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Bitcoin Wallet

Supplied By Bitcoin Wallet developers    On Oct. 7, 2016    Comments(205)

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Have your Bitcoins always with you, in your pocket! You pay by quickly scanning a QR-code. As a merchant, you receive payments reliably and instantly. Bitcoin Wallet is the first mobile Bitcoin app, and arguably also the most secure!


• No registration, web service or cloud needed! This wallet is de-centralized and peer to peer.
• Display of Bitcoin amount in BTC, mBTC and µBTC.
• Conversion to and from national currencies.
• Sending and receiving of Bitcoin via NFC, QR-codes or Bitcoin URLs.
• Address book for regularly used Bitcoin addresses.
• When you're offline, you can still pay via Bluetooth.
• System notification for received coins.
• Sweeping of paper wallets (e.g. those used for cold storage).
• App widget for Bitcoin balance.


Bitcoin Wallet is open source and free software. License: GPLv3

Our source code is available at GitHub:

Translations are managed via Transifex:


• Many mobile wallets base their code on Bitcoin Wallet. Examples: and BTCX.
• Recommended mobile wallet by
• Recommended by BitPay.

Use at your own risk!

Bitcoin Wallet developers part of our Finance and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 7, 2016. Google play rating is 79.9729. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 2.8 MB.

What's new

    * The app now requires Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher. This makes UI development easier in future.
    * Fix detection of network state. This needs the ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission.
    * Minor bugfix.
    * Update translations from Transifex.
    * Minor bugfixes.
    * Supports HTTP/2 and ALPN on all HTTP calls (e.g. payment protocol).
    * Slightly more robust scanning of QR codes.
    * Minor bugfixes.
    * Strengthen security of spending PIN for all existing wallets, too.
Download bitcoin-wallet-2.apk 2.8 MB


Material Design? The app seems to work great, but it's in desperate need of an UI update. It's beginning to look rather dated compared to the beautiful looking alternatives out there. Its saving grace however is the open source nature of the app. With Material Design it would have no drawbacks. Is this something planned for the future?

Crash Im using samsung note 8, crash every receiving payment. Same on my lenovo.

Good Fast and secure. Good backup

I'm using for more than half year and never had any problems.. Works great for me

Help!! Accidentally bricked my phone with like 2 btc in my account. Please help me revert back to it.

Is pretty solid Still the UI is not the best, thing this like a wallet more than your full stash

PC-Android shared wallet Is there a way to import and use the same wallet I am using on the desktop PC? Beside saving time and fees of moving BTC back and forth, I wouldn't risk to lose BTC if my phone get broken or I need to do factory reset.

Oops. Changed the rating but forgot to change the comment after the update that fixed this. All working now.

Ok Shows peers IP. Could hit them with a ddos

Address How can I reset/generate a new wallet address?

World changing!!!! support decentralization!!! Its time people stop being slaves to a system that is corrupt......take back r money and r dignity....power to the people!!!!!!

I love it It's simple to use, with an easy to understand interface.

Useful I was unsure if bitcoin was the way to go. After all its acceptance is limited at this time in the UK. However I decided to go for it when I learned two places I use accept it.

Nice Updates in almost real time and is very reliable

Finally restored my wallet

Pin issue I was able to send btc to the wallet via qr code but it keeps telling me bad pin when i try to withdraw this is beyond frustrating.

Really good I really like this guy. He made an app that gives out bitcoins. After the update you increased your payout which I really like. Id like it to be bigger payouts. Or more features such as daily bonus or random gift. And a multiplier for coming back everyday. Other than that it works perfectly

Love it I know this is crazy but how would I mine bitcoins on my PC please answer or send a video! :)

Love it Just wish I didnt forget my pin :-(

Good app Feels a bit slow sometimes, and you can't set transaction fees (currently seems to take 6 confirmations). Trusty wallet otherwise.

Huge issue Sent $74 to my main wallet and that was an hour ago, the BTC has yet to be sent, no block history is recorded for it either. Lost $72.

I can't paste Bitcoin address when I want to send bitcoin. Please fix it

I appreciate that for safety the wallet address changes after receiving transactions, but is there any way to disable this feature as I play games for btc, and its not ideal to have to keep changing addresses within the game. Regardless of this, flawless app. Love it.

