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4x4 Off-Road Rally 6

Supplied By Electronic Hand    On Sept. 2, 2016    Comments(138)

FREE 4x4 Off-Road Rally 6 version3.1 Download

4x4 off-road rally 6 - drive powerful 4x4 on interesting tracks on difficult terrain like a swamp, sand, forest and so on. Get behind the wheel of powerful cars and show your extreme driving skills in this Android game. Do various tasks and unlock new cars, like Jeep, Range Rover, Mercedes and other cars. Go around heaps of stones, force water obstacles, climb up steep slopes and go down treacherous hills. Conquer the roads and become a winner!

Game features:

-Great graphics
-Easy controls
-Different cars
-Realistic physics
-Absorbing gameplay

Electronic Hand part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 82.8943. Current verison is 3.1. Actual size 100.0 MB.

What's new

    - New levels
Download 4x4-off-road-rally-6.apk 100.0 MB


Dumb So unrealistic. There isn't even an option for manual transmission and why on gods green earth is this Jeep rear wheel drive? Cant even use the hand brake to hold up the RPMs, something that would be handy with a clutch if we had the option. The whole game is dumb.

Cool The game is cool but am stack on level 27 how do you guys expect I guess the road under the water n some one can't see anything at all

Lvl 19 too hard at least add locking diff and a winch in that lvl please and make the cars faster in the mud

When i clicked 13th Level screen becomes blacked out... Tried switch off Trees & Shadows but no use....please fix it!!!!

Very bad because there isn't bonus level's and there isn't tug of war :(

What the f**k Level 19 Is Very bad its Not Good How We pass It it Very Hard

Bump petrol station oil filling service center we can remove old tyre and we can put new tyre

Disappointed Old version is much better than this

Love this game

Worst game ever. Very bad game can't even see the road everything is just blackish.

Very cool

Good game.Needs upgrade options Cool game and challenging. Needs 4 low and lockers in this mud. And some options like tire and suspension upgrades. Really needs a winch. Have to do some levels over and over again so it would be nice if i didn't have to choose the vehicle every time. Maybe a one touch button to go back to the start or reset your vehicle in place. Maybe a close in view or controllable camera. Nice work guys. Wish I could get the vehicle and landscape shown in the demo icon.

Can't choose another veh I'm only on level 5 and it's impossible with the first car. I got to the garage and it shows the lock for all cars but the suv and the jeep. I'm running on a galaxy j5 why can't I choose another vehicle or what do I need to do to get another vechicle?????

Ok Its a good game but level 13 doesnt want to work on my s5

Plz add more levels its a suprb game i love it?

Best game ever!!! I hate people who gives this game less then 4stars The most realistic game ever. Happy you updated to full version but I expected more levels. Hope you add some levels because I finished it several houres . 5of 5 wow

Great Really good but add more levels and vehicles and also make it where you can customize them

Best game ever. Pleas add levels but please please leave it on the same level of realistic dont make it cartoon levels

so nice game.......!!!!! plz update this game new level.....

Plz remove all bugs and add 20 more cars or else I'll make sure others don't get your game. More cars=more interesting

BEST GAMEE ???? I likee too much this game because that like in real life and the cars are perfectt ! I LIKE ITT?

Good work Game so cool the mud everything but can you add a manual gearbox in the next update the automatic gearbox is acting very badly

very cool game I liked it too much

Demo is amazing but the full one cool! I played the demo an loved it.

The features are very nice The game is nice because it has 4x4 and 6x6

Cool game with an amazing graphic and a simple countrol

Insanely hard and underwhelming for what it can be. Game looks awesome, awesome concept but then you try it and driving through a puddle is like taking a moped up hillclimb. Things that a jeep should go over with ease it just stops and gets stuck everywhere. And then you hit checkpoints but there's no way to start at it when you get stuck on the air two feet in front of it. You have to start back at the beginning every time. It really seems like your driving a jeep that's engine was removed and replaced with a toy jeep for kids. So much potential though


It's amazing game...quite realistic terenin and real like response by cars...completed all levels 36. Now waiting for developer to add some new levels...

Heeeeeeellllllppppp Help plz and fix level 15 I can't do level 15 it lags and goes out help plz I will follow u and give u 5 stars if u fix it

Bigger free ride I would really like to play on free ride on a bigger environment, it would be nice if we could go all the way to the mountains....

