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Financial Calculators

Supplied By Bishinews    On July 18, 2016    Comments(159)

FREE Financial Calculators versionVaries with device Download

For phone and tablet, this application includes the complete package of financial calculators by Bishinews, a Google rated top developer:

Finance and Investment Calculators

* TVM Calculator
* Currency Converter
* Compound Interest Calculator
* Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator
* IRR NPV Calculator
* MIRR Calculator
* Bond Calculator
* Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator
* Rule of 72 Calculator

Loan/Mortgage Calculators

* Loan Calculator
* Loan Comparison Calculator
* Loan Refinance Calculator
* APR Calculator
* APR Advanced Calculator
* Commercial Loan Calculator
* Simple Loan Calculator
* Loan Analysis Calculator
* Home Affordability Calculator
* Rent vs Buy Calculator
* Mortgage Tax Saving Calculator
* Discount Points Calculator
* Adjustable Rate Calculator
* Fixed vs Adjustable Rate Calculator
* Bi-weekly Payment Calculator
* Interest Only Calculator

Retirement Calculators

* Retirement Planner
* 401k Contribution Calculator
* Retirement Calculator
* Retirement Savings Analysis
* Retirement Income Analysis
* Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA
* Required Minimum Distribution
* Social Security Estimator
* Asset Allocation Calculator

Stock Calculators

* Stock Return Calculator
* Stock Constant Growth Calculator
* Stock Non-constant Growth Calculator
* CAPM Calculator
* Expected Return Calculator
* Holding Period Return Calculator
* Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculator
* Black-Scholes Option Calculator

Credit Card Calculators

* Credit Card Payoff Calculator
* Credit Card Minimum Calculator

Auto Loan and Lease Calculators

* Auto Loan Calculator
* Auto Lease Calculator

Miscellaneous Calculators

* Regular Calculator
* Tip Calculator
* Discount and Tax Calculator
* Percentage Calculator
* Date Calculator
* Unit Conversion
* US Inflation Calculator
* Margin and Markup Calculator
* Fuel Calculator
* Salary Increase Calculator
* US Paycheck Tax Calculator
* Net Distribution Calculator
* Effective Rate Calculator
* College Savings Calculator
* Financial Ratios

User can send the calculation results to others via Email. Financial Professionals can email the quote to their clients.

The app allows you to edit and prioritize the list of calculators for easy access.

Only Currency Converter needs internet access to retrieve the latest currency exchange rate. The app works without internet connection.

100% FREE – full features, no hidden charges or in-app purchases

Photos/Media/File Permission: For phones with Android 4.3 and below, this permission is needed for sending email with amortization and chart. For Android system 4.4 and above this permission is not needed any more. You can go to phone Settings/apps/Financial Calculators/Permission to check. You can turn off this permission if you don't use email feature and Android version on your phone is 4.3 and below.

Please send question and suggestion to us at We actively support users.

Bishinews part of our Finance and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 18, 2016. Google play rating is 85.865. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Version 2.5.x July 2, 2016
    * Add Retirement Calculator
    * Add College Savings Calculator
    * Update Currency Converter with selected currency list
    * Update Stock ROI Calculator with Capital Gain
    * Minor Enhancements
    * Bug Fixes
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Awesome Easy to laggy and great combination of finance tools.appreciate it.

Great tool This is a great all-in-one financial calculator tool. It's easy to use. No errors/lock-ups and I've used it on four different Android devices. I use it all the time to figure retirement estimates, interest on loans, even tips at restaurants. It even has a basic calculator. The best part is that it is FREE. It doesn't even have annoying pop-ups.

Great set of calculators After having and using this app, I can finally delete 4 other calculator apps I have been using.

Very good app Easy to use.lots of features. Likes it. UI can be improved further

Math classes this app saved me from downloading a bunch of random quick calc apps to get my percentages for my finance class!:)

A very nice app even though the auto loan calculator does not calculate anything. All the other calculators tried have worked well.

Needs to be better You can only input a % of salary for 401 (k), option to input a fixed amount needed.

Financial calculator Its a nice app. Its just, try to invert the decimal point and number zero. Like most calculators. I always invert it when using.

The TVM calculator needs ability to compound for periods longer than annually. I want to compound once every 4 years.

Great tool Can you please build a escalating % into payment. Example: a person want to save $100 pm for 10 years, but each year his $100 is escalating by 10%, thus he save $100 pm year 1, $110pm in year 2, $121pm in year3...

