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Demons Hunters: Fantasy Action

Supplied By GamePple    On Sept. 27, 2016    Comments(89)

FREE Demons Hunters: Fantasy Action version1.7.4 Download

New concept play! Run and attack the boss!
Demons Hunters is the new concept Action Shooting game.
(You can play the game without network connection.)

★ Game features ★
■ Destroy the stronghold of the demons by training your own knights.
You can make your knight stronger by upgrading characters.
Each knight has its own unique features. Choose and train your favorite knight.

■ Make units and go into the battlefield
Unit participates in the battle, increases the knight's ability.
Increased the unit's level. Stronger until will help you at the battle against the demon.

■ Go into the battlefield after learning the characters and skills of each demon.
Each demon has its own characteristics and skills.
Learn their characteristics and skills and make a tactic to suppress.
Be careful, the monsters also attack the knights with different patterns.

■ You are ready to play after completing a short tutorial.
You can choose the attack location by simply touching.
Auto run makes it intuitive and simple.
Check out the tutorial! You can earn the reward.

■ Become the top of the top by playing against knights in the world.
You can fight against the knights in the world through the Game Center in Demons Hunter.
Train your knights hard and improve your control skill and tactics.
Gain the Top of the Top title.

GamePple part of our Action and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 27, 2016. Google play rating is 87.759. Current verison is 1.7.4. Actual size 40.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes
Download demons-hunters-fantasy-action.apk 40.0 MB


Really good fun. I'm not usually into sci-fi games, but I love this!

Awesome!!! This game is highly recommended for both graphics and gameplay. Anyway, the first version of artwork is better than the current version as I stopped playing this game 4 years ago.

Nice Was a little confusing @ first but once I got the hang of it I loved it. Love the pace of everything

Nice game but laggy! The game is alright. Can do with now upgrades or characters. But the game always lags as it progresses. Can you adjust the memory allocation for the game? Or rectify the fault?

Good game It's gameplay is very good and simple.... but 1 thing i wanted to touch... how about adding some more content? I can't give any idea but you should read others opinion. I'm sure they'll help you in the future and the ratings will go up. Until then.

Five all day This game is so awesome that I play this anime game all day long

Fun Having to jump to collect items is terrible! It usually ends with getting hit. Also, needs a screen telling you what the battle pickups do. I haven't figured them all out yet.

It's good I wish there was a speed upgrade

New to my eyes The unique gameplay and together with the bgm and Sound effects make my blood boil.

Nice game. Loving the gameplay lots, could be better if there's some sort of way to unlock the other characters (besides from gems).

Awesome I really love this game even though it is my first day playing it. it's so much fun!

Very fun Cute fun and enjoyable only thing i have issues with is lag

Great It's a great game i really like it and it says I'm ranked N° 1 but i really doubt that jajaja other than that it's a really great game i enjoy it every day a d I've recommended it to many of my friends

Addiction If this was a drug to save my life I'd totally take it.

Good game It's a game that'll be worth your while. The thing keeping you in the game is the upgrade system and the nice artwork. This should be more popular.

You can quickly pick up on the game but every time i get to the 2nd boss a big flash would hapen i can't move and shoot and then i die... wtf it happens every time i get boss to 1/2 life or 1/4 life left.

Annoyed The game is great but the new update wiped all my characters but raizen and i put a lot of time and effort to get them to where i did

It don't even start now After clicking on free gift n selecting a ad it didnt show the ad but instead it showed that countdown was -3348.4hrs something n it force closed ..n now don even start after ur logo

Me likey It's pretty challenging tbh which I like, am gonna try to get the hang of it moar so I can be dark witch

Love it !! ??? i Can Still Play even iF i Dont Have An iNternet And That's Y i Like iT. Also... The Diamond oR Gems Is Easy To Get in The Game.. Just Login Everyday And Play Play Play To Unlock Some Achievements And Get Ur Reward... OVeRALL 10/10 ????

Good Well, Its good. One thing though, how do i unlock other knights/character? Please do respond devs, much appreciated. :D

Just another crap It's been good for 2 days, but now it keeps crushing every time Im trying to run it..

Surprisingly addictive Simple but intense. I hope they update with infinite mode soon.

Good game and simple But i couldn't pass the second level even though i already upgrade alot

The only thing that people like this game if your picture I like the picture but your games is really <.....hard....>

?? Very interesting Amazing currency concept and combat system Achievements are an added bonus

good game and you can play it offline too

Ehh not so much Can't switch characters.

Great Pretty great game fast fun and interactive a must have. I haven't explored it all the way yet but it's good so far.

Good game First i thought it just a simple game but i wrong.. this game is hard but in a good way. Worth downloading it

Really fun But its very hard

Force close every now and then...

where can i get more coupon codes ? ? ? ?

Good, clean fun A simple game with a good selling point, Achievements that reward you practically after every game, an untapped sidescroller game variation on android. It won't be everyone's type of game, but it's a safe and sure bet.

Nice game. Loving the gameplay lots, could be better if there's some sort of way to unlock the other characters (besides from gems).

Awesomeness Girls with gun and magic killing monsters. What more can u want? :) Pure awesomeness!

Awesome Not only it has a unique gameplay, characters are nicely designed,graphics are so cool that I wanna stare at the characters,and most of all,it made me play it so much.Worth the download. P.S.Since every character is a girl,why is Silver Wolf Raizen and Knight Asuharan on Character Info referred as "he"? Fix it and I will give the 5 stars back.