Great game but Its an all around great game except for the levels because level 5 you can't complete in the starter Jeep, I got past the first check point but couldn't get to the second because it lacked tracking and power.

Great The driving and how the cars and suspension system handle and behave on different terrains are quite realistic, so far it is the best. Graphics is good except the mud puddle, the effect is not very realistic when cars get into it. The levels in water is very difiicult as you cannot see the terrain which is annoying.

Good game.Needs upgrade options Cool game and challenging. If you want to make any $ you need visual and performance upgrades for each vehicle so we can make a completely unique vehicle ourselves, specific to the driving conditions. And it should include options like tire and suspension upgrades. Have to do some levels over and over again so it would be nice if i didn't have to choose the vehicle every time. Maybe a one touch button to go back to the start or reset your vehicle in place. Maybe a close in view or controllable camera.

Good game Can't pass through the hill on level 5 any hint.?

This is a good game but I can't pass level 27 it's heard to do

Awesome Beautiful game...after reading comments I thought level 15 is hard but I am on level 18...I want give 5 star but adds annoying me so 4 star...BTW keep it up....

Lvl 19 Lvl 19 extremely hard but the rest is amazing a few more things would be nice like options for 4x4 and 2x4 and upgrades for vehicles

Great game Good game, just completed it waiting for developer to add new levels ?

Good game LEVEL 15. STRAIGHT.....RIGHT......STRAIGHT.....LEFT.....LONG STRAIGHT......SHARP RIGHT DONE. All levels completed. Some hard stages but great game. Hopefully some more levels soon

It is the worst 4x4 game i have seen The person who has made this this game is very much poor in english and does not know anything about cars and it's working

Game glitched,got my bought vehicles back,but lost all 20 levels,have to restart.SUCKS!!! I think vehicles should have stronger headlights,switch for low and high beam,also there should be a winch added to vehicles.also it would be good to go to low 4×4, and high 4×4, switch for that also.

Good game but we can't see the way in the level 27 please help

Best offroad game in play store I hv completed all levels in a single day its fun to drive through the rough roads .... I am waiting for more levels and more vehicle

Excellent,but how do we beat level 19 guys

Worse game ever.. down download and waste Your time

Need more levels and more cars but a good game

Can anyone help me cross lvl5...plz.....

Can't even get past the first level

I maked all the leveles Prety good graphics

Great game Its awesome but im stuck on level 29

Pathetic cant cross over the first lvl after the mud the car is kinda goes n gets stuck

Game looks good but the lvl19 is impossible ot should. Be easier

Rebel Yaaaahoooooo i have passed all the stages just in one day amazing game enjoy alot ...its chalenge for all chalengers

Great game I did finish all 36 levels and it is a bit frustating but this game is cool

Need more mode Need to add upgrade mode...

Looks good but it Is not good at all.

It's hang too much that i can't play it........plz.....plz.....plzzz......fix it....plz

Easy I beat the whole game,but still a great game 5 stars

Love it soooo much But there is one thing this game is siii hard but although it is really challenging

Awesome Cool cars awesome all around

Nice game but one problem there are no signal of raod I cant complite lvl 28.please fix this problem

This game is just a money grab. They make the first level just about impossible with the first car so that you have to buy something right off the bat to make it even playable.

The game is fun, but some levels are hard and don't make much sense. Especially level 43 seems impossible because the logs you have to ride over are to far apart for any car to cross.

Fun game There were a few levels that made me mad, but that's what made the game fun. When will the next update be available? I can't wait to see how more challenging the game can get.

Reach My name is Reach from Australia I have one question why I cannot play level 44 in this game and I want to said from group make this game I'm so happy form your game. it so cold. I like this game but you check this game why for all people cannot play level 44 not only one me my friend 34 or 35 people in my group on Facebook he play this game and thanks you for check this game bye. ???????????

Good graphics Can anyone help me with level 19. I am using the third car but still i cannot pass the check point. Its very much slippery. Please help me out with this.

