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Android Device Manager

Supplied By Google Inc.    On April 9, 2015    Comments(134)

FREE Android Device Manager version1.4.4 Download

Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device—and the data inside it—safe and secure. Android Device Manager lets you:

● Locate Android devices associated with your Google account
● Reset your device's screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone

Google Inc. part of our Tools and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update April 9, 2015. Google play rating is 85.744. Current verison is 1.4.4. Actual size 1.9 MB.

What's new

    ● Bug fixes and performance improvements
Download android-device-manager.apk 1.9 MB


Doesn't work like it should. This doesn't allow you to check or refresh more than once. Your better off using the web version or some other 3rd party app.

Not useful if no data connection you can`t search you mobile when you lost your mobile without data connection. please improve it. it's very helpful device for people.

Doesn't exactly give the location of your device. When I tried to find my phone, which is still with me , the app gave me a location about 1.5 km away. I had 3G connection and High speed WiFi, still it shows like this. Then I tried the Google Maps and still I got the same result

???? From Google support, "When Android Device Manager locates your device, that device will get a notification." Who exactly is it trying to notify? If my phone is lost or in the wrong hands, why send this notification? It's useless and possibly counterproductive in my efforts to find my phone. I know of no other app of this type which alerts the phone and gives a notification that it is giving away it's location. Google, please get rid of this feature.

Major Logic Flaw What do I do when I ask to find my phone and then I need to "Sign in again for security reasons" but I can't sign in because I need my phone to pass secondary authentication (Google Authenticator)

Works like a charm! Best thing since sliced bread. I am on a nexus 5 with 5.1. Not to long ago a device of mine was stolen. Thankfully I was able to locate it and wipe it with this. Works great on my other devices too.

I don't trust it Phone is plugged in on my kitchen table, connected to my wifi & the web interface says "Device Unavailable". It's not a settings issue, because I can see the phone from Google Plus location sharing from other family phones. Don't trust it.

An error occurred I am always getting this erro when I am trying to sign in from main menu. App allows me to sign in only after loging in like a quest. Fix it.

Helped me alot The ringing function helped me finding my mobile phone in my home. It was in an unreasonable place. If not this app, i must have to take a day to find it out.

A Must have for any phones or tablet. This is a great app to have for security wise if you lose your tablet or misplaced it. It can erase data, send up tone if you lose your tablet, for temporary lock it up until you can find the device. The only downside is that you are at the mercy of signal. Other than that this is a must have for all devices.

Very useful! On a number of occasions I've had to log into this app to locate my wife's phone, whom is notorious for consistently misplacing it with the ringer set to vibrate or silent. This app can be installed on any android device and can locate (as long as device settings permit) and ring the phone even with the volume off. Other features include locking the device and wiping info if it is lost or stolen. I can honestly say that I've never had any serious issues with this app. Perhaps adding an ability to override gps settings could make this app more useful in locating the device on the map feature.

Unreliable - Flawed - Inconsistent Not everyone leaves their Location setting on all the time. This app doesn't work if location is set to device only. ? So, if the GPS only is ON - this service does not function..? Only functions under High Accuracy or battery saver? Then there's the Notification?... If your device is stolen why would you want to notify the thief that you located your device!? This service is purely a gimmick. If you can remotely wipe your device with this service why could you not perform any number of other actions? Blah.

Tighten up on security !!!* You guys should fix the android app. I had someone hack into my android manager app, and you guys should prevent NEW unknown devices w/ using a code or password phase.. The person had swiped my phone to factory twice! & my phone info got erased!

Works fine Google please read. Love this app and use all things Google. You need to add a feature that will take pictures and email them to you, for unorthorised use when we track our mobile. Other security apps offer this feature, so should you if you want this app to be competitive.

Mobile ring features need improvement The lost mobile phone ringing can be made mute by simply pressing power button of the mobile !! Which should be improved and made such a way that the lost mobile should continue to ring unless and untill user (owner) finds / needs it. It should be made totally user controllable not in theft control .

A must-have. This app was probably the most awaited addition to the Play Store, and it's finally here. It is a very essential app. You can locate your temporarily lost phone if you've accidentally misplaced it and get it to ring at full volume so you can find it. Or you can locate it if and when lost or stolen. Then you can remotely wipe data or lock access to device. Definitely a must-have on Android.

Issue with 5.0 Lollipop Since my phones received the OS upgrade 5.0.1. Device Manager no longers will ring my phones if they are on mute. Notification has to be turned on which is a pain in the rear when you don't want notification sound. What do we need to do to make device manager ring even if the phone is on mute?

