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Adventure. Hidden objects

Supplied By Next Difference Games    On June 1, 2015    Comments(117)

FREE Adventure. Hidden objects version1.0.2 Download

You have to look for hidden objects in the levels.
This game is suitable for all ages.
You have to find five objects hidden in the picture, and then you get a prize.
If you are very hard to find item, use the hint button.

Next Difference Games part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 1, 2015. Google play rating is 77.0441. Current verison is 1.0.2. Actual size 35.0 MB.

What's new

    fix bugs
Download adventure-hidden-objects.apk 35.0 MB


Look theres a ghost I see something in the window there is a like looking zombie mummy? Scary find it remember in the window

Adventure Hidden Objects There r some bugs needing to be fixed. It takes way too long to load. When touching items they lag in disappearing. The ads r interfering with being able to play the game because after the ad, the game has to reload again taking forever. It also freezes during loading and reloading. I love the 2x zoom feature and the items to find r big enough unlike a lot of other hidden object games, to tell what it is ur looking for. WILL GIVE 5 STARS IF U FIX BUGS.

I really love this game every level is different and it's very challenging , but close to the end it starts kicking you out in the middle of the level

I enjoyed playing this game:D I enjoyed the music & the English girl talk the music is enjoyable & relaxing :D

Lame, boring ........ Its a boring game and the worst game I ever played in hidden object games. It's a time wasting game, I only downloaded because of it's in top of the list.

BORING! the longest any level has taken me is 16 seconds and that was only because the giant ad at the top was covering the object I was trying to find. Easy. Boring and not for anyone that really likes hidden object games. Un install.

Not suitable for all ages I d/l this for my grandson (4yrs old) because it said suitable for all ages. Then I see bullets and cigarettes as hidden objects to find. Seriously?! Not a prude, belong to NRA, but bullets and cigarettes are not "playthings" for kids to find. UNINSTALLED!

So lame! I hate the music since it has nothing to do with the game, so easy and boring! Waste of time ??

The worst and lame game ever What a lame game AND full of ads. I cant even finish one stage without ads poping out boring

Good game. But pop ups are annoying. Also takes to long to load next level.

Shaking My Head No story line nothing. Can't really hear what the lady is saying. Writing to small and graphics are so rubbish it was like watching the first ever episode of the simpons

I am going to install this game I don't no how it is and I like hidden objects that's why I will give 5 stars OK .plz download this app OK

Liked it but I will play this game and several times the game was started or the advertisement are come on my screen and get it on the play store when i press the back button the game was immediatly stop and restart plz update this game and solve my problem

I was going to say it's more for kid's, But... Then I realized there was more mature or adult like items to find... Maybe more for Seniors or Elderly.? Items are not crowded and are fairly easy to find... Great for passing the time without stress, and great mental exercise...

Hidden objects if you're a bit thick Or a kid. My little boy likes this. For those of you with hard core tastes, try Letters of Mystery. Blimey.

Adventure Hidden Objects Game made for Tablet play. Too small on cell phones. Pop ups in vision view. Enjoy playing but hard to see.

Its not in english Cant read the captions they are so tiny, the voice over is in german or swedish. Cant play because cannot read without magnifying glass

I♥it!! I was finding an hidden object game which was to be played without time but there wasn't anything and at last I found this so I'm very happy. But a little boring and it's really easy!I could give five stars if it was more hard to search objects.

Ads! Ads in these games are out of control! So much so it prevents you from playing, covering the game playing field. Don't download!

A bit naff Objects aren't really hidden, too easy & no story to follow. Uninstalled

I've yet to play the game I'll add another two stars if its really good

Like it Theres been a log after finishing the first set and up until now i can't open it.. But its fun to play just fix the logs..

Ok Nothing like a ad infused game that puts the banner ad right over the top of the item you are looking for

Hidden objects Its too easy to find hidden objects...... Can you make it harder.........Ill give 5stars

Liked but easy It is really an easy game.i will give it five stars if it becomes a little bit hard

Pop up adds on top of picture cover some of the objects up. Fix it and will continue to play! Uninstalling

Ad covers top of game Ads cover the top of the game so that you can't see items hidden and you can't make the ad go away so you can't finish the game.

It is okay but drains battery! I had liked this game with a fair three star but overnight this app was running in the background and drained my battery! Why does this game need to be running when I had the game turned off? o_o Uninstalled.

Not fair I was going to surprise my mom but it won't download it stopped at 100% I also wanted to play the game its not fair.

