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Car Crash 2 Total Destruction

Supplied By Crash n Smash    On Oct. 21, 2015    Comments(63)

FREE Car Crash 2 Total Destruction version1.05 Download

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Car Crash 2 Total Destruction

Ever wanted to see what happens when your car crashes? Then Car Crash 2 Total Destruction is the game for you.
If you are looking for ultra realistic crashes then this game is closest to them you can find on the play store.

Big Environment with car destructive props
Realistic Drift of the car using the hand brake
Realistic Car physics with destructible cars
On main engine damage the car crash and burns.

Crash n Smash part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 21, 2015. Google play rating is 72.0201. Current verison is 1.05. Actual size 53.0 MB.

What's new

    New graphic mode (Anti Aliasing on high graphic mode)
    New high quality textures of cars
    Fixed shadows bug on high level graphic
Download car-crash-2-total-destruction.apk 53.0 MB


Why is there only you to crash? There's no other cars to crash into.:-(

Not Laggy! I'm very suprised that what everybody else was saying didn't effect my device, but still the game get pretty boring. It could just be me because I own BeamNG Drive. But still it is a kinda good game if you want a portable version of BeamNG Drive.

Bad in every way This game is horrible. I got about 5 fps on my tab A that can play asphalt 8 at 30 fps. It's worse than the first one (crash simulator racing ), which was already c**p. Damage is unrealistic, and you spend about 60% of your gameplay time looking at ads for airport city. There is only one map. I actually don't see a difference between this one and the first one. Where is tilt control? The buttons are tiny, and so when you want to turn, simple, you don't. To sum it all up, this is a super f***ed up version of beam NG drive (computer). Uninstalled within first 5 mins of gameplay.

RUBBISH ????? So bad TO MANY ANDS THE GAME IS SO STUPID IT IS AS BAD AS THE FIRST ONE AND THAT ONE IS UNBALLIEVABLY BAD .it is to bad ssssssssssooooooooo rrrrrrrrruuuuuuuubbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiissssssssshhhhhhhhhh. Change whole freaking game whoever made this is a dumbo the fact the guy does not die is unrealistic. Limited life is so bad better graphics please you cannot turn suck so badly

I'm Disipointed Ok. These graphics are TERRIBLE. You can't spin the camera around, and that's super annoying. You cannot change the map. Those are just some of the problems. I installed the game thinking out would be a GOOD game. Im going to uninstall the game.

Ads ADS EVERY WHERE & GLITCH!!! The sky glitches and flashes ALOT!!! Other than that it's a pretty good game. Please fix. P.S. Sorry if my use of capital letters and exclamation points is annoying.

Good overall Runs very smooth on a BLU Pure XL at High settings. (Mediatek Hello X10, Power VR G6200) The graphics are OK, not great. The thing this game needs is more maps, cars, and optimization for lower end devices. Don't go crazy with the npcs. Even most high end devices won't be able to get to an npc count over 4 without an fps drop.

JUST LIKE BNGD Well it's like beamng. But there is only YOU IN IT.THE AMAZING YOU BY YOURSELF

Love this. everyone download this Wow i cant this game has flat out cars from the game but could you add new cars please

Not laggy I love this game. But why do i only crash and other cars do not crash and all wase bang me not others???

Fun but unstable. This game is fun but it's unstable. It crashes every time I try to reset the car or go back to the menu. It's essentially the grid map from BeamNG and the cars from Flatout.

Add in multiplayer It would make it the best game ever!!!m!

Good but... You should make a mode with no health

Way too many ads!! Playing this is like watching MTV, nothing but ads and commercials, I wish they would add a zero star rating

Just not happy I was expecting something good after the last one but it went worse I couldn't wait for it to be off my device

It is awesome and I seen you tubers play it?and I played it

It's great but there's a glitch in the sky The sky flashes and there's a streak too but I don't pay any attention to it :D

LOVE THE GAME! B-) I love the game keep up the GOOD WORK! :-)

Awesome game I bought this game because it is like BMG drive it's so like the game I love it thank you for this game God Praise You God Praise You Do amazing regards Seb

It's a good game but There was to much ads

ADS Every time you go up side down it all ways has an ad

Cool Not bad the only problem is the amount of cars

Beam ng It's like beam ng mobile that is what it should be called

Derrick Yes there r go 2 the OPTIONS DUMBUTT

BeamNG. Drive The world used is Grid Map from BeamNG Drive.