Its a great app! BUT it needs this feature I have lost my phone a couple of times and I notice that if you turn on Ring mode,It wouldn't ring because the device had bad signal or had no data and the phones WIFI was turned off or wasn't connected to any WiFi . A feature I want for this app is to be able to turn on WIFI from Android Device Manager and to get notifications that its near this WiFi or an IP address. ALSO have options to turn on GPS,WiFi,Data,Flash,all straight from Android device manager to the device

It does its job The only problem is that I tested it out on my Galaxy Tab 4 and locked it remotely and it says that the temporary password that I put in is wrong. Apparently it's because there was already a password before, but I never put a password on the Tab 4. Google, you should give this app the permission to completely overwrite the previous password with the temporary one. What if someone forgets their password or what if they never knew that there was ever a password in the first place?

Priceless! I have all of my devices registered and feel at ease that I don't have to worry about my devices being lost or worse, having my information available for a thief to thumb through.

Lost feature Dislike the fact that it no longer gives approximate location if location is off on the phone. If I misplace my phone I wouldn't be able to find it.

Doesn't work anymore I see my location but device information never loads, it just shows a spinning wheel. Please fix this fast!

Need more functionality Dear Google, Its a great app that lets me control my phone in case its lost but I believe there are certain issues which can be fixed to make it much more better. The problem is that it has to have location setting on so that the device manager can locate my phone in case its lost. The major problem with smartphone users I believe is that there location settings are mostly off until and unless they require it for specific uses like maps and other apps. Its not always possible to keep the location settings on as you can understand the battery scenario with smartphones and you don't know when your phone gets lost (accidents happen without a warning). So I suggest that if you can do something so that we can remotely activate the location setting first (in case its switched off) as we are using the same google account. This will enable a complete control over our phone. Data connectivity won't be an issue as I believe that its on most of the time for smartphone users. I hope you will consider my suggestion and make this app the greatest :). Yoohoo.

Great update Love the android wear update, but would love if we could do a reverse buzz from phone to watch The speed is great with this update, now let's work on taking a pic or vid

Worst Google App Ever! Worthless. As I type my experience on my Android Flagship Device, Googles own phone, Nexus 6 with 5.1, I am consistently shown device unavailable. Really!? Unavailable? Its available on every other Google App... Certainly available for paid apps and services from the Play Store. Non-Tech answer: bullshit. What happens if I lose my phone, or worse its ripped off, and I really, really need to find it, or wipe it, to protect any number of things on the phone and I keep getting unavailable? Worthless

I wish I could warn everyone about the horrors of this app. Google puts this as a feature. "● Reset your device's screen lock PIN." You would think that it means that if something happened you would be able to reset your pin. It has a HUGE catch you can only reset your pin if the device is currently unlocked other wise it gives you a bogus message of, "Since Google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password you entered cannot be needed" In other words you can't reset the password when you need it. I am thoroughly upset because i relied on this app and didn't test it out figuring google would be able to develop a simple yet useful app. I almost want to go to an iPhone just for this kind of issue. I also highly doubt I am going to get response from google on what to do. There are thousand of threads of people getting screwed over online.

Not working in case of Nokia XL I have tried it with my Huawei honour holly then it works. But when I tried to locate my lost Nokia XL it didn't work.

Devices never load! For an application by Google, on a pure android device (nexus 5) on the latest android OS, it's pretty awful that this app fails to work.

Lock function is pretty much worthless. While testing the app out, I locked my phone from my computer to test the lock functionality out. Not only did no option on the phone appear to unlock the phone with a password, but the password lock was able to be immediately bypassed by tapping the "emergency call" button on the bottom and hitting "back", which just brought the phone to its regular lock screen (much less secure than the password lock). Hitting the "home" key also brings you to the regular lock screen. So in summary... you have to not use a lock screen at all if you want the "lock the screen with this password" function to work. Which is kind of the point of the app in the first place - to lock someone out remotely if they've already cracked your regular phone lock. Useless...

Awesome!!! This is a great app. My husband lost his phone somewhere on the side of the highway. It fell from his pocket off his motorcycle, in 5 o'clock traffic, at 70+. This app helped us pin point the exact location. The first time he signed in, it said the phone was unavailable, which led me to believe that it was broken on the side of the road ( I mean, it did fall on to the highway and all!!) I called his phone and then tried again, and worked fine. I give this app a lot of credit! Will definitely keep this app:)

didn't work before update.the app work well until new update.it didn't show your mobile location.it say unavailable even your own mobile.fix it..

Very Basic When a device is located and you are shown the map, why can't we switch it to satellite or street view?? It would be more helpful than the cartoon style map.