Great app Great app. Donated 1 bitcent. :)

The real wallet

Wallet Best way to keep it safe

Works Great Addresses change when receiving payment for our security and we can see our old addresses if needed

Great app This is great when you want bitcoins on the move very user friendly. Had some issues with transactions not showing up support kindly helped. Simple as resetting blockchain

Trying to get my coins I was trying to get my coins and I put my address on to the site and it keeps saying that it's invalid so please tell me which is my address so I can get my coins

excellent would love a wifi only option.

How do I transfer my own money into bitcoins

It is working! After a year of being unresponsive and useless it is moving and allowing interaction! It is a miracle. Used 41% of my battery life. Can i get an option to only update when plugged in?

Liking the app so far hoping that I do in fact receive coins at older adrdresses...

Don't download I strongly recommend not to download this application. This wallet is full of misleading functionalities that enabled me to send my bitcoins to random wallet address, so if you download this application be aware that there is a possibility to lose your money. Regarding to customer service - the response to my pointed disadvantages was arrogant and haughty. BIG FAIL

Nice Do i need to create backup after the new adress is generated?

Sony Xperia T3, I can't change my wallet - simply address doesn't show and I don't see my current wallet address

Excellent, one thing though.. I'd love to be able to import a private key into the wallet just by using text. I think you can do this by sweeping a paper wallets qr code, but the option to paste in the private key would be useful. EDIT: Thank you for the reply! I hadn't thought about that (all apps being able to read the clipboard without permission). Changed rating from four to five stars. You guys are the best! Now with this realization, time to change all my keepass passwords..

I get what it is for its good and everything but there is not many things to it so if it could have updates ill give it 5 stars bit for now 4 stars

Addresses don't exist I try to look up my bitcoin address on biteasy and it says that they don't exsist, so I don't even know if my address works that I am even receiving any bitcoins

Looks nice but... What if I removed app and then installed it again? Looks like I've lost my btc (there weren't much though). Is there a possibility to restore it?

Need help send me a reply asap! How to log in old wallet address? I deleted the app accidentally i dont know how to log in plss help me i earned a lot of bt thanks is advance

Crash fix The app has been updated, after submitting it to their support team. There are still some work needed but other that is a good App.

Good & stable app. This simple in its functionality with good security it gets the job done & without ads.what more could you ask for ? App. owner are prompt in its feedback & answer.

I would like to know how to get my deposits going to my wallet here. I a, pretty sure I a, using the correct address/qr code, and I run several faucets and miners, but no deposits are sent to my wallet. What's going on and how am I messing this up?

Great functional app Its a great app and works as described.

Love BitCoins Good free BitCoin wallet

The currency of tech

Galaxy Note 4 Crashes 5 of the 7 times opened. Don't waste your time with this.

Uses lots of data I imported my wallet, then it proceeded to use ALL my data WITHOUT warning updating the blockchain. Unacceptable data usage on mobile data

Takes a bit of effort getting your head around how bitcoins work, but this app helped me get into it

Not able to install. Tried 4,5 times. Getting error code -504

No help on how to use it

Nice much better now im having annother isue i for got my access pin and now i cant access my send option

Sorry My last comments were totally wrongs works fine bitcoins revived from one sauce but still not from another which I now believe its them not the wallet

I love this app and the developer, but I don't like the new change to fees. I don't want "normal" fee. Please remember the fee selection from previous payment

I like it a lot One thing I lost my phone ....and now I have a new one how can I get back my bitcoin???

I'm new here This is the first time I'm going to use this app. I don't even know how to use this. Please help. I'm very interested to know how to earn bitcoins.

Good Its good but I can't figure out how to add my current addresses. That's why I downloaded the app but its only letting me use the default

Money in pocket around the world!

Mind blown How can this be real???

Watch those transaction fees It's OK but by using default settings it will rip you off. I tried sending someone 0.3 btc luckily just before I pressed send I noticed the fee was 0.15 btc (£40+) Went to settings and changed fee from normal to economy. Which still charges a 'modest' fee. The developers must be raking it in.

Excellent This is still my favorite Bitcoin Wallet for daily spending

App ripped me Say transaction pending and took my btc. Receiver didn't receive my payment

Address How do I set up and address?

Whear can I see my wallets name

No longer functional Worked fine till it was mucked with in the last update. No longer working. How do I move my money out of this thing?

