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CamScanner (License)

Supplied By INTSIG    On Jan. 17, 2014    Comments(81)

FREE CamScanner (License) version1.7 Download

$4.99 -> $1.99 (60% OFF) FOR LIMITED TIME!
This product is the Activation Code of CamScanner. Once purchased, you can upgrade CamScanner Free version to CamScanner Full version.

The world’s No. 1 mobile document scanning and sharing today!
* Installed on over 60 million devices in over 200 countries and regions around the world
* Over 50,000 new registrations per day
* CamScanner, 50 Best Apps, 2013 Edition – TIME
* Top Developer – Google Play Store
* “The application employs its own image cropping and enhancing algorithm that leads to clearer images.” –
* “CamScanner may just be the best deal for scanning documents on your phone.” –

About CamScanner Full version:
- Support high-quality scans
- PDF files are created with no watermark
- Evernote/SkyDrive uploading feature will not expire
- No ads

About CamScanner Free version:
- PDF files are created with watermark “Generated by CamScanner”
- Evernote/SkyDrive Uploading is available for 7 days
- Ad-supported

How it works:
1. Download and Install CamScanner at
2. Download and install CamScanner License
3. CamScanner will automatically upgrade to Full version upon the installation of CamScanner License

About CamScanner:
CamScanner helps you scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers.

*Quickly Digitize Document
Just use your phone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc.

*Optimize Scan Quality
Smart cropping and auto enhancing ensures the texts and graphics in scanned documents are clear and sharp with premium colors and resolutions.

*Extract Texts from Image
OCR (optical character recognition) extracts texts inside single page for further editing or .txt sharing. (Licensed only)

*Share PDF/JPEG Files
Easily share documents in PDF or JPEG format with friends via various ways: post on social media, send attachment or document download link through email.

*Print & Fax Documents
Instantly print out docs in CamScanner with nearby printer; directly fax docs to over 30 countries right from the app

*Collaborate on Documents
Want to get feedback on your documents? Invite friends or colleagues to collaborate on documents. They can view, comment and exchange ideas on documents in groups. (Registrants only)

*Advanced Document Editing
Make annotations on documents with a full set of editing tools. Also adding customized watermarks are made available to mark your own documents.

*Quick Search
When you have plenty of documents, you can use Tags to categorize and easily find them. In addition, OCR for Search helps you find texts inside image and notes. Just enter one keyword, you can quickly find the document you want. (Registrants only)

*Secure Important Documents
If you want to protect confidential contents, you can set passcode for viewing important documents; also, while sending document download link, you can set password to protect others from seeing it.

*Sync across Platforms
Sign up to sync documents on the go. Just sign in to any smartphone, tablet or computer (visit you own and you can view, edit and share any document. (Registrants only)

3rd Party Cloud Storage Services Supported:, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox,

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INTSIG part of our Productivity and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Jan. 17, 2014. Google play rating is 89.1779. Current verison is 1.7. Actual size 50.0 KB.

What's new

    Update: Unlock “High-Quality Scan” to full version (license) users
    Please update CamScanner to v2.6.1
Download camscanner-license.apk 50.0 KB


Must Have Its really worth every single penny. I wish to get more cloud storage. 100MB not enough for me because we deserve more?? from you guys. Its the most have app in all my devices. Wish my request come true

Paid for once, but developers move to subscription I lost features that I wanted because the developers wanted to make even more money. They did not honor those of us who bought the app early on and want us to pay again to get features back.

paid for the app before, no licence anymore Quality of scan is not good anymore. Need to subscribe to get the futures I've paid before. Don't need any of that cloud sync or collaborative working. Please get back old app with all feutures.

Awesome! Works as described, been using the free app for a few years and decided to buy as they keep improving and making it better... The amount of time = money saved by not having to use an actual scanner, specially on the go, is worth every penny! A must have if your professional on the go

One of the most useful apps Excellent UI/controls. The image enhancement and cropping make a huge difference. Note: You don't need subscription for High Quality scans. Simply enable them in settings. Also, you can disable the second icon under Help.

Changed my life. Best app, daily use, share pdfs to email, dropbox, messages! Perfect mobile filecabinet. Always perfect x 3 yrs on multiple devices. Upgrade nice but miss the alignment lines when snapping pics. Please address why the lines came and went just when i grew dependent..Note 3..

