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Beam Damage Engine

Supplied By WELG    On Jan. 31, 2015    Comments(78)

FREE Beam Damage Engine version2.1 Download

Our game has a unique soft physics of radiation damage due to a car accident which look realistic. In our game, you can see a variety of options damage one part of the car.

In the future:
-New Cars;
-New Card.

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WELG part of our Racing and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Jan. 31, 2015. Google play rating is 51.4214. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 79.0 MB.

What's new

    New graphics.
Download beam-damage-engine.apk 79.0 MB


Developers plz fix!!!! The game loads, but when I hit start game the whole game force closes and restarts. I haven't been able to get into the game. Does the game have x86 support. I have the Moto X 2nd Gen.

Developer They haven't let out an update and i havent seen nothing add to the gameand it been like 1 year don't recommend

Seizure Graphics and unrealistic air handling! This game has a very messed up graphical error where the map (original map) has a very glitchy map where the rendered area of the floor around the car just moves in seizure like ways very fast and not safe at all! Please fix those graphical bugs because my son's head started to hurt because of your game!

Needs a few improvments. Great game, but can you add in more realistic damage like I'm beamng drive. And make steering less sensitive

Awesome but lag I dont know if its my tab 3 or the game is laging but besides that l love it and i got the full verson and it stoped laging

Needs more Its ok but it needs more cars and maps, the suv doesn't work and the drift car looks bugged

Great game fix menu? Great game...cant get to main menu w/out exiting app

Awezome If you can please make an ovo 11 car I will give you 20 dollars

Fix Now! When I open the game, I have the start up menu and I press start game and the game resets and crashes then retest again back to the start game menu screen, I deleted and re-installed the game and now the game crashed my phone.

Not even close to the computer version The graphics r horrible and the car just get dents it doesn't get all messed up and its only got one maps this app sucks

Fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it. All of it. The shutting down n glitches n stuff fix it all

WHY Who would pay 80p for a game that restarts when you press play! Please fix this glitch.

Broken Doesn't work on my Nexus 7 2013 Android 5.0.2

Can you please fix the suv? The suv does not have a way to drive at the moment, can you fix that plz?

Can't get on it Every time I load up the app and I press start game it takes me back to the load up screen and takes me to the menu again and again

Fix it It's OK. I can't put the graphics on very high because it will freeze, then the screen will turn black. Another thing when I try to play the off road map.. no controls come out. On the other hand we can't go back to change cars or to the main menu?? Please fix it

Great, just need more damage, any news on an update?

Nice I liked it

OK, but needs more! This is fun but the cars are hard to control. Also it would be nice if there where more maps to play. The main thing I want is a pause button to pick a different car. Every time I want to switch I have to exit the app. Thanks. Hope to see improvement soon :)

Laggy I mean extremely laggy Make less laggy other wise not bad

With the new car/ map test there is no way to drive or steer the car, why is this?

Its a bit annoying Its got not too much of good graphics bad menus but no pause

Crashes often I can only load the game up and drive around for a few seconds without it crashing on me playing on my nexus 9!

Must get Such a cool game anyone can enjoy with realistic mechanics which can go to hillarous extents

Its awsome


It is Os um

Not a BeamNG port. The damage is not close to the real one! This game is pretty straightforward; choose a car, slam it against stuff, roll it over or pull some stunts. In a sense it could be said it is a "sandbox racer". The graphics and the gameplay are superb, but the main thing which is the destruction of the cars is bland and not nearly as good as BeamNG. The cars receive only moderate cosmetic damage, they are never even close to get into a true wreck, no matter what you do to them. I highly recommend you to try the free one first to avoid disappointments!

Fun! I hope to see a Lamborghini or McLaren P1 in the future! Please lower the sensitivity on the faster cars (they tend to flip easily). A pause menu would be great to see as well (add that first please)!

Is this a beamNG port? Very nice loads of potential does randomly close?? LG G3 running 5.0 custom ROM

Good Add new cars and better crashing

Doesn't work Can't use graphics very good or fantastic

Doesn't work Onreplus one

I really love the pc version but this is terrible the physics suck and there isn't a pause menu, I will continue to play it but developers, please work on the mobile version more I would love it and I would give it a better rating. Thanks!