Easy way to get started Easy way to start sending and receiving bitcoin.

Money tip.. On sending- 1.go to settings- 2. Go to Fees - 3.Chose Economy or else you would be paying the extremely high fee (on any amount)of about 62 US dollars versus the .05 equals 20 US still a high fee, double than western union.

I love it It's simple to use, with an easy to understand interface.

Great app Simple enough for beginners. Includes features like backup, papper wallet and privacy settings.

I have 10.569 but why I can't withdraw it??? Please help :-(

Review Better than credit card.

Very good, very stable now, good work, fees a little high though

Elegant, simple, high quality wallet This was my first Bitcoin wallet. It's improved steadily over the years and has some unique features like defining a "Trusted peer" (eg your own Bitcoin full node!). Unfortunately it still lacks easy Tor integration and a UI to backup BIP-39 seed or ability to handle Trezor + multiple HD accounts. Being completely decentralized is very cool, but it means users rely on SPV has privacy issues.

Does everything well So many negative reviews from people who don't understand what they are doing, it's not the apps fault. Works well has every feature needed for daily use.

Cannot receive bitcoin Got a message "This payment should become spendable in a few minutes". The bitcoin then disappears. Then when I restart the app it comes back with the same value but current time. The dot never turns green, remains grey. Does anyone know what's wrong?

Wow do i add money Please help

Bitcoin wallet crash detected My wallet after several months and many transactions stopped responding and says bitcoin crash detected but the options are non responsive. I have them backed up but when i restore it does the same. Tried on multiple devices with same result. Is there any way to rescue my bitcoin?

Crap Don't use this as your dumping ground for mining pool. It will eventually stop working, stop being able to backed up, and it will stop accepting in bound coins

Good app and great customer service Had an issue with a payment and contacted them. replied very quickly and solved the problem

They Stole my bitcoins! then I did an update...and all was groovey

Works Perfect! Loved it Most secure Wallet app. With easy restore option, (wasn't able to find it before, for those who still can't, menu>Safety>Restore Wallet) .. Support is awesome, Truly gorgeous. And thanks for help devs :) .. I recovered my money back :') ..

Need help I love the app but i need a way to reset mt pin as i forgot and there is no way through the app to do so

Best baseline wallet out there Tight, Spartan implementation in a solid app. Thanks for dealing with CORE changes. Here's hoping I can use you with Classic soon.

This should be the only wallet we ever need Their doing a terrific job

Needs UI Revamp I think the UI is to old for modern versions of android, could include some more features but most importantly a new look

Bitcoin wallet This app for Android is way better than the Bitcore 64 I initially tried installing on my desktop. Bad idea! Get yourself this wallet and save yourself some work and frustration. I have not one single complaint with this wallet app. It has worked perfectly and a plus about using the Android app is that it's totally mobile unlike a desktop.

Great App, great customer service. Nice simple layout. Had a query why my wallet was not showing recent deposit till much later, answered within the hour with reason from my log files. (my Internet connection was at fault)

Does what it's supposed to Yep, it does what it needs to. But I do wish it had more functions, like switching between mBTC and regular BTC more easy. Besides a lack of features, it's great.

Amazing Consider this. A bitcoin wallet in your backpocket endless possibilities. An 100 "mBTC" is 10 BTC. Brilliant app. 10/10

Uninstall and Waste your Money I've installed this about a couple months back after I made a backup on Drive. Installed again, and now it crashes whenever It tried to decrypt it.

Request I'd like to see the feature to generate/print a paper wallet implemented.

Good App! Easy, simple, stable.. No bug found when I use it. Recomended bitcoin wallet for my Android phone.

I had bit coin sent to app all the time now it hasn't received my load

I love the app its easy to use but how can i send my wallet money to my paypal a/c?

Bitcoin is cool. Never had a problem.

The original and the best, often imitated but never duplicated. The Bitcoin wallet I always use. Even my girlfriend uses this app.

Restoration FAIL! UI are clean & clear. Very good for beginners. Restoration FAIL, not sure if it's the file corrupted or app issue. Restore password are correct but got restore error said password not correct. Backup file are backup on SDcard. Testing it again.