Horrible It keeps locking my phone even though I'm not doing it and for some reason its making my internet go hay wire please fix

A flaw Suppose that it has shown the place of your phone and it's lost in a tower or a skyscraper, it doesn't show me the height of the place, maybe the phone be in the 100th floor or the 2nd floor, so how can I find it easily?? It must show the latitude of the place on the map to determine the exact place of phone.

Useful I put my phone underneath a blanket and heard it from the first floor. GPS also works well, too.

Not happy with the new update :( The below comment was written by Dino Bellavia on 4/20 and I agree with the point 100%. Please remove this function or at least give us the option to disable it if we wish to. For now I'll give the app ** and once this has been fixed I'll happily give it *****. I loved the app prior to the latest update. ???? From Google support, "When Android Device Manager locates your device, that device will get a notification." Who exactly is it trying to notify? If my phone is lost or in the wrong hands, why send this notification? It's useless and possibly counterproductive in my efforts to find my phone. I know of no other app of this type which alerts the phone and gives a notification that it is giving away it's location. Google, please get rid of this feature.

Great app. But It needs internet to do the job. Its more convenient if the only thing you will do is to turn-on the location for the lost phone while using internet on the other to find the lost phone.

Good. Hopefully great with some changes. Pro? At least with my tests (lg g3) the location function failed when mobile data was switched off. This was with high accuracy mode and connected to various open and secured WiFi hotspots. If this data is somehow needed hopefully we get a root version to turn data on in the background periodically. No idea why it can't use gps+open WiFi but I'm no Dev. Good work hopefully this tool has a bright future.

Very basic, better than nothing. Shows location but if you refresh and it's unable to get the new location it no longer shows where the phone was last seen. Also doesn't give address or coordinates so it doesn't help when filing a police report.

Frustrated The app works great like it should. But lol... I used to use it as a means of punishment when my son did something wrong or decided to cuss me out while at school. I would lock his phone add the message "call mom only" then put his mom's phone number up lol it worked great! But now if he has a pin lock already on his phone it will not allow me to change it to what I set... which it used to do! So now unfortunately I have no use for this app.

It should be force enable GPS on device I know it very easy to enable GPS & 3G/LTE from administration. But why google not add this feature? Only alarm, erase data & lock screen! It seem like not so useful. Because when we lost device, all that we want is find their device more than just lock screen and erase! Please consider this! Please vote for this feedback to let google see it! Thanks!

The reason it got 2/5 is because on both my Asus Nexus 7 FHD And LGE Nexus 5 this app doesnt work. they are both running 5.1.1 with all app updates, The LGE N5 is listed but location isnt avalable and all location and device administrators are set correctly and the N7 FHD doesnt even show up in ADM. Hopefully Google investigates into this isssue and fixes it with Android M 6.0.

Extremely useful I left a very important device on my work desk with no pin on (I'm an idiot, I know). Highly concerned about the sensitive data on it, I installed this app and despite having almost no 3G was able to fire off a lock request. I returned today to find the device, battery dead, luckily, it was locked as I had requested so nobody could have got in. Potentially saved me a huge headache.

Great until L5+ updates it stops working! I own Nexus 5, 6, 7, 9 and Moto X 1st gen, and MotoX 2nd gen. ADM never worked on Nexus 6 b/c it came with L5, ADM worked fine on all others till L5 upgrade, the moto x 1st gen on KK 4.4 works perfectly and can be located from all the other devices!

superb but... although so helpful to locate a stolen phone, it would be wise not to give notifications on the lost phone to get the culprit red handed. a tick box from the "locator" phone would be a great option.

Not good It works well, only when it works. Wish Google would pay more attention to this app. Why not make it a built in feature of Android?!

Cmplnt Hi device manager group I have some issues about the features u should need to add in this apk it will be more help full to android device. ...how can I contact u

Not good Didn't find my device even though it was in my hand it says unavailable... Also doesn't let me lock or erase... When I requested for it to ring nothing happens?

Stupid recent change Why if I am trying to track a stolen device would I want a notification sent to my device that it had been located? To help the criminal know he needs to pull the battery out so I can't keep trying to track it? Stupid decision google... If you must notify the owner of a device it had been tracked thorough location service do so by the gmail account registered for the device.

Doesn't show my phone This has been an ongoing issue since 5.x upgrade on a Nexus 4. Tried all the official steps to correct.

NEEDED IT ONCE and, obviously was very very happy to have it. Worked flawlessly on this (seeker) and Moto X (2014, lollipop). UPDATED: Saved my bacon again just now--needed the ringer help, on a tablet that was muted: I heard and found it in the wrong briefcase in the garage (so, tablet through case through heavy leather briefcase through two doors at the other end of a big house. Wow. (Moto X 2014 as seeker, Nexus 7 (2013, lollipop) as lost lamb).