Derrick I agree WhyUNoCars.!? D0U3venCarBr0

Rip off This games map rips off beam.ng game maps

Wow It brought me backto the play store

Cool It is fun!

Would give it 5 stars Make it more realistic and make more maps

Soooo many ads Would be an ok game if there weren't 5 ads a minute

All I have to say is to much bugs

Adssssss A lot of ads....?

What? I can not go in

:( Ads Pop Up Every 2 Seconds, There is limited health, 4 cars, 1 map, physics and graphics are not good, nothing like BeamNG. Why Making It A Bad Game?

Slide about too much When I drive I just slide around

Lame So laggy coldent play anyway I didnt evee wanna play this s••t anyway

CRAPPY Do not get this game!

Shawn w I love it its funny when you get hit by other drivers if you play it go too settings and press drones I gave it a four star Cuz of graphics

Not as good as the frist one I know there are more obstacles in this game but some are impossible to use and one in the back of the map crashed my game! That's why they call it car crash. Also unlike the frist game there are no other cars to crash into! Also there are more advertising then the frist game. Everytime I hit the turn over button and ad pops up! Also ads randomly pop up at the top! There are no new cars in this game! I recommend you to atleast try it before you Uninstall it! And if you don't like it I recommend the frist game!

Game keeps crashing Every time I press start or change the settings it crashes. Please fix soon

Not working Will start up then when I press play it kicks me out of the game

Crash simulator 2 Amazing game and recommendable

Awsome Nothing wrong well xept no other car to crash into

Smooth I really like the car crash because it crashes so smooth

Needs some.. ..NEW CARS!!! and.. also.. put a gamemode called.. Umm.. Group Smashing where there's a team of yours and team of the enemy.. Anndd.. Umm.. Put a menu where u can customize your own cars by putting parts from other cars.. Aaaannndd.. Put a menu also where u can adjust the life of urs and the enemy.. Hope you will put one of my suggestion.. ????

Bad game The game is pretty bad coz you cant spin the camera and the ads are frigging annoying.

GOOD! But can you pls update it then i will rate 5 stars

5naf Too many ads I can't even drive my stupid car

No. Simply no. There are ads everywhere, bad car texturing, and crappy graphics. Don't download it's a waste of memory space.

Daniel dorado jr Its cool its so mush fun

Title screen crash I tried this game on 2 of my tablets, I cannot get past the title screen on both. I tap play and absolutely nothing happens. Please help. (Samsung galaxy tab 3 lite and Nexus tablet)

Its cool but can be better Its like beamng. Love it. Two problems. The tures dont come off and when the car flips at a high speed, it stops. It doesnt slide and dent the top. Please fix these. Other than that i love it

Sucks Worst game ever. Graphics suck. Phisics are horrible. You only get one life. 4 cars, thats it. 1 map, again, thats it.

Awesome Hey guys stop with the bad comments it was good so why don't you think about what you done it was a good game okay that's all I have to say hey sonni Norris how how about you actually stay it's good so I wanted to to say sorry sonni Norris I want you to say it's not rubbish and I want I want to say you're rubbish and think about what you done ok okay

Wrong If u hate ads go to offline the. This game is fine but to much lagz

Greatish game Controls are annoying and the cars are exactly like yhe cars in flatout, tilt controls would be bettet

Fun It's really fun there is slight steering problems but it does not bug me that much and can you add mods to this game

Hate it ssssssssssssssss bitttcccchedddddd I heard the creator's of this game suc ked so muchhh di ccckkkkkkk

Lag The lag is real it froze but luckily I shut off my phone. ??

Worst game ever Every time you respawn an ad appears i just cant deal with it

What? When you run into a barrel you and your car dosen't move

Boring Controls over do it and the pic shows a caprice and you cant pkay with a caprice.