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Boson X

Supplied By Ian MacLarty    On Dec. 18, 2014    Comments(62)

FREE Boson X version1.0.29 Download

Boson X is a fast-paced rotational runner set in a particle accelerator.

Quantum jump from Planck to Planck as you build up speed inside an enormous particle accelerator and generate high-energy collisions to discover strange new particles. Use precise timing and fast reflexes to navigate a hazardous subatomic world where floors and ceilings don't exist.

Ian MacLarty part of our Arcade and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 18, 2014. Google play rating is 90.5929. Current verison is 1.0.29. Actual size 17.0 MB.

What's new

    6 new levels (for a total of 18), plus a new character, Keiro the robotic lab assistant.
Download boson-x.apk 17.0 MB


Think you're good at endless runners? Think again. This game will destroy you, and you will start to get more and more annoyed at yourself every time you fail, because it is your fault; you can't blame the touch-screen for your failing, because this game's controls are tight, and because of this you will start to hate yourself. 5/5.

287.58!!!! Wow on the first level and I had the game for about five hours.i went super fast I couldn't see the screen

Really like it IT IS awesome, but can really have some stressful situations, but I really like the game

<3 Loved it. Great design, infuriating gameplay, but fun overall.

Game design masterpiece A crazy fast creative endless runner, that will keep you on edge everytime you perfect your reflexes, runs great, not demanding, and the controls are hard, the response time is inmediate, so if you lose, you'll only have yourself to blame... Or a weird process that causes lag, but that's some other thing. Woo! Update!!

Worth it Only criticism I had have been solved by the developer with me now hating malware instead of the game The amount of game time you get for the amount of money you pay makes this well worth it

WTF?! Now, when I tap this app when I'm in my home screen, my game just rejected me. I tapped this app, and It just kicked me out and send me to my home screen. This is my favorite game and it rejected me?!?

No background support Switch to another app and switch back, the game restarts.

Love it I love it! If you make more games like this I will totally buy them! BTW, I'm on the last level of SMAC and I almost won, I'm 96.61 ;-)

It's good but it has bugs I'd give it 5 stars but the bug I'm referring to specifically is that the leader boards for the third section of levels always says connection error, otherwise great game

Amazing experience Played it since the free version on pc. Even more amazing now

Genuinely tricky but fun The only game I've come across that is genuinely tricky and hard but it never gets boring!

New levels! Awesome!!!!! Thank you developers!! Edit: MORE NEW LEVELS??!? YESSSSS!!!!!

Amazing game Loved it when it was indie, loved it more when it came to mobile

Pretty slick gameplay!!!

Frustratingly fun

Awesome. Best game I have!

Batshit insane & terrifically difficult

Great game Really good runner game. I'm a big fan of runners and this is a great example. I'm loving the unique art style of the game.

Superb! I got my hands on the free desktop edition: it was addictively good. The paid versions with extra levels are even better, and that makes up for the often-flaky inputs, which will sometimes not jump, or jump sideways when I want to jump forward.

Great game. Great and challenging runner with really nice aesthetic. Beautiful menus remind me of last several WipEout titles. Runs well on N10 and Note 3.

Great Game I love how this game, despite being so cheap, has no micro transactions or ads. What you're getting is a fantastic time waster, it kept me entertained for over a year. I can't wait for the next set of levels to come out!

Adddictive Me and my friends can't put this game down! Well worth $3

Amazing game All I wonder about know is when the anti levels on steam will be released.

Suck So slow and laggy waste money a bullshit game

Crashes when you die Fix crash one OnePlus One!

Game Love the game!!! But it would be cool if you could Play as different characters

Great game I love this he so much I can't put it down! The level difficulty is perfect and the free 6 new levels are awesome! The only thing I have to say is that its annoying when I go from this app to another for only a second but I need to reload when I go back to this.

Update bug! When listening to my music while playing the will crash after dying!!!! Well this is easily one of my favourite games. I love it, from the visual to the game concept, but music is not that great, and playing the first levels after playing later levels feels like you're playing a slow motion version it's way too slow, but thrust me when I say your money will be well spent because it's addicting and pleasant to the eye. And clearly made by people who understand gaming.

Google Play Games support? Would it be possible to add this feature? I would love to unlock achievements and have cross platform sync.

