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First Aid-Australian Red Cross

Supplied By 3 SIDED CUBE    On Sept. 8, 2015    Comments(111)

FREE First Aid-Australian Red Cross versionv1.5.1 Download

Simple. Free. It can save a life. The official Australian Red Cross First Aid app gives you instant access to the information you need to know to handle the most common first aid emergencies. Interactive and simple step-by-step advice means it’s never been easier to know first aid. 

Developed for the Australian market as part of a global project by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies and Red Cross’ Global Disaster Preparedness Centre the APP features up to date CPR and First Aid guidelines as set out by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

3 SIDED CUBE part of our Medical and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2015. Google play rating is 91.0894. Current verison is v1.5.1. Actual size 34.0 MB.

What's new

    • New feature to support app users who travel abroad- Now when you enter a new country, the app will notify you of the local emergency contact information as well as key phrases in the local language that may help you in an emergency.
    •Improved design on android devices
    •Minor Bug fixes
Download first-aid-australian-red-cross.apk 34.0 MB


Good info great to refresh first aid knowledge and would be great in an emergency if I'm not sure how to deal with it.

First aid help Really good basic knowledge.

Great app This is a perfect first aid app for any level of first aider.

Great app The best first aid app i have found!!!! have got friends and family to download the app and test them selfs

Great app Awesome app I love the tests on how good you remember the first aid you have learnt

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Very good first aid app. Not the best but far from the worst ! I give it 3 out of 5 stars

First Aid App This app provides basic knowledge of situations when others need first aid, this app can save someone's life one day and I encourage all people to use this app.

Very easy to use, covers a lot.

Awesome for remembering what I've already learnt

Great for a first aid certificate refresher

Great stuff!!! Being a Scout Leader, this pocket sized quick reference guide is great for refresher, in the case of an emergency.

Easy to follow. Accurate. Informative.

Great free info The only problem I've found with this app is that every time I reboot my Android phone the shortcut for the app is deleted.

Fantastic I got this app the other day and 2nights after I got it I put my 17 month old son in my bed because he was sick. I made a hot water bottle and it leaked on he's knee and burnt him :-( I took a look at the app and looked for burns said I had to put he's burn under cold water for 20 mins the next day he didn't have a mark on him! Im so thankful for this fantastic app i got it at the right time because I panicked and didn't know what to do . I recommend it to everyone. Thank you xoxo

Informative, simple and easy to use Great app with enough info to assist in most situations. Clean and simple design makes navigating easy.

Needs pictures and directions The app is helpful, but I would like to see some more pictures and directions on how to correctly apply things such as pressure bandages for bites and stings, how to correctly secure a broken or strained/sprained limb etc somewhat like the pictures and steps to follow in a full first aid booklet.. Then it would be great ☺

Very average Had hoped it would provide all the detail from the first aid handbook but seems to be little more than a rework of the British first aid app with huge holes in some vital data. Most disappointing.

Need more It is an good app , got some pretty good information for An free app but needs more lacking in some area's

Great application I think everyone should do a first aid course. That way they will know what to do and use the information in the app as a guide. So much has changed since the first first aid course That I done. They show you most things in the course. I highly recommend every one to do the first aid in children care course. If someone you love needs your help you will have the knowledge to help. It's better than wishing you did it after something happens

Brilliant Thank you for the effort in compiling this. Keep reinforcing that 000 is the number to call in Australia and not the Hollywood number!

Font size Excellent, except for one factor. The page CANNOT be ZOOMED in... ... ...If older people or people with compromised sight try to use this app they may have trouble because they cannot increase the size of the page for clearer reading. ... .... ... ... This is especially the case with the "answers" in the "Q & A " sections; the font seems to small and too light..., ... Apart from the zoom issue. Great work ;)

Awesome app should come as standard on all phones. Read through, done the tests and will keep. Dealt with 2 serious scenarios and done the right thing on both.

