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Driving School 2016

Supplied By Ovidiu Pop    On June 7, 2016    Comments(141)

FREE Driving School 2016 version1.5.0 Download

Driving School 2016 is the latest simulation game where you can learn to drive different kind of vehicles: cars, trucks and buses. Driving School 2016 will allow you to play across many environments: cities, country roads, highways, deserts, mountains etc...
Now you can drive with a manual transmission, with clutch and stick shift!
Play with your friends in a free ride multiplayer mode!
More than 50 levels with different driving situations are waiting for you. Show off your driving skills, get your driving license now! Play Driving School 2016!

• More than 10 detailed maps
• Smooth and realistic car handling
• Different licenses to take, Car, Bus and Truck
• More than 50 challenging levels
• Free Ride mode
• Multiplayer mode
• Detailed vehicle interiors
• Realistic damage system
• Learn to drive a manual with clutch and stick shift
• Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
• Online Leaderboards and Achievements
• Real engine sounds
• Realistic weather conditions
• Request new maps and vehicles on our social media pages!
• Controller Support, play with your Gamepad! Try it on AndroidTV!

Ovidiu Pop part of our Racing and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update June 7, 2016. Google play rating is 87.7205. Current verison is 1.5.0. Actual size 99.0 MB.

What's new

    -Added a new vehicle
    -Bug Fixing
Download driving-school-2016.apk 99.0 MB


It freezes If the game didn't freeze I would give it a 5 and the buttons are really small

Great game, just a phone issue The game looks nice and functions without lag. The only problem is I have the LG G3, so there isn't a physical home button. So if i lower the volume, I have to wait till my home button disappears because the accelerator is behind it. I think it might also affect other high end LG and Motorola phones because they don't have a physical home button

Few things ? It's got smooth graphics and so many thing to do. Pls make the cars less expensive and add realistic damage and indicators, not just dots... Also my multiplayer doesn't work plz fix.

Not working These type of games don't work fix them,fix the problem please please please and really fix the Bugs for all of ovidiu pop games

Very good game If there were a punjab map and maruti cars etc so my favorite game is driving school2016

Great but U need to increase the speed make it have traffic like atl or new York in crease the care speed and have more cars and people walking trees falling rocks can fall and stray animal walking

Amazing! Seriously the best driving simulator for Android! Try the realistic "Clutch Mode" which has a real H-Shifter! I really have no idea how the developers made the car physics so real, but the cars handle and behave just like in real life. To experience this though, you must use the clutch mode, where you have to release the gas, press the clutch, shift gear, press gas, and drive. If you release clutch, car engine will stop, when you go slowly, and brake without clutch, you stop, just like in real life! Great!

You have sent a bug fix out for multiplayer but it's still not working I cannot join anyone and you should not have to turn on your Bluetooth to join people it should be my Wi-Fi

Absolutely Brilliant Complaints; -Lag with weather -Crash damage -No muscle cars -Multiplayer connection issues

Stuck at loading screen My note 4 is stuck on loading screen but i can hear the music. Please fix.

I don't have apc227's disconnectron I would give it 5 stars but normally it just exits the game

Love it This is so real. I'll play this game all day everyday

Good But not support my mobile samsung galaxy grand prime what happen

Not bad Not bad but when I can't click the safety belt I won't work for me

Multiplayer It doesn't work it just shows that the other players aren't moving

Freeze screen Why does the game always freeze black screen after i end the game by clicking return to main menu? I have to keep redownloading it after one game of simulator.. please fix the freeze/lag issue. Using samsung galaxy s5. Thanks. If not will rate 5 stars:)

Cant get to first gear I cant get it in gear it just pops back in to neutral. Good game though.

I love it even my sister too but can u change the speed limit please over 35

Loooooovvvvvvveeeee iiiiiiiiittttt This a good game please add the car buggatti veyron plesae and then this game will be a blast. Also please make a button where we can fixx the mirros on the lambogini and and on all car. Thanks for making this game so fun

Side mirrors of all vehicles are not working please fix this problem as soon as possible. Side mirrors of all vehicles are shown nothing it's not working in my mobile.