Nice but it has a glitch When i reached level 13 an entered to play screen gitches really bad so plz fix the bugs

Can't even get up the hill It won't even let you go up the hill on level 5 because it has no grip and can't by any other upgrades or cars

All ready finished all the levels, awesome, add more levels!!!!!! Add a winch

Bessssttt I just love it...best game ever...but I finished all level sooo plzzz add more leval as sooon as possible I can't wait anymore

Wow This is what I call the game, it is very challenging but enjoyable it drives me mad at some levels but I enjoyed it..

the cars hey if you cant make a car with a great stearing sisten than don't make a level 36

WTFFF!!! Level 40 pisses me off you cannot carry 4 tires on a trailer that keeps throwing itself around

48 Level 48 not working I don't know why ,, you must fix that and update more maps

Level 48 not working? It isn't loading the level.

Every single ad is graphic porn! What is wrong with this company?? Did you ever stop to think kids play this game or that some people don't want to have that stuff shoved in their face?

WAJID HUSAIN CHINAI Love this game but i can not clear the level 27, can anybody help me to clear thisl level?

tow y dnt the tow button appears in level...it appears only in free ride....level 5th is toooo difficult...

I've seen other review Again others said about it.. Lvl 27 how i can get over it? Please help

39 Level 39 is so hard getting the car up the mountain and turning which car to use their help me please

Awzme game.......i like it Finally i finish the game in 6 days.....it is a thrilling experience......some levels make me mad.....but its give more energy to play this game.....i love it...........only 48 level...its toooo short

Samsung I like the game but i couldnt even get through level 5..that hill though...WTF

Disappointing all good until I reach level 13. Back screen is all I get.

It's really cool! !!! M satisfied wit this game, But first I have to pay to unlock all cars. ....

I dont like this.becaus it was very rubbering

Good game but 34 th level can't play that impossible

Ok It is fine but try if you like off road games

Needs A WAY better free mode map ( hills, more trees, water) ND a 2005 jeep wrangler ( with roof)

Fun fun But level 48 is there but I can not play it.... let's go I wanna wheel....

Super on miui One of the best app

This is awesome This is her son and it's awesome I love it I wished I could rate it as over the actual amount lol

I like it but I can't open and playing level 44

Too easy!!

I like it ...but I can't finish level 27....pls help me

How to get next car

Improve camera control Completed. Add in more view from different angle

4 X 4 Update please

Vishal Singh Game was perfect and easy thanks for such a great game

Extremely hard after 46 stage The graphics are good cars are realistic and body damage looks cool, out of total 60 stages I was able to play till 46 stages and it got so hard I gave up trying to clear stages and uninstalled this game. The developers should make some changes in track design so that the game should be playable and less stressful. As in my case after trying for a week I gave up.

Good game Have to difficult levels some time but i like it..guys in level 61 dont climb the mountain after the check post take a short cut to reach the finish line and dont forget to use the vichle number five the 4 door truck...thanx

Best 4x4 O-R.R. yet!!! I love this game. It's way better then the other versions. Realistic controls. Good graphics and challenging levels. The only thing I don't like is that you can't super crawl by holding the brake and accelerator at the same time like previous 4x4 O-R.R.

I totally dislike this game now after succeeding in level 49 it was so freakind hard, imagine that the road is so slippery and of all of a sudden your gas pedal just hold of even when youre touching? And its most likely to happen in level 50 This is so unbearable in real life

Fun game Just beat all the levels! Can't wait for more! Level 61 was really hard. Use the 5th car 6x6 and go full speed up the hill then take your time going to the finish. I uploaded a video on YouTube account name toyosup88

I would have given five stars. But, Sadly, the checkpoints not getting saved. So, we have to go back to the starting point again and try from the beginning. its kinda irritating and its so boring to try again again the completed route. If you'd be able to fix that bug, I would really like to give you 5 stars..

BEST 4X4 GAME EVERR!!! Seriously ive been looking for a game thts exactly like this like forever! I just dont want it too end, pls make more levels if you can, althou i just started but im scared itll end anyways. Thank you so much guys!!!!

Stuck I'm on stage 27, the water crossing, is there any way of seeing the ground under the water, I have tried the view from above but still can't see the ground. Ps love the game

Average and ugly with challenging levels. Average physics, graphics (not even good), effects, BAD terrain graphics, but it has challenging levels. There are still better games than this one.

Difficult but fun Had pretty good graphics but got extremely hard after level 50. There was a race that took me forever. Other than that I finally beat it. Try it out!

Great but one thing The game is great! It has many challeging levels.. i just ask one thing! Please move the restart button to the other side of the screen, it's too close to the camera button! I keep hitting it by mistake.

