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10,000 - The Dice Game

Supplied By Neurons In Action    On April 8, 2016    Comments(71)

FREE 10,000 - The Dice Game version1.5 Download

10,000 is a fast and fun game for two players. You take turns rolling dice, rushing to reach 10,000 as fast as possible. It's a game alot like Yahtzee, but doesn't take nearly as long.
Can you beat your buddy?

Neurons In Action part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 8, 2016. Google play rating is 78.5816. Current verison is 1.5. Actual size 941.0 KB.

What's new

    Version 1.5 changes:
    - You can now play against the computer
    - Added German translation
    - Improved the randomness of dice rolls
Download 10-000-the-dice-game.apk 941.0 KB


There is no such thing as DICES You can roll one DIE or several DICE. Ugh. Anyway, this game is designed for two players, and there doesn't seem to be any option to play against the computer. The design is very simple and boring.

Sucks!!! It won't let you bank when you want sometimes when you even get above the minimum and it makes you keep rolling even when you want to bank over thousand points and it does not make you bank in the exact you need to touch right at 10000 like you should do..game needs some adjustments til then it doesn't even deserve a star of to even be in the app store!!!

Five Stars for Developer I'm giving the Dev five stars and I haven't even opened the game yet. I always read reviews before any app is downloaded in my phones. When I see a Dev responding to ratings and reviews immediately, it gives me a very good impression on the quality and the fact that they care about the user and the app. I've been playing the Zilch app for about 4 years now and had no problems, except their server cheating blatantly, but it was still a good time waster. But, now I think the Dev abandoned the game

This is a great version of 10k/farkle/zilch...but its a bit buggy on my nexus 10. Rotating the screen causes the game to reset to 0 and the advert placement causes the score to squish over to the side of the screen when you're playing in portrait orientation. It would be nice for an option of more than 2 players, too. Thanks for making a simple and elegant version of my favourite dice game :)

Needs improvement The game does not allow for banking on the first roll once 300 has been reached, or constitutive rolls if you were able to lock all dice. Causing a loss of points. Also, triples that show up after the first roll are not being recognized. So you either have to take your chances with rolling again or not pick up the points.

About the ad Can you get rid of the ad please every time it gets hit it starts the game over

10,000 Dice game No one can cheat the game keeps score for you :-) :-) :-) :-)

Very Promising. Good to see a 10,000/Farkle/Dix Mille game that uses the correct rules and allows one to bank a single five even if you have two of them. This is a nice neat little game. I encourage you to continue developing it. Well done

10000 Brings back old times

Ten thousand

Needs improvement It would be great if it was multiplayer so you can play with your friends. Also scoring like 23456 is a 1000 points an rolling 6 of a kind should be an instant winner

Chocolatechip Its a great game when im bored and alone, not as fun as playing it with friends though

Its a great game For consideration of the mind

this is a good game to play

Love this app

Ok Its alright

10000 works for me Thank you This was a perfect app for a friend who stops by with a mild dice addiction. have no trouble with the game no trouble with the app I appreciate the time you put into it, again thank you.


More playable than other 10000 games. Con 1: Notification messages block the score counter. Con 2: needs a computer player.

Best out there I tried all of the 10000 dice games and this is by far the best. Although If you want to win more then often be player 2.

Great game AWESOME, it plays the right way

Boring This game should be called player 2 always wins.

Great game Small glitch fix would make it better - the locked dice spin when the roll scores zero but not when the roll will score.

I'm the only player. And you say there. Are 2. How do you add

Startracker The best! Its addictive

Samsung Galaxy s 5 Glitches out all the time. When no roll available game will freeze.

I usually love this game but your app has ruined it! It never keeps points when you roll. It sucks. Sure wish you would fix it

Best dice game I love this game I can even play while I'm NOT Online

Easy to play Easy to see.

Simple. Easy game to learn. Needs cpu

Fun game! I love dice games. The rules of this game are only a little different than how we play using real dice! Fun game to kill some time!

Good game, one issue... If you allow your phone to sleep, even for a second, it resets the whole game to zero! Fix this and I'll give it 5 stars.

Phionna Could not figure out how too score! If I picked the #'s I wanted it would not allow me to pick the bank button until I picked all of the numbers and I do mean all, if I didnt want"1" to bad bank button doesnt work. Also, I could pick numbers while my opponent was taking their turn. This all happened on my first game. Uninstalled.

Dice?? There is no such word "dices." It's always dice. If there's more than one dice then would still be pronounced the same. Fun game though. Thank-You.

Trying to Tell me that no moves can be made when I could make a play with the dice. Horrible game.

Counting I don't get the logic in some of the CPU's counting Im pretty sure I seen the CPU count two 4's two 6's and a 1 for 750 at one point and a couple of other hand. Also I don't like the whole last chance to beat someone. you hit ten thousand first you win ten thousand otherwise call the game ten thousand and whatever

Good, but there's an error. I like the simplicity, but there's an error. If you roll 3 x 5s, it scores 500 points. That's correct. On your next roll however, if you then roll a single 5, it should be an additional 50. Instead it makes it 1000 (ie, 4 x 5s). I noticed 3s seemed to work, but not sure about the other numbers. Just needs a quick bench test through the source code.