I Loved it Can't sleep bcoz of this!I play it all the time..

I am speechless,awesome It's good very good and very very good, but please add reverse parking sencers to it and side mirrors also and seat belt wearing option in free mode and also watching add for getting more XP so please corporate. THANK YOU

Actually fun It actually is pretty good, however the manual detection is subpar, and the AI is retarded and stop and turn magically. But the driving physics are actually quite good all in all.

Great game All ovilex games are really good and so realistic and professional. They're very addictive and fun to play.

Very good Its like actually driving a car it gives kids the responsibility of driving a car

Audi Q7 I love it when on the white audi it makes the fire come out of the exhaust I rolled over and I revved it and I saw the fire out of the exhaust awesome

Speed needs changing Great game, but the speed limit should be higher, the cars should move more smoothly around the corners and add cars like the Nissan gtr nismo, corvette c7 and Ferrari f12

Very nice Great graphics cool cars and great driving materials

Get it!!! :-D If you like driving simulators this is for you... This game has amazing vehicles and 3D physics, this is an amazing game!!!!! :-D I recommend it...

Fun Good graphics addicted

I love this game It is so fun and so realistic it will be fun for any one who plays it

Has some awesome cars but coins are hard to earn

BEST 2016 CAR GAME Love it so many cars and levels but the lag is kind anouying

I dont know It is fine until I need to change gears then if I let go of the clutch the engine turns off and cant go any where. (anndroid 5.1 lg rizio) but i will keep trying

Worlds most good game I have ever seen.Keep it up guys.

I love it ? When you start playing the game you will think it is boring but it is actually pretty fun ?

Nice Every thing is good but it looks to cartoon

I like this game its really fun and yeah thats it

Over all good Would like to see a update on the quality

Cool game It feels like you are driving a real car. It has all the things that the real cars have. only the radio. And it needs MORE map's

Only let's me open it up once Its a great game but if I close out of it it won't open back up I'm on a Motorola droid Turbo

1 thing only I would rate 5 stars if they would ad whin shield wipers to the cars that we could turn on and off besides that i☆♡ it

Like the game but false calls like jumped red light. Should have had better graphics. I would give 4stars.

Not bad and not good This game is not upto its mark according to its size. Graphics are OK. When I drive in real mode, and stop the car , the car's engine turns off. And this irritates me. The graphics of other cars are also not good. So please improve the game and fix the bugs.

It's okay To much ads and an upgrade of doing up the car is needed and more cars need to be uploaded otherwise the game will get boring

Please take into constatation. This game is awesome and has a really nice "realistic" mode. I believe this game would be more realistic if the pedals were slide pedals so you can adjust your speed better. Thanks

Cool I wont even say anything. This game is awesome. I love the graphics and everything. Good job.

Love it Get it plz It has cool text features like blinkers and headlights and cool cars like ferarri and all those kind of cars even vans ther really cool plz get it now I rate 5 stars.

Nice game but.. Nice game funny iloveit but there's no way to control sounds music effects .. Mmm pls help ..I will give 5 stars if solve this problem

awesome love it has good graphics not laggy perfect game

Very nice I love the game the graphics are nice and the controls are smooth, please add some traffic cars and pedestrians i will rate it 5 star☺

Love it Sometimes it glitches when you look to far up but other than that great. I feel like I am actually driving!

4 stars down to 1. Why cuz.... Cuz 1. I got a new phone an it DOES NOT RESTORE PURCHASES. 2. Went to pay another $1 to get rid of ads, an now it won't take my money. So not only did I loose my previous purchases..NOW I CANT BUY THEM BACK. I Hate Ads during a game. Hate loosing money that I already spent on this game. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT FOR AN OTHERWISE GREAT GAME. WHY HAVE A REMOVE ADS BUYING OPTION BUT NOT ALLOWING PEOPLE TO BUY IT?..OH CUZ YOUR TRYING TO RIP PEOPLE OFF! Spend $15 instead of $1. GAME DELETED!!!!