Not happy The app itself works fine but I cannot understand why after paying for the app I have to pay a monthly fee for OCR features etc. I can understand paying extra for sending fax's or more storage but paying extra to be able to select text within a scanned document is not good

Love this scanner I have only had the CamScanner for a few weeks, however, I have scanned tickets to show I have attended so I can get rid of the paper around the house and still keep the memento. It does a superb job of rendering discolored items brighter and no discoloration. I first downloaded the free version and then I was scanning so much I purchased the license so I could continue to scan and put the items in various folders. Certainly a buy recommendation!

Excellent Product and they Listen Recent update has brought back HQ scans for paid users, thank you for respecting our past purchase. Five stars. Tried it, loved it, bought it! Now I have to pay how much more per month or year to simply get the high quality scans I paid for already? Sorry, I am reasonable, but your price is too high for a casual user like myself.

Samsung galaxy S4 I have purchased this license scanner & been using it for years no problem. Until now I dont understand why I have to pay again for monthly fee!? Why is my old documents not readable? Was this app now useless if I dont pay again? Are you kidding me!

Went broke faxing Don't pay for the app. You will have to keep paying for use anyway. Find another app.

It used to enhance image etc.... and it was awesome.... then the last update and the image quality no longer "enhances" would be better off using your camera on your phone...and after paying for the pro version...I am disappointed...... I also lost some images/ docs that show in app but when you click on them it says they font exist so basically those are goners

Unbelievable! Magical! This app (CamScanner - paid version) is the most intelligent app I've ever installed. It allows straightening of captured documents, and auto-adjusts the colouring and brightness in a very clever way. And, it's fast. In fact, I even use it to take images of people and use the magic enhancement to produce clearer, richer images. I guess the developers are serious guys who have invested heavily in what they do. I'm very happy with my CamScanner! Thanks, devs.

In app lies about what you get. In the app it states that buying this will upgrade you to premium and that its currently on sale. Once you buy this and apply it the ads go away and other thins noted here happen but you do not get premium which is charged as a subscription. I thought false advertising and misrepresentation was illegal. Otherwise the "scanning" is good.

pushing back to 5 stars Blowfish issue miraculously has been resolved. This key is now back to mere kilobytes.

RD Spence I downloaded the free app a few years ago but rarely used it. When I needed to use app I found it extremely satisfactory. I design solid wood mouldings to a 0.1 mm tolerance with CAD programs and photoshop; normally using a stationary scanner to scan drawings and actual moulding samples. Today I was nowhere near a stationary scanner and needed to capture a sample moulding which was very complicated. I figured whathehell and used CamScanner. It worked so well that I updated to the pro version. Now...if you could please develop a precision CNC app similar to CHARLY-4U that would spit a plastic DXF template out of my unused floppy drive I'd buy that as well....THANK YOU

Paid for license, now a "basic" user!!! Definitely not right by loyal customers. I also paid for the "full" version license and now my account is reset to "basic" because now is a high price monthly subscription. For a few dollars more I can get a full virtual scanning and faxing service with phone number.... It "WAS" a great useful app I used frequently at work. Now a double charging scam.

I bought pro version, when I press OCR it wants to install untrusted app??? HI, I bought the pro version, and pressing OCR brings up error saying my phone does not allow installing apps from untrusted source. I know how to turn it off but I won't. If your app is legitimate, and not MALWARE, it should NOT require installing apps from untrusted sources. Please explain why the scanning function cannot be included with the app and needs to be installed from your website. I pay for my apps on Google Play for security and peace of mind. Please explain why the OCR functionality is not included in the app that's downloaded from Google Play? Why is it necessary to install the OCR application from your external server?

WAS a happy PAID user. INTSIG, Do the right thing, and fix this. Paid for upgrade to Premium. Was using app fine for months. ALL FEATURES WORKED. Prompted for an update and installed update. REVERTED back to basic version, NO PREMIUM FEATURES WORK. NOW wants me to pay again. Also, ALL MY FILES RE-DATED TO TODAY. 15 minutes ago I had OCR, NOW I DON'T. C'mon INTSIG, Do the right thing, and fix this.

Scam, do not use I used the trial version upon its release. I upgraded, paid for the app. Spent a lot of time scanning and tagging my documents into their application. I loved the application,even joined their forum and even Recommended the darn app. Well, out of no where the developers booted my info and access to the application. They are changing it to subscription access. So mad that I wasted my time and money. Fraud

Huh? Purchased license. What was the point? I know it was only .99 cents but it did not seem to do anything above and beyond what the free does. I doubt I would use this enough to constitute paying for the subscription. Word of advice, unless you plan on subscribing for 4.99/month, stick with the free version.