Raymond Very big problem. Always loading until 3 hour and can run to take point.this app have to fix.please fix it.don't use this app because always change the bitcoin barcode and we always really hard to earn bitcoin

Very easy to use and understand. It would be nice if it had a quicker more obvious way to copy Bitcoin address. Long click on QR code allows that through Android share mechanism, which is a bit clunky and something I stumbled on. Also, I noticed that the wallet uses a lot of data compared to other apps. Not sure if that is the nature of wallets, or just this wallet. PIN or passcode would be nice. Update - spending PIN is good function, but I'd also like an extra layer of protection to view the app at all.

My favorite wallet Can we get fingerprint verification for transactions though? That would be awesome!

Easy I have a question, is there a transaction ID when sending bitcoin? If the sender asked for one where do I find it if there is one?

How to use it I Installed the application now how can I get bitcoin I don't know how to use plz teach me I am new in this help plz

Sick App Happy with it but need to be able to back up and import wallet backups.

Transfer Can i transfer these coins to my bank account?

cheater i hv some bits. uninstalled & lost. how to recover it.

Bitcoin address I need an address so I can start receiving bitcoins. How do I get an address? Thanks

Great Love the all. Only complaint is the transaction fee which is understandable

How to import existing wallet?

How to save bit coins?

Very convenient and I love the QR code integration.

excesively high fees ruined it

Simple and elegant.

Issues receiving

Its ok Its ok

Adress I don't know why, but my adress keeps changing like every time i open the app. It's pretty annoying, cause i use mining apps too, and i need to change the payout adress everytime i open my wallet.

Lost phone and wallet I still have my reciept will i be able to retrive my funds with that?

Please ADD different Exchangers The price what we see come out of which Exchanger?? Can you please ADD different major exchangers to it? So we can choose our specific price out of it

Where's my Coins? I cashed out a week ago and still haven't received any in my wallet. I use another wallet & cashed out from the same app & they're already here. I don't understand why.

I dont get it How do i get the wallet address? I cant start mining if i dont have a place to store the bitcoins :(

Efficient and User Friendly

Idk how to add money with a card here why does it just say we codes which are inconvenient

Works Well Please add an option to set default transfer fee.

Please tell Me how to use this app? I wanna lot of money ;)

Really lol Come we all know why yall get this ? * dark web * ???

Bitcoin wallet now it been 5 years I'm on that .lol bunch of newbies

Uninstall and Waste your Money I've installed this about a couple months back after I made a backup on Drive. Installed again, and now it crashes whenever It tried to decrypt it.

Best app for transactions

Simple and great.

Jolly good Jolly gd

No longer functional Worked fine till it was mucked with in the last update. The app cannot be opened long enough to do anything. It crashes immediately after opening. Uninstalled. I've parted with my money and this app

Really nice bitcoin wallet easy to use and has one of the best UI's I've seen for a wallet. A request for future releases : can we get fingerprint support please?

My bit coins haven't been spendable 2 hours My bit coins are not spendable it says it is 3 weeks behind schedule what does that mean I just want my cash back at this point

Great app works as expected :) Thanks for helping.... support this app people lol but really do its good

Does whait says A simple app to send, recieve, and store Bitcoin. What more can you ask for?

Nexus 5X camera upside down in qr scanner Please fix it

Can you make this wallet can support the mining pool

DOESN'T WORK SCAM All my bitcoin apps are saying that the address I gave them is invalid this is the same for multiple apps so it's not their fault. the app is a fake wallet and to top it all of my review got hacked 3 times????????????????????????

Can you plz tell me whats the problem here " This payment has not been transmitted yet "

So far good app! Have sent coins to it, paid coins to 3rd party, the only grudge might be that it doesn't show you the progress and status of the block chain synching (which unnerves me a little.. Used to that on pc wallet). But very convenient to have a wallet on my phone!..... Network Monitor contains lots of info that I just don't understand. OK, I've learned that Android wallets use trusted peers instead of downloading full block chain, network monitor makes lot more sense now!

You will lose your bitcoins I lost my bitcoins because the app crashed everytime I tryed to open it. I contacted tech support and they didn't answer. Don't make the same mistake by using this app and don't forget to bqckup your wallet every week or so.

Lost the ability to sweep paper wallets With this update, it cannot sweep blockchain paper wallet private keys anymore. This update is even more messed up. It shows zero balance on paper wallets but when you use breadwallet or mycelium there are coins.