Amazing Its extremly good , but it lags like crazy and drains the battery other than that its perfect

Good game but.. It lags quite often and the car is hard to control at times. Other than that, its a pretty good game :)

My 7 year old was playing this so I got it. Can't wait to show him some things.

Meh. So, the game lags horribly on my S3. Where games such as asphalt 8 plays on max detail flawlessly. Ads on the in-game screen, while you drive. I was really hoping to play this sim. Uninstalling, will try again when the code is more efficiently optimized, and you move ur ads from the in-game screen to somewhere in the menus, like everybody else does. Maybe its really a badass game, but its lag makes the whole game unplayable for me. Good try tho..

Terrible Freezes, lags, would be much better with previous layout this is crap very disappointed.. why are all my cars black ? Looks like a big square

Amazing Outstanding game, good graphics, fun to play, very long lasting, piece of great work here !!

Cool awesome Ilove this game but it not have coustem syestem to make your car much better

Absolute no control Please mainly work on controls. Graphics are really good. No control from internal and external view. Please reduce the sensibility of steering, provide an option to make changes . please relaunch the game without these bugs

Louis Westone Awesome game. It's too realistic, fantastic.... I love this game. It's cool

The gear is hard to control Dont download it but its a little bit nice and real but its hard to control???. Im sorry who make the game.but im saying the truth. Can you add more sport car and give me one truck and bus that its free.

Clutch This is soo awesome! Long have I been searching for this kind of game. However, please fix the clutch button as it does not hold sometimes making it hard to shift gears. Please fix. Please please please

Not so nice, I have two problems with this game, 1, worst graphics, 2, in between the game it comes,'unfortunately driving simulator is not responding. ' Driving simulator 2015 was better than this.

Game is good but its hard. It hard to earn xp which means weast of time . it is best to those who want to learn driving... Gear system is not function properly. And in signal road map. Its so bad...

Great game so far as to what over played I love the realistic driving with the clutch and everything. Only thing that irritates me is the shifting but other than that area

Many Issues Non stop ads. No seat belt button in free mode. Can't drive without pressing it. Can't shift. Spams about using Google play even when starting the game with it. Pretty much sums up my first 2 min in the game. But hey 2 stars because it looks and sounds good.

5 STAR WORTH IF GEAR BOX WILL BE LITTLE BIGGER AND EASY GEAR SHIFT Over all game is very excellent graphics design every thing just great is not user friendly and not shifting easily. Please try to make the gear box little bigger and easy shifting gear by which player can shift gears with out observing gear box as usually we do in real car.

Very nice recommended to everyone I like the game good job developer but add more people and traffic please make taxi simulator I'm sure that everyone will like it ?BUT IT CONSUMES BATTERY PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM?

Stupid not to be mean It is so lay but good idea I like it but it is stupid for its lag Ynez

I like this game, but why do the Hypercars cost real money instead of virtual coins? I like this game because it lets me experience real life driving conditions in the safety of the virtual world, so if I crash, I don't get hurt, but my XP does. Anyway, five stars for that. Plus, you gave me every aspect of a real car on one screen! The transmission, the pedals, the windshield wipers, seatbelts, cruise control, blinkers, hazard lights, headlights, and even a horn! You have everything! And even a working car cockpit at that, with headlight status, a speedometer, a tachometer, working turn signals, and even working windshield wipers! They are all there! Still, I have one gripe, and it is that why do the Porsche 918, McLaren P1, and Ferrari LaFerrari cost real money to purchase instead of virtual coins? You could put a hefty coin price on them, like 1,000,000 coins for the P1, 500,000 for the 918, and 2,000,000 for the LaFerrari. Just think about how happy people would be to not have to spend real cash to buy those cars! You could even make exams reward you with huge coin amounts for every time you succeed! It would be cool to earn coins to buy a hypercar! Just think about it!

Real clutch The clutch is not working properly when I press it and while changing the gear it will release automatically fix it

Awesome its gotten better only one thing to ensure im keeping thus game is add a gas thimg to wear you put gas in the car

Awesome game Love to drive but I like the other game better but really it's just the same as the other one and this games has more stuff that u can do with but it's slow xxxxxxx

Its Great Its great but I wish that you didn't have to park so far back just to see the traffic signals. Plus I wish that the engine would not be so loud. Lastly I word like it of the cars would drive faster or you could go inside buildings. Otherwise I love it. Its a complete step up from the first because the first one was tragic. Enjoy this game yall.