Bond yield not calculated Annual coupon payout bond yield not calculated because they doing compounding during calculation. How can we calculate YTM of annual payout bond using XIRR through this app.

Only app I've ever rated and worth every star Rule of 72 and other helpful calcs.

One of the best apps I got Awesome app. Easy to use even if you only have a basic grasp on 401Ks and roths

Wow Amazing, superb, excellent and mind blowing app

Great Tool Helps if you would like to amortize your loans or determine how much money you will have at retirement. Know your finances.

Superb Great n complete. Meet all yours needs on financing calculation

SGN4 Wonderful! It has helped me through my finance class.

Needs closing costs for refinance comparison Great app. Would get 5 stars if it calculated the months needed to justify a home loan refinance, based on the increase loan amount due to closing costs

Best calculator app ever found This is best can not find better app

Inaccurate! Great features! Does not seem to compound Weekly frequency, correctly! I've compared this to several similar tools. Please correct.

Works well on gs4 Able to do many calculations with this. Very handy

Many Many calculations I am always surprised to find how many calculations this little app can perform. Great for anyone.

Incomplete Cant understand why a financial app hs no provision to calculate quarterly interest of some principal amount at a yearly rate.

Calculator widget is not working properly....calculation reset after few seconds of use. (Lollipop-Samsung S4)

Great Set of Many Tools! I use it often.

Great application No more TI Financial Calc needed it's all on the Galaxy

Thumbs Up Love the credit card pay off calculator.

Nice app Specoally it can email the calculation table for some functions

Great app Does so many things great.

Scrolling issues The S6 Edge has scrolling issues.

Best Can you put a help for each calculator because some terms are understandable also display one example too

Awesome!! Great Tools for Loan Calculator! Example of extra payment per month calculation & it will shows you how much will you save on the total interest & how many month earlier your loan can be settled. Thanks.

Great app, had everything I need.

Great tool. Does everything it needs to do!

Figuring Retirement I like how this app has a bunch of formulas to figure out how much to save for retirement, at what rate, age, how long the funds will last at different withdrawal amounts, and factoring in inflation. Nice!

Best Financial Calculator Cash flow Calculator does not have the Frequency function. Otherwise great App

Loan calculator not accurate Wrong amount for the installment outcome

no updates for long time. . :( Plz add more feature.

Very useful ap, but it will be good to have small user manual

Excellent calculator for everyone I've spent time with each of the different calculators this has... And it's a lot.... And they are very well laid out, intuitive and fairly easy to understand, even for the less financially versed. Plus, the calculator will show you how the periods were broken put by period for most of the calculations... Very well done!!!

Great!!! All in one calculator . Thanks to developers... How can we remove ads? Is there any paid version?

I am giving 4 star only because there is scope to add fd and rd calculation otherwise good app

Gud... It will better if fd rd savings interest also get added...

Great app. Helpful for a student like me :) and this is free.. Wonderful.. :D thank you very much.

It is the best calculator i have ever used It has everything i would need from a calculator.

Great app. Although, it hasn't started paying my mortgage yet . . . kinda disappointing. I'm sure they're working on it.

Great Useful app. But auto car doesn't give a schedule

Best app for financial calculations. Also size is very small.

All in One It just does what it says it will. Loved it.

Required 1st principal loan calculator I have been using the app for long time to do my day to day financial services. I am badly needed another option to calculate installment size of term loan in case of 1st principal realization mode of finance. I waiting for your feedback. Thanks.

The Calculator is amazing and it gives most of the solutions in one app. Even the guide to use is fantastic. I had earlier faced a problem with the app and the team at Bishinews very promptly helped me to resolve the issue. I am a professor in finance and I advice my students to use this app and also teach them to use. All the best to team Bishinews. Continue doing the good work.

Swarajkumar....... This is an amazing calculator and one solution for all the calculation problem. It is very easy to use. Excellent app.

Installed, got the answers I wanted Easy to use, allowed me to input fields in percentage or dollars. The only enhancement I can think of is a solve for x deal.

Not even! These calculators don't work at all. How does $20000 become $47000 after 5 years at 3% interest. These is a financial ruin calculator, or a dreamer at best.

Need a fix! Whenever I restart the phone, the widget goes away upon powering back on. So have to add it back each time. Granted it's only like once or twice a month but why is the widget not staying?

Dope Downloaded this app so I didn't have to get a finance calculator for my personal finance class. It did everything I needed it to. Its is excellently built, and I can see myself using this even when I'm out of school.