Cool games It's a cool game to play it can be a little overbearing sometimes but it's easy to get into and fun to play I recommend it for people that have a little time and want a good shooter game to play with

It awesome This game is really awesome and the characters are awesome 5 rate!!!! Well done

I never thought An addicting game with a new concept, takes me 4 days to acquire another character , good job devs, ,well my only problem is that I can't log in to secure my data. , the keyboard doesn't pop up so I can't log in, ,

Still love it Been playing the game for more then a couple months now and I'm still having fun with it. Love the new update can't wait to buy the new character, plus the new mode is awesome adds a new challenge. Thank you for the great game keep it up <3 :D

Awesome game need more updates To be honest this game has an awesome idea and design and it need more updates like more charcters and characters cosmetics like hats etc

Love it! Addictive and strategic! Best runnig game

Fun Easy to pick up, good time waster

Easily 5 stars! The game is awesome

The 2nd Ad crashes the game. Overall ni e game.

Honestly Addicting The gameplay is fun and it sucks you in and you can't stop!

Seems fun Just started and it's been fun. Not sure about all the elements just let.

Awsome game <3

Pretty fun Pretty good and the graphic superb too

Great action title, highly recommended

Awesome game

Badass Loving it

Addictive & Challenging It was a bit confusing at first but after a couple runs I was addicted. Boasts long term play with a constant arcade style challenge. It WILL keep you coming back for more as you finally progress through after grinding upgrades, then there's even more. The challenge is constant as bosses evolve and get more aggressive. There are multiple characters with their own set style and looks with beautiful art. It'll take time to get another character, but its well worth it when you get one. Well worth the time.

The game's awesome, but I've been having difficulties starting it up any suggestions

10/10 Would play again

syalalala~~ Cant stop playing >_<

good with some difficulty.. 4* .. good enough..

Urgent.......Urgent . . . .. please fix the bug the demon scale is not dropping what happen >v< my scale is already 385 then suddenly after i update my game to 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 the demon scale stop dropping please fix it need urgent action >v<

A few things It's free to play but for as long as I have played, it takes a long time to make good progress. The other playable characters are hard to attain, which can be fun for some people. I'm not sure how to use items during battles. It starts to get really repetitive and isn't very entertaining to play frequently. Sometimes, and I mean rarely, there will be moments where a lag will interfere with either jumping or reloading. I like the game but there is zero customization, which is what I wanted to see.

Keep closing All of sudden this game crash at random positions, rendering it unplayable. It plays well before.

Great One of the best things this game has is the offline gameplay. It makes playing anywhere you want and farming those resources more convenient.

DemonLord: I never saw this game but it's awesome but i like to shared all of you to play this game anytime guys.

Fun for 2 days. Stopped opening on the third. Fun for the reflexes, almost like an endless runner.

I like it. It's fun

Nooooo!!! Fix it plss Its an amazing game. But after i update the game and then i open the game it start to force close? Why? Its because my phone is an old version? Why creating a game... Then update it to a new version and the other old cellphone who can play it.... But when you update you cannot play it anymore. Then stop upgrading if its not compatible to an original versions... It sucks because i love the game......

Good game and quite a time killer But your IAP is too expensive.

Very fun Way better then I expected

I like this game

Really good Really good

Well I gonna give it 4 star well 5 if only you fix some of the event bug? Or havent updated? Where the hell is the golden mushroom and demons scale? And can you make it so it can only played on 1 email account?

Cloud save disappears? I played this game months past and it's getting improve! Having a new character is a fresh start = w = the only problem was ... I can't find the cloud save to retrieve my account. Please reply.

Simple Laughably greedy iap

Good game, has issues The game is fun and gives me incentive to keep playing. Pretty grindy but that's offset by the auto shoot ability a bit. Auto also isn't lame "game plays itself" mode, you still need to pay attention. The game randomly crashes a lot and sometimes the third boss disappears from the screen and never returns in a game breaking bug. If an update doesn't come soon to fix it I'll probably uninstall.

Innovative Shooter Gameplay is very unique and has refreshing feel on it. The lore seems very interesting so wish there was some kind of story mode. Also wish the auto option on Crack of Devildom is available since its hard to see the target when you have a small screen.

Amazing Shoot and Run Game The game is great. Lots of upgrades to make your demon hunter stronger. 6 beautiful characters to choose from. And different units for you to pick and join you in the battle against these huge behemoths and hordes of demons. Although there are some errors in spelling in-game but nah, it's fine. You've done a good job, I rate it 4 stars. You've earned it.

The game itself is awesome! I have only one problem. Gems are slow to get & the amount you need gets costly if you want to buy them.

Getting real The gameplay itself is fine great actually but I hope you aren't planning on getting a different character or something because the rate you earn gems is maddening slow. Art is great but the game consists of just boss fights. If the rate you earn gems at is increased then I will grant another star.

good game with frequent force close frequent force close... in-game lagness.. buggy graphic attack by the 3rd boss which gone missing after its skill.. trap mob will hit you even you dodge with jump accurately.. makes the combo hits mission hard to acquire.. but overall its a game that can waste time on waiting

Not bad, but... The repeated crashing & slowdowns shouldn't happen!! (SPH-L710T with Android 6.0.1) As for this game...uninstall!!

-_- The game is really good but I can't create a fken account!!!! Please fix this account problem!!!

Really addicting So much fun and an awesome time killer. Just an all around great game! :3

Add more You should add more options

Great game. Good fun.. could be more rewarding to players with gems however

It's fun and I can't stop playing

Great game One of the bast games I've played

To much fun! Great work devs and keep it coming!!

Fun but Very grindy to get new char.

I like it, but I wish I can recover all my gear I spend time on this but I can only recover my data only on one device