Great for what I use it for 3 stars instead of 5 due to the questionable subscription model. I'd be fine with it if it was for new features moving forward, but locking out existing features (even though they're features I don't use) feels very wrong.

No Dropbox sync I just want to scan with ocr, export to pdf and sync to Dropbox. But they won't allow it because they want to sell you their services. Unless your life is around scanning for some reason, don't buy it. Edit: They told me to send an email to support and I did, but they never replied.

Disgusted with update and subscription features.. CamScanner USED to be great. An expensive app that did perform perfectly. Now you are also forced to pay monthly for features that you got after buying the paid version of the app. After some years of driving up ratings they stripped the app and removed tons of features, making you pay monthly for them. I am disgusted. I will be uninstalling this version and moving back to the last one I had where those features were included with the purchase of the app.

99 cents for FULL VERSION Yes, I too paid once before to get the full version of the app. Then the app updated to completely new design and it reverted me back to the basic version. I took advantage of the limited time discount and paid $0.99 and I'm happy again.

What happened I purchased this a few years ago when I needed this for a job. I now have a g3, to find out now you have a to pay a monthly fee when this was already purchased. Anybody wanna go in with me for a lawsuit against these guys? Stupid scammers! Don't even bother with this app.

Great app, greedy developers You pay for the app and then you pay extra 5usd/month for things like ocr and better quality??? They are silently removing features, like ocr for tags, etc. Won't pay more for this rip off.

Features removed Honor those who paid in the first place. Don't just move to subscription based service and remove the features we paid for.

Greedy developer Just like most developers out there now it's becoming a trend of some sort why sell an app once when you can make regular money from subscribing......

An Absolutely Wonderful Toll Have been using CamScanner for quite sometime, now, and found it absolutely essential in keeping tabs on important docs I run into everyday. Simple things like receipts or business cards are no longer piled on my desk or in my drawers, only to be thrown out or lost. Instead, they are neatly scanned into my phone, backed up to the cloud and forwarded to Evernote for safekeeping......forever. Other, more complex docs, like contracts, can also be scanned with CamScanner, though it does take time. Nevertheless, this app is a time saver and a portable vault to keep all my important docs, on the run. Highly recommended.

Used to be good! Been using this app for as long as I can remember, bought licence and all was fine until they started to charge subscription. Developers please listen to all the negative comments your getting, image quality seems to have reduced, pop ups are annoying, layout is not as friendly and why should I pay again for things when I purchased the app when they used to be included, and why not just let the app synchronised with free cloud storage like Dropbox, double charging is not cool read the reviews your getting

Used to Receive 5 stars from me! :( This used to be my favorite app on my tablet! Now it's a huge pain in the butt! I used the free version for 2 documents and was SOLD so I purchased the licensed version immediately! Now with the recent "upgrade" the app is cumbersome at best, not very user friendly and I had to hunt to find the ability to actually name the newly scanned document!!! Not to mention that I keep getting nagged to pay additional $$$ for something I had already paid for! And I DETEST the new layout-- the old one was perfect! C'mon developers, listen to your users!

Developers took my money and dropped my license I paid for license because I wanted upgraded features but lost those features since developers went to subscriptions. They would not honor those who already paid. So beware, you never know what else you could loose with these people!

Not fit for expense management Hi This is not an application for perform well to manage professional expense. This is "only" a collaborative scanning app. Cheers Julie

Dont like 2 apps This app is great but please make it standalone so that I don't need both the free and the paid versions on my tablet


Remarkably useful I don't often scan documents, but when I do, this app is invaluable.

HIJACKED BY GOOGLE KITKAT RUINED MY PAID VERSION TOO Must have app Its quick and easy, Line up the grid, snap the pic, correct your borders, lighten, darken, change colors if you want , then save and your done. You can rename your doc if you want, thit pdf and you have an instant pdf doc which opens easily with Adobe. No more running home to make copies if you need them in a hurry. Great for text from books or fliers, I use it for notes from my calendar. And I love that I can watermark a document with anything I want. . Upload to cloud or email your docs and your done.