Formidable financial app!! Hasn't crumbled so far in spite of many OS updates.

Ads suck Full screen ads pop up unexpectedly with sound. Completely unexcepable!

IRR NPV calc needs a - button As is you have to copy paste a minus sign from elsewhere. Should be an easy fix.

Overall this apps is very good. Plz add a section where I can calculate the maturity value after paying 5 year annually Rs-40000 n then stop paying payment n waiting for 10 yr or whatsoever.

Brilliant app working out apr etc. Can really save you some money one of the best apps ive ever downloaded very useful cant go out of date because you input your information.

5/5 Very useful app. It helped me a lot to compare investment plans for my personal financial planning.

Essential app in Finance This app has everything I was looking for. Must have app for every financial planner. Biggest plus point is that there are no ads or in app purchases.

Great calculator with a ton of features! I have been using this app for quite awhile now, it is easy to use and the best I have come across. By far the best support I have come across in the app store. Do not hesitate to buy the paid app, it is totally worth it. Thank you!

Kanoi One if the Best App for all your financial need... Looking forward for the desktop version.

When I type numbers, it doesn't not have a negative sign to type on my keyboard so I cannot calculate many of the figures that I need. Could you please fix this? thank you

Over all good but... Please add simple bank interest calculator for Fixed Deposit.

I hope in the next update will adding other field fo a charge or similar with option for value or percent in interest compound calculator. Anyway this is an excellent apps.

Every one has to install! Very simple for end user with very comprehensive result

Amazing I use this for my finance homework daily. If only I could use it for tests

This is the best calculator app that will cover most of your calculation needs.

I have absolutely no problems with it. Has everything I need in one app

Canadian pay tax Could you please get canadian pay tax calculator. Would be great help for Canadian.

Super app Really deserve 5 stars. Super effort! All in one! Wow!

Excellent Calc Package!!! This is one truly excellent package of financial calculators! You simply cannot do better! This is quite easily a $5 app! Thanks so much, Dev! :-)

Great app It works perfectly, especially if u understand what ur doing. Remember, the output is determined by the input.

Exquisite Loved the app; extremely useful during finance class. Keep it up!

Not impressed A little frustrated that the term of the loan is preset in years. And There is no option for weekly payments on loans? Interest is what you pay to borrow money? For people like me(credit score less then 700) we get hammered on the interest!! So I cant afford to carry a loan full term.

Use it all the time! Love the loan calculator tools. Use several of these several times a day

Great app, but This would be a 5 star pick, except that they recently started playing advertisements with no way to opt out.

Best financial calculator app There are so many tools and functionality with this app. Very accurate and easy to use.

All those calculators I need Great for use in making financial decisions

Help Menu Do have help menu to teach me how to use it all function ? Tq

Life Saver This app has helped me out so much! I took a financial math class that required me to use a certain calculator. I had gave my calculator to my daughter to play with years before I had taken the class. Lo and behold I couldn't find it when I needed it. This app has not only given me the tools to solve problems, but made them easier. I highly recommend this app!

Love this app! This is the 3rd phone I've put this app on.

Doesn't work on android N preview

This is a great app. Has close to every calculator you will ever need in everyday life. Can calculate a car loan, lease before salesman can pitch you. My banker asked for the app. Figure out our retirement plan. Darn handy this app is.

john Daz really like this app close to retirement and it gives me lots of retirement type of calculations

Dumbed down interest calculator Interest can no longer be entered in decimals. Whole numbers only. Ex: can't do 2.5%. It still isn't fixed. The decimal point on the entry keypad is still grayed out on my S5.

Required few more necessary calculator. Kindly add Conversion of Flat Rate loan to Redusing IRR loan. Add calculator for coversion of IRR in to XIRR. Add cumulative principle and interest paid calculator for loan.Add Altman Z-Score formula. Add inflation adjusted Rate of Return.Add rule of 115. Add Raw Material Conversion Period, Work In Progress Conversion Period, Finish Goods Conversion Period, Receivable (Debtor) Conversion Period, Deferral (Creditor) Conversion Period & Net Operating Cycle. Add Break even analysis calculator.

This is very use full app. But, one more tools added in this like commercial taxes calculator (value added tax,excise duty, etc.). I hope ur team think about my suggestions. Thanking you.

mortgage calculation need mortgage calculator. also want to see early mortgage payoff calculator. that would be really nice

Serves almost all the needs related to financial calculations... Very useful for the consultants..?