I live the endless supply of this game and I also like dat they move the things in around in each level

Too easy Too boring and too many ads. Because of ads you cant see all things you have to find.

Antisipating Seems like a nice game so far but take forever to download

Good game, too many repetitions though... Nice graphics and ads at every level, but nice graphics and challenging.

Hidden objects I really enjoy these kind of games thanks

Hidden object's I like this game it is awesome and kool u just got to play it.

It sucks Its really boring and this will slow your phone and it takes a lot of space

I gave it a 3 cause it didn't down load all of the game for some reason, so u couldn't finish it an had to delete it and down load it again. Wasn't happy.

Lots of variations!!! Easy to see, and great for just relaxing after a hard days work. Not for "hard core" HOG players...just relax and enjoy the game layouts!!! :-)

The ad bar The ad bar is AWFUL...it is very distracting and it is sometimes in the way to see the hidden object's... Other then that so far so good ;-)

Cute Little Game It's a fun, easy game. No real challenges. Kids would like the bright colors.

Nice and easy. Good for relaxing and when your sick.

Works well on my galaxy note 4. So far so good

ahahahah!!! cool!!.. feelin lyk a kid id enjoyed it... funny playing dz kind of game considering my age but i love it... its cool!!

Addictive!! I love this game. Of all the hidden picture apps, this is my favorite. It's easy to lose track of time.

Very fun Easy but tricky

Good game Lots of fun so far

Great fun a game to pass the afternoom nice and slow

Its a very discusting game because it takes one hour to load???

Good relaxing game Good to play when having a lazy day , fully enjoy this game

I could give this game a zero because I can't play it cause it keeps on loading

Smiley Great game loved it so much :-):-):-):-):-D

So easy and boring

Hidden objects Good but sometimes too dark to see hidden things

Good game It's just the best to keep you fully distracted, besides no restrictions

Adventure It is so much fun with lots of things to find

Adventure hidden objects Like it keeps me on my toes

ShanShan Its ok. Not very challenging, but good time waster.

I have been playing this for some time now. Problem is that it says it's loading and never opens up. Hope this gets fixed. It's a fun game but i might have to uninstall .

This game is so interesting

I really enjoy the puzzle feature of this game, the finding the difference is a lit if fun also

Mind blowing Easy to play. I love this game so much.

Ok but a little boring

Its too easy

This is a very good hide and seek game that keeps you wanting to find more objects! I definitely would recommend this as a starter game and you can advance to more difficult games because you will continue to find more and more in the different backgrounds! You get hooked on it!

Good The game is good. Some objects are hard to see. When you increase it then you risk hitting an object and it counts against you. But, it is challenging.

It's kind of childish, I'm searching for something a little more challenging, but i did like the whole concept and the graphics amd features were pretty good.

Love this game, when I get to play it. The ads are a constant and it takes away from the game. Here's a thought, get rid of the ads.

I really enjoy both aspects of this game the find the difference side is great I have gotten 50,000 points in a rather short period of time; the puzzle feature of this game is a fun kind of challenge. I rate each 5 stars.

To many commercials It also log you off and on the game as it pleases. Other than that it's not so bad

Good game but... This is a cool game and fun to play but, I think you should have a warning for people that have seizures. 2 different occasions, I was playing and in the middle of it, it went to a screen that was blank and started flashing uncontrollably. I don't have seizures but, that is dangerous for people that do.

Adventure hidden objects Don't know yet still trying to play it keeps saying loading but nothing happens..how long does it take to load

Loved this game. I'd be playing and look at the clock and realize that 2 hours had gone by. Thanks to the creator for a FUN game. Everyone should try I 44th

Not very good To simple and easy. It's annoying with the person speaking a different language letting me know next level.

Adds r terrible Would give 5 star if the adds at top of page didn't cover up the screen and some objects.

I'm enjoying it so far. It seems to move along smoothly!

Steal jewels Every time I earn my jewels to unlock a mission it blanks out to my home screen then I lose my jewels and have to start over

Don't download Not opening at all..how can I play and rate ds waste game.

Kathy Haven't played very long but, I think it's ok

Adventure game . Easy to see & great relaxing while u alone & u get a bored ;) ^_^ :/

Good So far so good. I gave it only 4* because of the high volume of ads. I know they keep the games free for everyone but this is OTT.

Adventure. Hidden Objects It's OK, good for taking a break!