Great app it helped me pass my first aid test.

Great..Very useful, just like having your own first aid book.

Excellent Everyone should have this on a device. The quiz also good

Shocking Diabetic Emergency Info! Says to give a diabetic a sugar drink if they are having an attack. This ONLY works in ONE area! It could need an insulin shot! Seriously scary! PLEASE FIX!?

Samsung Galaxy Craig is happy more on poison & venom. Still a must have app !

Great app Obviously not all scenarios covered, such as a crush injury, but otherwise pretty good.

Great app, quick to the point, expandable for more details if required.

Best Best first aid app I have found for Australia

Australia first aid Does what you expect which is what is needed in an emergency

First Aid-Australian Red Cross How to apply first aid

What a great idea - thanks :) What a great idea - thanks :)

excellent Very educational and easy to understand

First aid Australian Red Cross Great app, easy to use, a must for everyone

Top app. Highly recommended. I am doing Lvl 2 first aid as itvis required for work. I find the app very useful and helpfulb reminder of the required steps. Also the q&a covers all raised questions . Brilliant thank you .

Great app Can this be made available on my lock screen so others can use the app if I'm incapacitated?

Pat Extremely convenient way of donating on my phone without been time consuming as my finances allow .thank you for having an app guys .a friend

Awesome Great mobile first aid companion. Everyone should have it on their phone or tablet. You never know when you will need it

Rod Hengstberger Great app. Everyone should have this app on their phone.

Very useful and user-friendly

First Aid This is an excellent tool for anyone needing first aid advice. Highly recommended!

Michael Anything thats guides us and helps to save lives is always at the top

Great App Good interactive educator and free! Everyone should have this

First Aid Australia Good thing to have

Really great app! Brilliant!

Sammy s5 More illustrations needed. For example: I can't imagine how anyone would figure out the "chest thrust" procedure from the simplistic instructions given. I had to do it for a child once and I couldn't have done it from these directions.

First Aid This SHOULD NOT be an 'app', it should come with EVERY phone & car. I have not even looked through the app. Found it downloaded it without any 2nd thought, it definitely will come in handy if I have an accident, I can tell (if I can talk) them to look the app up on my phone, for example.

Fantastic tool Great for refreshing knowledge or simple to use in case of emergency and reduce panic.

Essential It does not (and it should not) replace taking a first aid course, it is easy to use, and has simple instructions. But make sure you read it first.

Life saving app This app is one in a million and should be on all devices. It can definitely save lives.

Super saver I totally loved it. Its a great refresher . As i my self a first aid officer and state service

Terry Great app everyone should have it even if you are a current first aidder.

Electrocution Very good practical emergency app however I could not find information on electrocution first aid

please download it people Very important to know about whats needed and to be done in an emergency this app is a must have

Excellent app Simple to use with concise yet easily understood instructions

All the first aid that you need Easy to navigate with quizes to test your reading knowlege.

Good app Interactive however it needs more illustrations. For example the thrusts for choking, the explaination is hard to understand. Therefore I'd b easier if there were more diagrams.

Surprising This is a very well thought out app that everyone should have. Well presented information at your figure tips.

Great app This is probably the best app I've ever come across. Incredibly useful and quick and easy to consult.

First Aid Red Cross A lifesaving app. Great work.

Very handy Just finished my first aid course but have a lot more confidence with this to back me up

LIFESAVER A great app that everyone should have.

Excellent app Everyone should have this app...this is a potential lifesaver?

Great app Every phone should have it on there should be compulsory

Essential App Highly recommended for everyone. Useful information on an easy to use app.

Everybody should learn this life saving things

Excellent The tests were excellent for a refresher there was some items I forgot.

Great Àpp to saves lifes This App is geat as a reminder in emergency situations

First aid Everyone should be doing this. Helped me heaps!

Brilluant app. This should be mandatory in every phone operating system.

Why doesn't this come automatically with your phone

First aid Should be on every phone as standard.