Not what I purchased long ago.... I really really likeD this app but it had morphed into a "buy an annual service" nag machine. I remember when it scanned docs and synced to my own cloud service but now it keeps telling me to buy into syncing with their cloud. NOT what I bought. I am leaving cam scanner. What a waste. I am NOT gonna spend 50$ a year after I already paid for the app and I am sick of your popup noticed to buy a service. I will be uninstalling after I transfer all of my docs out.

Bad business by IntSig Business Practices: Why did you take away features that early adopters paid for? I understand that new subscribers purchase under the new subscription model, but users that paid early on? Businesses that understand the power of user opinion understand and embrace that early users that committed to the app (via paying) should be treated differently. They do not get "bait and switched." Just poor business practices by IntSig. Feature Abandonment: Why do my folders/tags disappear when I upgraded? So now the tagging that I have done in the past is lost because IntSig wants to move to a new payment model? Even if there is a fix, I shouldn't have to look for it. Another really unconscionable business choice by IntSig. Summary: I am not one for hyperbole, so read the next sentence with that in mind. In the 5+ years that I have been an Android user, this is the worst business conduct by an app developer that I have experienced.

Bought the app immediately, but then found i cant share scans using third party mail apps. Tried with standard mail - ok, tried with different scanning software - upload with third patry software is ok too. The only way i can upload the scan is using 'email to myself' but this is not what you want to pay for. Dear developers please comment this issue. Thank you

It doesn't save scan at... ... the gallery that allow you to send using gmail when you already type an email. So you have to go by my files copy paste to gallery and send. So just 3 stars you deserve.

Forced to register for basic features I bought the app some time ago, so I am stunned to find that I can't store my scans to the SD card (when I most need it) without registering the software online - I don't want to use the cloud.

Spam I bought this app and in return they send me notification spam. No way to turn it off. Do NOT buy!

Totally worth $2 for OCR Quick scan, plus ad free. Gotta love it. Merge docs has disappeared though? Is it coming back? If it does 5 stars again.

Rip off's I bought the paid version early on and now they want more money. It still says basic version and no changes with paid key. They screwed us.

Tax? I was not aware you could charge tax for digital items in NYS... Other than that, I use this app enough to make it one of the only apps I have spent $ for.

Super D Awesome app, my kid's hand drawn comics into pdf, documents made while in the car for immediate upload or e-mail, and with the plus version a back up and storage in the cloud incase your phone gets ran over by the car you're in. .A must have, thanks CS!

SCAM Scanner Upgraded to the paid version because I need the OCR. This does not seem to have it. Therefore, they appear to be misrepresenting their product. It also seems to cut off half the page after scanning it; I crop it to what I want, but only half that then seems available. The generic reply below illustrates their disdain for their customers. Furthermore, the email address give does not work.

Very good App. I tested free version and now upgraded to pro version. Many users are complaining about monthly fee for OCR. If it is true then it's a scam. Any explanation through private email from developer side is worthless as no indication is exists about this fee prior to upgrading. Any hidden terms and conditions is not ethical explanation. It's everybody's moral responsibly to aware other smart phone user by the help of blogs and various social platforms. I will do it if same thing would happened to me. By the way this App is fantastic. Thanks :)

Scan on the go! This app is a total game changer. Now you can scan any document from anywhere anytime, and email to anyone. Five stars is an understatement.

Remove multiple icons and autosync Please hide the icon. I have two camscanner icons now. Also, please make sync optional. I dont want all my documents synced automatically. Then ill give 5 *

I have been using this app for 2+ years and have sung it's praises until this morning. The camera opens up NOT using the stock camera. The camera that is used opens in portrait view. This is not terrible, but definitely annoying. To get the document I need scanned to fit, I have to adjust how I use the camera. No biggie normally, but moving the camera LEFT shifts the view of the document UP, moving UP makes the view move left, etc. It ends up taking 5 times the amount of time it used to in order to just get a decent picture. PLEASE fix this. I *did* go into settings and change the camera to the stock one and that did nothing to resolve this.

Beautifull app So you are wondering if the paid version of this app is worth it. If the free version is a very good scanner that organizes your documents in digital form editing them cropping them enchancing them etc, the paid version is 10 times better without the watermark at the bottom no ads and a bunch of options like uploading to other apps like evernote dropbox making an account etc etc.. its a must have application which I got today 12-1-2015 and im very happy about it cause its the best app in google play.

