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Antares CM13 / 12 Theme

Supplied By m.i.n.a.r.    On Jan. 28, 2016    Comments(60)

FREE Antares CM13 / 12 Theme version2.9 Download

If your phone bootloops, it's not a theme problem! Apply stock theme before updating your rom!
This theme is exclusively compatible with latest Cyanogenmod 12 and Cyanogenmod 13 based roms!
If you don't know what a theme is, please use Google!

The theme contains:
- Wallpapers
- Handcrafted icon pack! (still wip)
- Slim Ubuntu Font
- Hexagonal bootanimation
- Hexagonal icons
- Lockscreen
- SystemUI
- Framework
- Semi trasparent interface!
- Animated icons!
- Audio recorder
- Equalizer
- Music player
- Camera
- Widgets
- Settings
- CM updater
- CM file manager
- CM easter egg
- Google keyboard
- Google launcher
- Google hangout
- Google now
- AOSP keyboard
- Much more..

The price is little! I need it for petrol ._.

If you buy this theme, feel free to add me on Hangout and ask me tips or features for this theme! Thank you! Updates are not guaranteed in this period, because of my exams (i'm an engineering student) but i'll try to keep this theme up to date!

m.i.n.a.r. part of our Personalization and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Jan. 28, 2016. Google play rating is 93.4473. Current verison is 2.9. Actual size 17.0 MB.

What's new

    Antares isn't dead! Finally, CM13 supported!
    - Improved some icons in settings
    - This is the very first cm13 version, it can contain bugs!
    - Icon pack updated!
    - Google keep removed, google now launcher improved
    Please let me know about any bug you find! my email is below!
Download antares-cm12-theme.apk 17.0 MB


There is not a better CM12 theme out there! This theme just continually gets better and better with every update. Thanks very much for listening to my suggestions especially when it came to the lock screen/background wallpaper combination! It looks super slick and it was just the feel that I was trying to convey to you! I hope everyone else that uses this theme agrees! THANK YOU.

Nice theme! Almost perfect Like the colour and its appealing.. Have 2 concerns as of now the header of emoji in whatsapp is yellow and white which is awkward, if multiple no's are there in a contact the heading for each of the number appears in white.. If this can be corrected its perfect theme.. Also kindly check if the boot animation can be changed its not appealing for such a wonderful THEME..

A long way to go On off toggle switches shadows need to be moved slightly towards the center. The top of the toggle looks the same as the white background below it (when in the off state). The notification drawer transparency needs to be decreased or bad opaque/translucent. The font needs to be lighter. The lockscreen clock and home screen cm clock widgets (digital clock) have too much font weight. The vertical lines on hexagon used for the capslock on the keyboard are thinner than the other two lines at the top.

Elegant and beautiful A wonderfully integrated and beautiful theme, that works very will work lollipop.

Almost perfect This is one of the better themes in the Play Store hands down. If the notification drawer was slightly more opaque it would complete this as tops in CM12 themes. Still it's a 5 Star theme & light years ahead of the rest.

It's beautiful I actually like how the Google bar on top is solid. It goes perfectly with the wallpaper I chose. Very elegant and the font isn't so overpowering. I'm very happy with this theme, worth the dollar. Heck, I would pay more. I just noticed the lock icon on the lock screen went back to the default, I liked your hexagon lock.

No refund options As much as I loved the theme, I can't seem to ask for a refund.. The option isn't there. Doesn't give me the right to down rate your theme cause it's just too good

Amazing theme, one of the best of CM12 by a long shot. Pair this with Kutbay Hexagon Icon Pack and you're good.

Always getting better!! Every new update always brings something new and cool. I mean this theme even has its own loading circle lol. Keep up the great work

Best theme One of a kind theme, looks so awesome and well worth the money, thanks and keep up the good work :)

I like it Unique theme, looks good. I think I'll keep it.

One of the best

Wonderful looking theme so much attention to detail! Been using this theme for a while the attention to detail is some of the best of the best I've seen from any theme! I'm always finding little touches I haven't seen on other themes awesome work!!

HEXAGONAL SPINNERS! I didn't think I could fall in love with this theme more than I already was, but with the new loading animation, I can't even put my joy into words! But the application Inbox when it's loading, and the rebooting/shutting down box still don't have the new spinner, so I just wanted to bring that to the devs attention.

This is beautiful!

Great theme on the whole. I preferred the old font however, much more than the Ubuntu font. I would also like to see a dark version with the settings menu themed. Certainly potential for a 5 * rating with a few changes.

Amazing! This is the first CM theme I've been impressed by in a long time. The theme is getting a bit busy though. I think a separate version of this theme with a simpler and flatter design would be popular. Still 5 stars either way. My daily driver theme.

Wow Can't wait to download a dark theme based on hexagonal style Just read somewhere in comments that developer is bringing a brand new dark theme based on the hexagonal style. When is it coming?

Good I like it. New font is much better than the smashed together previous font. This theme keeps getting better and better

An awesome theme, gets better with each update! I like the dark colors and the animations!

Love it One of my favorite theme

Prefect sorta This is super perfect love this theme but when you say something into Google now with your voice the text disappears as with most custom themes. Look into this please.