Can't locate device A few updates ago the app was working fine but now it seems to be unable to locate my device. When I went on the PC to check it couldn't find a device and when I went on my phone to check it would just be an endless loop of a loading screen. Ive tried many things but nothing seems to help and yes, I am using the same account on my PC and phone

Galaxy S6 Won't work properly on my S6 edge. I keeps on reporting device unavailable. And won't interact.

Doesn't Work Anymore This used to work quite well, but since the Android 5.1 update it can no longer locate my phone (Nexus 4). And yes - I've tried all the fixes mentioned via online search.

Spotty *02/04/15*It's good when it works but for some reason lately it won't find me with my gps and data on. But the crazy thing is google maps will locate me very quickly and then when i switch back to this app my blue dot is shown but the app can't locate me. How has the app not been updated since August? I'm sure some bugs could have been worked out by now.*06/06/15*nearly two months since last update.

If you've Lost/Misplaced yourAndroid phone, at least, once, Get this app! This app is just another measure of assurance when it comes to making sure your phone is in an area close to you or close to were it needs to be. It's like a Big brother/Sister... build into you device to help you find it. I say get it. I got it. Now, I feel less stress when I misplace or lost my $300 - 600 dollar phone.

Needs rethinking Its great simple app but the problem it dose not find your device if the locations services is turned off. Google should think how to use only data or wifi to find the locations.

Please add a refresh button Please add a refresh button or real time movement option. Someone 4 min during fluid situation as finding someone may make it harder.

Can't show last location My phone got stole. As I have 2 phones in both my I'd is log in I can't find the phone which got stole as I can't sit whole day with this app open and eyes staring on it. It shows my phone this phone location right but the other one it doesn't show

Huge security flaw On android lollipop you can set up "smart lock" so if your GPS states you are close to a certain location the lock screen is disabled. If you then use device manager to lock the device, it won't do anything because you are still within that area.

Not useful if no data connection you can`t search you mobile when you lost your mobile without data connection. please improve it. it's very helpful device for people..

Only one thing missing we cant turn on data by sending somecode or by messaging or it might turn on by itself if more than 5 times incorrect password given

Doesn't recognise my rooted, phone running CM12 Tried it on three different phones and I always get the same message, "Couldn't load devices"

Not accurate On my PC it says: " Accurate to 250 metres." How do you expect someone to locate his phone. The iPhone app is by far more accurate. The iPhone allows you to register more devices on the same account. How do I do that with Google?

Doesn't work as advertised... i am unable to override my existing pin or pattern with the new one so what's the use if a known person stoles my phone who knows my unlock pin or pattern so i must be able to change my password i want and stop it's functionality now it gives a message "Since Google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password that you entered won't be needed" Pissed of with this kind of app from a top developer like google...should start thinking from user point of view.

There's one feature that Android Device Manager is lacking. It should have an access to remote the whole phone thru SMS especially when the phone's mobile data is turned off and you want to turn it on by texting your device with known codes that are set to be detected by the Device Manager. I would recommend Google to add a feature that remotes those important systematic areas of the phone by SMS/Text. I'd love to rate it 5 star but it is really lacking a feature so, 2 stars for now :)

Needs camera Should give option to take picture of thief like cm locker. Do it developers this should be the ultimate app

Poor design and implementation Misplaced phone, logged into ADM from a laptop to find it but as this was a new device I'd never used before it said it had texted me a verification code to MY MISPLACED PHONE before I could log in and use it - WTF how does that help, I'VE LOST THE PHONE? Also once the phone battery dies, or its turned off, it doesn't send a "last known location" so you'll never find it. As a lost-phone solution you need to look elsewhere as this sucks.

Lock feature not working? I recently lost one smartphone. Turned out to be around the house. The locker and lockee devices both had comnectivity... yet, when found, the supposedly locked device was not locked. Is there a problem here? And I ask this as a coder and someone who evangelizes Google at every opportunity. So wherein is the fault?

Doesn't work much Even when the web based device manger finds my phone using either iOS or Android this app fails to most of the time.

Just wondering if this app is working when a thief just format my phone using the volume up and the power button at the same time...

