. Interesting. No luck with watches but that's not surprising--I can barely hear them myself!

Does not work! Keep deviating from +5min to +20 sec randomly!

Nice but.... ...I have a Hermle grandfather movement before me that runs @ 66 bpm (3960 bph). The app does not seem to recognize that rate to sync and calculate against

Costs $5, works well Tuned a 1770's Scottish grandfather clock to 1.0001 Hz. Requires a very silent environment to work properly.

Junk. --------------------------------------------- Do not pay the $5! ------------------------------------------------------------------- It says my Grandfather clock is running at 3961 BPH. It should run at 3600 BPH. That is 10% fast. So 12 hours on my clock should go by in 10.8 hours, and yet my clock is on to the minute in 12 hours!!! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Junk.__________________________________________________________________- When I want to go from my watch to my clock, there is no way to throw out the old data, no reset button. Super lame app. Written by a person with no experience and no knowledge. ------------------------------------------- Can not display in BPM, can not convert between BPM and BPR and back. LAME.

Thank you! Just noticed the updated feature to accept unique beat times. Perfect for dealing with the 66-beaters! So pleased I upgraded to "pro". BTW - Reviewer of 13May16 is mistaken and evidently does not know much about his clock.................................(my earlier review from '14...) Nice, but I have a Hermle grandfather movement before me that runs @ 66 bpm (3960 bph). The app does not seem to recognize that rate to sync and calculate against

How does it work? I'm looking for a "timegrapher" type readout. Withouth any help section, or information (beat rate, +/- data), it appears this app isn't too useful. Looks impressive though.

Awesome! I was able to get several watches timed, one to +3 Seconds/day using this and my phone's mic. Works great! Only drawback is you need the paid version.(and some patience).

Go Pro! Best trialware app out there. Shows clock frequency in real time, helps indicate irregular beat patterns and escapement fluctuations. A must for any clockmaker.

Doesn't display beats measured or sec/day accuracy unless you buy the "pro" version. Useless as downloaded...doesn't tell you a thing you need to know

More sample duration.. Please add 30 secs and 60 secs as the sample duration to improve accuracy.