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Car Mechanic Simulator 2016

Supplied By PlayWay SA    On Oct. 13, 2016    Comments(76)

FREE Car Mechanic Simulator 2016 version1.1.1 Download

See for yourself the job of a car mechanic:
- perform repairs and gain experience
- buy licenses to repair new cars
- participate in auctions to buy used cars
- improve your workshop, its equipment, and tools
- choose the most suitable tasks out of many available
- replace or fix damaged car parts
- finish special tasks and obtain rewards

Game features:
- 7 basic cars
- 2 different workshops and 24 possible upgrades
- over 200 various parts
- an unlimited number of tasks to complete
- an unlimited number of special tasks

PlayWay SA part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 82.6615. Current verison is 1.1.1. Actual size 81.0 MB.

What's new

    Minor bug fixes.
Download car-mechanic-simulator-2016.apk 81.0 MB


Sony Xperia Z5 It's an improvement from the last one however one thing is missing. I would like the option to buy parts whenever I feel so. Maybe there could be weekly specials at the part shop so we could go each week and stock up on parts if we wish too. Also, would be nice if we can buy stock parts or sports parts at any time. By placing sport parts onto a bought car, the car can sell for a higher price.

Great game, why's everyone hating on it Needs classic cars, make it where i can take the bumpers off, the fuel tank, take the engine apart one piece at a time, i want to take the car apart like i can in Car Mechanic Sim 2015 for PC, just more parts, classic cars, next few updates, that's all and I'm sold, add that it's 5 stars I understand it just came out and it's a great start so far

Too many ads!!! An ad after every single completed job is absurd. I spend more time waiting on ads than playing the game and it just ends up pissing me off and I stop playing. Remove some of the ads and I'd gladly give a higher rating.

Scrolling problem The game is absolutely awesome.. but when I try to scrolling my finger in the screen.. its laggy and hard to get to that part you want to get to. Pls fix it and I'll rate it 5 stars.

Scrolling problem The game is absolutely awesome.. but when I try to scrolling my finger in the screen.. its laggy and hard to get to that part you want to get to. Pls fix it and I'll rate it 5 stars.

Great game Can you make it explain the problem and so it makes you figure out what it is. It already does that but not for all of the problems. Eg. The fuel pump says can you replace broken parts

Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 That is 100% unless game for this 0two samsung models cant scroll normal and on S5 lag after click button.... realy i will rate game with 4 or maybe 5 after fix this problem. Sorry for my engliah but i know that from WoW.B. i like old version, please fix this. ~25% from humqn with android use s5 to s7

Great app! It's addicting! I like the fact you can buy cars and fix them to flip them. Yes the ads are annoying at times but they're not intrusive like most games. In future versions you should make the jobs worth more money, i dont think replacing half an exhaust system and multiple engine components only costs $50 lol

Loving it but... Great game better than the last 1 but there is a small problem... When I start with the first license it's fine but when I move onto the 2nd I get major lag making it impossible to play... HTC One X

Like it I'm so addictive with this game but must more improve like add more afrtermarket parts product more detail about fixing the car such a suspension,chassis and other part.All exterior and interior can be fix it

Game is interesting but has some problems I'm playing this game only a few hours but already see problems. When I firstly started playing I didn't do too much, I stopped playing maybe after half an hour but when I started it again I lost my progress and after that I started having scrolling/moving lag which is very annoying.

Love the game!! But... Scrolling is is very laggy and I can't really play the game. Please fix I'm on a Samsung galaxy tab 4 thanks

Nice game Can we do away with some of the ads. I get into the game and bang a dang ads it makes me start to lose interest

Nice game but too much log I can hardly to a things very poor response especially when u racing again time to finish n get a little extra money etc.that definitely need fixing or else I can't play it or recommend it to anyone it so f..k..g annoying

Was great.... The moment I win a bid the game crashed. I lost the money, my truck, and the car I was working on, help?

Great but Its an awesome game but its very laggy on the controls for scrolling for each part plz sort this out an ill rate it 5 stars

Ma balls just dropped 4 real John john u have to sing it john john

Sound issue Great game longest lasting on my phone, but if I get a message or notification I get no more game sound.

Keep car Sometime I see car that I like the colour I want to keep it but this game doesn't have that option, and I can't look inside my tool box or use any staff if their is no car in the garage I think if we have some option like that would be more interesting game .

This is bs. I downloaded this game last night and was up to level 9 and had alot of money and cars. Just now turned the game back on to play and it started me back at the beginning with nothing.

Really like it I love this game its like a real life fixing cars cool the only thing that I think needs fixing is every time you finish you get a pop up that's all

How to link devices? Have spent some time on the game from my phone but i want to transfer my progress to my tablet. I have both devices logged into the same account but progress never transfered over like most other games do.

Game does not save?? Please can you help i have been playing this game. I have bought amd sold cars so gain in game money. I closed the app down and went back in later and it has started from the begining????

Nothing but ads after ads Really!!! Every time I fix a damn car I get hit with an ad...then u want to charge £8,50 to remove the ads your having a sodding laugh...all the constant spamming of ads eventually makes the game very laggy and very up playable...sort it out

Problem I have to fix a brake calliper but it's at 100% health and so are all the others. That way i can't finish the mission. And can't continue.

Lags too much Great game if it didn't lag

Its ight pc version is still WAY better tho

Only problem with the game I get only the Mobile Strike ads

Could've earned a 5 I was going to give you 5 stars until i saw it was goung to cost me $13 to turn off the ads.

AWSOME This is the best game ever since I was wondering if you are looking for a while back and forth between the two of the internet samsung tab and I am not a problem with this is a little bit about myself in my head is not an easy fix this is not the only one who has a lot more than one of my favorite part in this area and my beautiful cat limey stuffed it's bum the transport boat I keep clicking the transport boat

Boring Was uninstalled in less than 3 mins.