Great I'm impress but 1 thing that bothers me is when you locate the device it shows up in the notification panel so if you're phone was stolen yea your gonna find it but now you just alerted the person with the phone and once they click on it you then go onto the site where they explain everything so now who ever have your phone now has the ability to erase your phone and get away with I'm just saying I'll rate this app 5 stars when it's updated and that small little flaw is addressed

Pls add new feature When i lost my phone and my gps or wifi turned off how can i find my lost phone? I turn off gps most of the time to save battry please add a feature to turn on or off gps and wifi from my google account any where. I have LG G3 and i use kock code and this app couldn't unlock my phone when i forget my password and my google account password recovery doesn't work when wifi and syc is off

Useful It's almost the same as "find my iphone" anyway I espect that there will be great improvements in this app... for example Apple has also "find my fiends" and it would be useful an app that for ex. advices you when your husband leaves the workplace so that you began cooking

Why is there a notification sent to the phone announcing that it's location has been determined? Why send a notification to a phone that may be at the bottom of a lake or in the hands of a thief? It doesn't make any sense. There are no other apps of this type that do this. Does anyone at Google Inc. actually read these comments or are we all wasting our time?

AWESOME! It's free and worked like a charm. No complaints here. Thanks, Google! I love you all. And to those who think this app should work without a data connection or an active GPS... You are being very unreasonable. You need one of those two methods to link up to your lost device and trace it. (Duhhh!) If you have neither of those two, you can only ask the cell phone company to trace the phone for you, and even that has no guarantee of succeeding.

Requires location tracker on Is the thief that stupid to keep the GPS locator on? He will instantly perform factory settings. This app should allow real owner to turn on gps remotely on his lost phone and take some snaps using front camera secretly. This app should have capacity to lock the stolen phone remotely through EMI since thief can't change it. Real owner will activate his gmail account with phone EMI once. Once the thief goes online, phone asks for master pin or password. Boom

If you know what your doing, works perfectly. I see lots of complaining. Just be glad we do not have to deal with iCloud accounts. Though the new Galaxy S series devices use your Google account and Knox in a similar way. Anyway, there are better apps if you need to locate and lock your phone, but for the average person/thief this works well enough to locate/lock you're device(a) remotely. Thank god for Android!!!!

Harsh Its good.. but it does not tell you the exact location. Which i think google can do easily. Google should improve it and give the location on map.

Fraud It is not even working even when device is online nor any of the service works. I touched on alarm but my device didn't ring nor it is able to locate device even when it is online.

Who cares? Unless you're some kind of off carrier magician your phone has the same thing, yet better, stock locked in app drawer. Double down, I guess, why not? Deserves 2 appreciation stars, as this google app didn't break anything. Useless, but it exists!

Stolen If any one steal your phone first he will take out sim card and reset. Then what this app do now. Bulshit. This is just for play download and hide ur phone then find. Hahahahaha. Hello google what r u doing.

At least I know if the phone is home. Location works/ring at max volume=total failure. I misplaced my phone. Loc feature confirmed that it was home and not elsewhere, but ph was muted so the 5 min ring at max vol did not work. Once I located my ph over an hour later tested the feature again. Ph mute was not overridden. When I set the ph to vibrate the locate prog turned the vol on in the absolute lowest setting poss. Fix it and it'll be an excellent product. Samsung Note 5

The app is good, but lack some neat functionalities like (just to list some): - Wrong password/pattern? Snap a photo; - Enable wifi/mobile/bluetooth connection with SMS (just an example). Add a validation token for "security"; - Recover last called number, SMS or whatever. I know, I know, there are a bunch of apps with these features, but one from Google would be awesome (Google already knows a lot about us :) ).

It's not working It used to work. I cannot login fruom my phone. It says error occurred. Please try again. No error code. Cannot change password remotely. it says google determined your screen lock password is set so new password won't apply. What's the point of device manager? Too buggy

Dosnt work Used to work now it just says no active devices. Spent hours on the phone with support and I was referred to use 3rd party app... From Google support.

Can't login It won't let me login in the phone up even after resetting password + reinstall. I can only login as a guest, and then it only shows the location and nothing else. I can't believe a Google product could be this fatally flawed!

Phone saviour Helped direct me to the exact location of a phone (+ wallet+keys) dropped along a cycle path miles from home. Never would have got them back without this app, thank you Google.

Can't See Location on MM Note 5 on marshmallow. Device manager cannot find my device even though all permissions are set correctly.

Missing most important feature PLEASE give it option to change Ringing Profile from Vibrate or Silent to 'Sound', so when we rind device it don't just Vibrate but ring with ring tone in full volume.

Need this feature Accidentally hit erase instead of ring and lost some of my stuff. There should be a timer (that goes for 10 secs or so) that gives you the opportunity to reverse your choice just in case.