Thank you for replying I like the addition of the CPU. Played a few good games. I have noticed that in the final round the CPU will bank instead of playing it through to the end.

I don't remember the rules being if you roll three 4's for example then roll again and roll one 4 that you can add it to the score.. this makes no sense to me. Also there's no rolling on option. For example if I roll a good score and keep it with say one or two dice left over the other player has an option to roll on from my score using the last of the dice.

Its pretty good. My drawback is when you leave the game and come back to it... it gets hung up. Then u must start a new game. But other than that its cool.

Computer When you play against the computer it cheats

I can't get the game to open. Delver new game then the rules, then nothing.

10,000the dice game My friends and I made this game in the early 80's we called it zilch.

In a real game of 10,000 you can bank any score above 300 no matter how you roll it. This version sucks because you will get like 2000 points and it won't let you bank. In true 10,000 you can bank at any time

Computer gets favoured Fix the randomizer code for the dice and I give it five stars. Till then uninstalling the game. Not to mention that the score notices are just plain irritating and don't really serve any purpose whatsoever. The only time you should see a notice is when you can't get any points.

Sux This game cheats terrible!! You can have over 1000 points and it will not let you bank it , you only have the option to roll ! It only offers to roll often when you should be able to bank it then when you roll it makes you lose the points !

Almost perfect The only flaw is the pop-up that tells the score in between rounds stays up too long.. I can't wait for someone to invent 10000 app that allows play between friends in different locations.

10000-The Dice Game I like the fast pace, but sometimes it seems the computer gets favored with straights, 1000 points then 3 2of a kind, 4 of a kind, etc... Yet I have won alot, too. Other than that I love this game!!!

Confused I don't understand when I roll 3 of a kind and try to book it often times ALOT It won't allow me to chose 3 dice n bank it makes me take 2 of a kind and re roll!! Agrivating

The game cheats, in a real game you have to roll all the same numbers in the same roll. Not three 4s, then roll get more 4s & allow to double the first 400 points. If you roll three 4s in a roll them roll 1 or 2 more that is just 4s no extra double points. But if you roll four or more 4s in a single roll that's when you get to add extra points to it, three would be 400, four 800, five in the Same roll would be 1200. The key is the SAME ROLL.

S5 Samsung This game keeps stopping just a free role into the game. It's very frustrating. Also the computer side let's his point rolls go by rolling last die that gives no points. It's like no competition at all.

Needs update The game doesn't play corectly. It's called 10,000 for a reason to score exactly 10,000 points. You cannot go over. Once a player gets that score the second may not atempt to get it aswell

Cheats The game rolls sweet points for itself on a constant basis, I played one game where it got 10000 before I even got on the board

I can't get the game to open. Delver new game then the rules, then nothing.

10 thousand dice game Won't let me select the option to play the game.

Online Would be so much better if u could play online so u can play against friends!

Great game Easy to use but im not getting the updated version for some reason

It alright. Its a cool game!

I ten thousand Lots of fun

Something is fishy This game loves straights and rolls +2500 when it needs. Saw it roll 4900 to win. I can be up by 2500 hit +10000 and the comp will roll big, as usual, and win. Its laughably predictable. I call BS on this, I play this game with friends all the time and no one rolls big like this game does.

Able to Beat But CHEATS! Simply amazing how often the computer can repetitively roll straights/pairs/HIGH rolls! 5900 to ZERO, it will roll big points to catch up. You never get that in one roll. I have won many times, but game still obviously cheats. Maybe fix that. You know, I am removing. Too frustrated with the cheating. Always a straight & it never craps out. Amazing!

I like it but computer wins alot Computer seems to get very good dice, alot! Like racking up 3000 a go :/

I thought it would be a great improvement when you added the option to play against the computer- WRONG! Everyone says"games cheat", it's to be expected-to a point. THIS game goes WAY BEYOND THAT! EX.-It gave ITSELF 5 (yes, FIVE!) Roll-overs,&when MY turn came-I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO ROLL! It said, "No Points, play reverts back to computer"! That's only 1 example out of MANY! I once actually thought I had a game won-I was FOUR THOUSAND POINTS AHEAD&HAD REACHED 10,000. My TOTALwas 13,550. Computer had ONE TURN to try to beat me, which wasn't likely, &THE M@$?*^R F*!#@R GOT-6 ROLL-OVERS,TOTAL-15,250! FAIR?!?

Loved the game but the non stop blinking of the top left corner ssying i had a virus my storage was low none was true but it kept happening so much i had to the game off my phone and find snother game the game isnt as goodbutbut all blinking stopped

Great game Most games that you play against the computer go either: you always win by a large margin or the computer does. This game fines a happy medium. I generally win but not sure till the end. Very well done.

No CPU play on tablet It's good fun but a cannot select against computer on Galaxy tab pro. Works great on Galaxy s5.

If you roll any amount the computer doubles it every time. I have not won once. I am uninstalling it

Great I have had this game for over a year and never get tired of it

I like that I can score on the next roll that matches the previous dice .different but good.

Why would you??????? If you don't have enough frustrations in your life this is the app you need ,,,,, tedije