Excellent runner It's really a shame many don't know about this gem. Controls are tight, levels are well made and the difficulty is just right. Waiting for update :) The only thing I dislike, is one level's music (5th I think) EDIT: six new levels? Awesome update

Challenging and fun. This is a realty tightly designed game. I never notice the mechanics getting in the way of playing. The levels are interesting, and progress in difficulty such that beating them really feels like an accomplishment. Love the physics theme, graphics, pacing and simplicity.

A Scientist's Life A simulation of life at CERN that shows what it's really like to use the particle accelerator. Like all the beat games it's equal parts addiction and frustration. Has kept me busy for days since installing. Great fun.

FROM PC TO MOBILE Played the pc version this is just as good may be even better

Great game A salute to all the brave scientists who died running in my particle accelerator. They will be missed

Warning! May cause epilepsy! In all seriousness this app is so intense it may well cause you problems with your eyes. Unlike other ebdless runners this one challanges you rather than waiting for you to make a mistake, its so worth the tiny amount of cash!

Shhsnsksnndnsnns Why! The game is fun but sh#*

Excellent game. The music is great.

Just Wonderful Responsive intuitive controls and the perfect balance of learning each level's patterns and reflexes and just a smidge of luck. Awesome soundtrack and great (if literally flashy) visuals.

Play this game... For Science! I started with the free version and liked it so much that I opted to buy the full game. This game is the perfect storm of entertainment and heart thumping, glued to the screen brutality. Also, the developers don't put any weird software that hacks into your personal information. I hope to see other app developers follow suit. (A+)

wow the last level is damn near impossible and that's saying something if i say it. if i could give it 6 star_ i would. great job and it really is worth the money. i recommend it highly. GOLD STARS FOR ANYONE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS APP

Great game, but it has frustrating issues The time it takes the character to start falling down is frustratingly inconsistent, you take your fingers off the screen and he starts to fall, right? Well guess what, that function's timing is screwed up for some reason, sometimes, it would take a few moments before he even starts to fall, and the time it takes him to fall all the way is also inconsistent, and sometimes, he doesn't even fall at all! I tested it, mind you, at the same speed, falling from approximately the same height relative to a platform

Almost Rage-Refunded! When you see the price of $2.99 for this app, you may think this game isn't worth it. In fact, when I bought it, it seemed so simple that it wasn't worth my time. But the game is immensely hard to its core, and you may even consider refunding the app because of the difficulty. But always remember how much work is put into games and that developers need cash to buy coffee. Great game.

Kinetic Laser-focused arcade game. No currency, no power-ups, no perks, no RPG elements. Just a scientist on a quest to discover subatomic particles. Randomly generated levels keep each run fresh, while leaderboards give you targets to aim for. Don't expect a deep story or varied gameplay from "Boson X," just make sure your reflexes are sharp because this game is old-school hard! (Nexus 6p)

High quality title comparable to console indies Incredibly well working endless runner for touch screens with tons of level variety and replay ability for each.

WARNING: DANGEROUSLY ADDICTIVE Can't put it down. Frustrating, but I'm still glued to it. Love it! Haven't tried to pass dark geon yet, great game though!

Craziest 10/10 Sharp Your Brain....With This Game..

New levels! This game is so cool

Add more levels that would be awesome. Excellent game. The music is great.

Samsung galaxy s4 mini Fun game that works great on my phone.

Awesome game! This is how gaming should be!

Best mobile game Fun and challenging so you will never get bored even after you beat it

I hate this game. Buy it.

Great game! Boson x is a fun and addictive game which involves jumping from platform to platform and collecting the energy. I got so caught up in the game I forgot to do my homework!

Amazing Made me rage couple of times, but in a good way.

Samsung galaxy s4 mini Fun game that works on my phone.

Boson X Review Amazing game, fast paced with simplistic but great design. Definitely one of the top mobile games.

Perfect,but . . . One day,the app wouldn't start. All progress GONE.

Good, but has some control & obstacle design issues I've enjoyed the game so far, but on my Nexus 6p, the controls randomly go unresponsive. Also, levels like y boson are very very trolly with the blinking invisible platforms. If you dont have a high tolerance for trolly games, this is not the game for you. EDIT: 2nd/3rd facility levels are beyond troll, they're outright unfair and somewhat luck-based. Gotta dock a star for that.

You have no idea how much I love this game But it drives me crazy, but it is all my fault. Thanks for hours and hours of fun entertainment, this is a great game

Samsung galaxy s4 mini This game works fine on my phone. This is probably the best mobile game I've ever played.

Excellent Hi, Had to reinstall after Marshmallow upgrade. God bless. Aaron