It is very useful. But I still want answers as to what happened to my phone. I left it in the kitchen and my siblings are telling me that my mom stole my phone and tried to sell it and she told my brother to dig it back out of the trashcan with gloves and he said from that point he doesn't know what she did with my phone. I am an adult she had not right to steal my phone. Whenever I tried to look up the location it says the location is unavailable

Bug report, other than the extra step, I love it. Installed app. Tried logging in with Google account with current password. Error message reads : "an error occurred, please try again " Samsung Galaxy TabE android OS 5.1.1. Update experiencing same issue with Samsung Galaxy S7 6.0.1 Was able to sync devices with guest login.

This just dont work Im sorry but it don't I've done everything possible to get this to work. I've turned on what needs to be turned on and still nothing. I love my Note and the whole samsung line of products, but it has light years to catch up with apple. This shouldn't be this hard. COME ON GET THIS TOGETHER. We pay all this money we expect more, at least I do. Thinking about going back to my iPhone at least I'll be able to find it.

Good but one very important missing feature This app should be exempt of 2-step verification procedures. If I'm using someone else's phone to log in to device manager and I have turned on 2-step verification, then I can't log in without the code generator which is usually saved on the phone which is lost? I think this app shouldn't require 2 step verification when you log in to your account. A password should suffice for finding your phone.

Good start, not very practical It doesn't work without data or wifi. Maybe under the case that it doesn't have data/wifi could the location coordinates be sent via sms? A lot of people might have their data turned off or don't have it as a part of their phone plan. But many people do have unlimited international messaging plans, so I feel it would be worth investing in.

Great app but one important thing is missing This app is extremely useful, but it really should allow you to remotely turn the gps on your phone on. Lots of us have it turned off most of the time in order to save some battery. Maybe there's some software limitation i'm not aware of, but i guess you should be able to make it possible - given your phone has an active data connection. THAT would make this app the slam dunk it has the potential to be.

Saved Me I lost my cell once in Central Park in NYC. I put my name and contact information in it using device manager. The person who found my cell phone contacted me and I got my cell phone back. It has also helped me locate all my devices when need by showing me where they are in Google maps. Also love how I can make my devices ring when I am looking for them. Simply and an a amazing app!

App was great initially but the last couple times I've checked it locates the phone at my home but it won't ring. The time I really need this to work is when I'm in a hurry and can't find my phone. Without the ring feature it's generally worthless. I'll give it two stars since it can still locate the phone if it's on and connected. That way if it's stolen or I left it someplace else I can get close.

Love my nexus' 5, 7 & 9! Don't wanna lose 'em. This app DOES work on all 3 of my devices. I installed it and tested it on all of them. I was able to make them ring or lock the screen from each device. My nexus' 5&9 run marshmallow and my nexus 7 is stuck on 4.4.3. All 3 are sim enabled but the sim from the 7 is in the 9 so I tested it with WiFi on instead. Location services had to be on "high accuracy" for it to work. I don't like having to leave my location on but at least I know if I turn it on when I'm not at home with my devices I can still find them if they're lost or stolen. Gives added peace of mind if I remember to use it. Update: It works on my original Galaxy nexus too running 4.2.1!!

100 Stars !!!!! Oh my god im absolutely amazed with the result i had with this app. I left my phone on the roof of a taxi and thought it was gone for good. Then i googled how to track a lost phone and i was led to this app. When i located my phone on the other side of town i left my house on foot to find it checking every minute it was still in the same place and when i got there i called it with the option in the app i could hear and then see my lost phone in the middle of a road on the roundabout! Amazing stuff!

Great but could just a tad better Great app, comes in handy all the time in my house but is it not possible to have a last location or ping? As if the device has gone flat you can't trace it but if you had an idea of the last place at least you've got somewhere to start?? Then it would be 5 Star!!

The tablet rang until we found it. This is better than a GPS to tell us which address the device is in. We lost my son's device inside the house. We had looked for two days, I installed the app, activated the ringer and found his device in less than 30 seconds. (It was in a laundry basket under some blankets.) :-)

Google Earth Please add google earth on it. So that, we can easily find our lost android devices. In Google maps, it only shows road and area. So, this is not helpful for us to finding a device. You should add a feature. A person who lost his phone he can easily find his phone by locate him where he is. Suppose I lost my phone in a area. I located the area. Than go for it. But i can't locate me where i am. So, i'm sure u will take my feedback. Thank u Google.

Works to a degree Works well for what it was intended for but needs improvements. If GPS is turned off it won't find location for example. Why on earth this simple feature of over riding GPS settings isn't implemented is beyond me. So basically only allows you to find your phone if someone hasn't turned settings off, ie was stolen/found by someone.

ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER An excellent security apps from Google, easy to use with nice UI but my question is what if I'm forgot to turn on GPS location etc in it?? Is ADM still can locate & find this device because seems for me that's impossible tasks to do it, thanks

Everyone should have this Love the guest sign in, location, and ringing the device. We should have this app pre-installed so everyone knows about it, and they can have their preferences set up, like if they don't want other people locating their device. I just wish I could delete old devices from my account that I don't have anymore.

Amazing...not so much Updating a previous review from 5 stars to 1. It never wants to work anymore. I'm not sure what happened, but it will always say its unavailable across multiple devices. When it does work, its because I'm using the app on both phones/tablets right next to me...and even then its wildly inconsistent.

My wife's phone was on silent and we couldn't find it. We were sure it was somewhere in our house, but we looked everywhere for it and still couldn't find it. So, we remotely installed this app to her phone via Google Play on our computer. We also installed it on my phone. She then logged into her google account on my phone and her phone was listed (since it was linked to her google account). Pressing 'Ring' made her phone ring even though it was on silent. PHONE FOUND!!! AWESOME! P.S. We did try a couple of other phone locator apps, but they didn't work because we had to set things up on her phone before we could use them, but since her phone was lost, we couldn't do it. This app worked completely remotely.

I'm getting the "An Error has Occurred" message that so many others are now getting when trying to logon. The workaround to log on as guest (using the exact same id/pw) does work but requires a separate log on every time the app starts. ADM used to work great.

Adm This is very good app because if someone steals it, they're probably going to turn WiFi on, allowing you to find your device. To have it's location all the time on the adm, you need to put GPS on when youre going out. Also you might think that if you have data on all the time, it doesn't use a lot of data because you're not internet browsing, so you can afford to keep data on when you go out, so you don't get your device stolen

Quick & easy For some one who loses there phone all the time this is perfect. I just hop on my computer or mobile web browser via someone else's phone and Google "Device Manager" and it pops up where I left it. (Usually at your moms house!)

Make it offline Make it like the one on AVG antivirus where you send a sms to the device and locks, factory reset, alarm, take a picture when the intruder tries to unlock it,lock the whole device when sim is removed, etc. And make a full security app which is not full of unnecessary carp like a ram cleaner and stuff. And it is not OK I wish I could give it 2.5 stars.

New Android OS on S7 Edge Had the S6 Edge Plus worked OK, and I love having the extra extra protection. But just got this S7 Edge last night and I cannot login with my password which has been reset for google. Now when I use my brand new password it tells me an error has occurred. I will keep the app but I see I am not the only person with the same issue. Update. ASAP.

What if internet & GPS is off ??? All the features provided are very nice but all of them require active net connection and location service ON. What if the thief switches net & location service OFF. Objective behind stealing phone will be to remove the existing sim with new one and use it. So Android device manager should ALSO provide a feature where one can get the details of new sim inserted by sms, there by removing dependency of internet & GPS all the time. Hope you will consider this humble request.

Could be much better If you really want to make this app better (which you clearly don't since you've made it worse), ditch the notification you get when the device is searched for and add something that shows the last place it was pinged. I'd rather see the last place it was on at than for me to see "location unavailable"

Used to work now it doesn't. This app helped find my phone and my husband's phone before. Now it keeps giving me an error when I try to log in from my phone. My child hid my phone today and I tried to use my father's to find it. It no longer rings at full volume, but now rings at whatever volume the notifications are set to. Once I found the phone (no thanks to this app) I turned the notifications on silent just to verify and it doesn't ring at all. FIX IT! I used to love this app.

Works great on devices that are different, but I've got 2 Dragon Touch tablets (same model) that cannot be located at the same time on the app. Shouldn't the app be looking for the serial# or something? I can find the first tablet...but as soon as I turn on the second, it doesn't show. If I turn off the first tablet and wait a while, then the second tablet shows up with the name of the first...how do I know? Because when I ping it, it rings...but under the name of the 1st tablet. I need to be able to see both tablets at the same time with their OWN names and can ring them separately (even when both are ON)

Cool but.... I didn't know this even existed cool idea of an app but not so cool when someone decides to use it to remotely erase ur device thru ur email and have all our hundreds of pics gone for life. Now i can prevent that from happening ever again

Best ever app! But I want to give an suggestion to the Google team! No problem using this app. But I want to give you a one suggestion.. Improve in app: improve the system in which the location will be turned on, when anyone will search his lost android device because the device is not searching without turned on location... So please improve in app

Functions removed? I can no longer locate my devices unless the "location/gps" is turned on. Why is that? It worked perfectly before these last few updates. Leaving the location turned on kills battery life so I'm forced to decide on usability and potential loss. Come on Google.