Problems! The steering is very frustrating, especially when the screen moves when you are trying to steer. Also you can't change the driving options, which is very annoying. The game is still fun but please solve these problems, until then i am giving you 3 stars!!

Loved it I love the game, but the only two problems I have is that the "realistic damage system" does not work for me and that my cars often do donuts without me trying to do it espexially on the first two cars please fix, but other than that, love the game. Five stars. No question.

I just a bit laggy but its great Loved it be better if u could edit cars

This is very good What I like from this game is the smoothness of the texture; the graphics; the sightings; different vehicles as well as buildings; the sounds; and the designs! However, although multiplayer is not very important, the issue is there are simply not enough people playing out there. And the bug in the multiplayer mode is to do with the invitation thing - I tried to invite some of my friends, but then the invitation button won't let me - it won't pop up. And add different types as well. Nice job!

Good Really fun! I like all the fast cars but can the speeding limits be higher because you only have to hold your thumb down on the accelerator 2 seconds and it's at 30 already. It is quite slow (30 mph). Overall, good game!

I love it I played a little bit on my brother's phone and I love it so I'm getting it on my phone! You made an amazing update to where you can see if you have a car behind you so you don't crash.. although there is a very slow map my brother says it's the bottom 2nd one could you fix that? That's the only problem so I'm still giving it a 5 star! Keep up the good work!! ?????

Really good game, thought of everything but not executed well enough. Ok first of, make the gears possible to change; like please take some time to make the gears easier to change. The game lags too much. And no it isn't my phone; it has a 4gb Ram and a 2.3 ghz processor, so no. I did not play any further into the game because the main reason was to play with a manual transmission car. Please fix this, great game!

Driving School 2016. Boring game ever. This is the worst game ever because when I play this game, it takes me all day 12 to 16 or 20 hours straight. It spends me too much time on this game trying to complete the whole entire level, map, and the vehicle license. And then when I pressed the pedals to go, it glitches and freezes. So I had to press the brakes so I don't crash. Amsterdam has low graphics and it doesn't run smooth.

Good but buggy This is a very good game but there isn't much to do. You can of course drive around but you do it without any meaning to life. And some levels are especially difficult like the Alps mountains one. Sometimes I get some green signal XP and then immediately get a red signal charge.

Hi my name is jr I would like to share some opinions Maps add, Miami Florida, California San Francisco, Louisiana New Orleans . An cars Ford Mustangs, Maserati, Corvette, Camaro, Lotus Exige ,Alfa Romeo, Audi R8, Aston Martin, Jeep Grand Cherokee ,and one more thing for maps can you add a desert off roading, thank you.

Unrealistic If a car runs into to you, you get points taken off. Some tight parking spaces u can't fit in for nothing. For example Seattle the exam level, I can't beat it. It takes me over 12 minutes to complete. And I automatically get 4 mistakes when I try to park. Please fix I really like but I can't deal with it no more

Great fun game. This game is relatively fun but theres much to improve on. 1)Acceleration from 0km/h. Theres a little vibration in the car not the phone whenever i press the gas pedal to accelerate from rest. 2)Glitch interior viewing. Some cars does not allow me to view the top and bottom of the car when in cockpit view and there will be a glitch if i do so. 3)Speed limit too low man haha. 50km/h is not an ideal speed for road.. i would prefer 100km/h or at least 80km/h? Cruising at 50km/h made me wanna to sleep.. lol.

This is a amazing game. There are things that jou can make it better. (1) Making the side mirrors and the roof mirror work so that you can see behind you. (2) Put a hand break in by the career. If you can do it soon then I will like to give you 6 stars.

Fix the problem Recently when it got released in installed it on ios devise and my level was 89. Now I want to get access to android phone how will I do it . Then I will give u 5 stars. And now whenever i play with the wifi connection switched on, all the adds just hav to come to my mob and not any other game but only this game..... Plz fix the problem and I'll giv 5 stars..