Issues with Google keyboard The predictive text on Google keyboard is messed up after this update (a huge hexagon with an "x" replaces the background on it) also, what is your email? I'd be glad to help you find a fitting font.

Is there any way you could make the SuperSU icon like the others? It's the only icon in my settings that didn't change. Thanks.

appreciate the effort Bring back the old wifi and alarm notification bar icons please

Awesome!! Love the new update! Btw, with the settings icon, right now it is filled with a white Pentagon in the middle. Can you get rid of the pentagon from how it was before?

Nice update! Font needs work though

Refund Terrible and ugly

I love your work Very nice theme, but the new softkeys are looking ugly as hell... The previous one was so much better

Still good Much preferred the previous slim font than the new one. Sorry for the confusion, I meant the status bar, specifically the alarm and vibrate icons, I feel the way that the way they have been 'slimed' looks out of place and the original stock bolder ones that come with the original cm12 theme would look a lot better if they were animated instead. Sorry if it still doesn't make sense. Just a suggestion

Just like Super Polygon. It reminds me a lot about that one famous rhythmic game. After setting the samples, I UST went ahead and bought it. It seems it is currently undergoing continuous improvement, +1 to the developer.

You're awesome I really respect that you reply to the reviewers in the comments. You are a great developer

As you can see a lot of people didn't like the icon style. Sorry if I sound rude, but I think you should change it.

Great, but... Thx for bringing QS text into this theme! I loved the intention of having a minimal design, but it just had too big of an impact on usability. Thx for the great update and the stunning theme. Now my permanent choice. ;) And BTW: Google Keyboard doesn't get themed for me, while AOSP keyboard does (I use AOSP so that's great. Just wanted to report)

Hello Only looked at the screen shots. Was reading through the reviews and saw how active you were and I bought it for that reason alone. I look forward to see what's coming next

One of the best themes!

Love it! Till now this is the only theme I paid for, because the color scheme

Would love to install For some reason I can't install it. It downloads but then I get a notification that the installation failed. Device: Samsung s4 cm12.1

Wow Really love this theme

Best theme I have used Every aspect is incredible accept for one thing. One the stock cm12 music app, when you go under artists and click on them, it shows all of the albums lined up on top of all of the songs. The box with the album title is white and so is the text in that box. This makes creates ugly white boxes in the music app that for some reason get one my nerves a little too much. Sorry about the complaining but I had to find something wrong with it because everything else is great!

Love it. I love the theme. I love how it's inverted, but not a deep full black the way some themes are. A few requests since I'd love to stick with it? Could you invert some major apps? G+, hangouts? Well most google apps, Instagram and possibly twitter? Will drop a couple extra dollars to you for your time ???

Coool but..? All of my app icons seem a lot darker than they were with the default CM theme. Is there an option to make them brighter again?

Best CM12 theme... For now. Antares is my preferred theme, however, there is room for improvement. I'd like to see some apps themed for it. I'd like to see apps such as Google Play, Hangouts, Spotify, and possibly Reddit is Fun. If these are added I'll certaintly be recommending this theme.

Clean, sexy and (almost) flawless The sound icon in settings looks like stock :P

Awesome theme This theme looks perfect on my nexus 6. Thanks for the cool looking theme, man.

Very good theme. Love it

Looks great but... I noticed faster battery drain in the 3 days i used it. I switched back to my pervious theme and battery life was normal again. Could it be the animations in this theme? Or something else?

I just love it This is one theme that I always go back to no matter what.

Hexagons aren't Hexagons They are cubes in disguise. You are being tricked into satanic cube worship. Nice theme but wasn't really worth paying for. Where is the audio option in the drop down?

Best theme I've found. This thing is so detailed, it's surprising. It feels like a different version of Android. Well worth the price tag. Thank you!!

This is actually pretty nice, sorta reminds me of chroma ROMs ☺☺☺☺

Awesome theme. Impressive stuff! Really loving the new system transitions

Amazing I have never seen a transparent implementation of the notification panel, at least not inside of a cm theme, EVER.

Needs more stable version Hi.. Notifications r not good... Make incremental update

Dialer button What happened with the dialer button? it looks so weird.

Awesime new update! Everything's well themed and works like a champ! But duudeeeee, why you removed the older icon pack.. I like it a lot! At least put in older add ons.. Pleaseeee... Pleaseeeeee.. ?

The best theme

I love this theme, though I have noticed on newer versions of Google Search, particularly on the intro screen, that I end up with white text on a white background. That tiny issue aside, I think this theme not only has a great color scheme but actually manages to bring a different overall feel to the UI whereas a lot of themes aren't much more than color swaps with maybe a few custom icons. That said, I do wonder if the generic icon filter could be tweaked. As it is now, I feel like it actually obscures the icons and makes it a little harder to tell what is what at a quick glance.

Awesime new update! Everything's well themed and works like a champ! But duudeeeee, why you removed the older icon pack.. I like it a lot! At least put in older add ons.. Pleaseeee... Pleaseeeeee.. ?

Love it. I love the theme. I love how it's inverted, but not a deep full black the way some themes are. A few requests since I'd love to stick with it? Could you invert some major apps? G+, hangouts? Well most google apps, Instagram and possibly twitter? Will drop a couple extra dollars to you for your time ???