Withdrawal issues Just to test the app I transfered a small amt to the wallet. Now the app shows the same amt as current balance. But if I try to send the amt it says the entered amt is not available. Xapo wallet seems more reliable. I know how to empty the wallet. And it says not enough funds.

Huh This a Lil bit confusing. I dont see a login section please fix this. Friend please help me out. Kindly help me pay my school fees by funding my bitcoin wallet. This is my bitcoin address 1D8d6jvZb2HCB1fmXtj3AyfopjrZHbhi21  I'll be very grateful.

Be careful Keeps crashing on start. Cant get my money out... Dont use at all!

Super must have No need for a 3rd party you ate your own bank

i"m not remember my pin.. how to know my pin now?

Why is Jordan still synced to my acc I let him use my once table yrs ago ! have this wallet on all my devices can't fault it yet !!

The standard on mobile devices This is a great, simple app for bitcoins and the only one I trust on my phone.

Insain network fee I am trying to send .03 BTC to someone and your app charge a network fee of .13 BTC that is almost $70 USD wtf thats not small

so far one of the easiest android wallets to use/navigate...& ive tried a few! lol...

Great Apps and fast responses from the developer eventhough still quite confuse about the apps

Kinda good Got 100 dollars worth of bit coin but I can't spend them

Good wallet Nice interface and easy backup function

Would give it 0 star if I could. I want to send bitcoin to my web account but it says invalid bitcoin address. Ummm no it's not, I know my own email, and besides i copied and pasted it. Also it says my copy and pasted username from my web account is not a valid bitcoin "address" (it says Enter username or email address) do not download.!! You will be pulling your hair out!

Missing transaction fee option. Seriously slow. Last time, I could raise the Network Fee to 3 mBTC for every transaction I make. Especially when I'm at an ATM. Now I don't have this option anymore with this bloody updated version! I must wait over 16 hours for amount of £50 to confirm only by the time I realised it's "timed out" at the terminal. The owner kindly hand paid me the missing funds he owes and I was at a bank overdraft. NatWest charges £6/day for going below zero. When will Bitcoin ever take off and solve the transaction speed issues?

Need help So when I opened the app and searched for my wallet address I found two under my addresses are they both mine or what should I do. Update: after further inspection I found it, thanks for the great app.

What can I do to start earning again I unstalled the app,then I installed it again now is misbehaving I don't see my balance, even if other app pay me I don't resieve my bitcn

My bitcoins are gone I had bitcoins and u had to wipe my phone.. When I reinstalled the wallet I restored my wallet and all my coins were gone I have 0.01 mbtc now

Missing I requested coins from a local bitcoin account and used the app generated address however I haven't received the coins to my app. I checked the progress on tradeblock and there's 9 confirmations but still no coins on my bitcoin app .Please help

The currency Why the curreny is wrong.. How can we pay convert to us dollar if the currency is not correct.. I hope i can adjust the currency..

4 BTC transaction Still not confirmed 4 BTC transaction Still not confirmed, please check it out and confirm it:-15d69e5ec0ca947b2223dd5fb1f5746d9b80b3a2b15b051b2b9703e3f59b1644

SD card backup I tried to backup my wallet to the sd card as suggested but I couldn't find any trace on the sd or device internal storage. Any help? I have archived to my email address too and the question is :the attachment contains the backup address?

I dont kbow why u keep changing bitcoin address I made a transaction n again my wallet id change now where my coins go ?? That me send on previous address

Works for me Over a year now and no problems, just need more Bitcoin to put in it :-)

How do you recover backup? How do you recover wallet on this one? I had to re download this program but there is no option to recover my back-up

Is there a very good app that gets you bitcoins contact me immediately

It was great. but recently it started UNDERPAYING fees and now some transactions need more than 12 hours for its first confirmation, NOT COOL at all

Great but needs several improvements: Needs dark theme option for night/amoled screens. Needs optional fingerprint authentication. Android Wear support of some sort would be great. Otherwise, superb!

Industry Standard for Bitcoin Wallet apps.

The official wallet for my Bitcoin! The official wallet for my Bitcoin transactions and Bitcoin account storage. RECOMMENDED FOR THE USE OF BITCOIN!

But how do I connect my Bitcoin wellet to my master card

Wallet It is a good up but since I updated the app I have lost bitcoins because my address changed now people have sent bitcoins to my old bitcoins address I had on the app ,how can I receive them . As am speaking I have £500 worth of unrecieved bitcoins. Help

Great app Great app. Donated 1 bitcent. :)

Much a simpler than expected! Live the dystopian cyberpunk future today!

