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Car Crash Simulator Racing

Supplied By Crash n Smash    On Aug. 10, 2015    Comments(87)

FREE Car Crash Simulator Racing version1.10 Download

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Car Crash Simulator Racing

next car game & beam-ng styled game

Crash n Smash part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 10, 2015. Google play rating is 73.7762. Current verison is 1.10. Actual size 49.0 MB.

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Download car-crash-simulator-racing.apk 49.0 MB


Needs work Controls get stuck, no breaks, goes the wrong direction when baking up, and friction seems to disapear ocasionaly.

The reason I'm rating it three is one cuz its laggy and two cuz its next car games map

Amazing I love this game best crashing game

Crashes Everytime I get off It lags out don't download

More maps This game is great but can you make more maps

Fuck this shitty game

Good It is laggy but not for my mom's tablet

Good but This could be amazing if you sort out the little bits of lag

Omg Super laggy, 2 slow overall awful game

Do not download if you do you are the dumbest

Good game! 5 stars if theres no lagging.

Awsome great games

Lag If it lags I just turn off bots and put on airplane mode and it is fine and the graphics are amazing

the game sucks

Very laggy It tends to lag a lot but it is a really good game I give an A for effort for trying creating mobile beam-ng drive

Ones star for effort. Nothing like a simulator but better than run of the mill i guess. Also laggy. On a quad core 1.2. Unimpressed.

Laggey and full of ads! This game looks like an epic game the general idea seems great , however I opened the app on the sony xperia m2 aqua, and it already came up with an add! That is seriously annoying! Also it's so laggey this makes me hate the game! I think you should fix this!

good but I don't like that you cannot just explore without being head butted by a car

Garbage! If they want to be EVEN CLOSE to beam ng they had better do a heck of a lot better then this!

Lehnartz9dude Its a very great game in all just Rilly Rilly glitchy and laggy

Samsung galaxy exhibit Its terrible it the car won't move at all I pick every single one and it won't move ive played it on the computer and it was fun and I won't this one so I can play were ever I go

Liked it Please add more maps then I will rate five stars:-)

I love this game but its so laggey if you fix it I will give you a million stars

Terrible Adds every 10 seconds, lag, bad quality... its about 4fps

Worst game ever So bad I wanted to rip my eyes out with a potato peeler

Um They need to put more stuff in it like a crushing machine and more cars

Crash simulator Fun game but sometimes crashes for no reason

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads All it is is an ad pit. Every time you press a button, even the one that resets your car, it shows an ad. There are so many ads it's as scary as slendergoat in Goat Simulator.

Run perfect Perfect on lg g3 and also used emulator in oc it is perfect like 90 fos

Terrible I can barely move in it

Sweet You can crash like hell

Want to hear a joke? This game

Cool game This game was really cool and it was just what I was looking for on the app store.i would rate it 5 stars if you cut out the ads and add a gyroscope steering setting. But other than that great job to the creators.oh and by the way fix the glitch in the game because when I go to play it the game exits out by itself.>=( please fix as soon as possible I dont want to delete this game.

This game is the best I would rate it ***** stars at crashing and adverts the is game is totally wreaked thanks to the creater because he put in so many ads I totally advise you to not even go near the game

Epicko If the frame rate was a little better I'd give it a five but other than that it's Epicko! Also, can you add more cars and maybe some power ups too plz.

So cool I love crashing,smashing,rampaging my car.you have the best games EVER!?

Help Help, when ever I go on to the game and I turn a certain way this beam comes up and I can not see, great app otherwise.

It would be a good game if it didn't lag the whole time plus all the cars in the game are a ripoff of the game Flatout series a good rip off but still a ripoff

This game used to be GREAT Way to many adds. There was an update and not its put adds everywhere. You can't even exit the game without an add trying to pop up. When your in game an add pops up and its a video. You can't even exit it. It's all very annoying. Developer needs to understand that with all these adds that he is losing people playing his game.

Slow runs fine selecting on the menu but as soon as I start driving it runs really slow and unresponsive, waste of time

Too many ads I literally couldn't even play because of the ads. If you try closing the ad it closes the game. The only way to bypass it is to click the ad. Rubbish.