Very good but still can be improved Great Cars ( Nissan GTR, Chiron, Tesla...) but seriously, TOO MANY ADS!!! They just drive me f**king nuts!! If you kill the Ads I will rate it 5

Great game. Gives you a realistic driving experience! Between the graphics and the game layout, you really feel you are on the road. Only flaw is I wish the driving wheel and buttons were bigger. It's too hard to maintain control of your vehicle. Other than that it's a 5star game!!

Ok guys sort the AI drivers out. This is a great game, very addicting but there is a major issue with the AI drivers. They have no indication, they crash into me when I'm completely in the right and they don't stop before they pull out. It needs fixing. Fix this and I'll give 5 stars.

Fun The game takes a little to get use to but once you get a hang of it, it's fun and addicting. It's a great game for when your bored or waisting time

Can't even shift manual The shifter appears to go to 1st but when i let out, it goes back to N. Also, clutch really doesn't serve a purpose. All you have to do is put it in gear and not even worry about the clutch. Overall complicated and not well done. F

Very realistic It can be difficult but I find it the most realistic driving game out there.

Congrats on the Best simulator Game. I recently made a remark about some minor issues. Since then it has been fixed if not completely but most of the minor bugs. It's a Great game . Very addictive and runs smoothly. If I were a rich man, I would have invested a billion dollar into this company. Great team work. Keep the fire burning. Last one. Is enterable cars possible?

Black screen and Infinite loading Every time I click main menu screen goes black forever until I uninstall and download again. Also, every 3rd time I open the app the loading screen never disappears!

Nice game to play Well everything's fine. Love the graphics, the game also looks fine. But I hate most is the manual part... quite difficult to ctrl the gear.. shld solve this issue and i will give a 5 star then

Constant ads, good graphics, hard controls There is a constant ad banner on the top of the screen while you're playing! You can't see what is ahead of you on the road because of it. The graphics are very nice. The controls are hard, kept bumping into stuff (tried the different control methods and they were all hard, steering wheel was probably the least hard).

God of racing games This game is incredible even if it has slow buses and trucks but there's one, huge thing that would make this game the best: racing!! And race circuits and race cars!!! If you ovilex or those who made this game please, please do an update of things like that I beg you I would play it more then real racing 3!!!!!

LOVE IT This game is brilliant to me and the graphics has been improved it's testing me on challenging drives it's teaching me how to use a manual gearbox. But one thing when I am in a city and the traffic lights are red light and I have manual gearbox the engine always stalls. On the other side of the game it is very good? ??????????????????????

Good game Add more pedestrians and bikers they fix the damage simulation though now if you crash into something your car actually gets dented before it was just indestructible but they fixed it

Love it But I've experienced some issues with my bluetooth controller. I'm i the only one with this problem? For example the RT and the LT button are for gas and brake, but instead it pauses the game. And if i press them together or pauses the game. Please fix this and you have 5 Stars from me.

Multiple player It cuts off on other players when there playing the game. It's very difficult and disturbing that this is happening because we liked this game and it's having problems already. If this happens 5 more times I can't deal with it and other people will feel the same. Find a way to solve this quickly before people would STOP PLAYING THE GAME. thank you for reading this message and I hope u make some improvements.

It won't let me go on multiplayer!! >:( I try and I hit it and it does nothing, it does that stupid clicking sound. I teied to play with my sister...... but it wouldn't let me. I HAD WIFI. THAT'S SAD. >:( :'( :-(

Multiplayer problem For some reason, I am unable to play multiplayer. I click the "Join Random" session and nothing happens, I clicked it multiple times but still nothing. I'm really eager to try multiplayer.

Who has first gear till 55kmph?? Seriously I thought that the game would be good with clutch and all. But I actually hate the game because there is actually no need of the clutch. Let me explain you all. The first gear has maximum power and least speed. That is, till 15-20 kmph. The second gear has speed till 30-40 kmph. The third gear has maximum speed till 60-70 kmph and so on. This useless and stupid game has maximum speed of first gear till 60kmph, and there is no need to change the gear at all. What a foolish and unrealistic concept!