Happy U have provided high quality scan back to your old licensed customers I had stopped using this app even i had purchased its full version previously because of fraud u have done with your old customers. Your product is really very great no doubt but guys respect those who believe in u at first place. Also thanks for listening to us and adding high quality scan back to your licensed customers.

I am entirely happy with this app. I work mostly out of my truck. The ability to scan a page, the send via text/email is most convenient. I would suggest to the developer, give us the ability to "FAX" a document, as well as email. It's the only thing missing. An additional fee naturally would be fair. But, I get more use from this app than any other I have. Your needs may be different. But if you use it, I hope you'll find it as useful as I do.

Camera-related Issues I want to thank you the developer who decided that if you use the phone camera to take the photos for scans, the photos need to be added to the phone's gallery. So, after scanning whatever I needed to scan I had so much fun deleting photos from the phone's gallery, dropbox, onedrive, and google drive that I can't wait to scan something else. Also, the app's built-in camera crops too much from the bottom of the page. Please fix it.

A must have app! I would say the weird thing is the 2 icons when you installed the license. Well, you can go to help to hide the other icon for you to have 1 icon. About the app every refferal. You can get extra 100mb cloud storage which is awesome. The high quality scans renders quickly on my Note 3. And the subscription scheme is not necessary for you to enjoy the app.

Remarkable and Productive I have been using the upgraded version for awhile now. Clearly, I'm impressed and far more productive. I didn't even realize that you can send faxes! Only a few days ago, did I decide to compare it to "Office Lens". Because, I see that you can directly add scans to several Office Products. For now - just a comparison; I love CamScanner. I hope to return to give my results.

This is a wonderful scanner app. and an extremely useful tool. I scan all kinds of documents and as such this tool has become indispensable to me. It auto focuses when you scan a document and then finds the boundaries of it perfectly. It will crop it and also give you a chance to modify the crop. Next, the biggest feature for me, it will let you save the document to black and white so that you don't waste a lot of ink when you print it. I had a question and emailed the developer who got back to me with a detailed explanation of what to do, included photos of how to do it. Can't ask for any better! I highly recommend the CamScanner app.

Fast way to create PDF documents to share or import to other apps First let me say this license is NOT the premium version and only unlocks a few additional features as listed in the description. So read carefully. This is a simple app and the document management only support tagging. There are no folders or any other organizational features. This works fine if you don't have a many documents as you have to search keywords and you can filter by the tags. There is web based access to the documents synced. The scanner part does have good options to adjust settings, color, etc. when items are scanned. Also images taking by the camera and stored in the gallery, or from your other cloud services can be pulled in allowing you to take quick photos to create documents later.

Great app! But..... I first installed the free version. Then the premium with the license key for $.99 which I purchased; it did NOT give me the premium app. I emailed the support team and nothing, NO response! I went online also to see if I did not do something right. I did everything right. I hope that you respond to us. We pay you. It's not right! !! I know we can call Google for a refund, but I want this premium app. You're having a sale on the premium for $.99. Please fix. Thank you!

LOVE THIS APP! Literally could not manage without this. Had for years, paid for license so no ads and it's invaluable. Have shortcut on my home screen, take quick snap of all documents, bills, receipts, medical appointment letters, kids school work & reports.... It goes on. All saved in cloud, easy to share. Love the upgrade. Thanks!

Was better before the recent update I liked the previous version, 5 stars, but the update removed the status indicator, at least for Dropbox. Now if I scan several documents and then upload them I have to check to make sure they were successful before I delete them from the app or I could lose the scans. I wrote them about this and got a disappointing, barely English, response that did not address my questions. If they fix this I'd be happy to change my rating to 5 stars.

No connection what so ever after repeated tries This is a great app if the bugs are taken care of. On my Galaxy Note 3 with Android 4.4.2 it doesn't connect to network or wifi. Send 2 emails to support without a response yet. I hope I can continue using the app with a prompt response and a solution.

Essential ***For the full version*** An essential app, saved my life several times (lol not literally). Very clean and clear scanning off the camera, PDF creation and sharing is easy. Only one thing that I wish this app had is the option to make PDF files sizes smaller

Fantastic app I was told about camscanner by a surgeon who informed me that she had found it invaluable for her work. I downloaded it and came to the same conclusion very quickly. The quality of scanning is excellent and the flexibility and number of options are very impressive. I bought the premium version almost immediately and frankly it's a steal at the price. Well done devs!