Bad fr Frame rate is only good id i have wireless, and i downloaded it so i wouldnt need wireless, fix and i give 5 stars

Booo Freezes every time you start the game

Scrolling problem. Same tasks in every level !

I can't earn dollars My game just doesn't earn ? i do not know why. I have done tons of jobs but my money doesn't seem to be increasing

0/0 Screen frezzes all the time... vary disappointed

Too many adds Love the game. Would like to be able to pay so i dont have to see ads after fixing every car.

Can make an app just like these for architecture and buildings. construction of buildings, drawings and plannings.

This is a much better game. First one was alright, I didn't care for it. This one is so much better and less confusing. Its also more interactive.

Would be 5 star I enjoy it to pass the time, BUT you wont get 5 stars from until the ads are re configured, i dont mind playing a game with ads. But after every job is just stupid. The game seems to be more for ad pushing than it is for enjoyment. And the price to remove ads seems a little steep for what the game actually is.

Not bad I can't figure out how to clean air conditioning units but other than that I feel that tutorials need a little more detail. But very fun. But now I'm stuck because I have every vehicle needing an air conditioning unit repaired and I can't do it. Please if someone could help

Not even close to being accurate. Those "cables" are called spark plug wires and the "Block A" and "Block B" on the brakes are called brake pads and you always replace those with the rotors together unless you can machine the rotors. also... the brake caliper alone isnt going to cause a "screeching" noise... that noise would be from the brake pads being to worn 85% of the time. And an air filter isn't going to cause the engine to die under acceleration. Needs work. The creators need to learn a few things about cars.

Fun Great game easy to pick up and learn. I like how you can get coins from completing task but what I don't like is that it takes forever to even make any kind of cash. I buy lots of upgrades for shop for more bonus and still can't make any decent cash kind of frustrating.

I like how the app photo shows a cool car to work on but you dont actually get to work on it. Really fun app, no problems what so ever. The game entertains me a lot especially since my dream is to be a mechanic. There just a few things id love in this game or at least for the next one. Cooler cars, better graphic detail, and something to actually work for. Idk i just feel like there needs to be something in the game to work for.

Fun AI should not run all auction cars into negative profit. Cars should sell at a consistent price one fully repaired. Should allow keeping modding and allow higher prices. Higher licenses have no reward for higher paying work fix these things and its a 5 star app

I don't understand, why the game crashed and restored all my purchases and lose my earned money game. The game is very funny, but annoys when after you advance and pay for the purchases you lose EVERYTHING and can't restore any purchase, and the developers don't respond your emails.

Love the game, great time killer. Please, tweak the AI so they don't drive every auction into negative profit though, I'm lucky if I can actually get 1 car in 10 that I try to buy and actually make some money off it

Stupid AI It's a fun and addicting game but in the auction the computer bids the car right into the negative or so low you don't make any profit. Fix this and it'll be a 5 star game

******FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY****** As a veteran automotive technician this game was extremely inaccurate. Do not use this game as a learning tool because you will be severely misled on proper diagnosis and repair of automobiles.

This app is sick? for learning to become a mechanic. It may be confusing first, but you will get the hang of it

Could be 5 SHOULD be 5 stars.... But commercials after EVERY car??? C'mon! I want to make money and just boom boom boom buy cars and flip them. Not buy it flip it and wait 30-40 seconds on a damn commercial! Oh, and if we buy cars. We should be able to replace parts with premium parts to get more money out of the car. Would be a nice feature. Anyways... Great game and worth the download!

Phone game. Hey, this is personally a game created for the Computer, so i didn't expect a lot out of it. Being a PC gamer i cant judge on graphics, because i understand the concepts of processing and all. But its a good little port type game.

If you have any air conditioner problems you tap on one of the front doors then if one of them opens you tap on the dashboard then it'll bring up the air conditioner

I lost my save file I was lost my save file after updating new version. And I cant see the car. Just blue at the screen

FUN AND ENTERTAINING I'm having fun playing it and I feel like I'm learning a little. But it's hard to make some decent money to upgrade your workshop.

Love the game but Could you add older cars what we can get and restore and make them new again and could you add where we can test drive the cars

Awesome game! Enjoy playing. You are not bombed with adds every second. Just wish it was not so power hungry. Still 5 star for not being greedy. Thanks

Progress is not saved Changed phones and logged in on google play games and I have to start from the beginning.

My purchased car gone up while repair No exit button My purchased car gone up while repair

Don't hate the game... To the people that can't read the tutorials, try using your eyes. It's a great free game, you just need to get over the fact that's it's not gonna be a Forzavista with added tools because it's free and they only make money from ad revenue. It could do with more cars but it's a fine game in my eyes.

Gearhead Garage like This game looks like gearhead garage in the earlier computer game. I love that game, so, I'll love this game too.

Great keepup This is amazing, i just learned how to fix my brakes and discs,i v saves $100,plus $300 rack and pinion job!,i can do almost everything

Lags so much So lagy horrible wrong try again

Cool game Good game took a few to figure out controls but what I do not like is why can I not charge outrageous prices like a real garage would???????

Please read company I really like the game but if you could see if the car would start that would be very cool and if it doesent start you have to work on it more

Update Load of rubbish lost all my data with the last update

I love it but the touch screen controls lags and slow to react .tell it get fixed ill stop playing for now.

A great addicting game It's fun but it's missing something : /

Excellent Really good game. Well done to the creators

Good addictive... but need to make it more realistic

Amazing Nice new upgrades to the game better the car mechanic

Love the game this is her nefu The game is so awsome i love it play it everyday all day

Good game, but how do you get premium parts

Nice not bad...

I like this game This game is for big kids no for children

About game It's a very very nice game