Help please Transaction not processed coins are gone but transaction not found

Help How do I sell my bitcoins?

Instant putting Bitcoins in. Very slow trying to spend. I have mining fee set at normal it's took over 90 minutes for 1 confirmation. This app is a great for storage, I'm able to clone private key to multiple devices. It just sucks if you depend on a confirmation in 20 minutes or less. Coinbase seems to be the best for quick everyday purchases. But those purchases required identification and banking information, major drawback for someone trying to stay anonymous.

Stole 600 in coins beware I bought coins and waited fkr confor.ations only 5 showed so i looked into blockchain and it said i had 80iah a big differencw. I went ahead and aent the 500ish dollars to the destination wallett snd it stayes grey for 5 hours saying it was processing so i looked online and only thing i found was a forum from 2023 saying to refresh the wallet and itll reaend the money and now i have no money and all my balances are gone. That was my only money and i have bo way of gdtting it because your app froze on me

I have bitcoins in my wallet and can clearly see that they are in my wallet but for some reason it will not let me send or pay for anything.I am very new to this so could be personal error. I am fairly sore I am following all procedures .any help would be highly appreciated .thanks

sending payment hello,how many m.btc are required to send payment,inspite of depositing funds in wallet ,again and again I'm receiving the same message not enough coins .o5 coins are missing. would not recommend to use this app,extremely high fee for sending funds,while other wallets I'm using are free.

Much better than the cloud! At first I found cloud wallets a bit more convenient, until I got error messages and problems. This always works just fine and it's really easy to use!

Can't send my bitcoins Have 200$ sitting in my wallet but it won't let me send any amount because of the minor fee. Tried changing all the settings and never had this problem before. Wtf I can't send any amount of money to any other wallet. I press send and literally nothing happens.. doesn't matter if I'm sending 5 or 200$

Can anyone spare some Bitcoins I wonder if anyone able to spare me some Bitcoin? 1F8SVKuyffpJrRR4KBHVTbQyB5ZZfmxazR

Official Well it's the official one. It's thin and very clean with only the basics, but it's probably the safest of all.

good apps this app is very usual and easy app

NO EXIT OPTION. Back button leaves app running in bg.

Very good faucet, i've been paid a few times

Very very good The app is lightweight and fast. Great the integration of QrCode for a quick payment and the possibility to set a password. I Just have a doubt, can I use the address of wallet for repeated payments (Save it in a site) despite the app changes it at every transaction?

Great app for Bitcoin transactions - easy to use and does the job. Sometimes, it takes about 5 minutes for the app to broadcast a transaction. Also, you have to worry about another wallet when you're doing some expenses (instead of a web wallet accessed by multiple devices).

Mnemonic code backup Hello Bitcoin Developers, it's a really nice and stable wallet app but my only criticism is, is there no way to add an option to backup and recover the mnemonic code of the HD wallet. It's pretty much a standard feature for just about any other bitcoin wallet app and it's a lot safer than having your private keys stored as a file on a flash drive or your email. In fact, I've seen that the backup file itself contains the mnemonic seed if opened in Ubuntu with OpenSSL. It just needs a bit of GUI

Hi i like to ask smth ! are all address working at the same time ? for example can i still get the payment on my address from a company that has it even if diferent one shows up ? pls reply

My money disappeared It's telling me I have no Bitcoin.. I know I have some

1 Drawback Charges you money for transactions, witch is understandable but not the best bitcoin wallet, good though.

Since the update I the app is unusable, Cant get the list of the transactions. The app freezez. What to do now?

Wtf How tf do you use this? Super confusing and a waste of time :/

My bitcoin is trapped!!! I did not set any spending pin but now that I want to send bitcoins urgently, I was asked to enter my spending pin. Pls heeeeeelp!!!!!

Use at your own risk!!!!!!!! They need to make a better back up system. I lost my bitcoins when my phone was stolen.

Came a long way Seen this app evolve over time. It really has been finely polished.

Won't give my Bitcoin I earned

Very Good Has been my favorite for years.

Help ........ Bank detail are not fill it....not typing in ifsc code and account holder name.....

Works great Been very reliable for a long time