Fine Very very easy game and a bit boring too!

FUN...BUT Confusion & Freezing Process of game is not clearly defined in terms of the collecting of jewels and the different levels. Also, the free version sometimes freezes when you attempt to back out of the Ad. Tooooo many Ads!!!!

A nice game A nice simple game to play easy so just look and you will find it

Nice, simple, not flash but fun.

Adventure: Hidden Objects Just love it. Although it's addictive.

Adventure: Hidden Objects Pretty good game, I just haven't played it long enough to know exactly what to do well. Try it.

Ads These ads just jump in during your game. Sometimes I listen to my music while I'm playing the game and it interrupts the game and the music. I don't like this at all. Then the as is like a full on commercial and you have to wait til the whole thing plays through before you can hit the x button. Ugh.

Hidden object Just started playing. I like the objects and I am hoping the levels get more difficult as I move forward

Disappointed Wasted my data for something that doesnt open, stay up all night coz I was eager to play but have to unistall n check ada...

Fun Good way to kill time

Hidden objects-adventure Like it because it's relaxing and the different scenes vary with objects to be found each round. I enjoy it most when I am retiring for the night. I sleep better. It test your vision and comprehension of objects in different locations as you progress.

Cool I love the objects you have to find. Love the game.

Too many ads Too many ads cutting right into game playing is causing me to want to delete game!!!

Enjoy playing This game is just fun to play. Could really loose all the ads, but I do enjoy the game.

Commercials Commercials come on in the middle of a game and take up time also when I push the X button to get out of the commercial it still sends me to the Play Store even if I wait till the end of the commercial and go back it still send me to the Play Store quite annoying also the music on here drives me insane it's fun for me and my child to play but by myself it's too easy

Loved Happy to say game is superb and i want to make an announcement i am a very superb and smart doctor i m all over even dentist my no 9702 98 3840 plz call

The only thing I would like different is if the pictures disappeared after they were found

This is a great game for the kids that like the look and find games. The pictures of what you need to find makes it better. And its still fun for the grownups.

Hidden Objects This is a fun game. However when you are moving through the picture you touch non objects which is very frustrating as the red glimmer is so fast you don't know what object is gone.

Hurry and fix This game doesn't pass loading....it just stuck there and not moving....please fix quickly

Not bad Needs to be more challenging, like a time limit or something. But less gems need to be collected.

Challenging This game is very challenging and whenever i am bored i think about some challenge and this comes to my mind

Weird As F*** The Lady Talking Sound Hella Creepy & The games Just Boring In General . Tf Is this?

Slow Rough, can't understand what the woman saying but for free what do you expect

Excellent game i don't need coins just gems to get to the next level n also 5 items isn't much to find. Also i can zoom in loads. I don't see any issue's with this game n i have sound on it aswell. I'm pleased i didn't listen to the reviews. Keep up the good work haha.

At the mo its freezing while tryn to load the page so no! I have not started yt. Will try again. Buggur! Still freezing on reopening the app. Will uninstall then reinstall agen & see what happens k? Update: not happening - still freezing on loading, Fudge! Contact me if glitch can be fixed plz. Will drop dwn to a 3* rating just to be fair on review. Sori bout that:-(

The most awful game it is worse than others It takes too many time to download I am thinking how is the game. You must always pleased your players but the game had not started yet u have gave me a bad impression yuck !!!!!! Now if I play the game found it interesting maybe I will change my reviews sorry if u mind

Way too many ads. I have to shut off the whole game and restart the game. That drops my level back. Good news, no buying coins necessary.

It can be relaxing and fun, however, it stops running periodically and you have to wait a minute to reload the game. That is very frustrating.

The game is fun, but in the middle ads come up at top sound Cannot play it in a dr office because though you can turn down the game sound, the ads blare out at top sound.

Adventure hidden objects If you like pop ups that are hard to get out of this is the game for you.

Take of all the advertisements! It is irritating. Furthermore the game is really nice

Adventure hidden objects I HATE all the ads!!!!!!

Not responding ffs fix it Gutted bcz i dwnloaded the app again & it still won't open at Play. Are yaz responding or even care about ur disgruntled Users, tis why i hate it & rate a 1*

Sound, ads The sounds and female's voice is not soothing or clear. Too many ads pop up across the top of the screen....makes it hard to look for the hidden objects.

I am beginning to see the reason for the boring comment. Looks like there's no end or purpose to the game. Doesn't even show the prizes won. Uninstalling.