First aid Excellent app best i've seen or ever needed to use

Should update more information It was great but I would like more information added such as symptoms ỏ diagnosis

First aid Should be mandatory!!

Great resource Full of info and also some quizzes. A great resource that could save a life.

Simple and concise advice that could be referred to in situ

Life saving information Absolutely Necessary app

Good You'll learn lots, and it'll be useful one day

Terrific Good subscriptions easily understood!!

Very good! Great stuff to know, especially with 3 young kids!

Good refresher Very good app to help refresh my first aid training on some of the basic everyday scenarios. Should be pre installed in ALL mobile phones

Simple A simple app that has some interesting features more than just information. For example it is saying when you get burnt to run burn under cold water for 20 minutes it also includes a timer integrated in the instructions. The app could be a little more in depth with it instructions as they are very simplified.

First Aid A great app. Agree it should be standard on all smartphones etc.

Good bit Why are stings and bites not on the emergency tab? Also a search button would be very useful.

Good app Definitely should be a section on concussion and head knocks

Genius This is easy to use, easy to read and contains information for pretty much any scenario. Excellent app for work and everyday life that should be STOCK AND STANDARD for every phone to come with! Excellent work to the creators of this.

Great Works well, great info

First Aid Australian Red Cross Accurate, essential facts and supports you in getting your knowledge of first aid procedures immediate and right.

Broken link Navigating to More > Emergencies Abroad results in a "could not load page" error, and there is no "Send Feedback" link within the app I could have used to report this.

Everyone should have this app :)

Just wondering about law stuff. My understanding is that not all states in Australia just allow anyone to give first aid. Hence needing be actually certified first aid to be covered under the good semaratans act. Unless it has changed, but nothing in the app so far states this either. It seems to be a good tool for those who are certified, as a reference. However just because you have the app still shouldn't mean this gives a right to handle first aid.(state laws pending)

A good refresher As a massage therapist, we have to do workplace level 2 courses every 3 years, this is a handy inbetween refresher.

We are all going to die at some point and some of us will be lucky enough to be given a second chance. For a better chance of a second chance or that you might give someone else a second chance. Death doesnt discriminate. As long as you are human you are as susceptible as the next person. With all the killing & self destruction we as humans carry out, we owe it to ourselves for at least some dignity as a species, to save every life we can. If you have kids it should be your duty to learn it.

Excellent and informative Very helpful and have advised my mother to download it

Easy first aid Easy to access any time as it's on my phone. Easy to absorb and remember.

Easy to use and great advice. Everyone should have this

Great idea! Great app to have! ... DANIEL ⬇️ is wrong. The media would have you believe you could be in trouble 'legally' for giving someone first aid. You're expected to do what a "reasonable person" would do in the circumstances. Sometimes not giving aid is considered negligent - whether you're trained or not. Please do your own research if you're concerned! All answers are available on google these days!

Thanks! Thanks for saving my pet dog. He had a stroke

Great This is great revision, even if you don't know a thing about first aid this will teach you the basics, this app is suitable for 11+, great app but needs more tests and videos. ????? ?????

Great stuff, pictures in test are out of alignment In regards to the water depth one.

App is crap App is crap. Could not start abroad. Says file name is empty

Brilliant app. As others are saying, should be mandatory

A very useful tool and requires minimal skill to carry out life saving of any possability. Just use common sense and stay calm

Fist aid Love the app it should be compulsory for every one to no as I & my wife live on a farm long away from any help thank you

Great Practical information set out in a very user friendly way; just what is needed in a high stress situation.

Love It!!! Well done, as previously mentioned in the reviews, this app should come pre installed on all mobile devices. Excellent!

The must have The only app worth having - could save a life in time of panic! !

Simple and easy to use. Does not replace a first aid certificate. Used with common sense could make a real difference.

Excellent app Everyone should have this app...this is a potential lifesaver?