Love it Seeing all these reviews about lag but this game runs so smoothly on my S6. My phone does heat up after about 45 minutes of play but not a huge deal. Loads of vehicles to unlock and multiple maps to choose from. Highly recommend.

Very nice recommended to everyone I like the game good job developer but add more people and traffic please make taxi simulator I'm sure that everyone will like it ?BUT IT CONSUMES BATTERY PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM?

Too much lagging The game is awesome. But the lagging causes a lot of delays and multiple times throughout the level I get stuck. Also the ads, after every completion, there would be like 1 to 2 ads. The game would run more smoothly if you put less ads and take care of the lagging. Other than those, great job! Thanks

I dont like it, I LOVE IT! Theres just a bit more things that should be added due to the fact that it gets boring. First of all Add more exotics. Second of all,more jobs like Taxis, tow trucks, delivering, and stuff like that. Also add working gas stations and a paint job Garage.

Driving School This is a driving school right? I hope it's about lessons, like blinkers, stop sign, traffic lights. And also a lesson on using the clutch. I have no idea using the clutch. And a little more realistic. When it rains or snows, the windshield should be foggy. It is then when we use the wipers. Also, the engine sound is louder than the horn. It should be the other way round. Moreover, there should be heavier traffic. It sometimes feel like a ghost town. New York with just a few cars?

It's alot of fun It's fun but the one thing we need is either where you can get out and walk around and interact with ppl or at least where you can pick someone up and get different routes. But awesome game!

Lags Great game! But it lags alot! Also I lose xp for taking reverse on red signal and when some other car hits mine..exam is too long. Too many glitches.

It Alright It wrecks your car on purpose having cars purposely in one of the games, it's not fair. You lose XP, when it's not even you causimg the crash.

Cool, but some corrections needed Really cool idea, but it seems to be so heavy and my Sony Xperia z4 is freezing in the game, while weight of it is less than 100 mb, but need for Speed most wanted of weight 2 gb runs really cool without any bug. Correct it.

It's Not So Good This game has the hardest way of driving ever. I suggest you get Dr. Driving rather than this game.

Best This is the best driving app. Amazing graphics, you have multi-player, career, and free drive. Exactly what I was looking for. The only problem is it gets a little laggy when there's many of cars around you.

Great Its got very good graphics, sound effects and also quite realistic. I'd give it five stars if I could get the steering wheel to move to my right (coz I'm right - handed). I also wouldn't mind having a couple of missions OFFLINE...otherwise, keep it up team SUD!!!

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! I really love the cars and the features of it. When I crashed into the building or a car , there is no damage. I also want to see games like this from you guys. You should add a van e.g. mercedes benz sprinter. Why won't you add some hatchback cars e.g. bmw 1series , mercedes benz a class and audi a3 hatchback and you need to update this game.

Its Great Its great but I wish that you didn't have to park so far back just to see the traffic signals. Plus I wish that the engine would not be so loud. Lastly I word like it of the cars would drive faster or you could go inside buildings. Otherwise I love it. Its a complete step up from the first because the first one was tragic. Enjoy this game yall.

Great game! It's a great game with nice features, beautiful maps to explore and great cars. But the game is laggy in 1st person, and sometimes when I change the gear so you should fix this. ( Might be my phone but I don't think so). I would like to see a new car, and a new map (Highway).

Lots of fun!! The game is lots of fun!! I enjoy it a lot, especially when I'm super bored with nothing to do. Although, for me my windshield wipers are not working when I click them... I don't know why but they will not work. If you could try and help me with the problem that would be great, thank you!!

Fix the problem Recently when it got released in installed it on ios devise and my level was 89. Now I want to get access to android phone how will I do it . Then I will give u 5 stars. And now whenever i play with the wifi connection switched on, all the adds just hav to come to my mob and not any other game but only this game..... Plz fix the problem and I'll giv 5 stars..