Has become better and faster. But still sometimes sits there with no information. The devices get a fix, but this is not sent to the web page somehow. Can't you just take the last known and sent at least that? Then there would be at least a general idea of the position. It doesn't need to be the most-super-fresh-accurate position...

Pros: Easily trackable of my device if its on my hand. Cons: Totally not useful for lost device. If device is formated then you wont be able to see your device here, so how can you track so funny, so just forget that you can track your device. Improvements what I can suggest as an Android Developer: Can have a section to track with device Ids and email if any, as we know IMEI no. can be altered but not the device Ids because it need to change device hardware. Same you will get the device list in play store web when click install on any app you will be successfully notified a request for install is made and you will get is a message about if the app is already installed or newly installed, but still you cant track your device. Don’t remove the device from android device manager if mail id not active in that device, can have facility to locate the device, we can disable all other options like erase,ring,lock.

Cant open app Installed app om my galaxy s5. Setup app and now cant open app, says "error has occured, try again later". Ive tried many time on different ocations and cant get it to work. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and still didnt work. Downloaded on wifes s6 and works fine on that phone.

Amazing app. Highly accurate and easy to use. Last night my other half lost his phone, after searching everywhere in the house for it I downloaded this app, signed into his Google account. It tracked his phone right to the shop where he had been a couple of hours ago, locked the phone and put my number down. This morning, his alarm went off, which alerted the shops manager, who then phoned me off the phone alerting me that he had left his phone in the shop and that it was under the counter waiting for us to collect it. I highly recommend this app.

Works to a degree Works well for what it was intended for but needs improvements. If GPS is turned off it won't find location for example. Why on earth this simple feature of over riding GPS settings isn't implemented is beyond me. So basically only allows you to find your phone if someone hasn't turned settings off, ie was stolen/found by someone. Also why can't you lock phone with a new password?

More features and Security I like the app but would like to see more functionality. For instance, since this suppose to be a anti-theft app, add a feature to remotely record audio/video or even take a picture remotely. Also add sim card change notification and also since this is a Google/Android app, somehow implement this into Android OS in case one tries to do hard reset and it prevents such action. Follow me on Google+!

I Have a Record of This Droid on my Firewall Up until today I have not been able to find this Droid in the Play Store. Now that I have been able match it up, I know now that I also have no record of having software copy on hand. I also now understand, to some degree what I need to do to make it effective in tracking an having my device (phone) either returned or it's data completely destroyed. If this is not a correct assumption of the likely outcomes then would you please correct my assumptions.Thank you. Guy H Martin

Used to love this! App doesn't ring anymore... ...if you're System volume is turned down. S5 Verizon user. The first thing we noticed when we upgraded to S5 was the location has to be on now in order to use find it. But that's why the app was great b4 - plus we don't have unlimited data, and I don't care for killing the battery when I'm not using Maps. Thought it was just because of something new with the S5. Now if you're notification volume is down it just vibrates. No ring. On the desktop & app version. I'm over it.

Suggestion Better if you improve location accuracy and provide no option to turn off tha rigtone. For example if my phone is stolen then i will never want the thief to turn it off if it have inbult battery so plzz add a fuction to disable everything while locked by this software and do not allow to pause or stop the full volume ringtone unless correct passwor is inserted it will help soo much.

Only 1 complaint But it's a big one. I lost my phone and tracked it and as soon as I tried again they had turned the locating services off. I later found out that when I search for the phone it actually shows up on the lost phone that it has been located. Needless to say I never got the phone back. Is there any way to track it with out the thief's knowing your tracking it?

Must have! This app is pretty accurate when it comes to device location and has gotten better over the years. It doesn't show you if the device is under a stack of books but it will show you within about 10ft or so where it is generally located. You must allow the app permissions and also have your GPS enabled and device turned on in order for it to work. It also notifies the device being found that it was just located. I definitely use it on all of my devices!

Not impressed Firstly its not accurate and secondly a notification pops up saying Device manager has located this device. This means a criminal now has the opportunity to hide the phone or destroy it because they know the device has been located. There are other apps that do a better job. Dont waste your data loading this crap app.

worked so well its scary so... i lost my S7 didnt have the app installed but of course my Gmail was logged in on it. i went to google and searched and searched for my phone but nothing. so i figured whoever found it must have turned it off. thats when i decided to use the erase function when they did turn it back on. Funny thing is my phone was returned to me 3 days later. i powered it on and maybe 3 mins after it went into a android update mode and erased everything! lol i cant be upset it worked flawlessly.