Paid for subscription once long before but the features are removed due to their new subscription feature Look i understand that you got popular and want to make more money, but you can't do this by screwing old users! I paid ~5$ long before and just wanted high resolution scanning, nothing more. Now i can't do that apparently i have to pay monthly subscription for what i paid before. This is not nice, i don't like companies/developers that don't honor their own promise. What If i buy your monthly subscription and you decided to switch to weekly one! Not recommended at all.

Best app for homework My fellow students who cant afford books love it when they get a pdf file from me on our current chaprer. This app is a life saver. I scann my 19 lb book and read it anywhere. The Text is enhanced and looks better than the hard copy! The add on search feature makes it so easy to search and edit. I'd give it 10 stars It was possible.

great app -- the one feature I'd love is horizon correction (custom rotate). Also, wondering why you can backup your pdfs to gmail and other third parties, yet that isn't possible with camcard business card scanner pro. but, it's great as is. I don't know how the developer manages to adjust the white balance so perfectly when I have to use photo-editing applications for oft-times inferior results. I haven't tried capturing text with OCR yet, btw, but I'm confident that it is at least as good as the business card app. Thanks to the developer!

Developers worth supporting. Update: After BUYING the app, I find out it will NOT let me save to SD CARD unless I register!!! Really? !! Thats a basic feature, and forcing registration for paid customers is pure extortion…. End Update. bought the full app, well worth supporting such a great product. This is the best scanner app out of all the ones I tried. Even the free version, and the paid version gives you a few more bells. I don't think your subscription model is that great though.

CamScanner & Pro version I first started with the CamScanner per a fellow employee. Works great. I then updated to the Pro version, I take lots of pictures of yards & Contracts because of my work. I Sell Artificial Turf. This is a fantastic app for me. IMHO. I have one question, I used to have the standard app and the Pro version on my Samsung Galaxy S4 screen. Now I only have 1. It works fine. In my downloaded files both are still there. Did you guys just put both of mine in 1 now?

Need more image resolution Best app i have used ever. But, the app lacks option for low band-width user. Such as, image res 1-2Mpx only, so the pdf will have lowest size as possible. I can only choose 8Mpx in camera option, so the pdf size will be so big. I hope that the developer will add this option soon. Thanks alot

Scam? This is a great app, but after I bought the license code, it got changed to a subscription service. My paid for app has now reverted back to a basic app. Evidently the developers have pocketed the money and now want to double dip. I had previously rated this five stars, but have revised my review. The developers should honor the original license to those who bought this before the change.

I only pay not to have their signature on the pdf It's a good app. You can scan and fix the image, for that I would give 5 stars but... OCR needs work, and when you buy the subscription it gives a 7 days as a 'trial'. Day 8, if you didn't cancel it would work as if you didn't pay. So, I would say buy it, don't subscribe, and forget about OCR, just PDF.

Full version means FULL VERSION Don't make me sign up for some crappy homebrew cloud storage, nor do I need your "collaboration" features. This is a poor excuse for Google Drive or Dropbox integration which does all this and more. Why does a good app have to be ruined by these "features"? Please concentrate on real value and not lures like this.

Unable to get money back if not installed properly The developer will not refund me the money regardless of the fact the app has not installed properly. Therefore unusable. After emailing the developer on many occasions and explaining this, they will not refund me. It is a matter of principle, and Camscanner have been unhelpful. BE AWARE!

Good app, but... Nice features, works well, but I really hate the way how developers force people to subscribe and make an online account. Want to use SD storage? Sign up! Signed up? All docs go to the cloud. Sorry, I disagree. I won't upload my personal documents to a cloud storage I don't govern.

Shots not so clear but many features you can still use I use Camscanner to scan A2 drawings as I'm in engineering field but the result is not so clear (even if I explored different camera blending) as compared to Turboscan. However. I like other features though such as QR code and OCR reader which other App doesn't. I wish they could improve the scanning itself as this is the main features of this App.

Doesn't keep high res scan on device Uploads it to "cloud" which forces all documents to be uploaded (ZERO privacy) and in order to move your high res scan into another app or location, you must be logged in at all times. VERY SHADY! DON'T PAY TO BE ABUSED! ONE STAR!

Very Good The best of the best. I have used this app to keep soft copy of all my important documents. Note: The paid version has not all the features. I am using the paid version but had to subscribe and pay extra to be able to create more than three folders. That's not fair.