Loved it First of all I would like to say ur on here to say if u like it or not that way they can improve there game! SO QUITE COMPLAINING AND TELL THEM WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!!! Second of all the game was really hepful. I like how u have to put ur seat belt on and ur blinkers. I don't mind the graphics. This game is really awesome. Thank you for making it. I think it can really help children that way they know what they have to do when they r older. I suggest this to everyone. Five stars

Woo This games graphics are AMAZING I HAVE ALL THE CARS AND I PLAY IT LOTSS. Ok so down side is some times it glitches and freezers and u can't play it which annoys me. I hope that "Ovilex" make more games like this! Love it x

Seen alot of Youtube praise on this game. Decided to come back and try it out. :D Am gonna post some videos on it. Gamer guys if you wanna check out my channel just search me up. Gonna try 4 mgbs for my Bit ratios to heighten quality. I originally did 1.5 megabites as my bitrate but looked to crappy. Will upload daily.

Great game, few bugs The clutch setting doesn't work on mine nor my friends phone. There is also no mirror available for reverse parking. Could improve the steering wheel a bit. When other cars take turns, it is very unrealistic and causes trouble when driving. Please fix

Yayy!? A while ago I posted a review on this game and I said my car could not move a budge but now it is working perfectly fine and I love it. The reason I gave it 4 stars was because the game runs kinda of slow and the sensitivity of the turning. Other than that I love it.?

I love it It has everything that can possibly be in a car it might have a little bit of ads but it is perfect and for me nothing can top this game. You can control it and you can also do different cities and you can pick the car that u like there really isnt much difference in the cars but its what you like about it and also u can name ur liscence plate it is tye coolest thing i have ever seen

Really fun and realistic game I love the real cars that you drive and the real things you need to do (like signaling before turning or turning on headlights, etc etc) to pass each level. Very fun. Also, I'd recommend making the steering mode with the steering wheel on the left. The tilt mode isn't very good, the other one is much better.

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Great I love the attention to detail in the cars but I would like to see more details in your surroundings. eg: cars, buildings, more people. But apart from that I love your games but they are not that reliable I have used your games on various different phones and on all of them only a couple of games run all the time with out fail. But that doesn't mean that the games are bad.

Play Driving School 2016! Driving School 2016 is the latest simulation game where you can learn to drive different kind of vehicles: cars, trucks and buses. Driving School 2016 will allow you to play across many environments: cities, country roads, highways, deserts, mountains etc... Now you can drive with a manual transmission, with clutch and stick shift! Play with your friends in a free ride multiplayer mode! More than 50 levels with different driving situations are waiting for you!

Very nice recommended to everyone I like the game good job developer but add more people and traffic please make taxi simulator I'm sure that everyone will like it ?BUT IT CONSUMES BATTERY PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM? ADD MORE NEW GAMES

Awesome game There are many advantages but I'm going to talk about the disadvantages, 1. Says that I passed with red light but I didn't 2. CPU sucks real bad, cars crash onto me 3 . won't let me go on multilayer and I am logged on, 4. Head lights suck as well, need to put screen brighter in hope to see the road. But overall, a Very Well Done.

Too many ads It's a great game, I would love it but what's up with the damn ads everywhere on my phone. I usually don't do reviews but y'all need to fix that problem for real. I'm going to uninstall this game but when you guys fix this problem I'll be back with a better review for now you get 2 stars from me.

Awesome This game is so awesome. I love how you have to use the blinkers and it is so realistic. I just have 2 problems. The cars crash a lot and when they turn left or right they go and then they stop and then turn. Please add more levels. This game is as awesome as meeting a superstar. Please please please add more driving school games like this.

super and realistic nice game , improve it.,and an improvement needed when we stop the cars the back cars must over take and not waiting our back and a back side horn must do back side cars , so some of the technical aspects is added then it is most super , also when car crashed damage must shown in the car ,and a repaire place be there ..., thanks for doing this tupe of car game

PLEASE ADD MOTORCYCLE OR MORE TYPES OF VEHICLES This is a very good game but i just want to try other vehicles, that would do this game more amazing. I wouldn't rate it 5 star unless you add new types of vehicles