I love i I read the comments I have no problem with the ads I only get 1 when I press retry butt <- lol it gets boring after a while cuz tare nothing to do I've all redy did everything thears to do

Complain it suck I hate it Lag to much ads is a problem it idont like it I am deleteing it right now >:O

Its fun but I wish It will have more damage...........like if you get so much damage it will ruin your cars performance like in the beamng.drive But fun though

Awesome No lag for me and the crashes are great the best app for car crashing

CRASH CAR I like cars crash most but there are less cars so make news update about this game put in so many cars

Disappointed. The frame rate is the main problem but, there are other problems like the weird controls annoying ads etc.

Fast daonlod I'm not a good speller cuz imm a kid ok but. This the BEST

Great but... There is a HUGE bug. The sky texture is super glitchy. It blinks on and off CONSTANTLY!! Plzzzzz fix for my comment to change !

GREAT ...but wouldn't let me play so please fix that

Looks great But on my Samsung galaxy tab s I can't even get on the game without it crashing

I didn't get a chance to play as every time it started to load an ad came up and then the game crashes :(

Good but some error's Great game but way too many ads and the lag is real

Love it For next game you should do a robot creator and battlers

Ouch! Love this game, but do not do this in real life. You can die. Too many ads that you can't skip, so fix it please. I rated this 5 stars, now reduced to 1. Still too many ads, now uninstalling.

Wow! Its both same games one is from laptop but this time it's in the lenovo! Please do multiplayer! And also just in the game in the laptop as you crash you will be shaped.

Awesome Its awesome but here are my suggestions:New map,More obstacles and more cars,fix car button and less ads.Please add this

Fun but unrealistic Make denting like beamng drive. add more maps and cars

So laggy When I try to play it its all slow and a butch of adds pop up if I were you wouldent download this app

Best game ever If there were no lag

Cool but There is 1 glitch when i go in the cannon it does not launch me can you fix that please if you do i will sub!! P.s. if you have a youtube channel.

Boom It's OK but can you port sum more crashing in the game it would be a loot beter

This game is so cool it's just like the next car game

Crash Its good i dont lag and its fun. :)

Best game in the world If i could give it 1000 i would

Keeps crashing It keeps crashing after I select a car then enter the map. Every time the add comes up it crashes

Rubbish Do not download ripoff can't even play the game

Good fun! This is a fun game! It has many cars to choose from! The other cars make it fun because they crash into you! Also the ramps and other things are fun to use to! Also the barrels are fun and tires because they blow up! I recommend this game to you! It has a verity of things to do and it is better then other games about cars! But 1 thing it could work on is that since there is a lot of empty space you could add a another ramp of something!

Crap Looks good, plays like crud. Dev should be ashamed of themselves. Don't bother with this one, it's awful.

BROKEN This game is very broken. After an ad video comes up it crashes the game!!! DO NOT PLAY AT ALL!!!!

Fun but unrealistic Make denting like beamng drive. add more maps and cars

Good game I like it but it's annoying when I'm about to go on a ramp or something then a car hits me out of nowhere but it's still a nice game.

Bad Bad bad bad at first there is no ads 3 min in there are ads like crazy you can't even

cannons add some cannon balls and next car game cars and I will rate 5 stars.:-)

Cool game I love this game and it's very good cars and ur apponents are good so I rate it ***** star a plus to who ever made it ???

Horrible You can't even play the game because there is so many ads. ?

Crash's This game will not work?

Very fun also I love smashing games It to fun I love it but put canons and Bombs in it like computer

SO MANY ADVERTISMENTS Everytime i get an advertisment my phone shuts off from this gane but otherwise good game so three stars

Yeah Really awesome game for a girl hope u guys makebmore$$

Awesome some game just need some FPS in provments and bug fixes

Okay if you like not being able to see the cars you are trying to hit This game looks cool but it essentially is a total rip off of San fransisco Rush for Nintendo 64. It would be helpful if you could see the cars that you are trying to hit .

Mind bending Its awesome butt (lol) just one problem, ads. They annoy me so much and if you press the cross on a game you like you never get it back, and the ones you don't have any interest in just keep coming and coming. One bad thing though. Sometimes the steering has a mind of its own. I'm mid way through drifting and all of a sudden I loose control due to the steering going the opposite direction to what I want it to go. Fix this and you have 5 stars from me. OMG THAT WAS A LONG REPORT.

Chris C. Now it's much easier to do things. But the brakes and turning need little more work because sometimes when I turn it goes wild, and also the don't work that much, but good job.

So cool I love crashing,smashing,rampaging my car.you have the best games EVER!?

VERY STUPID RIP OFF any time I tri to get on it gliches me out!:(

Cool It's pretty cool but whenever I try to close an ad the entire app closes so I have to go to airplane mode when playing