Actual commercials in here! You have to watch short ads that you can skip in a few seconds. Annoying addition from the last time I had this app. 5 stars without it. Lots of different calculators available.

Versatile Great app with so many features. My favorite calculator app!

Can u add the capitalized option in loan calculater

If flat interest rate reduce then EMI change or time change pls add this calcuator

Crap Currency converter locks up app. Full page ads. Useless. Uninstalled.

Must have. Use it all the time at work and when shopping

Good app It needs to display the formula used in calculation, and break even with operating and total leverage.

Good enough Good enough for basic purpose.

Very useful app ..

It's brilliant

This is good for sale managers or business managers. This is truly impressive.

very useful

Great application Very supportive and great application

Very good Lots of useful calculators.

Very capable. Sometimes a little too capable. The app performs flawlessly with accurate results. However, I would not recommend for young users like myself, as there are a lot of the more complex variables that are pre-filled and cannot be ruled out, making what should be a simple calculation turn out frustratingly wrong. For experienced planners, this is right for you. Would give better ratings if features are tweaked.

The Best App out there This helped me plenty in my finance calls, time value of money concepts and Wighted average cost of capital. Save me ton of headaches

Take photo & calculate Can you develop app, in which we just take photo( profit & loss a/c and Balance sheet) and all formula ( financial ratio)gets calculate automatically.

Error in college savings calculator The annual contribution (and thus the monthly contribution) amount calculated is wrong. It shows lower than actually required. You can check the error by using compound interest calculator.

This app makes money! I used this app while buying a car and it kept me from being cheated $20 per month. $1,200 over the years of that loan. I use something in this app every week, it's my secret advantage.

Why a basic calculator would not have a %key makes no sense to me

Complete solution Overall app is very good bt I have one doubt by using which menu one can calculate return %age in case of SIP investments.

TVM Calculator The calculation result showed wrong anwer. Please fix immidiately. Thank you.

Excellent app for financial worker

A bit confusing in time value

Very informative

Best application I use this app. From 6 month .....regularly... Its very useful and helpful finance sector

I would give 5 if .. It would be perfect ,if i can change calculator widget to tvm widget .

Great app I've been using it for years with different devices.

Works, and very Accurate Used to get a spot on calculation.

love it !! It's easy for me to calculate and financial planning

AndroKarma says Powerful financial tool. Flawless. Thank you

Does everything that I need and it is very easy to use.

Everything you need Probably the best out there.

Happy Nice app for any financial related person

Kheng good easy to use, friendly user

Great calculator Many options and it works great

Helpful Very helpful for my job

Great app! Very useful

Useful Very useful for me as utc..

Very helpful

Good one

My 17B is no longer needed. Amazing application for anyone in the financial industry!!

Sam Very good and useful app, I use all the time almost every day 1 to 3 times

What I Need This is what I need. Thanks!

good & very useful for sales person

Best calculation app Superb...everything included in the same place...

Take photo & calculate Can you develop app, in which we just take photo( profit & loss a/c and Balance sheet) and all formula ( financial ratio)gets calculate automatically....!

Perfect As a financial advisor this app is simple to use and great for quickly crunching numbers. I highly recommend it if you're looking for something simple and easy to use.

Excellent tool for evaluating financial opportunities or tasks on the fly. I use this for any calculations I need to do from tips to loan amortization.

Had this app for years and LOVE IT The only grievance I can think of is instructions or a help option for some of the more complicated calculators

Awesome Great efforts done by the i am from the finance background... i kwn the importance of this app.

Great Has almost everything. Could use a standard deviation calculator

Excellent Tool Easy to use for just about any type of loan,investment or just simple calculations for any math problem.

MR N.K Absolutely great little financial calculator for most everyday issues you may come across

Perfect App for Realtor This app is all I need for my real estate practice as I'm a broker. Awesone app!

Best App Ever Very Nice Finally , too good app, properly organized answers were there... Gr8

Request Please add UAE Dhirhm (AED) to currency conversion.

Prefect app Have used this for many different applications, such an awesome tool.

Need a trimester compound App is great. I think it just needs that to be perfect.

Great Just a complete app,

Useful Toolkit A good selection of easy-to-use financial tools.

The Best The only best financial calculator I ever seen.

Great This a great calculator so many different functions.

This fills all of my finnaciial determining factors.

Excellent application Using since last 2 years.

My fav app One of my favourite app in my phone.