Great game ! At level 61 it's pretty difficult, but not impossible after a while. At 62, and all the other water tracks, you must switch to aerial view and set the maximum level of luminosity of your device, so that you can see the track under the water. Can't wait for more levels!

Almost tits, but Overall, game play is great, the throttle is the only issue I had, it would stop sometimes, always when I was needing inertia. Physics are pretty accurate, and if you don't have a solid knowledge of offroading, rock crawling, you might break your device from frustration. Since I love that stuff, I found it to be both pleasurable and slightly challenging. Bravo

Really I like this game alot. Real nice game play. At times diffucult but fun. However level 8 is ridiculous. U cant get all the cargo there

I'm stuck Got to 3rd viehicle then level 19 if I move to fast I slide son the hill and just right I slide down and to slow or stoped I slide down and needs more Free ride tracks

Level 13 Level 13 i can't get in to it. It went blank flashing thing. I try unintalled it then download again but no luck. From level 1 to 12 it woking but not level 13 plz help

I loved this game as it far better than other off road game it is different in all categories. But only level 61 is kind of impossible....

4x4 offroad rally 6 Absolutely the best game ever! Only thing that pisses me off is when im out of levels!! But i love it....

BEST 4×4 OFFROAD GAME EVER MADE !!! I Really Loved The Game Very Much. It Is The Best Game I Have Seen Ever Made. It Is Some Difficult In Many Places (LEVEL 10,15,17). Thank You To Give Us This Game. I Think This Game Needs An Award As The Best Game Of 2016. Ok Thanks Thanks Thanks Thank You Very Much.

Camera is heck of problem on mountain Camera is worst on mountains then car rolls down.. otherwise game is good if view camera is good

Level 58 Please make this level little bit easy it's so difficult I try it so many times but I can't. Game is awesome.

Its a good game but. Fix the glitches its slightly unfair

Best Off-Roading Game This is the most extreme off-roading game ever. Getting through the levels is far from easy and needs a lot of patience and brains to figure out how to make your way. The graphics though good, could have been better.

Nice Off Roading Game...... Great increasing dificulty levels. Awesome offroad life like situations. All of the levels have solutions, sometimes you just gotta think like an true offroader. I give it 5 stars and??........

waiting for next levels ..... It is a good game and good graphics. Iam finish the last 66 level right now so when you guys update the next levels.....

dont download.. this idiot just want you to buy the game.. you can never use a different car.. and you can never get out of lvl 5.. without buying a car

Amazing!!! By far the best app I've ever downloaded. Fun and very challenging. I give it two thumbs way up!! Now just waiting on new levels and maybe a few different trucks would be very cool! Just completely awesome!!

Awesome new track update! Extremely track and i love it.. please added more tracks like this..and i request add buggy, atv, unimog and other..5 stars!!

Phoenix Can't seem to get past 58 cars just don't go through the water of are to heave for the bridge

its really interesting bt can somebody help me I can't cross level 19 ..how can I cross that ....I got rid of trying...everytime my car slips n falls into water after I reach checkpoint ...

Level 61 Nothing at all will get up the hill on level 61, been stuck on it for days, any help would be appreciated, apart from that the game is the best off road game ive played in ages

Good game but... Its good game, good camera views, graphics not so good but its mobile game so..ok, control is Ok although there is no option to upgrade car or its parts. Otherwise i would give 5*

Level 6 Guys I am struggling with level 6. How do I get pass it.

Very difficult game Game is nice. But make some levels little easier so that we can complete the game.

Steering not working Please check the steering not working and brakes hanging.and give engine little bit power.otherwise game is perfect fix the bugs.when applying brakes suddenly stop and automatically car start moving when brakes are applying.steering ohh my god very tight to move .mainly restart from beging .very boring I am playing 51 level.do it soon

Good game. It would be better but you could upgrade your trucks with tires, lift kits,and engine mods. Otherwise, good game.

Best ever ⊙_⊙ Waiting for more fun, 66 done 62 was difficult,Need more levels as soon as possible

Super awesome game.., headsoff to developers,great levels. All levels complete now , plzz upgrade ..I want some new levels =)

Awesome Enjoyed playing every level... Need more tasks like towing ..winching and should be able to lock diffs ..... Thank you guys