I want my money back Thought it would be like the pc version nothing close to it i want my money back

A mobile version of the pc game. I have the paid version on pc and this is exactly what I would expect a mobile version to be. The steering is a bit sensitive but it is easy to get used to. If they update it like they do the pc version this is well worth a buck. Get it before they realize they could charge more.

Add more stuff The game is no where near as good as the computer version. It would be awesome if you could make it like the pc version

When I go into the game and press, "start," it resets!

It won't load! When I click start it restarts the app

It wont let me play The game every time i click start game i restarts pls fix and youll get five stars

It's actually quite rubbish :-( I thought that the developers would release regular updates but instead it just seems like they have abandoned the game completely leaving it unfinished and broken! This is definitely not worth your money!!!

Still terrible Still disappointed with how bad this is, I have no idea how long it's been... But if you have the choice, don't buy it.

Broken Works like a beaut on pc but on android gliches out when i hit "start game" button. Please fix this. (HTC one m8x, android lolipop 5.0.2)

Money grab So i bought this like a year ago and no updates have ever come out insted you relese a new game same TITLE but this one has 2.0 and it costs the same

Ok Pleasee make that the cars break like in real so like by pc version. Than I would even give 10000 stars!! Please do that. Thank you verry mutch.

Decent But need more destruction to the car just like the pc game, more tracks and cars.

Like it Good game but I wish it was more like beamng drive on the pc if you guys could add more stuff and stop the game crashes it would be top notch!!!

Waste of money Game crashes when you try to do anything on it. Would be nice if the creator could put some time into it given I spent some money on it.

Doesn't work. When you open the app and hit start game, the app restarts (crashes). That's some BS.

Very bad At the beginning of the game it reset my phone 12 times. DO NOT GET THIS GAME!

I want a refund Won't let me even load the game so annoying creator get back to me please

hated it I can't start the game it just keeps on reseting again if you rate 0 stars I would rate that

Ok this sucks So i bought it and i didnt like it so i played it for five minutes and i wanted to refund it but the refund button wasnt there rhos sucks

It was good Could use more work on the 3D models add editor for map and objects

P.O.C unity you are the god damn worse developers ever. I open the game press start and it crashes the game. Unity suck

I want my money back The game doesn't load and crashes every time I open it. I want my money back!

I love it but whold be like pc I will not play till it happens

Note 4 Does not work please fix

Keeps restarting Every time i hit start it reload and it is getting really annoying please fix it

The same thing happens to me daviyon daniels I want my refund back

Crashes but not the way you want it! Developer has abandoned it would seem

It wont load When i press start it goes to the unity screen then back to the menu screan

Won't let me play Don't waste your money on this it won't start or load

Didn't work for me I tried to get on the game but when I hit start game it goes back to the home menu if you could fix that I would greatly appreciate it.

Doesn't work! Not a true BeamNG port! It doesn't get past the main screen, even if the graphics are turned to the minimum! It was a mediocre game when it used to work, but now it is straight unplayable junk!

it won't let me play I downloaded this game today and started playing it in the first 30 seconds of playing it the game crashed and since then I have been trying to play this game but everytime I try playing it crashes I was actually looking forward to this game. should be free it is 59 P I think it's a waste of money just everytime I try to play it just crashes. Don't get this game

You could do better than that! Restarts your game stinks

Bad Nothing like beam ng drive, absolutely sucks, crappy damage, crappy sound, and unrealistic amount of drifting.

Worst game ever It would not let me get off the home screen

Please fix yous are ripping us off Wont load takes u back to unity

Really? I paid for this and every time I start the game and press start it just freezes and never loads... please fix this please... I want a refund... asap.

It's cool But myn does the same thing to

Developer Pls fix the game because i'm only getting a black screen + I did not pay $1.90 for this type bullshit.

When hit start it restarts Please fix it I wasted my money

The best damage modeling on mobile The only problem is that on the desert map with the suv there was no controls to drive it please can you fix that ps great graphics

Fix it At the title it says start game and the screen goes black and it says "powered by unity" then goes back to the title again. It's just an endless loop of stupidity

This games so boring that if it was a person it would wear cache Jeans and a Polo Shirt! It sucks balls its soooo! Freaking bad the graphics in this game is crap! This game is so boring that if it was a person it would wear cache Jeans and a Polo Shirt!